15 Baywatch Hotties Like You've Never Seen Them Before: Ugly

We're so used to seeing the gorgeous, glamorous faces and bodies of Hollywood stars everywhere that it becomes easy to forget that they're just normal, everyday people, too. Underneath all the glitz and glam is a human being the same as you or me, although sometimes, it's not as fun to think of them that way. The women of Hollywood have become idealized so that when we do see an unflattering photo of them, it's almost shocking. With makeup teams and money galore, the perfect photos far outnumber the less-than-perfect. But to bring us (and them) back down to earth, I have a few reminders -- 15, to be exact -- of the stars of Baywatch looking worse than we're accustomed to seeing them.

The Baywatch remake movie is set to hit theaters on May 25, and its star-studded cast includes plenty of hotties for your ogling pleasure. There's former Miss Universe Priyanka Chopra, Snow White-lookalike Alexandra Daddario, the new CJ Parker Kelly Rohrbach, the old CJ Parker Pamela Anderson, model and actress Charlotte McKinney, Victoria's Secret Angel Izabel Goulart, and plenty of others. For the ladies, there's no shortage of male eye candy, as Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are the film's leads.

But this list will focus on the lovely ladies of Baywatch only. How fun it will be to see photos of them out of their element and looking rather ugly for once in their lives. Join me in perusing these photos and reveling in the fact that the queens of the big screen are just like the rest of us, meaning far from perfect.

15 Priyanka Chopra- Miss Universe to... This

Looking at the woman on the right, you would never guess that there was a time she was crowned Miss Universe, which is supposed to mean the most beautiful woman not only in her country or the world, but in the entire universe (like anyone could even know that). In the photo on the left, that's a bit easier to picture. Priyanka Chopra is one of those drop-dead gorgeous women who, when you pass her on the street, you do a double-take because she's so beautiful. So it's comforting to know then, that even those people are capable of looking ugly sometimes. The sad photo on the right is just a combination of bad timing, being caught ugly-laughing, and probably has at least a little bit to do with that hairdo. Also, we're so used to seeing Priyanka so perfectly made-up, so this is quite shocking.

14 Izabel Goulart- Angel No More

You know that if a woman is a Victoria's Secret model -- and an Angel, no less -- that she must be pretty damn attractive. Izabel Goulart is. The 32-year-old Brazilian bombshell speaks three languages, is heavily involved in charities for diabetes, and most recently wound up getting a role in the Baywatch movie. In it, she plays Amber, a character that not much is known about yet. Amber is not a huge character in the film, but I'm willing to bet we'll get to see at least a little of Izabel's Brazilian beach bod in a bikini. It's a rare thing to find an unflattering photo of this stunner, but lo and behold, I did. You'll see it on the above right. And you'll also see (without even trying) that Izabel has no makeup, a severely protruding forehead vein, and crooked teeth that are usually not this noticeable.

13 Kelly Rohrbach - Looks Like a Completely Different Person Without Makeup

Model and actress Kelly Rohrbach earned herself the role of Pamela Anderson's CJ Parker, and from the looks of it, she's up to the task -- that is, if you look at the photo on the left. She's 27 years old, a golfer, graduated from Georgetown with a degree in theater, and then enrolled in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. It looks like all that studying paid off since she's had several roles on television shows like Two and a Half Men and now, this. In the past, Kelly has been romantically linked to Leonardo DiCaprio. Sadly, she was hacked not too long ago, and some of her private photos got leaked online. Neither of the above photos would be considered private, but I'm sure, from Kelly's standpoint, she would like one of them to be.

12 Belinda Peregrin- An Orange Person with a Forehead Braid

Belinda Peregrin, known professionally as just Belinda, is one more super-hot and beautiful woman Baywatch snagged for their cast. The 27-year-old Spanish native plays a character in the movie named Carmen. Although she's mostly stuck to Spanish-speaking films thus far in her career (and modeling, because duh -- just look at her!), Belinda's first English-speaking movie was 2006's The Cheetah Girls 2. She's also an accomplished singer, having released multiple albums and given concerts on tour around the world. Maybe Baywatch will be her big acting break -- that is, if she can keep the orange tan, smack bracelets, and forehead braid away.

