15 Amy Adams Pics That Will Have Your Imagination Running Wild

You would never know it by looking at her, but Amy Adams is nearing her 44th birthday, and she is arguably hotter now than she has ever been since breaking out in the entertainment industry. Born in Italy, Adams landed her first film role 18 years ago, and her journey to the top of the industry has taken many twists and turns. Not only has Adams starred in movies that have raked in huge numbers at the box office, but her work itself has received much critical acclaim over the course of her career. In fact, Adams is such a talented performer that she has been nominated for an incredible five Academy Awards. Though she has yet to win, we have a feeling that she won't end her career empty handed.  The former dancer and Hooters Girl has had a prolific output since becoming a household name, and we aren't complaining one bit.

Her early career saw her landing guest roles on some of television's hottest shows, and her natural beauty helped her stand out. Adams is perhaps the hottest redhead in Hollywood, and we have the pictures to prove it. With the combination of beauty and talent, Adams was destined to make it big in the world's most cutthroat industry, and we have no reason to believe that she won't continue her domination of the business. You may want to sit down while looking at these photos, because Amy Adams will no doubt take up all of your time and attention.


15 Just Getting Heated Up

Long before she was portraying the character Lois Lane in the DCEU, Amy Adams was just a young lady looking to make a living in the world of film. Her pursuit of this career landed her a role in the film Drop Dead Gorgeous back in 1999. The film would be the first role for Adams, and she never looked back. The film may have only grossed $10.5 million during its theatrical run, but Adams finally had her foot in the door. The year after her big screen debut, Amy Adams would have an insanely busy 2000, and she would land roles in five television shows and two more films. Among the more notable appearances that she had that year was That '70s ShowCharmed, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She had minor roles on the shows that she appeared on, and if they only knew then that she would turn into a huge star, we are quite sure that she would have had a recurring role on at least one of those shows.

14 Retro Beauty


2000 wasn't the year that Amy Adams would break out, but it sure made her resume look spectacular. Her appearance in seven projects that year was huge for her young career, though things would slow down a bit in 2001. That year, her lone film appearance was in the movie Cruel Intentions 2, and needless to say, that film didn't live up to its predecessor. It went straight to video, and Adams was still in the same place she was before. On television, she pulled down a role in the hit series Smallville, but not as Lois Lane. Adams appeared in only 1 episode as the character Jodi, and it would be another decade before she would land the role of Superman's love interest. It is hard to imagine Adams as any other DC character other than Lois Lane, but everyone needs to start somewhere, and she had to have been insanely excited to have landed a role on the series.

13 Elegant 

Adams had a slow-paced 2001, and she was looking to get things cooking the following year. Her 2002 saw her appear in three films and one television series. Her first film appearance that year was in the film The Slaughter Rule, which starred a young man by the name of Ryan Gosling, failed to pass $14,000 at the box office. She followed this up with a role in the movie Pumpkin whose $308,000 looked massive compared to The Slaughter Rule. Her final film that year, however, would be one for the books. Adams appeared in the film Catch Me If You Can which boasted an incredible cast, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks, and received fantastic reviews. The film generated $352 million at the box office, and Adams had a huge hit under her belt. Watching the film now, it is pretty funny seeing Adams with braces on, and her performance in the film was great.

12 Can't Hardly Wait


2002 was the year that Adams finally had a massive hit film on her resume, and her role in Catch Me If You Can put the world on notice. That same year, she appeared in one episode of the series The West Wing, giving her another role on a highly successful series. For the first time since her debut in 1999, Amy Adams went an entire year with no film or television appearances in 2003, and people were ready to see what she was bringing to the table in 2004. Her lone film that year, The Last Run, was a massive dud, and her success that year would be on television. She lent her voice to the character Misty on the hit series King of the Hill, and her stay on the show lasted for 3 episodes. She also appeared in 5 episodes of the series Dr. Vegas which only stuck around on television for one season.

11 Kissed By Fire

Though Adams had a good career so far, she was still searching for the role that would net her critical acclaim, and in 2005, she would blow critics away. In total, she appeared in four films that year, starting with the film The Wedding Date. The film performed relatively well at the box office, and this was followed up by Standing Still. Finally, in her third film of 2005, Adams would cement herself as one of Hollywood's top performers. She played the character Ashley in the movie Junebug, and even though the film had a small box office haul, Adams was praised for her role. For her role as Ashley in the film, Adams would be nominated for her first Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and she would take home the Critic's Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress. Six years into her career, Adams had already been nominated for the industry's most prestigious award, and she was just warming up.

10 Gorgeous In Green


Adams had finally received praise for her acting, and her Academy Award nomination did wonders for her career. Her amazing 2005 campaign put the industry on notice that she was more than just a beautiful face, and her newfound success would continue in 2006. That year, she acted in the film Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby alongside talented performers Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. The film would receive some solid reviews from critics, and it would haul in $163 million at the box office, making it a bonafide hit. Adams would follow this hit film up with the cult classic Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. The film didn't make much money at the box office, but it gained a massive cult following in the years after its release. She also appeared in an episode of The Office in a recurring role that had stretched back to the year prior.

9 Too Fine

With several successful films under her belt, Adams was quickly becoming a name in the industry for her supporting roles, and she was ready to take the next step into being a highly-regarded leading lady. Thankfully, her films in 2007 would take care of that. Her year started off with an appearance in the film Underdog, but this appearance was for voice acting only. Critics hated it, but a $65 million haul made the film mildly successful. Her next film, however, was a total game changer for the beautiful actress. Starring as the character Giselle in the Disney film Enchanted, Adams knocked her role out of the park, and Disney reaped the rewards. The film pulled in $340 million, and Disney had another princess on their hands. Adams would end the year with an appearance in the film Charlie Wilson's War, which boasted an ensemble cast and would go on to make $119 million.


