15 Beautiful Celebrities Who Look Amazing In Superhero Costumes

When we were growing up, we used to believe cartoons and comic books were for children, until we realized we can't stop watching or reading them regardless of age. Of course, some age-specific cartoons and comics do exist, but the content Marvel, DC and other animation and comic book franchises produce is undoubtedly for all ages.

These superhero films and comics have captivating storylines and jokes, which every adult will enjoy viewing or reading through, while the fighting and superhuman abilities will largely appeal to the younger viewers. In addition, some of the most profitable box office films in recent years have been films based on comic book characters and animations - a sign of just how these genres are popular with the masses.

Just in case you thought loving comic book characters and superheroes at your age wasn't normal, you will be surprised to find out that even our favorite Hollywood celebrities love them. These celebrities go further to buy costumes, whether for Halloween parties or to attend conventions and appear at parties and such events dressed as their favorite characters.

Since we love our celebrities, and we also love our comic book superheroes and villains, the combination of these two brings out personalities we absolutely love. Although the movie characters are usually celebrities, we haven't included them here because we already associate them with their superhero roles.

Here are celebrities who hardly ever play superhero roles but have dressed for the part. Some look amazing while others look so good they make us feel like we should ask Marvel and DC to let them play the parts they are dressed up for.

In your opinion, which celebrity here deserves a shot at playing the character they are dressed as?


15 Lindsay Lohan: Harley Quinn

This is Lindsay Lohan, dressed up as Harley Quinn. It's amazing how well she's pulled off this look, you could easily believe she was the Harley Quinn in the movies. However, since Margot Robbie did such a great job of being Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad in 2016, we'd never wish for Lindsay to replace her in its upcoming sequel in 2019.

Harley is one of the most entertaining villains Batman has to fight occasionally, second only to the Joker. She is the Joker's lover and partner in crime, although their relationship is weird on so many levels. Harley used to be a normal psychiatric intern in Arkham Asylum, where she met the Joker and then turned into the crazy person she is today.

Although Harley is usually a villain, she makes it on this list because, on many occasions, she has fought for the greater good.

14 Jade Thirlwall: Mystique


Mystique is one of the most impressive characters in X-Men lore. Hardly is there any other character in DC or Marvel who can match up to her shape-shifting abilities. All mutants in the X-Men movies, cartoons, and publications are special, and although we have labeled Magneto's mutants as the villains, we can all accept that their actions are as a result of human hostility towards them.

We can never question the uniqueness of Mystique's costume, which used to take Jennifer Lawrence up to eight hours to put on, since it was all body paint and no fabric. However, Jade Thirlwall is wearing a body suit in this instance, since few people would want to appear at a public event wearing nothing but paint.

Jade Thirlwall is one of the four members of the Little Mix group, one of the leading girl groups in Britain. The group won the eighth series of the UK version of The X Factor, making them the first and, so far, the only group to win it.

13 Adrianne Curry: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is arguably the most powerful female superhero in all comic universes, in addition to being one of the most attractive. Before becoming Wonder Woman, Princess Diana received training that transformed her into a warrior barely anybody could conquer.

Her weapons of choice include her indestructible gauntlets, shield, and sword, together with her Lasso of Truth - the combination of which makes her so dangerous. Since she grew up in a sheltered island paradise, there were no men to distract her and she became the superhero we know now.

Depending on when you read this article, you might be waiting to watch the Wonder Woman film, or you may have just watched it, and therefore you know how amazing this woman is. Adrianne Curry is wearing Wonder Woman's traditional costume here and, because she is a gorgeous woman, her representation is amazing. Curry is a model, famous for winning the first series of America's Next Top Model.

12 Shay Mitchell: Poison Ivy


This version of Poison Ivy by Shay Mitchell looks so good that DC should really think of auditioning her for the role if it comes up in any of their future films. She even has the right color of hair and the right type of shoes for this character. The only difference between Mitchell and the Poison Ivy in the comics and animated series is she is more decently dressed. With her beautiful face and stunning figure, she would find it easy to seduce Batman, even if it were just for a brief moment.

