15 Awkward Celebrity Meet And Greet Photos From Comic-Con

The journey to Comic-Con is like a holy pilgrimage for nerds all over the world. They get to interact with other like-minded individuals, wear their favorite costumes, and if they're lucky, meet their most idolized celebrities. But it doesn't always go to plan. Sometimes when nerds meet their favorite actors they can get a little... awkward. And many times, the photos provide the irrefutable evidence of just how awkward these meetings were. We've collected 15 of the most awkward celebrity meet and greets from Comic-Con. Try not to cringe.

But sometimes it's not the fans that are being awkward. Sometimes, it's the star actors who are the ones guilty of making the photos incredibly awkward. While these instances are rare, they do happen. Check out Elijah Wood resting his head on a fan's boobs if you don't believe me! Sometimes celebrities are just way too bored with the tiresome task of taking photos with crazy fans, and it shows in the pictures.

Be on the lookout for something called the "hover hand" when you look at these pictures. Most of the time, it's this phenomenon that makes the picture awkward. For whatever reason, most fans tend to put their arm around celebrities, but let it "hover" just above the shoulder, as if they're too afraid to actually touch the actors or cosplayers. This is way too common, and it needs to stop if these photos are going to get any less awkward.

15 Nathan Fillion


Nathan Fillion is an actor a lot of you might know from the Firefly television series. A lot of fans love this guy, and see him as the holy grail of meet and greets. At first glance, this photo looks incredibly awkward, until you hear the actual story behind it. You see, the girl in this photo actually wanted an awkward photo. She specifically asked Nathan Fillion if they could do an "awkward prom photo" together. And Fillion was apparently very into the idea. At first glance though, it looks like Fillion is incredibly uncomfortable at being asked to touch this girl in such a strange way. His face says it all - he looks like he's thinking, "Oh great, another crazy nerd that I have to touch." But  we must remember that he is an actor after all, so he's good at acting uncomfortable.

14 Elijah Wood


This has got to be one of the most hilariously awkward Comic-Con photos of all time. Somehow these shirtless dudes managed to convince Elijah Wood to take a photo with them, and the result is amazing. These guys certainly look like they're having fun... But then when you look at Elijah Wood he has the most proper, serious face ever. It's the contrast that makes this photo too funny... But I expect that Elijah Wood knew full well that there would be crazy people like this at Comic-Con when he signed up, and he probably has a lot of fun. He does seem a little tense in this photo, and that's what makes it awkward, but the guys behind him definitely aren't scared about being in the presence of such a mega celebrity - and that's definitely not a "hover hand" on Elijah Wood's shoulder!

13 AJ Lee


A lot of you guys out there probably know WWE Diva AJ Lee. She's known not only for her wrestling skills, but also for being one of the hottest divas to ever grace the ring. Guys definitely took note of her career. So when she was doing meet and greets at Comic-Con, guys practically fought each other tooth and nail to get the chance to interact with her. But she probably wasn't prepared for the intense awkwardness she would experience that day. There's actually a whole bunch of these photos, but I picked what I thought was the most awkward of all. Yes, that is some random WWE fan pretending to propose to AJ Lee. What I find the most hilarious about this is the look on his face. Clearly, this dude thinks this is the utter climax of his entire life, and he looks fittingly triumphant.

12 Summer Glau

Summer Glau has become famous in the Comic-Con world for her hilariously awkward meet and greet photos. For those of you who don't know her, she has starred in the critically-acclaimed Firefly television series, the movie Serenity, and also the show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Sci-fi fans everywhere absolutely love her. And it's not hard to see why - she's extremely attractive. If you ask nerds who their dream girl is, most of them will say Summer Glau. But when they finally meet her, a lot of them get nervous. This results in what is commonly referred to as "hover hand." It's when a person is too scared to actually touch the person they're meeting, so they hover their hand around their shoulder instead of actually making physical contact. This photo is so awkward that I think  it might actually be an intentional hover hand that the two agreed to do as a joke.

