14Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

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What kind of list would this be without The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper? Really, we could have selected several characters from this show, but we went with the OG. When Sheldon first entered our lives, he was the socially-awkward guy that we laughed at him. We could point at

our socially-inept friends and say, "That's so Sheldon. Bazinga!" Now, Sheldon is a total a**. We have to wait until our friend is being selfish, ignorant, and intentionally hurtful in order to say, "That's so Sheldon. Babushka!" Sheldon's antics might not be so annoying if the surrounding cast wasn't condoning or, even worse, enabling it. No matter how much Sheldon is being a Sheldon, he always wins and gets his way. It's time that his friends cast him out.

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