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It's possible that you've heard of or seen the rearranged version of The Passengers online. There's been a lot of discussion about this film and the misdirection it had. Although the film played out as a schmaltzy love story, a number of critics and many fans saw Chris Pratt's

character as a total creep. He was one. So, people got to thinking about how the story would change if it were a horror movie. Hell, it almost was one unintentionally. It was just parading around as something else. The change could almost all be done in post-production too. Instead of having the film start by letting us get to know Pratt's character intimately, instead of him being the main character, they should have started it with Jennifer Lawrence's character waking up. We should have seen the events through her eyes. Like her, we don't know how she woke up. There's a mystery here. There's horror. There's genuine shock when we discover that it was the creep who woke her up.

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