15 B-List Celebs Who Are More Attractive Than Any A-Lister

When someone says Hollywood actress, whose names are the first to pop into people’s heads? The likes of Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson, Scarlett Johansson and more recently, Jennifer Lawrence and Gal Gadot, right? Definitely. After all, with their names alone, they can command a million-dollar paycheck (and maybe even more) and draw in millions of viewers to the silver screen, which in turn leads to hundreds of millions of the green stuff for movie studios. These actresses are called A-listers, because just like a straight A student, they're consistently in critically acclaimed films and/or box office hits.

But how about we show some love for B-listers? You know, those Hollywood actresses that are very much recognizable in their own right, but still not famous enough to have their names become household names. Because despite their beauty, talent, and fame, they're still no Anne Hathaway or Cate Blanchett. Still, that doesn't mean they're not worthy of recognition. Because in this day and age where fewer and fewer stars manage to rise to the ranks and become A-listers, those in the B-list are becoming more and more prominent. Rightfully so, as some of them are even hotter than those in the A-list. Plus, we need new faces. After all, even though Emma Stone is a delight to watch, we can't have her in every movie. Having said all that, here are a few B-listers worth your attention and adoration. After all, it's only fair for others to have the spotlight on them too.

15 Alexandra Daddario

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In the movie adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, a lot of people thought Abigail, daughter of Athena, was rather plain – just your usual hoodie-wearing smart and athletic action teenage girl. So when people realized that the one who played as Abigail and the midriff-baring scream queen lead of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D was one and the same, a lot of people were surprised — especially the guys. Too bad she had to hide that sexy waist in Sea of Monsters. That probably would have made the movie more enjoyable to watch.

If you want to check out Alexandra Daddario a little bit more, watch San Andreas, that exaggerated mega-earthquake disaster movie where she plays as The Rock’s daughter, and Baywatch, where she plays as a hot lifeguard. And it looks like Hollywood has discovered her great talent in acting. She actually has four films set to come out in 2018.

14 Bella Thorne

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You can always count on Disney to raise teen stars that would end up either as great success stories or majorly washed up. As for Bella Thorne, she is shaping up to be one of the former. The once-child actress and Shake It Up lead, who just hit 20 years old this year, already has two Netflix originals: The Babysitter and You Get Me, both of which had Bella Thorne giving a killer performance — literally. You’d know if you watched both films. Other than these two Netflix projects, she has also been in Amityville: The Awakening, and will be in Midnight Sun, an upcoming Hollywood adaptation of a Japanese romance movie of the same name, where she’ll be playing as a girl with an illness that prevents her from going out while the sun is up. If you like cheesy, sentimental movies, this is definitely something you’ll like.

13 Minka Kelly

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Having Autumn in 500 Days of Summer may seem like an afterthought that was included in the last minute just so Joseph Gordon-Levitt's fans wouldn't be disappointed by the end of the movie, but it's always a good thing to end on a high note, especially with a girl as beautiful as Minka Kelly. And if you want to see more of Minka, you should watch The Roommate, where she plays as the main character Sarah, your regular college student girl who shares her room with a not-so-regular Leighton Meester. By that, we mean murderous. Be warned though: it's a bad movie, as her and the Gossip Girl star's decent acting wasn't enough to save the film. Still, because of her beauty, watching Minka is its reward. She's also set to appear in the upcoming psychological-thriller film Nomis with Alexandra Daddario, but we don't know what her role's going to be yet, so that's something to look forward to.

12 Madelaine Petsch

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In the Archie comics, the titular redhead playboy actually had a third girl he flirted with: Cheryl Blossom. She's not as popular as either Betty or Veronica, but she's just as beautiful as either of them, if not more. Thankfully, despite not being as popular as the two, Riverdale, that teenage coming-of-age mystery-drama that is loosely based on Archie comics and is named after the town the comics is set, included the semi-obscure beauty in the adaptation. Played by Madelaine Petsch, who rocks a tall figure, long and flowing wavy bright ginger hair and pouty lips, the Riverdale version of Cheryl Blossom is well-received, to the point that a Google search of Cheryl Blossom would hardly show images of the original character, and almost all of it would be Madelaine's. We bet you actually tried to Google it to see if it was true.