11 Elijah Wood (Again)


Elijah Wood proved that he's definitely not afraid to touch fans with this photo. You can't quite see it in this photo, but there's actually a sign behind them that warns fans not to touch the celebrity guests unless they give their permission. I found that irony really hilarious. I don't know if this girl offered to let Elijah Wood rest his face on her boobs, or whether Elijah Wood just went for it. But one thing's for sure - Elijah is definitely enjoying this. You can see it on his face! I guess this right here is one of the major perks of being a successful actor - especially when you're pretty much the main star in an epic series of movies like Lord Of The Rings. Is it a little bit awkward? Sure, but it's also heartwarming in its own special way.

10 Sara Jean Underwood (And Wil Wheaton)


Sara Jean Underwood is the ultimate hot babe at Comic-Con. She's famous for being a Playboy model and for showing up at Comic-Con wearing the sexiest cosplay outfits of all time. So you can understand that an average nerd might be a little anxious when they get the chance to take a picture with her. But for the guy in this picture, "a little anxious" would be a massive understatement. He looks like he's about to have a heart attack. Look at his face! He looks like he's not quite  sure what he should be doing... He's probably never been that close to a hot girl before in his life... And that's actually kind of sad. But the funniest thing is his hand. He doesn't quite go full hoverhand, but what he does is arguably even more awkward. He just barely touches her shoulder with two of his fingertips, instead of doing the normal thing and wrapping his arm around her. But hey, at least now he can say he actually touched her, right?

And in case you haven't noticed yet, that is, indeed, not your typical nerd. It's actor Wil Wheaton.

9 Jessica Nigri


Another amazingly hot babe who tends to show up to Comic-Con wearing the skimpiest, sexiest cosplay outfits imaginable is Jessica Nigri. If you've been on the Internet for longer than 5 minutes, chances are you've seen this girl before. She's a massive celebrity in the cosplay and Comic-Con world, and most guys would probably give their right nut to be  within 5 feet of her. But the guy in this photo got a special treat indeed. Not only did Jessica Nigri touch him, she touched him in a very intimate area - the nipple. Sure, she was twisting it and it probably hurt this dude, but did he care? Nope. Actually he probably enjoyed it. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what made this photo incredibly awkward. Still, it's a lot less awkward than a lot of the photos on this list. This man probably achieved hero status in the nerd world after this photo made its rounds on the Internet.

8 Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki


Another couple of guys who are seen as gods in the Comic-Con world are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. These two actors are famous for their roles on the massively popular show Supernatural. This show has a loyal army of overzealous fans who are obsessed with these two guys. Luckily for them, Ackles and Padalecki are very nice to their fans, and they really go the extra mile when they do meet and greets at Comic-Con. They welcome even the weirdest fans with open arms - literally. There are tons of pictures like this on the Internet, but I picked this one because I thought that it was the most awkward. This couple obviously wanted to get really close and physical with Jensen Ackles, and it just goes to show how much meeting these people means to some of the more crazy fans.

7 Carrie Fisher


Carrie Fisher recently passed away, but she left behind a grand legacy of achievement in film. And she also left behind a series of very weird meet and greet photos. This one will go down in the books as possibly one of the most awkward photos Carrie Fisher ever took, but it also shows how far she was willing to go to interact and create special moments with her fans. It really is a shame that she passed away, because I'm sure many other fans would have wanted a chance to meet her take more of these crazy photos! The guy who took the picture with her obviously asked her to do this, and the result is kind of... weird... I mean, what exactly is supposed to be happening here? Why is he sticking his tongue out like that? This picture is incredibly awkward and cringe-worthy. But remember this guy, as he pops up again later on this list...

6 Seth Green


I really respect  Seth Green's career. He's had some really amazing roles in his life, from the Austin Powers movies all the way to his amazing role as Joker in the Mass Effect video game series. But as you can see, in real life he's a little awkward. Unlike a lot of the photos on this list, it's actually the celebrity that's making the picture awkward in this case. The fan is just standing there normally, but for some reason Seth Green thought it would be a good idea to bend over like he was doing some kind of yoga position instead of just standing upright like a normal human being. Yes, I get that he's trying to get closer to the girl, but did he really have to do it like that? Maybe it's the fact that Seth Green is actually really short, and he had to stand on his chair to get on the same level as her. Whatever the case, this photo is incredibly awkward.