Shay Mitchell is an actress from Canada, who is also into modeling, entrepreneurship, and writing. We fell in love with her in her role in Pretty Little Liars as Emily Fields. In Mother's Day, the 2016 film, she played the role of Tina, Henry's very young and good-looking second wife. At first, we wanted to hate her in the movie but we end up falling in love with her.

11 Ciara: Storm

Storm is one of the most amazing X-Men since she can heat things up or cool them down as she desires, because she can manipulate the weather in whatever way she pleases. She has been the leader of the X-Men on several occasions and has always fought for good and justice.

If for some reason the powers of the X-Men were to become a real thing, arguably, storms powers would be the most practical and offer the greatest value to this world. Can you imagine making it rain in the deserts, turning semi-arid and drought-stricken areas into fertile and productive lands where people can grow food and never die from hunger?

Ciara is a successful musician who, throughout her career, has won numerous awards, including one Grammy Award, three MOBO Awards, three MTV Video Music Awards, and three BET Awards. She makes a very beautiful Storm, Halle Berry beware.

10 Jessica Nigri: Female Magneto


Magneto is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful characters in all the comic universes, since he has the power to stand up against anyone and prevail - even against a god, as we saw in X-Men: Apocalypse. It wouldn't be right to describe Magneto as purely a villain, an anti-hero, or a superhero because we have seen him in all those capacities. However, regardless of what role he is playing, we always find a way of loving him, despite his disgust with human beings and desire for world domination.

This is Jessica Nigri, a New Zealand-American voice actress, YouTuber, promotional model, and cosplay celebrity. She is one of the most famous cosplayers in America and has been an official spokesmodel for a number of comic book series and video games, including Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and Lollipop Chainsaw.

Jessica's portrayal of Magneto is amazing; because of the illusion she gives us of lifting those objects using magnetic force field generation and manipulation.

9 Megan Fox: Supergirl

Many people claim Megan Fox gets movie roles only because she's hot, a conclusion which might not necessarily be true. We have seen her acting in movies such as Transformers, Jennifer's Body, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and in other franchises, and she is okay. However, we can never have an argument about whether she's hot or not, because she is undoubtedly one of the hottest women in Hollywood today.

Just looking at her portrayal of Supergirl is enough to make you fall in love with the character, just in case you had some reservations. Although Fox might never get the chance of playing Supergirl in any of the DC movies or series, she has surely given us the image of the perfect Supergirl.

Those critics who claim she doesn't have talent probably focus too much on her beauty and forget to judge her acting objectively. However, we don't blame them, because her beauty is quite obviously distracting.


8 Kim Kardashian: Catwoman


For the longest time, Kim Kardashian has been "famous for being famous", and this has surely paid off because, in 2015, she was the highest-paid reality TV personality with earnings of more than $53 million. Kim got her breakthrough in 2007 when a sex tape of her and her former boyfriend Ray J leaked.

She has continued to give people a reason to make her the subject of discussions everywhere, from trying to break the Internet with nude photos, performing every cosmetic procedure out there, and even marrying Kanye West. However, despite having haters everywhere, we can all confess that those cosmetic procedures have definitely paid off and she looks amazing.

This image of her in Catwoman's costume is amazing. She even went ahead and put on fake teeth to make it even more amazing. Her costume reveals all her beautiful curves without showing any skin except her face. She truly looks beautiful.

7 Nicki Minaj: Poison Ivy

Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful female rappers of all time, with a music record so impressive she hardly needs an introduction. Her distinctive fast flow and the use of accents and alter egos make her music extremely entertaining, not to mention her colorful costumes and wigs.

In addition to the rest of the world, at least one editor of the New York Times considers her one of the most influential female rappers of all time. Minaj has won eleven BET Awards, six America Music Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, and three MTV Video Music Awards, amongst other awards, and sold at least 20 million singles as a lead artist and 60 million as a featured artist worldwide.

In this image, Minaj is dressed up as Poison Ivy, a character in the DC Comics and Batman's enemy. The crimes Poison Ivy commits point towards protecting the natural environment and endangered species, meaning she is a protector of the environment at all costs.

6 Rihanna: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle


Would you consider the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles superheroes? Of course, they are, since they fight criminals with their amazing skills in martial arts and bring them to justice. In many ways, these four overgrown turtles have a lot in common with Batman, since they usually come out at night and they don’t need superpowers to fight crime.