11 Pamela Anderson- One Hot Mess

You knew we couldn't have a list like this without including the woman who is arguably the symbol of Baywatch, Pamela Anderson. Although she only has a cameo in this new movie (along with fellow Baywatch alum David Hasselhoff), her presence will be huge, I have a feeling. How could it not be? Between her (and her boobs) and David, there's enough personality for the whole movie! But the reality is that it's been 18 years since the duo's glory days, running in slow motion down the beach. And they've changed. Above, on the left, you can see Pam in her youth, glowing like a blonde beach princess. On the right, she's at it again, albeit much older but still retaining that sunshiney beauty. However, in the middle is a different story entirely. To put it best, it's one hot mess.

10 Alexandra Daddario- Deranged Clown

It's interesting because Alexandra Daddario has somewhat of a reputation of being quiet and demure, much like she appears in the above left photo. There she looks innocent and sweet. Then your eyes move to the right, and it's like the devil has possessed her or something. I'm sure she would look fine without this scary clown smile, but the fact of the matter is that between the bright red lipstick and crazy eyes to rival the Orange is the New Black inmate actually named Crazy Eyes, Alexandra looks kinda frightening, like she wants to eat you. That's not sexy, although every other photo of her usually is, in one way or another. Sadly, in this picture, though, she just looks deranged.

9 Pamela Anderson- Blonde Bomb

Good ol' Pam is no stranger to terrible photos; she almost makes it too easy. Of course, this almost makes me like her the best because she's (apparently) unafraid to go out in public no matter how she looks or what people think of her. And I think I speak for most "people" when I say we think she looks downright gross on the right. Maybe the left photo is airbrushed, maybe she was younger, maybe a million things. But none of that changes the fact that, on the right, she could use some beauty sleep, a shower, some properly-fitting clothes, a hairbrush, makeup, and probably some of her stress taken away. She doesn't look like a happy or healthy person there, sadly. No longer the blonde bombshell she's famous for being, Pamela bombs her look instead.

8 Charlotte McKinney - Total Resting B*tch Face

Obviously, Charlotte McKinney is a stunning woman. This photo, in particular, highlights her kickass bod as she heads to yoga practice, and it shows her golden blonde (if frizzy at the moment) hair. Since she's a model and actress known for smaller roles in films like The Late Bloomer and Mad Families, it only makes sense that she be a looker. Which she is. But Baywatch is her first big role on the big screen. She plays Julia, a local to the bay area. She's not one of the main characters, but she'll be seen in a bikini, of course! Charlotte is hoping this is her big screen breakthrough, and it very well could be. But as angelic a face and body as she possesses, she's clearly not immune from looking just plain yucky sometimes, as she does in the above photo. With no makeup and an unreadable expression that seems almost bitchy, she's seen better days, unfortunately.

7 Samantha Harris- Seen Better Days

Minnesota native Samantha Harris is undeniably beautiful, but even she's not immune to looking fugly once in a while. Case in point, the above photo on the right. Is this the all-time ugliest photo we've ever seen? Of course not. But relatively, in comparison with all her other photos, it's pretty bad. Samantha is best known for co-hosting Dancing with the Stars for eight seasons and is currently a correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. Recently, she's broadened her horizons and moved to the big screen, specifically on Baywatch, in which she plays (appropriately) an interviewer. There are probably not many acting skills needed for that gig, since she's an interviewer in real life! As with several beauties on this list, Samantha doesn't have a massive role in Baywatch, but she's a part of it anyway -- and a (usually) gorgeous one.

6 Brenda Lowe- From Pretty to Pretty Plain

Brenda Lowe became famous on Survivor: Nicaragua and Survivor: Caramoan, on which she was labeled the show's sexiest female contestant. The 34-year-old Florida native owns a paddleboard company, and it's obvious that she's a tried-and-true beach girl, making her perfect for a role in Baywatch. In the film, her role is titled only "surfer," so we know that she's not central to the story or anything, but hopefully, Brenda Lowe fans will get to see enough of her, anyway. The beach beauty is half Bolivian and half Chinese, was once a Miami Dolphins cheerleader, a pageant contestant, and a Maxim model. But she experienced plenty of trying, sweaty, makeup-free days during her time on Survivor that led to an assortment of less-than-pretty pictures. The above right is one of them. Other than that, Brenda almost always looks gorgeous, whether all dolled up for a soiree or in her workout gear.