11 Megan Fox

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While some people say that Megan Fox’s role in the first two of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies was gratuitous, nobody can deny that, strangely enough, she and Shia LaBeouf had chemistry. And when the gorgeous mechanic left the franchise in Dark of the Moon, it just wasn’t the same, even with a bombshell blonde Victoria’s Secret Angel as a replacement. That’s how much of a hottie Megan Fox is. And to Megan, hotness isn’t just about a physical thing, but an attitude — an aura. That’s why she managed to pull off being the ravishing bad girl-slash-man-eating demon-possessed lead and titular role of the horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body, and why Michael Bay, despite having some friction with her, decided to have her on-board again in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She's not doing that many projects lately, but she's set to appear as Soledad Paladin in the comedy-drama film Zeroville, which is scheduled to be released next year.

10 Olivia Wilde

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It’s pretty difficult to see why Olivia Wilde is included in this list. Because for many Hollywood aficionados, Olivia is already one of the biggest names in Tinsel Town, as well as one of its most beautiful faces. Seriously, just look at those eyes and those cheekbones. Born as Olivia Cockburn (that’s pronounced as co-burn), she kept her first name but changed her last name to Wilde after she played as Gwendolen in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest back in high school. She then moved on to the big screen many years later, and had roles such as the princess in Jack Black’s prehistorically inaccurate comedy Year One, Quorra, the female program/human lead in TRON: Legacy, and Daniel Craig’s love interest in Cowboys and Aliens. A hot momma, she has two kids with Jason Sudeikis and the family has recently gotten home from a vacation in Hawaii.

9 Dakota Johnson

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Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson, who’s known for playing as James “Sonny” Crockett, the central character of the hit series Miami Vice, and her mother is Melanie Griffith, a prominent actress during the 80s and the 90s. With good-looking and talented parents, it’s no surprise why Dakota is beautiful and has acting chops. Currently, Dakota Johnson is best known for being the star of the rom-com How To Be Single, and as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Gray movie adaptations. The latter is a controversial and difficult role, but Dakota is handling it quite well. Plus, she’s almost done as Ana because the franchise will have its final movie, Fifty Shades Freed, next year. Finally, she’ll be free to have better roles in movies that are actually worth watching.

8 Krysten Ritter

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It’s not fair for a woman as beautiful and talented as Krysten Ritter to be not as popular as the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson. Yes, she is that good, as she has won awards for her performance as Jessica Jones in the eponymous Netflix original series and adaptation of the Marvel comic book. And although she looks quite snobbish, she is undoubtedly gorgeous and has an iconic look, thanks to her jet-black hair, big and bright eyes, pouty lips and smooth, fair skin.

Before being Jessica Jones, she was Alice Eve’s character’s best friend in She’s Out of My League and Jane Margolis in Breaking Bad, and in the series Don’t Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, she played as Chloe, the titular character. Needless to say, her performance as Chloe was rather impressive, and many critics even praised her performance. She definitely deserves to get more lead roles.

7 Emma Roberts

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When people first heard about Emma Roberts, a lot of them thought she was related to award-winning and once highest-paid actress Julia Roberts. They’re right. Emma is her niece. And just like her aunt, she’s talented, beautiful and prolific. While she had her first lead role as a mermaid’s friend in the cute teenybopper movie Aquamarine, it was when she played as Nancy Drew in the pocketbook series’ film adaptation that she truly hit it big time. She then moved on to roles that, while still adolescent, are much more mature, like in It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Adult World and We’re The Millers, and even darker, like in American Horror Story, Scream 4 and Nerve. Looks like Emma’s starting her career right and is playing catch-up with her legendary auntie.

