14 Attention-Seeking Cosplayers That Were Exposed As Fake

Cosplay has changed into something that is very different from what it was originally. It used to be that cosplayers were people who had a passion for comic books and video games. These were people who would dedicate hours and hours to crafting the perfect outfit to make them look as if they had literally stepped right out of the pages of their favorite comic book. These people didn't do it for the money or the attention; they did it because it was something they loved. They also didn't judge each other or try to compete against one another – they realized that these events and conventions were one of the few places where cosplayers and so-called "nerds" could get together and celebrate the things they loved without fear of being judged.

But today, this whole culture has changed completely. People are jumping on this bandwagon like never before, and for all the wrong reasons. These people don't really care about comic books or video games; they just want to be part of something that is now trendy. The majority of these people don't even make their own outfits anymore, preferring instead to take the easy route and just buy their costumes online or at a store. The motivation for these people to cosplay is to be the center of attention, and feel like they have power over other people. Or even worse, they do it just for the cold hard cash. They're also promoting an atmosphere which is cruel, judgmental, and competitive, which is totally not in keeping with the original ethos of the community. Here are 15 examples of these cosplayers and how their falseness was exposed.

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14 Ardella Cosplay Admits She Loves The Attention

via: instagram.com

While many cosplayers secretly spend so much time and effort on the hobby to get attention, it's very rare that they will come right out and admit it. Ardella Cosplay is one of those rare cases. Well, at least we can give her points for honesty, right? That's more than a lot of these other cosplayers have. However, it probably doesn't bode well with the more dedicated cosplayers who do it for their love of video games and comics alone. Does she regret saying this? Maybe...

In her words: "I’m not gonna lie: I love the attention. It’s a great upside. That’s why you have to take the bad attention with the good attention. You can’t pretend everyone’s gonna be loving and caring and adore what you do but not take it a little too far. I really enjoy it because it does make me feel powerful. It does make me feel like I’m in control of not only the way I look, but also of the way other people react to me."

13 The Vixen Gamer Wants To Have It Both Ways

via: facebook.com

Another cosplayer who seemingly wants to get attention from everyone and yet hates it when people give her attention is "The Vixen Gamer."

In one interview, she bragged: "I’ve been stopped in the girl’s bathrooms, I’ve been stopped everywhere: 'I just love what you do. I love the costume, I love how it’s put together.' Feedback like that is amazing."

But then in the same interview she comes out and complains about people giving her attention: "It gets really shady when there are dudes with camera-phones and they literally have the whole camera in your cleavage. They’re the guys that I have absolutely no problem tapping on the shoulder and saying, 'Get away.' It’s such a shame there are so many female cosplayers – and guys, I suppose – who don’t take ownership of that. They’re too scared to say, 'No don’t do that,' or 'That’s making me uncomfortable.' I think it’s misogyny, that’s what it is. These guys are a-holes in general." Make up your mind!

12 Pion Kim Gets Blasted For Cosplaying As Mexican Character

via: nerdreactor.com

Another cosplayer who was exposed as being a little disingenuous is Korean cosplayer Pion Kim. This famous cosplayer actually came up with an awesome cosplay of Sombra, the Mexican character from the video game Overwatch. Unfortunately, she didn't get the memo that it wasn't cool to dress up as Mexican characters from anything. That's called cultural appropriation!

It caused a major internet scandal in the cosplay world and she was forced to issue this apology: “Some people mentioned me about my SOMBRA COSPLAY is rude and offensive because of skin color make up. At first, I’m Korean cosplayer and I never heard of that before – the BROWN FACE make up is OFFENSIVE thing.”

But many Mexicans were supportive of her and made it clear that they weren't too offended: “If you love a character, do it as you please. As a Mexican I don’t think it’s offensive to paint your face for doing cosplay because you’re doing it with respect for a character with a certain nationality, that’s all. If you were mocking my culture with that then I will be somewhat angry (like with those Halloween costumes of ‘Mexican people’).”

11 Joanie Brosas - Enough Said

via: sharemycosplay.com

Other than the girls and guys already mentioned, you can pretty much accuse any popular cosplayer these days of being fake. Many of them are doing it solely for the money and for attention, and don't really care one bit about the fans or the comics and video games. It's the same as pretty much any hobby or cult interest – once big money gets involved, everything gets ruined. Not all girls are like this, but once some of them figured out you could make a quick buck by dressing up as comic book characters, the community got flooded with so-called "professional cosplayers."

