15 Surprising Batman Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Why are people drawn to a mysterious character who is nothing more than a privileged billionaire?

We all love Batman, mainly because he’s one of the most iconic and honorable superhero out there. We have been watching him from the beginning in the comic books and then in the movies. It all started with the movie Batman starring Michael Keaton where we had the opportunity to see Batman. The character has been around longer than most superheroes, even longer than Spiderman. Batman was created in 1939 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. He has the kind of appeal that has people still rushing to the theaters after countless movies have already been made about him; even The Avengers don’t have that much power.

Why are people drawn to a mysterious character who is nothing more than a privileged billionaire? Even though he doesn’t have real superpowers, he is constantly out in the world putting his life on the line for the people of his city, and that is truly honorable. Throughout the many years that Batman has been around, there have been some weird things that have happened in his life to make him evolve over time. You may think that you know all there is to know about the Caped Crusader, but I may be able to surprise you.

15 No Love for Robin

Everyone needs a faithful sidekick, and in Batman’s case, that was Robin. You would think that fans would give the same love to Robin as they do Batman but that’s not the case at all. In fact, for a while, people were getting a little sick of him. So much so that fans voted to have Robin killed off. In 1988, Robin’s fate was to be left in the hands of the fans of the comics, and well the fans weren’t feeling much love. “The “Death in the Family” storyline featured Robin finding his birth mother in Ethiopia only to discover that she had turned him over to The Joker. Both ended up being tied up in a warehouse set to explode unless Batman could save them. The cliff-hanger inspired DC Comics to set up a toll-free hotline and ask the readers to call in and vote on whether the Boy Wonder would make it out of the warehouse alive.” If you read the next issue, you know the poor fella had to bite the dust.

14 Are Batman and Robin Gay?

Believe it or not, all those Batman and Robin rumors were created in order to ruin comics. Whether you have heard the rumors, they just aren’t true. When Batman first came out it was a much different time then it was now. Many people felt that Bruce Wayne had what we would call a questionable relationship with his trusted sidekick. The insinuations came from Dr. Fredric Wertham who was bound and determined to destroy the comic industry. Now, why on earth would he do a thing like that? He almost got what he wanted when the Comic Code was formed. He made it clear that "his work as a therapist had seen sexually maladjusted individuals visit him who read Batman comics and had expressed romantic feelings towards Batman.” It sounds like the guy was a little maladjusted himself, to come up with such a weird theory. Why can’t he just leave the comic books alone?

13 He Killed Criminals

It appears as if Batman at one point was a little like Dexter, trying to rid the world of killers one day at a time. The Batman that we know would never kill anyone; he’s a hero after all. But his character wasn’t always like that. Between the 30s-50s he had a more brutal way of getting rid of the bad guy. Back in the day, it was not unlike Batman to toss a few criminals off a rooftop or two. Who needs them anyways, right? He may have also dropped a couple in a vat of acid. Shhhh…. don’t tell anyone. There was one time during his hero days when he went after some henchmen with a machine gun. This was in Batman #1 where he exclaimed, "Much as I hate to take human life, I'm afraid this time it's necessary!" Dexter probably would have agreed with him.

12 Christian Bale Used to Get Headaches

Christian was one of the better Batman characters that we saw throughout all the movies. He enjoyed making the movies and definitely wanted to continue the franchise. What he didn’t like however was the costume. When it came to the Batman cowl, it was ridiculously tight. It was so tight that it would often give Christian brutal headaches. All it took was for him to be in that cowl for about an hour and he would feel a deep rage. You would think they would have made sure that he had a proper costume that fit considering he was in it for so long but they didn’t. They probably didn’t have time to secure a new costume before filming began.

11 Batman’s Mother Was The Joker

Yikes, talk about an ending twist. Could it be that The Joker was actually Batman’s mother? It turns out she was, in an alternate reality. Martha Wayne was a very different character when it came to the Flashpoint storyline. They changed many of the superheroes in the storyline, and Batman was the one that they changed the most. In this alternate reality, it was Bruce Wayne that was shot in the alley and not his parents. They survived the ordeal in Crime Alley, and it was his father that became Batman, though he turned into a much darker version of the one we know. Martha, however, went completely unhinged and started mutilating her own body, eventually becoming The Joker. Of course, Batman had a way to change the reality for everyone, and once he explained it to her, she decided it was best to commit suicide because she didn’t want her son to grow up to be Batman. Man, what a bunch of whack jobs.

10 Conan O’Brien tried to Steal Robin's Costume

Conan O’Brien went to Harvard University and was actually a member of Lampoon. Lampoon was well known for the pranks that they pulled on campus. In the 80’s, Burt Ward was invited to speak on campus in front of 250 people. He brought the Robin costume down with him and placed it on a mannequin for everyone to see. It was O’Brien’s plan to steal the costume, and he masterminded a plan to do so. While the speech was going on O’Brien dressed up as a security guard and pretended to guard the costume. His Lampoon crew was to turn off the lights at the right time and sent a man dressed as the Penguin to shout to Ward, “When is a security guard not a security guard?” O’Brien then grabbed the costume and headed for the hills. Ward responded to the costume stealing in humor by saying, “return it, or you will feel my wrath!” O’Brien eventually returned the costume, and all was right with the world.

