15 Athlete WAGs Who Stole The Spotlight

Out of all celebrities, athletes probably get the most coverage and attention since sports are beloved in every corner of the world. Plenty of them have huge followings consisting of hardcore fans of all ages. There aren't many people who have never heard of Cristiano Ronaldo or LeBron James, global stars like them are instantly recognized and admired by millions. And when you have a large fanbase, it's only normal for their personal life details to be available to the public, especially when it comes to their relationships.

People are always curious to see who the top athletes are dating, and many of them are so engaged that they keep up with their lives. Being the WAG (Wives and Girlfriends) of an athlete, all eyes will also be watching your moves due to your close association. In many cases, these WAGs end up relevant enough to gain fame of their own and establish a personal following - many of them turn to modelling, acting or other ventures.

These athletes are expected to have the finest looking WAGs, which is often the case as evident by the featured names on this list. These women are attractive enough to sway the public eye's attention away from their athlete partners, with many of them appearing in attendance at their games. The athletes are also proud to show off their WAGs to the world on social media, which gains them an even brighter spotlight in front of the world. With today's list, we will be discussing 15 athlete WAGs who stole the spotlight!

15 Camille Kostek - WAG To Rob Gronkowski

If you happen to be an NFL fan then Camille Kostek is probably a name you are familiar with by now. Formerly a cheerleader, she has now become a model following her relationship with New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski.

With her career advancing at a quick pace, she recently made the Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition and has several more projects in the works. She met Gronkowski while working as a cheerleader for the Patriots and they eventually developed a relationship over time, which has been covered by the media due to their frequent break ups.

They are one of those unpredictable couples who constantly split up before they reunite soon after, so the current status is up in the air as it always is. But Gronkowski would probably be smart to not let her go as she has become more known in recent times, and could be on her way to greater fame in the near future.

14 Fanny Neguesha - WAG To Mario Balotelli

A few years ago, Mario Balotelli was one of the hottest prospects in the soccer world but the hype has significantly died down since then. While he is currently performing well at Nice, it might be a too little, too late for the man who was once seen as the savior of Italian soccer. He couldn't escape the attention for so many reasons, including his fiancée Fanny Neguesha who somehow manage to steal the spotlight away from Balo.

After having been spotted in the crowd on several occasions to watch her man, the internet instantly fell in love with the model who gained fame overnight and now has 800k followers on Instagram. Sadly, the couple split up six months after their engagement although they remain on good terms. Neguesha went on to have a successful modelling career and even appeared in a Drake video, so her popularity crossed over to the North American side as well.

13 Larsa Pippen - WAG To Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen is one of the most revered NBA legends thanks to his contribution to the 90s Chicago Bulls teams that captured 6 championships along with Michael Jordan. But he is also known for his wife Larsa who has been one of the hottest WAGs for quite some time, and continues to age fine as time goes by.

The couple had been married for 19 years before they stumbled into some problems with Larsa supposedly having engaged in an affair with Future. It created tension between the two to the point they filed for divorce and separated, but that seems to have been put on hold as they got back together in September.

Perhaps they realized that they have been together for too long so they gave it another shot as the couple moved back together. With Future out of the picture, they seem to have settled all their problems at this moment.

12 Brooklyn Decker - WAG To Andy Roddick

Andy Roddick is one of the most famous tennis players in modern history for more reasons than one, not only does he have some impressive accomplishments to his name but also one of the finest WAGs by his side. He began dating Brooklyn Decker in 2007 and the couple was married just two years later.

A few days ago, they welcomed their second child with an announcement to the public. During the latter years of Roddick's career, Brooklyn was often spotted cheering her husband in the crowd - a sight which all fans looked forward to as she became one of the most known WAGs. She was able to land several important gigs, including the cover of the 2010 edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

What some may not know is that despite all his fame, Roddick wasn't able to immediately convince Brooklyn to go on a date and it took some effort to eventually get one.