One example of this is Joanie Brosas. Admittedly, she's probably one of the hottest cosplayers in the community right now, but her outfits are obviously created with one thing in mind - getting as much attention as possible. She's obviously in it for the money and the attention, and some of her outfits just blow your mind in regards to how revealing and seductive they are. Just google her if you don't believe me. Is it really about the passion for comic books with her? No, probably not...

10 Jessica Nigri Is A Complete Fake

via: reddit.com

Jessica Nigri is perhaps the most famous cosplayer in the world but also one shrouded in controversy. Where do we even begin with Jessica Nigri? She's been accused of so many no-nos in the cosplay world. First of all, we can definitely say she has some "fake" aspects about her... Just look at her chest, if you want proof. She has always denied getting any surgery done, by the way, but it's pretty obvious by looking at her before and after photos that some serious enlargement happened.

But it's not just her physical appearance that's fake. It's also her whole persona as a cosplayer. Many people, including her ex-boyfriends, have come forward saying that her cosplay persona is all just an act, and she thinks her fans are complete losers. There's also been some pretty damning evidence posted that seems to suggest she doesn't even make her own costumes. This is of course pretty frowned upon in the cosplay world. She even posted one picture claiming she was working on her costume, when there was clearly some random dude right there in the picture doing her work for her!

9 XMadamMarvelX Thinks It Is Okay For People To Buy Their Cosplay Outfits

via: alternativebritain.com

Another cosplayer who came right out and admitted that cosplayers don't have to make their own cosplay outfits was English-based XMadamMarvelX. She gave an interview revealing how much she loves cosplay, but she should have probably left out the part where she tells future cosplayers not to worry about making their own costume. Many people would say that is exactly what's wrong with cosplay these days, and why so many people are getting turned off by this whole trend. Everybody just wants to hop on the bandwagon without actually putting any effort into cosplaying or even having a passion for comic books or video games.

In her own words, the young cosplayer revealed in an interview: "You don’t have to worry about if store-bought or handmade cosplay is better. It is all about effort and how much you love the character you are recreating; everyone starts somewhere." But why not start doing the right thing and learning how to make your own costume?

8 Kira Markeljc Did Blackface For A Cosplay

via: uproxx.com

Yep, this actually happened. This is a well-known cosplayer by the name of Kira Markeljc, who, for some reason, thought it would be cool if she dressed up as a character from the show The Walking Dead, even though that character was black, and she decided to make the costume "extra realistic" by going in blackface. This is pretty much the biggest no no in cosplay history.

She did delete the pictures pretty quickly, and then issued this apology: "Soooo, many people said I made a “blackface” with my Michonne make up test. First: I only wanted to cosplay my favourite character of the walking dead and I wanted to do her COMPLETELY. Second: I am definitely not a racist. What many people said, I hate racists and I have to say that I am not complete German, so… Third: I deleted the pictures if some of you felt disturbed by them. That doesn’t mean that I will give up cosplaying Michonne. I will do it anyway; it is my free decision. So guys, hope now you all are satisfied and hate more."

7 Cosplayer Attends Far Right Rally - Then Lies About What Happened 

via: nerdandtie.com

Another cosplayer who was exposed for being something very far from acceptable was Alisa Norris. This cosplayer did something that is arguably worse than going in blackface. She attended the rally in Charlottesville. And she wasn't one of the people protesting the far right activists. That's right, she was marching along folks that many people have since labeled white supremacists. There are YouTube videos of her quite clearly chanting white nationalist slogans such as "You will not replace us," and many others.

This rally was of course the site of a huge disaster, as a man drove a Dodge Challenger into a crowd of protesters, injuring many and killing one. But what makes Alisa Norris' involvement in this incident even worse is the fact that she appeared to lie about what happened afterwards on Facebook, claiming that the police were ordered to "stand down," allowing the white protesters to be attacked, and even claiming that the vice mayor of the town hated white people.

6 Alodia Gosiengfiao Has Some Extremely Questionable Endorsement Deals

via: iapdesign.com

Another pretty obviously fake cosplayer is Alodia Gosiengfiao. She is definitely one of the most famous cosplayers in the world, and she has been named as one of the most influential women in the Philippines. She's also a TV presenter, and everyone pretty much loves her. She is routinely invited as a guest to some of the biggest events in cosplay history all around the world, and she's a really loved figure in the community. And who wouldn't love her with a face and body like that? Not only has she been involved in cosplay from a very young age, but she's also drop-dead gorgeous, and no one can dispute that.

