15 Awesome Details From The GoT Trailer That Everyone Missed

The trailer proves that season 7 will be unlike anything we've seen on GoT up to this point.

The Game of Thrones season 7 trailer just dropped and it's got fans hyped up beyond belief. Aside from hinting to some epic battles and closing out storylines that have been built up since the very beginning, the trailer proves that season 7 will be unlike anything we've seen on the show up to this point. Not only is the scale incredible with multiple armies fighting on a single screen, but the production value looks to be an entirely different level than what we're used to, and that's a big statement because Game of Thrones production values are already the biggest and best on television. This promises to be the best season yet.

Now, aside from just being totally awesome, Game of Thrones is well-known for its mysteries. Fans and conspiracy theorists scour through the show frame by frame to uncover secrets and never-before-seen details, hoping to share their findings with the world. Well, with trailers, the same thing is done, but on a much smaller scale. Obviously, there is only so much available to us in a 1:45 trailer. Even still, there are gems in this baby. Gems that we've pulled out and want to write about. These are the tiny details you might have missed on your watch-through. Maybe they will help inform you on your quest to figure out what happens this season before any episode even airs. It shouldn't have to be said, but there are very likely spoilers here. Here are 15 Awesome Details from the GoT Trailer Everyone Missed.

15 The North On The Maps

The trailer begins with Cersei talking about all of her enemies. She basically says what we've all be thinking—the Lannisters are screwed. But, Cersei has made it work this far. We're sure she'll figure it out. Well, as she talks about the different enemies throughout the world, we see two maps. One is in Dragonstone and the other is in what appears to be the Red Keep. The interesting part for us is that the North is vague on both. In Dragonstone, we see many areas closeup except for the North. Instead we get a farther-away shot which also shows the fireplace burning brightly beyond the map, perhaps signifying that the true battle is there. The other map, the giant one Cersei is standing on, looks like it is being painted. Notice how the much of the North is unfinished. We think that this just shows how little both Daenerys and Cersei pay attention to the North, also how little the audience knows about the North. Both of these leaders are entirely focused on Westeros and nothing more.

14 Cersei With A Guest In The Throne Room

The clip of Cersei and Jaime in the throne room is one of the more mysterious shots in the trailer. You'll want to notice that the seven-pointed star over the throne has been replaced by the Lannister lion. Cersei doesn't waste time. The big question here, however, is who it is standing in front of the Iron Throne. We believe it to be one of two people. One option is Euron Greyjoy. Though the hair looks shorter than we're used to see on Euron, the guy does have a beard and the boots are similar. It would make sense that Euron seeks to ally himself with the Lannisters as well. The real hint here is how Jaime and Cersei react. They both look miserable and pissed off about what they're hearing. That might mean that the man is actually Tycho Nestoris from the Iron Bank. You'll remember Davos and Stannis meeting with this short-haired and bearded man earlier. Perhaps, Nestoris is calling on the Lannister's debt, which would be kind of funny because while hampered by the costs of war, the Lannisters would be unable to "pay their debts" as they always do.

13 Daenerys At Dragonstone

We doubt it's much of a mystery, but the shot of the fortress gates opening for Daenerys is clearly at Dragonstone. This will be Dany's new home for much of the end of the series, but it will likely only be a holding spot for her armies as they spread out and take the surrounding lands. We do get a closeup look at Duskendale on the map at Dragonstone, which would imply that Daenerys' troops might take that spot first and then branch out. Plenty of people are trying to make out who approaches Daenerys' throne at Dragonstone, but the only people we can see in the shot (or the only arms we can see) appear to be sleeveless Dothraki. They peel off to the sides when the doors open because they are opening the doors. We see the throne from the perspective of the person approaching. For that reason, we have no idea who it is.

12 Unsullied Attacking Lannisters

There's already plenty of speculation about where exactly the Unsullied are attacking in the video. We can see clearly overhead on the arch that they pass through a Lannister "L" flanked by two lions. This could be several places since the Lannisters have a wide reach, and we know they like to claim their territory. But this place looks very rich and very "Lannister." To us, this implies that it is either Casterly Rock or Lannisport. Casterly Rock would be really cool because we've heard a lot about it but have never seen it (in either the show or the books). Later in the trailer, we see Tyrion knock over a Lannister pawn on the map at Dragonstone. The place name appears to be on Casterly Rock because we can make out "Cas." That tells us that Casterly is taken at some point.

11 There's Grey Worm Fighting

Maybe this is just a small observation that one would already expect, but in the battle scene at Casterly Rock (or what we assume is Casterly Rock), the Unsullied we see fighting one-on-one on the balcony is Grey Worm. We can tell by his brooch. Also, if you've seen any other promotional materials for season 7, this is the same brooch worn by Missandei at some point. That means there's a good chance that Grey Worm gets injured or killed at some point. Sorry folks! If we were betting people, and if this is in fact Casterly Rock, we would bet that Grey Worm loses his final fight in this siege, but the Unsullied are victorious. In Game of Thrones, you lose even if you win.

10 Melisandre Awaits At Dragonstone

We see Melisandre sitting atop a cliff and looking down on the long pathway. We know this is Dragonstone for a number of reasons, particularly because this is the same long walkway that we saw ahead of Daenerys when she opened the gate. But, who is Melisandre waiting for? While she could have gotten there before Dany after being exiled from the North, we doubt this very much. If you look closely at the group, it does appear that Tyrion is there (second from the front). We believe that this is Jon and company come to speak to Daenerys. The speech that Davos gives in the trailer probably comes in front of Dany. That would also mean that the shot of someone approaching Daenerys' throne is likely Jon as well. Tyrion being there probably means that he went down to meet them and is walking them back up. Melisandre looks on in this way because she fears meeting John and Davos again.