6 Isla Fisher

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One of the most beautiful faces to ever grace Hollywood is Isla Fisher; so is Amy Adams. Anyway, the whole Amy Adams thing is a running joke, as the two are often mistaken for the other. To avoid confusion, remember that Isla Fisher is the titular character in Confessions of a Shopaholic, her biggest and most iconic movie role to date. She’s also the wife of Sacha Baron Cohen, the crazy funny guy who made Borat, Bruno and The Dictator. Other than being the star of the movie adaptation of Sophie Kinsella’s hit novel, she also played as Rachel McAdams’ wild sister in Wedding Crashers, the girl-next-door of Andy Samberg’s daredevil persona in Hot Rod, and a member of the magic quartet The Four Horsemen in Now You See Me.

5 Lucy Hale

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There are times when you go out and pursue a particular dream, and end up in a completely different one. Well, that's just how life goes. Just ask Lucy Hale. At first, Lucy was out in LA at the early age of 15 looking for what she believed would be her big break in the music industry. It didn't end up as planned, so instead she ended up as an actress, getting minor roles in teenage TV series like Drake and Josh, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Wizards of Waverly Place. Eventually, she moved on to a more serious and much bigger role as one of the leads in the girl-centric thriller-mystery series Pretty Little Liars. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and be a singer. You might actually end up being a popular and much-loved actor.

4 Bryce Dallas Howard

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Bryce Dallas Howard, daughter of actor-filmmaker Ron Howard, has yet to have a big mainstream lead role that will make her name as prominent as the likes of Anne Hathaway or Zooey Deschanel. Nevertheless, seeing Bryce Dallas Howard on screen can be a real treat, as she can even be womanly and graceful even in roles where she’ll have a bit — or tons — of dirt and grime on her. Examples include vampire Victoria in the Twilight Saga, John Connor’s wife in Terminator: Salvation, and park head Claire in Jurassic World. The last one is her biggest and most recognizable role yet, especially because she ran from a T-Rex while wearing high heels. In fact, it became a running gag, and even a feminist discussion. Way to go, Miss Howard.

3 Karen Gillan

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Finally, some British beauty, and a redhead to boot. Yes, it’s Karen Gillan. Unfortunately, for uncultured swines who don’t have a glint of an idea about British pop culture and TV, she’s not known for her fiery locks, but for being Nebula, the blue, bad and bald alien girl in the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. But for those who have discerning tastes, they know her as Amy Pond in the Doctor Who series. As such, she is the eponymous time lord’s eleventh incarnation’s companion — the Who-verse’s accepted term for love interest. Basically, she’s one heck of a British space chick. But come 2018, she’ll be descending from the final frontier and into the jungle for the Jumanji reboot/indirect sequel. Guess she’s still down to Earth.

2 Camilla Belle

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Remember 10,000 BC? You probably don’t. It’s a bad movie because that used too much artistic freedom, turning a supposedly small historical inaccuracy to a mistake too big for suspension of disbelief. Remember Push? You probably don’t either. Some say it’s a brilliant and unique sci-fi flick about psychic superhumans, while some say it’s a bad X-Men ripoff. Well, if you don’t remember either or both of them, that’s alright; not a lot of people do. But you remember Camilla Belle, right? You know — that beautiful actress who played as the lead female role in both movies we mentioned. She’s also the girl Joe Jonas once dated after Taylor Swift, which drove the then-country singer to badmouth her in a song. If you don’t remember that, shame on you.

1 Isabel Lucas

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Remember Sam Witwicky’s hot classmate who turns out to be a Decepticon in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen? If you do, then you know who Isabel Lucas is. She is a beautiful Australian actress that rocks a dirty blonde hair and a sun-kissed golden brown complexion, making her the quintessential hot chick you would die for. Aside from being a Transformer pretending to be a girl, she has also appeared in Daybreakers, a vampire-versus-human horror sci-fi where she’s the daughter of a powerful vampire CEO (don’t ask), Athena in the Greek action-fantasy Immortals, and in The Loft, a mystery-thriller where one of the five married guys’ fling winds up dead in the quartet’s secret condo unit where they bring their affairs. Unfortunately, she’s the dead girl in the last one. Shame. But luckily, you can still see her playing the role of Samantha Cage in the ongoing action-adventure TV show MacGyver.

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