15 Australian Beauties On Instagram That Make Us Want To Move

What is it about Australia that produces so many drop dead gorgeous Instagram models? The Internet seems to be littered with them. It can't be that all women in Australia look like that...can it? If so, we all need to think very seriously about moving Down Under, like now. Seriously though, why is it that there are so many beautiful people coming out of Australia? It's not just Instagram models - it's actors and actresses, Victoria's Secret models like Miranda Kerr, and many other big names. Just what are they feeding people over there?

Australia is a continent that just exudes beauty, even if you take away all of the people. The beautiful landscapes are filled with picturesque tropical beaches, amazing plants, and exotic wildlife. It seems strange that a lot of its original settlers were sent there as a punishment... If anything, these first settlers arrived thinking they had just arrived in heaven. But by far the greatest thing about Australia is the fact that you can spend  minutes on the beach and see girls who look like they should be in a lingerie fashion show. It's incredible how hot these girls are. And the great thing is that even if you're not from Australia you can still enjoy the country's finest hotties by checking out their Instagram pages. Here are this country's finest exports.

15 Brooklyn Kelly

Brooklyn Kelly is one fine Australian Instagram babe, and she's probably one of her country's finest exports. Her body is flawless, and she loves to show it off by squeezing into some of the most adventurous bikinis known to man. Her body is a little on the skinny side, but she has some nice curves where it counts. Her dirty blonde hair is often wet as this babe is always splashing around in the beautiful waters along the Australian coast. And it's a good thing, because this girl looks seriously hot when she gets dripping wet.

This girl is one of the most popular Australian Instagram models, with over 120,000 followers. She's also a very popular YouTuber, so be sure to check out her channel if you get a chance - you won't be disappointed. You get the feeling that we're only just beginning to see this girl's potential.

14 Inka Williams

If you're thinking about moving to Australia and you're on the fence, the sight of Inka Williams might finally convince you to make the move. Of course, not all women look like Inka Williams in Australia, but the mere knowledge that someone so perfect is living on the same continent as you will make you feel like you're in heaven. She has a more petite body, but she is totally gorgeous and in great shape. Some people question her age because she looks a little bit like a young teen, but rest assured she's legal.

She's an incredible mix of Indonesian and Australian, and she looks like a genetic masterpiece. She's about to reach the milestone of 1 million followers on Instagram, and she looks like she's capable of many more after that. She's  very successful and the future looks very bright for her, and she's already made the move to mainstream modeling.

13 Sahara Ray

Sahara Ray is another incredibly successful Australian Instagram model. This girl is absolutely perfect in every way possible. I challenge you to take a good, long look at that insanely hot body of hers and find a single flaw. Because you won't. It's impossible. Her dirty blonde hair is hottest when it's messy, and this model isn't above posting pics with sexually suggestive poses and doing unspeakably hot things with her tongue.

She is one of the most popular Australian Instagram models right now with 1.3 million followers. She's posed with her friend Inka Williams on a few occasions and it's always hot when they get together. Although Sahara is pretty popular these days, you get the feeling that her best years are ahead of her, and we're hoping she shows us a lot more of that amazing body sometime in the near future.

12 Emily Sears

Emily Sears is probably one of the most famous Instagram models from Australia, and it's not hard to see why. This girl is sexy and she knows it. She loves to show off her body, and nobody ever complains. That's because Emily Sears' body is like a teenage boy's dream - it's just dripping with sex appeal. She has a jaw-dropping thick body that's more curvy than any other model in this article, and she never let that stop her from competing with the skinny girls. In fact, her body is one of the main reasons she's absolutely slaying on social media, with 4.2 million followers on her Instagram alone.

She identifies as a feminist and she's really a great inspiration for girls in Australia and around the world. She's proof that you don't have to starve yourself to be sexy and famous - in fact a lot of guys prefer thicker women like her. She challenged unrealistic body expectations for females, and won in a big way.