11 Ayesha Curry - WAG To Stephen Curry

Ayesha Curry may not be a huge fan of being labeled an NBA wife but there is no way around it as she is known for being Stephen Curry's wife. The couple met at a young age and instantly clicked due to similar personalities and interests, and they were married by 2011. Since Curry's rise to stardom as one of the best players in the NBA, Ayesha has also been in the spotlight for being very opinionated which has gotten her in some trouble from time to time.

Many of her tweets have caused plenty of controversy on social media, as she always defends her man and is never one to shy away from sharing her thoughts on numerous topics. But despite being married to Curry, that hasn't stopped plenty of fans from developing a major crush on Ayesha who seems to turn up heads at any given time from NBA games to awards to TV appearances.

10 Faryal Makhdoom - WAG To Amir Khan

There is no doubt that Faryal Makhdoom is one of the hottest boxing WAGS and her 842K Instagram followers are a major proof. Following years of marriage, things took a sudden turn for the worse between herself and Amir Khan as they clashed on social media with the latter accusing her of having an affair with another boxer.

Makhdoom defended herself and accused him of losing the plot, as well as being upset due to his declining career. They continued trading insults and embarrassing each other on various platforms and it seemed like there was no point of return. In recent months, the couple managed to put their issues behind in order to fix their marriage.

With Makhdoom being currently pregnant with their second child, that probably was one of the factors that convinced them to push through their ongoing drama. In a recent interview, they appeared to be on good terms and back to their old ways.

9 Dee Devlin - WAG To Conor McGregor

Dee Devlin has gained fame in recent years for dating Conor McGregor. A superstar in so many ways, McGregor's popularity continues to skyrocket due to his talent, style, and charisma. He has become a celebrity figure who is known even to those who aren't familiar with UFC.

His fight against Floyd Mayweather only helped in pushing him forward, but there is one person he credits for his success and that is his wife. They have been together for nine years even way before he became UFC's biggest star.

Dee was there for her boyfriend even during the toughest times and never left his side, motivating him to accomplish more. But she has also become popular on her own because she is as fine as it gets as you can tell from the photo. While there have been rumors of McGregor cheating on her, those are said to be false as he is madly in love with her.

8 Ginevra Sozzi - WAG To Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala has been one of the best soccer prospects of the past couple of years, earning him a move to Juventus where he has shone since then. He is currently being linked with a move to Manchester United although his club isn't exactly keen on letting him go at this point. Being one of the most famous players in the world today, it's only normal to expect him to be dating someone as fine as one would expect.

Photos of his girlfriend Ginevra Sozzi prove that theory to be true as she is the definition of a hot WAG. The couple prefers to keep their relationship private for the most part, but whenever they do appear together, it's Sozzi who is taking all the spotlight. When they met, Sozzi wasn't aware of who he was so she wasn't swayed by his fame. As she got to know him, their chemistry grew instantly as they began dating.

7 Amelia Vega - WAG To Al Horford

For so many years, Al Horford has been one of the most underrated NBA players despite constantly being productive and producing impressive numbers. Leaving the Atlanta Hawks to Boston Celtics didn't help matters either as he remains overlooked, especially with Kyrie Irving being on the team now.

When you're an NBA star, you're instantly in the spotlight so it takes plenty to be overshadowed but that's exactly what happened to Al Horford who is married to Amelia Vega, also known as the 2003 Miss Universe. Although Horford probably wishes to be regarded more highly than he currently is, having Amelia to go home to probably keeps him satisfied enough to not complain. The couple has two kids together and they have been married since 2011, but they choose to keep a low profile for the most part despite being well-known in their respective industries.

6 Georgina Rodriguez - WAG To Cristiano Ronaldo

Over the years, Cristiano Ronaldo has been linked to so many fine women that we could compile an entire list but instead, we are only going to speak about his current girlfriend. The couple met in 2016 at a Dolce & Gabbana event when Ronaldo approached Georgina Rodriguez as they began dating in secret, but it wasn't long before their relationship made its way to the media.

