15 Annoying TV Characters We All Want To Mute

Every single show ever made has at least one character that someone out there doesn't like. In most shows, even the ones we love, there is one character we roll our eyes at. They rub us the wrong way for whatever reason. Maybe it's their voice or their actions. It differs, but we hate them. Most of these unloved people get ridiculed online. We all remember the seething fan hatred that followed around Skylar from Breaking Bad. We wanted to punch that Carl in his stupid head for years on The Walking Dead. Some characters, such as Carl himself, end up improving over time. Either the character starts to grow on fans or the writers make a conscious change. Some characters are hated right until the end of the show whereas others are killed off. Some of these characters are meant to be hated, while others just have a natural ability to attract disgust.

So, who are the hated ones today? What characters are still on TV that everyone hates? Sure, you may not hate them. But, when we say everyone, we really mean the vocal collection of haters on the internet. You might find yourself disagreeing with us. That's allowed. We urge you to make your voice heard online and tell people why they're wrong about these characters. Until then, the internet will keep on hating, and we'll be telling everyone who is being hated on. There are many different things that make a character annoying. We've heard actresses speaking out about some character hatred being gender-related. Well, that's not happening here. We think both genders are equally annoying. But some characters go above and beyond the call of duty. Here are the 15 Most Annoying Characters On TV Today.

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15 Felicity Smoak – Arrow

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At first, Felicity Smoak seemed cool. Arrow was going strong, and Felicity had all the necessary attributes to be a popular comic book character—she was hot, smart, and pretty. But, it didn't really take long for her to become insanely overbearing. She started out talented but now, she's playing in God-mode. She hacks computers better than any living human but she types with one finger. She is the techie who has no official combat training, yet she is a master marksman, a lifesaver, and a stone-cold killer, all while keeping her perfect morals intact. Her high-and-mighty act has worn thin on many fans of Arrow and we agree. She's the worst. Characters that are unrealistic bother us, and Felicity is as fake and glorified as they come.

14 Sheldon Cooper – The Big Bang Theory

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What kind of list would this be without The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper? Really, we could have selected several characters from this show, but we went with the OG. When Sheldon first entered our lives, he was the socially-awkward guy that we laughed at him. We could point at our socially-inept friends and say, "That's so Sheldon. Bazinga!" Now, Sheldon is a total a**. We have to wait until our friend is being selfish, ignorant, and intentionally hurtful in order to say, "That's so Sheldon. Babushka!" Sheldon's antics might not be so annoying if the surrounding cast wasn't condoning or, even worse, enabling it. No matter how much Sheldon is being a Sheldon, he always wins and gets his way. It's time that his friends cast him out.

13 Mary – Sherlock

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It doesn't matter how amazing the side character is. If they drive a wedge between two beloved main characters, there are going to be many people who hate that side character. This is what happened with Mary Watson on Sherlock. The first couple of seasons had John Watson and Sherlock in one of TV's great relationships. Then it changed, and change is hard to deal with. Mary didn't come into the show in the greatest way either. She was a bit murderous. She tried to kill Sherlock, even if she had reasons to do so. Then she split the gang up, even though she tried to get them back together. She's a more violent Yoko Ono, and people were very upset about it.

12 Phil – Last Man On Earth

via deadshirt

Will Forte is a fantastic comedian. We love his work. We despise his character, Phil, in Last Man on Earth. In the early going, we did love the character of Phil. We think everyone did. But as soon as the real premise of the show started up, the writers spent way too much time making Phil into one of the most despicable characters on TV. He is just too creepy, too rude, and too disgusting for us to love again. Sure, he has his high moments, but his lows are too low. We just have such a bad image of him in our minds that he can't be redeemed. He's too far gone at this point.

11 Piper – OITNB

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Piper is the worst. Piper was the worst, even in the beginning, even when we related to her, and she was our surrogate through the halls of the women's prison. Yes, even then, Piper was the worst. Just what a spoiled, pretentious a** she is. All these years later, Piper is still the worst. She's learned nothing. She hasn't changed. Or maybe she has. Has she become even more annoying? She's selfish and oblivious to everything going on around her. Even after all her screw-ups and everything blowing up in her face, Piper still thinks she's awesome. To us, that's unrealistic. No matter how narcissistic a person is, he would never think so highly of himself if he had to be Piper for as long as Piper's been Piper. Eventually, every person would get the message.

10 Bronn – Game Of Thrones

via game of thrones wiki

Hear us out. We understand that everyone loves Bronn in public, but we can't be alone here. One of the things that makes Game of Thrones so great is that it is fair to everyone, whether good or bad. Everyone has something bad happen to them at one point. Well, everyone except for Bronn. How is Bronn so good at everything? You've been training your entire life to fight and kill? Yeah, well Bronn will beat you easily after spending his entire life debauching and drinking. Just give Bronn a sword and he'll win the war. Need to hold your breath and swim the length of an entire lake underwater while still in armor? Send Bronn to do it because nothing bad ever happens to the god that is Bronn. You may all still love him, but just wait until he kills one of the favorites. Then, we will see how precious Bronn is to you. Bronn better experience some misfortune in this final season. We don't expect it, but he's long overdue.

9 Debbie – Shameless

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Debbie is definitely the most shameless of the Shameless crew, and it's no longer a secret. There was a point–probably around the time that she r*ped that guy–that everyone clued in to how brutal she was as a person. She then continued to lie throughout her pregnancy, which was annoying. Now that she's a mom, Debbie is the worst mother, fighting people with her baby in her arms and using the baby to try and make people feel bad for her. It goes back further than that with Debbie. Remember when she tried to kill that girl by drowning her? We should have known.