9 They Wouldn’t Let Christian Bale Drive the Batmobile

Christian played a very good Batman in the Dark Knight movies, and although he didn’t have to, he often did his own stunts. He wouldn’t be the first actor to do his own stunts, and it’s crazy because if they were injured bad enough, they would actually stall production. Though this never seems to stop actors like Tom Cruise and Christian Bale from doing their stunts. Even though they allowed Christian to do his own stunts, there was one thing that he was not allowed to touch, and that was the Batmobile. It’s kind of surprising considering actors due tend to get whatever they want on set, but in this case, they were not letting him anywhere near it. They wouldn’t let the actor drive the car no matter how many times he asked.

8 Christian Bale Loved The Batman Comics

Christian was always a big fan of the comic books. He used to read them long before he became Batman himself. He loved the graphic novels like Arkham Asylum. He said he always wondered why the Batman from that graphic novel wasn’t the one that they portrayed in the movies. He would have liked to play that version of Batman. One thing he made sure not to do was to watch the other Batman movies. He didn’t want those Batman performances to affect his own version of Batman. He wanted to bring a whole new perspective to his Batman character, and we certainly saw an angrier version of the Batman that we know. Many people are on the fence about the Batman that Christian played. Was he a better one than most? His voice was something that always bothered me, but it obviously worked.

7 His Character Took A Long Time To Form

The character of Batman that we know today didn’t happen all at once, in fact, it took almost ten years to form the character from the time he was created in 1939. Many Marvel characters were put together in their entirety almost all at once but not Batman. For some reason, it took a long time to put together the character of Batman. Although his character was created in 1939, it took another two years to create Gotham City. It took yet another two years for them to put together the Bat-signal that we know today and that was in 1942. Shockingly enough it wasn’t until 1948, another six years later before they gave Batman the epic Batcave. Prior to that, he was holed up in a deserted barn, which is not at all what you would expect from the billionaire tycoon.

6 NBC Put In An Offer To Save Batman, But They Were Too Late

The Batman TV series was only on for three seasons before they decided to call it quits. It turned out the reason why they wanted to kill the show was due to money issues. When it was time to call it quits, there was a chance that another network would pick the show up. While they waited, they kept the set intact just in case another network did want it. After a few weeks though they didn’t receive any offers, so they decided to take the epic “Bat Cave” set down along with some other ones. It was time to make way for another show and things needed to be cleared out. Literally just as demolition was over NBC came in with an offer to keep the show alive. Unfortunately, the Bat Cave alone would cost a whopping $800,000 to recreate, and NBC wasn’t willing to cover the cost to rebuild the set, so they backed out.

5 Batman Met Hitler…Almost

I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I wanted to. Batman has been around for quite some time; we know that much. Unfortunately, although many superheroes did fight Nazis, Batman didn’t directly come into contact with any himself. They did, however, feature Batman throwing tennis balls at Hitler on a Batman cover called World’s Finest #9. It seems strange that Hitler would even be part of the comics, but there you have it. Batman did happen to fight some Nazi saboteurs who came into Gotham City at one point, but he didn’t meet Hitler himself. You may think that throwing tennis balls at Hitler seems sort of badass, but Captain America did an even better move when he punched Hitler right in the jaw. At least someone did something epic to that monster. There certainly were some interesting covers for Batman.

4 Critics Hated The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is considered to be a classic these days but when it was released, critics hated it. It wouldn’t be the first graphic novel or movie that the critics didn’t like and that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad element. The New York Times was the first one to take down the graphic novel. In 1987 they said it was "convoluted, difficult to follow and crammed with far too much text" and said that they found the characters to be a "grotesquely muscle-bound Batman and Superman.” It didn’t seem to matter what the critics thought however because the fans loved it. Regardless, the novel ended up being considered one of the greatest Batman stories ever told. It was actually the novel that brought about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. So who cares about the haters, sometimes they can be wrong.

3 The Original Batman Was Supposed To Have Robin

The original script for Batman directed by Tim Burton was to have Robin play a bigger role. They were at the time looking for Kiefer Sutherland to play the part as well. He turned down the role however because he thought the movie would be much like the TV series and he wasn’t into it at all. There was a very pop culture vibe to the series, and he didn’t want to be in yellow tights running around. What he didn’t expect was for the movie to be darker and edgier than the series. Kiefer was only 19 at the time, so his choices in roles were a little different. The Robin role was cut to just a one-time scene, and then it was eventually completely cut out of the film. They did have a deleted scene where Robin was at the circus, and there was a chase scene sequence, but of course it never made the final cut.

2 Animation For The Video Game Took Two Years To Complete

When it came time for creators to make the video game Arkham Asylum, they were determined to make it great. The reason why they are so popular is that the designers put insane details into it. It took two years for the team to even get the animation done on the cape. That’s how much dedication they had on the video game; that they would put so much effort into one part of Batman: Arkham Asylum. You may not realize how many animations there were in the game - a whopping 700. In the end, all their work to make the game as realistic as possible became a success.

1 Batman Used Guns 

The Batman that we know these days frowns upon using guns but he didn’t always feel that way. Batman has always hated guns because his parents were killed in Crime Alley. He may feel that way now but there was a time when he would walk around armed with a guns when he went crusading. In his early days, he was more about crime fighting than he was a superhero. That’s why he felt the need to have a gun on him at all times. That was his character at the time, but the gun totting side of him didn’t last long and creator Bob Kane eventually took that part out. He realized later that “the character carrying a gun just didn’t feel right.” It’s understandable. It’s obvious as to why he would have some issues with guns given how his parents were killed.

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15 Surprising Batman Facts You Probably Didn't Know