11 Emily Skye

Another insanely hot Instagram model from Australia who goes by the name of Emily is Emily Skye. It's clear to see that this girl took a very different approach to modeling when compared with Emily Sears. She also has insane curves, but her body is covered in tight layers of toned muscle. It's probably pretty obvious by now that this girl is a fitness model, and a killer one at that. She obviously takes really good care of her body, and she uses her Instagram to share tips and advice on how to get a tight, hard body like hers.

She's also really popular on Instagram, with over 2 million followers. Her fanbase is a mixture of women and girls who want her advice on how to get her fit body, and men who are admirers of her insanely toned form. She's actually pregnant right now, and the picture above is from months ago. Let's hope she manages to get her old body back after she gives birth!

10 Sjana Earp

If you've ever seen Sjana Earp on Instagram before, chances are you haven't forgotten her. This Australian babe takes the kind of pictures that are burned into your memory for the rest of eternity. "Cannot unsee" is a phrase that sums up her images, but in a good way. As you can see, this girl is incredibly flexible and knows some seriously advanced yoga poses. Combine that with a hot, toned body and a tendency to wear incredibly skimpy bikinis, and you have a recipe for immense success on Instagram.

And with over 1.3 million followers, you can't deny that this flexible babe is absolutely killing it on Instagram right now. This picture may not show off her face in the greatest detail, but believe me her face is just as hot as her body. She loves to travel the world, and she makes sure to strike an insanely hot pose that shows off her flexible body everywhere she goes.

9 Renee Somerfield 

If you're looking for a hot Australian Instagram babe, look no further than Renee Somerfield. This girl loves to show off her amazing body, and many of her 1.7 million followers are very thankful that she's so generous with her pictures. As well as being undeniably sexy, she also comes across as a fun-loving, down to earth girl who would be awesome to hang out with. This photo was 90s themed, and I could totally see her starring in a Baywatch reboot or something similar. In truth though, her beauty is timeless, and she would be sought after in any decade.

This girl isn't just about looking hot and posting pictures to Instagram. She also started her very own swimwear company, and it's actually really popular. That means that she's got a business mindset that allows her to make money using her own creativity, not just her body. This is important because one day, she's not going to look as hot as she does now.

8 Elouise Morris

Elouise Morris is another Instagram model that might just convince you to move to Australia. Even if the average girl is half as hot as Elouise Morris, it would still be a country filled with absolute beauties. Just go to the many beaches along the coast, and you'll see girls like her making guys stare with their amazingly hot bikini-clad bodies. And hey, maybe if you're lucky, you'll even see her splashing around in the warm Australian waters. Looking at this girl, I'm reminded a little of Miranda Kerr, who, as many of you know, is also from Australia.

This girl is incredibly popular on Instagram with 127,000 followers, and there are many people who are marking her as the next big thing. Although she doesn't have as many followers as some of the other models in this article, she has amazing potential. I mean, just look at that perfectly curvy body and her drop-dead gorgeous face. Her ice blue eyes and flowing brown hair are enough to make your heart skip a beat.

7 Jessica Green

Jessica Green is a shining example of how hot Australian girls really are. This girl is really heating up Instagram, and it's easy to see why. She's actually from Tasmania, which is technically part of Australia although it's classified as an island state. So if Jessica Green is any indication of how beautiful Tasmanian women are, you might want to add this location to your list of destinations if you're planning a trip down under. Her body is every bit as perfect as the other girls on this list, and she loves to show it off by throwing on some very revealing bikinis when she hits the beach.

She's just closing in on 300,000 followers on Instagram, and she's quickly getting more people to notice her every day. She's definitely one of the hottest up-and-coming Instagram models these days, not just in Australia but in the entire world.

6 Libby Powell 

Libby Powell is another much-loved Australian Instagram model, and it's easy to see why she's so popular. I see two very important contributors to her fame staring me in the face when I look at these pictures. There's no denying her beauty and hotness, and it's not just her chest that gets people's attention (although that is where most people's eyes immediately gravitate to). Her face is absolutely gorgeous - from her beautiful brown eyes and her supple lips to her flowing brown hair and amazing skin.