Since then, the couple started to slowly make more public appearances before they became official to everyone. Two months ago, she gave birth to their first daughter but she has also been assisting in taking care of Ronaldo's other children. Although the couple has chosen to maintain a low profile as we don't often spot them together nor do they spam their social media accounts with photos. Rodriguez saw a major increase in popularity with 3.2 million followers on Instagram, so dating Ronaldo certainly has many perks as you can see.

5 Antonella Roccuzzo - WAG To Lionel Messi

When Cristiano Ronaldo lands on a list, it's only right to include Lionel Messi as well. Antonella Roccuzzo has known Messi since their younger years and have managed to remain together since then. It is almost unheard of for someone as huge of a star like Messi to have remained loyal to his first love throughout the years.

In previous years, Roccuzzo had stayed away from the limelight with rare appearances but has emerged much more often after marrying Messi. She has also managed to get a modeling contract as well and has become one of the finest WAGs in soccer.

With Messi having 85.6 million followers on Instagram, his wife was sure to gain from that by reaching 6 million of her own. He is often proud to show her off in his posts and we definitely can't blame him for that.

4 Nastasiya Ovechkin - WAG To Alex Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin has been one of the most lethal scorers of the 2000s with an impressive record. And being an NHL star has its pros as proven in this case. And if you needed any further proof, you can just take a look at his newly wedded wife Nastasiya Ovechkin.

With her husband making millions per year, she indicated that work wasn't needed for her as she chose to remain by her husband's side. Due to her looks, she has gained fame with 283K followers on Instagram.

It has blossomed into some modelling opportunities as she has been involved in several photo shoots in recent times. With her popularity seemingly increasing, she has become one of the hottest WAGs in the NHL. However, she does appear to be much more known in Russia than she is in the United States, which is understandable.

3 Robyn Hayward - WAG To Gordon Hayward

In the past few years, Gordon Hayward quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the better shooting guards in the league. His move to the Boston Celtics proved to be more complicated than initially thought as he got injured during his first game with the team in the season opener.

But Hayward can feel much better knowing that he has a wife at home who appears to be a great one as Robyn has been supportive of her husband at all times. Never one shy to defend him against critics, Robyn has also become known for being very attractive.

Robyn is extremely active on social media and is becoming more known to casual fans who previously might not have been familiar with her since Hayward played for the Utah Jazz. But his move to one of the most popular franchises will surely only put her in the spotlight even more.

2 Daniela Rajic - WAG To Paul George

Daniela Rajic and Paul George have been in an on/off relationship for some years, but things are looking up these days. They recently welcomed their second child and look like they are on the best of terms at the moment but that wasn't the case in the past.

From rumors about George cheating to allegedly attempting to pay her for an abortion, there has been some controversy surrounding the couple. But whenever they are back on speaking terms and resurface together, we are always reminded of why George always runs back into the relationship. Not only do they have children together, but Rajic may very well be the hottest NBA WAG at the moment.

It remains to be seen whether they remain together for the long haul but current signs indicate that another break up isn't in the horizon right now, which I would say is the smart move for both.

1 La La - WAG To Carmelo Anthony

Prior to meeting Carmelo Anthony, La La worked as a radio personality but she would find fame once she started dating the NBA star. Following years of dating, the couple tied the knot in 2010 and remained married until earlier this year when they supposedly separated, but rumors have it that they have patched things up recently for the sake of their son.

Doors certainly opened for La La thanks to her relationship with Carmelo as she found herself in the spotlight, allowing her to follow several ventures from modelling to acting. La La has come a long way since her days on the radio and her good looks certainly played a major part in landing some of these roles, as she has built a huge base with over 7 million followers on Instagram. La La has also found herself in the headlines due to an on-court rivalry between Anthony and Kevin Garnett, which led to some distasteful comments by the latter.

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