5 Angelique Kenney

She only has an uncredited role in Baywatch, but actress Angelique Kenney is also known for her roles in Shooter, Kingdom, and Traded, and she has several works in progress. It's a prerequisite for the Baywatch cast to be hot, and clearly she is. She's also an accomplished athlete (look at those arms!) who is likely to fit right into a movie set on the beach. She's a martial artist, professional surfer, and has a real-estate license. In 2016, she was crowned Miss Carlsbad, but unfortunately, it's not all easy-breezy when it comes to her looks. Just take a look at the photo on the right, and you'll see what I mean. Nevertheless, despite the tacky eyeshadow, mismanaged fake lashes, and the all-around goofy smile, Angelique usually appears gorgeous, so keep an eye out for her on the Baywatch shores.

4 Priyanka Chopra- Unrecognizable Villain

Being that there are only so many women in this film, some, such as Priyanka Chopra, will have more than one place on this list. And that's ok, since she's so ungodly beautiful that we could stand to see her looking less than such once in a while. I'm not sure what Priyanka was doing in the photo on the right, but it looks to possibly be from a shoot for some movie or show. She's hardly recognizable from the polished, sexy woman on the left. It's hard to believe, in fact, that these two women are one and the same. In Baywatch, Priyanka is playing the role of Victoria Leeds, who has been labeled as Baywatch's new villain. Should be interesting since she (normally) has the face of an angel.

3 Belinda Peregrin- Plain Jane in Need of Rescue

For Belinda Peregrin's second appearance on this list of hotties turned notties, we have this photo. Of course, on the left, she's stunning in red -- a true Baywatch babe. But sans makeup and with her hair all disheveled, she looks a little rough in the selfie on the left. Not much is known about her role of Carmen on Baywatch, except that it's not a leading role the likes of Kelly Rohrbach or Alexandra Daddario. However, it's been confirmed that her character of Carmen will be the first person to be saved by Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson (lucky girl!). The Mexican singing sensation has hinted that her character's name might be a nod to Carmen Electra, who starred in the television series. The film will apparently stick to the script of all its television episodes ever and open with a victim in trouble, and that victim needing rescue is none other than Belinda.

2 Izabel Goulart- Rockin' the High Look

What a transformation Izabel Goulart, lingerie model extraordinaire, undergoes from being the girl on the left to being the girl on the right! Recently, Izabel made headlines for her trip to Ibiza, Spain, where she proved to the world she was perfect for her part in Baywatch. Walking the shores of Ibiza alongside her boyfriend Kevin Trapp, Izabel wowed in a teeny-tiny bikini even smaller than some of the lingerie she's known for sporting on the catwalk. As one of the new Baywatch girls, it's imperative that she keep her figure. Fortunately, Izabel is a fitness expert, and even though she's not been a Victoria's Secret Angel since 2008, you would never know it. This fugly pic on the right, however, throws all of her beauty and hotness into question. She looks creepy and drugged-out, to put it bluntly.

1 Alexandra Daddario- The Little Girl Look

A truly shocking transformation is that of the Alexandra Daddario on the left to the Alexandra Daddario on the right. It's almost a Charlize Theron-Aileen Wuornos-worthy transformation -- almost. In the movie Monster, one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, Charlize Theron, becomes convincingly ugly to play serial killer and prostitute Aileen Wuornos. Alexandra is not at that level of transformation yet, but it's still pretty crazy to see how mature and glamorous she can look in one photo, and then how unkempt and childlike she can look in the next. Her big baby blues will always make her look younger than she is, but the pink denim jacket, hair braid, and crown of frizz do her no favors. She would do well to stick to darker hair colors that don't wash her out. Alexandra will have plenty of time in the sun, however, playing Summer Quinn in Baywatch.

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