With 1.3 million followers, this model from Athena, Australia is a giant on social media. She loves to post pictures of herself, often in cleavage-revealing tops, and her fans really appreciate this. Like Emily Skye, she also recently got knocked up, and I imagine that baby is loving life sucking on those amazing breasts of hers.

5 Rachel Brooker

Now let's move into the hottest of the hot girls from Australia, the cream of the crop, the absolute dime pieces. And there's no better place to start than Rachel Brooker. Truth be told, she's somewhat of a hidden gem, and she has nowhere near as many followers as the majority of the other Aussie hotties in this article. But looking at her body, it's hard to see why she isn't more famous on the social media platform.

Her body is completely perfect, there's no doubting that. She's not too thick, and not too thin, with some seriously amazing curves that she loves to show off by squeezing into some seriously scandalous bikinis. She's also involved in starting businesses with her sister, proving she's smart enough not to just rely on her body when it comes to making money. And after you see her sister, you'll understand why she's considered to be so hot.

4 Laura Brooker 

Surprise! That's right, Laura Brooker is actually the twin sister of Rachel Brooker. I don't need to tell you how hot twins are. Most guys would readily admit that hooking up with twins is their biggest fantasy ever. It's hard to pin down what is so hot about twins. Maybe we'll never know for sure. I think guys assume that twins are kind of synchronous hive minds that can both act in unison when it comes to satisfying your desires. I guess only those who've actually hooked up with twins can tell us what it's like.

While twins are rare, it's even more rare to see twins that are this hot. It's truly a blessing that the genetic code that went into Rachel Brooker was duplicated in Laura Brooker. She's every bit as hot as her sister, although it's actually pretty hard to tell them apart. Truth be told, I don't even know which is which in this picture. Like her sister, Laura has just over 40,000 followers on Instagram.

3 Danielle Robertson

Danielle Robertson is another young Australian hottie that is definitely capable of wowing her faithful followers on Instagram. Where do I even start with this amazing young social media star? I guess the obvious place would be her incredible body. But it wasn't always this way. If you can believe it, that booty didn't always look so good. Back a few years ago, Danielle started her own special workout regime specifically targeted towards making her booty a thing of beauty. And as you can see, you can't argue with the results.

Now the main purpose of her Instagram account is to show other girls how to make their booties just as poppin' as her own. And because of this, I think it's safe to say she's doing a real service to society, both on the male and female sides. Let's hope that more Australian girls are taking her advice, because it would nice to see a whole continent of women with butts like hers.

2 Natalie Roser

Natalie Roser is another simply flawless Instagram model from Australia, and she should be on your list of people to follow if you're into what Australia has to offer. There seems to be an amazing amount of beauty that pours out of this continent, and whatever they're feeding their girls over there is clearly having a great effect. Natalie Roser is a prime example of that. She has the body of a supermodel; tall and long-limbed, combined with just the right amount of curves in all the right places. She loves to show every inch of that amazing body in various states of undress, and her fans are just begging for more.

Speaking of fans, she has 875,000 followers, and will probably reach a million in a few more months. Those who do follow her are treated to all kinds of amazing hotness, and she lets them see all the intricacies of her intimate life. She blends sex appeal and innocence in an amazing way that only a supermodel would be capable of. Besides modeling, she's also trying her hand as a designer.

1 Lily May Mac

Lily May Mac is one of the most popular girls on Instagram, let alone Australia. Obviously, she's not your typical Australian girl, and she moved there from the Philippines at a young age with her family. But diversity is what makes Australia beautiful, and girls like her fit right in with the rest of the hot bikini-clad girls at the beach. Many guys are absolutely obsessed with this girl, and it's not hard to see why. Her petite body has just the right amount of curves and her cuteness mixes with her sex appeal to form an absolute goddess.

She loves to splash around in the water, but her behavior got her into hot water in a more figurative sense recently. Old tweets surfaced of her claiming that she "wished she was half white," and she also stated that she was only interested in dating white guys. Obviously this damaged her fanbase a little, as a ton of her followers are not white! But it doesn't seem to have affected her much, as she's still got well over 3 million followers on Instagram.


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