Rihanna looks great in this costume, considering it is particularly difficult to pull off the look. Few musicians can match up to Rihanna's success, having sold over 230 million records so far, while still retaining her record as the youngest and fastest solo artist to have fourteen number one singles on Billboard Hot 100.

Rihanna has won twelve Billboard Music Awards, twelve American Music Awards, and eight Grammy Awards, amongst other numerous awards and accolades. In 2012, Forbes ranked her as the fourth most powerful celebrity while Time magazine included her in the list of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

5 Alison Brie: Captain America

Everyone, especially in America, loves Captain America. This character, unlike all others in Marvel, was created during the Second World War period to fight against the Axis powers in the comics. Towards the end of the war, Captain America fell through ice and remained trapped and in suspended animation until the military found and revived him decades later. Captain America is one of the leaders of the Avengers and is an amazing soldier, disciplined, and committed to protecting human beings at all costs.

Alison Brie looks amazing in Captain America's costume, and if Marvel were to think of developing a female Captain America, she would be perfect for the role. Brie is an actress and producer, popular for her performance in series such as Community and Mad Men, and in films like Scream 4, The Five-Year Engagement, Get Hard, and How to Be Single, among others. It's interesting how she looks as if she is on the set of The Avengers movie.

4 The Rock: The Hulk


The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) is one of our favorite actors today, because he has talent, he is strong, has a great body, he can make us laugh like crazy, and he can play an action role in a way nobody else can.

We especially love The Rock when he is playing the role of Luke Hobbs in The Fast and Furious movies, or whenever he is sharing a movie or a stage with Kevin Hart. Although he has been in the movie business for a while, it seems as if he is just starting, because he has such a bright future ahead of him.

Here, The Rock was trying to look like The Hulk, and he definitely pulled off the look. He might not be as big as The Hulk - nobody is in reality - but his muscles and the green paint give us the perfect image of how The Hulk would look like in real-life.

3 Beyoncé: Spider-Man

Beyoncé is one of those people who God blessed with everything; a great body, amazing acting skills, she can dance, and she has an outstanding singing voice. Unlike most other celebrity musicians we have today, Beyoncé would win every singing competition out there, even among people who have no clue who she is (although it would be hard to find such people).

So many people love Beyoncé that her appearance, performance, and subsequent announcement that she was pregnant during the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards attracted 12.4 million viewers, making it the most-watched broadcast on MTV since its inception. In addition, her announcement on Instagram this February that she and Jay Z are expecting twins gained 6,335,571 "likes" in just eight hours, breaking the record for the most liked image on Instagram.

This image of Beyoncé in Spider-Man's costume looks great. I know her fans would love to see her wearing superhero costumes more often, since most of them consider her to be one.

2 Jessica Biel: Supergirl


You might have thought that you'd seen all the hottest images of Supergirl out there - until you came across this one. Jessica Biel is hot, there is no doubt about it, but we often think of her as a tough girl and an amazing actress, not so much as the hottest girl in the movie - although she usually is.

This image of Biel wearing Supergirl's costume is beyond words, and what makes it so breathtaking is that she is wearing nothing but sandals, paint, and a hairclip. Her pose makes her image a bit more decent than it otherwise might be, because she is hiding all the sensitive areas.

We all remember her from her days as Mary Camden in 7th Heaven, the longest-running family drama, not just on The WB, but also in TV history. She has also given outstanding film performances in films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, Stealth, and Total Recall among others.

1 Jaden Smith: Iron Man

Arguably, Iron Man has the coolest costume out of all the comic universes, because it's both beautiful and functional. It's not just the little kids who want to grow up to be Iron Man, even grown men would love to fly around and shoot at stuff. If the Iron Man suit was real, people would sell anything they could to purchase it, because it turns an ordinary guy into a powerful superhero with the strength and firepower to defeat a whole army of superhumans.

Iron Man's performances always leave us thirsty for more, which is one of the reasons we can't wait for the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming very soon, which is the next time we will see Iron Man in film.

Wearing this suit is Jaden Smith. Jaden started acting with his father when he was young and probably knows no other lifestyle except being a celebrity. He looks great in this costume, with the only downside being he looks considerably smaller than Iron Man.

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