5 Jessica Nigri (Again)


It must take a seriously brave girl to walk into Comic-Con wearing some of the sexiest cosplay outfits ever seen. Think about it - there are countless nerds that have no idea how to act around a girl, nerds that will stare way too long and make girls feel incredibly uncomfortable. And for a girl like Jessica Nigri, it also means that guys will be constantly approaching you and asking you for a photo. I have no idea why girls like her even do it. But one thing to come out of all this is the fact that there are some really hilariously awkward photos on the Internet. Take this one for example. Jessica Nigri looks like she's about to cry. And it doesn't take a genius to figure out why - there's a totally creepy guy behind her that looks like serial killer. And to top it all off, he's doing an epic hover hand, which she probably finds more unsettling than if he just touched her like a normal person.

4 Stan Lee


Okay, this one is just plain hilarious. Yes it's a little awkward, and definitely extremely weird, but you can't help but laugh when you see it. This kid actually decided to dress up like Stan Lee! Who does that? I'm almost certain it was his parents' idea, not his. For those of you who don't know, Stan Lee is the father of Marvel Comics, and he invented a lot of the superheroes we know and love today. He also pops up in all of the Marvel movies, as he insists that he have a cameo in each one. I just love the look on this kid's face. He's loving it right now. He's also pretending to shoot webs out of his hands like Spider-Man, which leads me to believe that this kid actually wanted to dress up like Spidey and not some old dude. Still, it makes for a great picture!

3 Tricia Helfer


Tricia Helfer is another huge babe in the world of sci-fi. She became the heartthrob of many a nerd when she played "Number 6" on Battlestar Galactica, a huge hit and one of the best-received sci-fi shows in recent memory. Before her role in this show, she was a model, and one of the most successful in Canada. So she's definitely a hot babe as well as a superb actress. Because of this, it's understandable that a guy who managed to get a picture taken with her might be a little nervous. But did the guy in this picture seriously have to do the "hover hand" with her? It's just so awkward! He's got his hand hooked in the most unnatural position right above her waist, and it's just kind of hanging there in the wind. And what's most awkward about this is that Tricia Helfer has her arm around him amiably. If she's touching you, that means you can touch her, man! He's got this pained expression on his face as well, like he's not sure what he should be feeling. Just. So. Awkward.

2 Sara Jean Underwood (Again)


Sara Jean Underwood makes another appearance in this list in what is arguably even more awkward than the last. She's in a characteristically tight and sexy dress, and guys were probably lining up to get a picture with her. One lucky guy that day was this strange dude who seems to have some kind of fortune teller thing going on. I can just imagine the interaction between this guy and Sara Jean Underwood. The guy must have said something like "Can you touch my crystal ball?" To which Sara Jean Underwood probably gave him a very weird look. The resulting picture is incredibly awkward, although Sara Jean Underwood does a good job of looking relaxed and normal. The guy looks pretty satisfied, and who wouldn't be satisfied with such a hot girl by their side. And now he can tell all his friends that Sara Jean Underwood touched his balls!

1 Anthony Daniels


To me, this is the weirdest picture out of all the Comic-Con celebrity meet and greets. It perfectly sums up the weirdness that these fans exhibit when they meet their celebrity heroes. And if you didn't know, the celebrity in this picture is Anthony Daniels, best known for his portrayal of C-3P0 in the original Star Wars series. So he's pretty much a god in the eyes of most nerds. And yes, the nerd in this picture is indeed the same nerd from the Carrie Fisher picture. He actually went online and posted all of these pictures, saying that he used his tax return to pay for all of them (celebrity meet and greets aren't free). He's actually trying to make these awkward on purpose, as part of a joke. But to me, these aren't actually funny... They're actually really awkward and weird. I can only imagine what Anthony Daniels must have been thinking at this moment: "Wow, these people are so damn strange..."

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