8 Mr. Poe – A Series Of Unfortunate Events

via business insider

There are plenty of things wrong with Mr. Poe in A Series of Unfortunate Events. This is a man who is just the worst at what he does. In the eyes of a child, he represents everything wrong with adulthood. Since Mr. Poe just ignores the concerns of the kids, he comes off looking like an incompetent oaf. Oh, and that goddamn cough. Geez! Is there anything more infuriating than a person who just coughs small little coughs and never quite gets rid of it altogether? All the time! Sweet lord. It takes all a person's patience to not jump through the screen and give this man a glass of water.

7 Chuck McGill – Better Call Saul

via boston herald

The best part about hating Chuck from Better Call Saul is that you're supposed to hate Chuck. We get tons of ammo to throw at this coward. It feels good. He's a backstabbing, traitorous jerk who will basically stop at nothing to push down others to make himself feel better and raised up. And don't give us the mental illness defense as if that's a shield to protect this guy. We're not buying it. If anything, using his mental illness as a crutch only makes us foam at the mouth more whenever we see his stupid face on our screen. Go to hell, Chuck.

6 Quentin Lance – Arrow

via the bit bag

It's really frustrating watching a character act stupid against all reason and logic. Quentin Lance on Arrow is the worst kind of stupid. He sees all this stuff going on in the city. All these bad guys and all this evil, yet he spends all his damn time trying to take down Oliver. He knows that Oliver has turned over a new (albeit lame) leaf and wants to stop crime more peacefully, yet this idiot Lance is still focusing all his efforts of shutting him down. Look at the evidence, moron. Do your job, goofball. It's obvious that Oliver is at least stifling some of the crime in the city, but instead of thanking the guy, we have Lance working overtime at being a total knob. We don't even care if the character is changed either. The damage is done.

5 Meredith Grey – Grey's Anatomy

via wetpaint

Just get over it Meredith. What a mopey sad lion Meredith Grey is on Grey's Anatomy. How many seasons of a human-sized Eeyore can we be expected to watch? Ugh. This woman has been the exact same person since the very beginning. She was quiet, a little mean, and mopey in the beginning. And, she's quiet, a little mean, and A LOT mopey now. It's painfully obvious that Meredith loves being sad and depressed. She is at her best in these moments. That's why she can't stop talking about it, and she always finds herself in new situations that make her sad and depressed. Shut up about it, Meredith. You're rich and entitled. Other people have problems too, you spoiled brat.

4 Foggy – Daredevil

via kiss my wonder woman

We're not sure if Foggy Nelson from Daredevil is the worst human on the planet, but he's close. This little baby will not shut up. Listen man, Matt doesn't like you as much as he used to. It's part of growing up. If you need him to hold your hand everywhere you go, well, get over it because he ain't going to be doing that. Times have changed. And if we have to hear you complaining about how Matt runs his life one more time, we are just going to snap. Maybe it's not Matt who needs to alter his lifestyle. Maybe you need to get a different boyfriend to nag at constantly. It's really unfortunate that we not only hate Foggy Nelson now but Fulton from The Mighty Ducks as well. Now, this little baby is ruining our childhood as well as our favorite TV shows. Ahh, and that hair man.

3 Danny Rand – The Iron Fist

via inverse

We enjoy The Defenders. We really do. Honestly, each of the storylines are fantastic. They're engaging. They're well-acted. And they're exciting. The Iron Fist is just the worst and it's all because of Danny Rand. What a lame person he is. He's just ridiculous, always meditating in that studio. Get out and see the world, Danny. Do something other than sitting cross-legged and bragging about how you're this mystical warrior. You're not even tough. You're tough for about five seconds every once in a while when your stupid fist glows. You're a baby too. We get it. Your development was stunted because you watched your stupid mom get sucked out of an airplane. Serves you right, mom. Next time, instead of staring at your annoying child, maybe try buckling up the seatbelt. When the Iron Fist and Luke Cage were fighting, we were openly rooting for Luke. Kill him! Kill him! It's a twist no one would see coming.

2 Hannah – Girls

via huffington post

It doesn't matter to us that Girls has completed its run. It doesn't matter that the characters in the show were a commentary on the type of people they were representing. It doesn't matter that the character of Hannah wasn't trying to make people like her feel better, she was trying to shame those people. Still, Hannah is the worst type of person and we hate her. Everyone hates her. There was a large part of us that wished, throughout the seasons, that Girls would randomly turn into a slasher show just so that we could watch with glee as Hannah was mowed down by a masked knife-wielding psychopath. We can say with certainty that we would like the slasher character much, much more than the selfish sociopath that is Hannah. Who knows what the intention was in creating a character as evil as Hannah is? But perhaps, it was to show each of us how much we can hate. We learned a lot about ourselves watching Girls. We know now that we feel a fevered and untampered rage whenever we see a face. Thanks, Lena Dunham.

1 DW – Arthur

via Arthur wiki fandom

If you stopped being a kid or haven't been hanging around with them for a while, you might not know that Arthur is still on the air. Now in its 20th season, Arthur is the longest-running animated series for children in the U.S. So many things have stayed the same since we watched this show. Arthur is still in grade three, his parents are still as loving and caring as ever, and DW, Arthur's sister, is still a little turd. One of the most famous episodes in Arthur history was when Arthur finally paid DW back for being the spoiled little brat that she is. After she tossed the poor guy's model plane out of the window, busting it up, she talked smack about it. Arthur is normally calm and cool under pressure, but with DW goading him into assaulting her, he cracked and bashed her in the arm with a vicious right cross. Nobody likes DW. Not one person.

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