But there is something that is pretty fake about her, something that you have to dig pretty damn hard to find out. As a well-known model, cosplayer, and TV presenter, she's known for taking on all kinds of endorsement deals. One of these endorsement deals is with a certain kind of soap that actually whitens the skin. Yep, you read that right. She has publicly endorsed a kind of soap that allows people to artificially whiten their own skin. There's something seriously wrong with that, and it's undeniably fake.

5 The Most Controversial Cosplayer - Yaya Han

via: ultraviolet-oasis.deviantart.com

She has been labeled many things, but one of the names that really sticks when it comes to Yaya Han is "The Most Controversial Cosplayer." Why is she so controversial? That's not exactly clear. But the general story is that Yaya Han made a pretty controversial comment on a reality show about cosplayers. Apparently, she told a younger contestant to change her costume to something more similar to Jessica Nigri's style, which turned out to be a success. She then made a comment about Jessica Nigri that suggested she was famous because of her s*xualized costumes rather than her actual talent. But others have suggested that this comment was taken out of context and reworked by the show's producers in order to stir up drama.

What's true is that many cosplayers are incredibly judgemental, which is strange, considering the overall atmosphere of comic book and video game fans. Comic-con and other events are supposed to be places where self-professed "nerds" can get together without fear of being judged. But many are getting concerned and even disgusted over the crazy levels of bullying and judgement that is going on within the cosplay community.

4 The Infamous Hioshi Jackson 

via: aminoapps.com

It's not just female cosplayers who are getting exposed as "fakes." Men are really into cosplay too, albeit on a smaller scale than females. Famous male cosplayers are pretty rare, and many of them dress up as female characters! But sometimes male cosplayers get famous (or rather infamous) for all the wrong reasons, and the cosplayer known as "Hioshi Jackson" is definitely one of them.

This guy claims to be a professional cosplayer, despite having cosplayed for less than a year. He also was exposed as a liar on many occasions. He says he was a guest at Ikkicon, which is a pretty big deal and is an honor reserved for only the most famous cosplayers. Many people have suggested he "bought his way in." He has also been exposed as buying his cosplay outfits from other people rather than making them himself, which hardly makes him a professional.

3 Marie-Claude Bourbonnais Celebrates Her Own Fakeness

via: adsoftheworld.com

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is definitely one of the most popular cosplayers alive, and she is of Canadian origin. She's been involved in the cosplay community for quite some time, and is well-respected by many. In 2014, she was named as one of the top ten most popular cosplayers. She's also involved in other things, such as starting her own company and starting initiatives for cosplayers to raise money for the Japanese tsunami and earthquake relief. All in all, she's a pretty cool cosplayer, and a lot more "real" than a lot of the others out there.

But there's one thing that is undeniably fake about this cosplayer, and it's not hard to spot. Just let your eyes be naturally magnetized to her chest, and you'll see what I'm talking about. Yes, they are indeed fake, and she doesn't really try to hide it, to her credit. She even posed for an ad campaign with New York Fries, which featured the slogan, "Real fries in a fake world." It was like she was advertising and celebrating her own fakeness.

2 Cops Called Because Of Cosplayer's "Indecent Exposure"

via: kotaku.com

Another pretty clear-cut case of a cosplayer trying pretty hard to get attention happened at an event in Singapore. This cosplayer actually had the cops called on her because her outfit showed off way too much of the underside of her chest. While other cosplayers and attendants at the event weren't particularly bothered by this lewd costume (would you be?), others in the same building reportedly were. As the story goes, a church event was being held in the same convention center, and a woman who was leaving this church event spotted the girl and got so offended that she called the cops.

Okay, there are a couple of sides to this incident. The first one is that this cosplayer was pretty clearly looking for attention. There's no debating that. If you dress up as Ryuko Matoi from Kill la Kill with her full extremely revealing battle armor, you're asking for people to stare. But the other side to this incident is the fact that they decided to put a con event right next to a church event! Whose bright idea was that?

1 Tyquwan Kingsberry Exposed As A Serial Liar

via: twitter.com

Another complete weirdo and total fake in the cosplay community is Tyquwan Kingsberry, otherwise known as "Freak Show Cosplay." Previously, people would be a little reluctant to call him a guy, because believe it or not, this guy lied and convinced everyone he was a female to male transsexual for the longest time. But that's not the only thing he's lied about. He also apparently faked having cancer, which is pretty damn low and a totally "fake" thing to do.

He also apparently stole a girl's credit card, the same girl who allegedly had a restraining order against him. In addition, he was allegedly kicked out of an event for trying to give alcohol to minors. He has also been banned from multiple events because of his history with harassment and, in some cases, violence. As one person notably said, "Ty is seriously not to be trusted."

Sources: reddit.com, nerdreactor.com

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