9 Arya In The Woods

We won't get into speculating about where Arya is. It's tough to say because there is a little snow, but probably not enough to suggest that she's near Winterfell. Even still, we have no idea how much time has passed between seasons. What we're interested in is who is looking at Arya. We're clearly seeing her through someone's (or something's) perspective. How low this view is to the ground makes us believe that we're finally going to see Arya and Nymeria reunited. This is very exciting. Later in the trailer, we see Arya looking under a bed or something and it appears that she spots what was watching her.

8 Dothraki And Dragons VS. Lannisters

We get a couple of shots, including the big final shot of Dothraki fighting Lannisters on an open field as a massive dragon flies overhead. Where this battle is could be anyone's guess, but if it were our guess, we would say that this battle is a mirror image of the "Field of Fire" battle from long ago, when Aegon the Conqueror met the forces of the Gardeners and the Lannisters on an open field in the Reach. Though Aegon was outnumbered by five to one, he and his three dragons burned his enemies down. Tyrion and Dany would be thrilled to recreate this battle, but Cersei would be stupid to engage in an open fight like this against horse-riding Dothraki and dragons. Another interesting thing to note is in the scene with the Dothraki jumping off their horses. Notice how their saddles have little spots to put their feet for this particular attack. That's an amazing prop detail.

7 Ship Against Ship

The fiery battle at sea is difficult to make out. But if we do some simple math, we can safely say that this is Theon and Yara's people being attacked and boarded by Euron's people. Early in the trailer, we saw a huge and daunting ship that we can only assume is Euron's ship, Silence. Later, we see Theon looking scared with fire burning behind him. Then, we see one ship's crew boarding a burning ship and two people jumping in the water with fire burning overhead. Euron does have some pretty mysterious things at his disposal, including magic of various sorts, so it'll be interesting where the show goes with him. We acknowledge that this could be editing tricks to mislead us, but we're falling for it.

6 The Mountain's New Armor

Getting a quick look at the Mountain, Gregor Clegane in the trailer was a thing of beauty. Looking as fresh as ever, the Mountain has changed his armor, probably for the final time. This time, he's donning an armor that is modeled after his queen's outfits. Notice how the shoulders are very close in design to what Queen Cersei wears. Even clearer is the design on the chest of the armor that is the very same design as the crown Cersei is wearing. Say what you will about Cersei and the Mountain, but this pair is an awesome duo, a perfect complement to each other—brain and brawn.

5 The Mystery Shot

In all the trailer, there is one scene that's most difficult to figure out. We see four or so people who appear to be escaping from somewhere. It's all very dark, so allow us some imagination here. To us, we see a few things for sure. We see a water wheel, a river, and people escaping, including one man with white hair. Now, our assumption here is that this is Bryden "the Blackfish" Tully escaping from Riverrun. You're thinking, he's dead. Yeah. We were told he's dead. If you don't see someone die in Game of Thrones, they're probably not dead. Well, this scene would likely be a flashback of some sort, explaining how the Blackfish escaped. The water wheel structure makes sense for Riverrun and the escape almost mirrors the way that Brienne and Pod got away. It's speculative, but we like it.

4 Jon VS. Littlefinger

The scene of Jon smashing Littlefinger against the wall is great. All by itself, that scene makes this trailer worth watching. But there are some small details here that make it even better. For one, the scene takes place in crypts of Winterfell, but, even more specifically, we can see Lyanna Stark's tomb right there behind the men. Is that where Jon learns of his parentage? Amazingly, this isn't the first time someone has put their hands around Littlefinger's tiny little neck. Ned Stark pushed this creep against a wall by the throat way back in season one. It looks like Ned's influence wore off on Jon.

3 Jorah's Arm

When Jorah sticks his grubby little arm out of that hole, we all got pretty grossed out. It looks like the greyscale has really gotten out of control in the off-season. What's most interesting in this shot, however, is the door he's putting his arm through. This looks to us like an isolation chamber where Jorah's arm can be examined or treated. Perhaps even more plausible, notice the stone on that door flap. Could this be an amputation door of some sort? He lays his arm out and someone comes to chop it off. We're not sure, but we doubt that Jorah gets his arm chopped off. There's already one armless fighter in this saga and this isn't Star Wars.

2 Jon In Wildling Gear

Throughout the trailer, we see a few shots of wildlings and/or men of the Night's Watch running away from something. We obviously are led to believe that they're running from White Walkers. But the big question is, where are they? Well, in the shot we see of Jon running, we notice that he's in Wildling clothing. Sure, he could have put these on for a laugh, but if we combine the shot of the gate at the Wall opening, the men running and circling together to fend off something as the snow whirls around them madly, we can assume that Jon goes further north at one point for whatever reason. Maybe Bran has something to do with this, but we're not quite sure. Since we don't see a whole lot about the Walkers in the trailer, we're willing to bet that these "northern scenes" come late in the season and leave off as a cliff-hanger for the big war against the White Walkers in the final season. That would give Jon time to go down to Dragonstone and come back up to the North.

1 The Kiss

There's nothing more Game of Thrones than some good old-fashioned s*x. Yeah, Grey Worm and Missandei look like they'd get down to business, which probably doesn't make much sense. But we're not interested in that. We like the kiss between Ellaria Sand and Yara more. This either implies that the Sand Vipers have teamed up with Theon and Yara to fight their mutual enemies or maybe the kiss is deadlier than that. After all, Yara and Ellaria Sand is known for using poison. Remember how Mrycella Lannister died? Ellaria gave her a similar kiss. This kiss with Yara does seem to be more energetic though. There's some arm action going on there too, so maybe this one is purely pleasure and not political, if that's even a thing in Game of Thrones.

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15 Awesome Details From The GoT Trailer That Everyone Missed