8 Amy, The Beautiful


With the huge success of the film Enchanted, Amy Adams had proven to the world that she was a talented performer who was capable of being the lead character in massively successful films. Now, her 2008 was a modest year in terms of box office returns, but she once again took on a role that would net her a ton of acclaim. Combined, her first two films in 2008, Sunshine Cleaning and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, only made $33 million, and neither film was a hit. It would be her third and final film that year that would once again put her in the discussion for best actresses on the planet. Adams played the character Sister James in the critically acclaimed film Doubt, and the movie would make $50 million, more than her first two films combined. Adams performance in the film led her to being nominated for an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

7 Covering Up

With two Academy Award nominations and several hit films under her belt, Amy Adams was becoming one of the biggest names in Hollywood, and her star power had never been hotter. After rounding out her 2008 with her amazing performance in the film Doubt, Adams was looking to keep things going in 2009. Her first film that year would be Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, and Adams would take on the role of Amelia Earhart in the film. $413 million later, Adams had another hit film under her belt. Next, Adams would star in the film Julia & Julia, and the talented cast of the film would help it earn $129 million. Adams' final film that year would be Moonlight Serenade, and with two hit films in 2009, Adams' career was full steam ahead. The last several years of her career saw her explode in popularity, and she is nowhere close to being done.

6 A Dramatic Pose


With another huge year in the books, many wondered what Adams had left up her sleeve, and little did they know that she was going to continue her upward trajectory in a major way. Her year started off in a modest way after the release of the film Leap Year. Unlike a slew of her more recent works, Leap Year only hauled in $32 million, but was by no means a dud. Her next appearance was in the direct-to-video Love & Distrust, and the film failed to do much despite having an incredible cast. Her last film in 2010 not only boasted a talented cast, but it had the critical acclaim and box office numbers to back it up. Released in December of 2010, The Fighter was a massive success for those involved with the film. It received great reviews, and it made $129 million at the box office. Adams lit up the big screen, and she would once again be nominated for an Academy Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award, and a Golden Globe.

5 That Smile

Adams was on top of the world after receiving her third Academy Award nomination, and her hard work and sacrifice over the years had turned her into a bonafide star. Her output for several years may have been impressive, but it was time for the performer to slow things down a bit. In 2011, Adams would only appear in one film, and she had largely remained off of television for several years already. Despite only having one film released in 2011, Adams sure made it count. That year, she starred alongside Jason Segel in the film The Muppets. It was the latest entry into the storied franchise that had spanned back several decades, and many wondered how things would turn out. The film received great reviews, and it would go on to make $165 million at the box office, giving Adams another hit project. After appearing in the film, she would be nominated for a Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress.

4 Stunning In White


2011 was a relatively slow year for the beautiful Amy Adams, and she once again cranked things up in 2012, though few realized how odd that year would be for her. On the Road was Adams' first release of the year, and the film was a dud at the box office, and it only managed to make $8.8 million against a $25 million budget. In September of that year, Adams would appear in the film The Master, and though it was yet another movie that lost money at the box office, it generated praise from critics, and Adams would once again find herself in awards contention. Adams would be nominated for an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for her performance as the character Jane. Her final film in 2012 was the drama Trouble with the Curve, which was yet another film that lost money. Box office numbers aside, Adams continued to impress critics with her performances.

3 All Red Everything

Adams had wrapped up a year that brought plenty of critical acclaim, but her box office numbers left plenty to be desired. This would change in 2013, and Adams would find herself massive financial success that year. Years after her foray into the DC Universe in Smallville, Adams was cast as Lois Lane in the film Man of Steel, and the film's $668 million would give birth to what is now known as the DC Extended Universe. Man of Steel was followed up with a role in the Academy Award winning film Her, which made $48 million at the box office. She was having an outstanding year, and she wasn't done yet. Adams wrapped things up with an appearance in the film American Hustle. The film received a ton of acclaim and awards nominations en route to a $251 million box office haul. Adams would once again receive an Academy Award nomination, and she would win a Golden Globe Award for her performance in the film.

2 Showing Off A Little Bit


Amy Adams had a massive year in 2013, and her fifth Academy Award nomination left many wondering if she would have to wait many years for her first win like her Catch Me If You Can co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Her 2014 would be significantly less successful, and Adams would only appear in 2 films that year. After taking a year off in 2015, Adams was ready to get back on top in 2016, and she once again had a monster year. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was her second time playing the character Lois Lane, and the film, despite being shredded by critics, made a staggering $873 million during its theatrical run, giving Adams another smash hit film. This was followed by another hit film, Arrival, which was released in November of 2016. The film made $203 million at the box office, and Adams had back-to-back hits once again. Her final film of the year was Nocturnal Animals which made $30 million.

1 Pin-Up Girl

Not many people are capable of achieving the soaring heights of Hollywood's elite, and Adams has proven on multiple occasions that she is an absolute force in the entertainment industry. Her ability to anchor a film and bring it to massive success is absolutely incredible, and her laundry list of awards nominations is truly impressive. Though many felt that she should have a few more trophies in her collection, her nominations alone put her in pretty elusive company. Her 2016 campaign was arguably her best to date, and her 2017 is much slower in comparison. She has yet to appear in a single film this year, but that will all change in November. She will appear in the highly-anticipated film Justice League, and if estimations are correct, this film could be her first $1 billion movie. Regardless of its haul, fans are excited to see their favorite heroes return to the big screen, and Adams will no doubt impress once again.


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