15 Amber Rose Photos That Put Kim Kardashian To Shame

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian are two very popular modern-day celebrities, who are known for generously exhibiting their voluptuous bodies on social media. Many will be surprised to know that these two share the same date of birth. Both Kim K and Amber Rose were born on October 21st. While the Kardashian sister was born in 1980, Amber Rose was born in 1983. Even though these two seem like a similar kind of celebrity who are famous for being famous, there is a lot of difference between Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose. Amber is a self-made woman who has seen really tough days at a tender age. Whatever she has achieved, she did so with her hard work and perseverance. Kim K, on the other hand, was born into an affluent family and did not have to struggle for money. There is one more similarity between these two—Kanye West. Amber Rose was in a relationship with the rapper before he started dating Kim. While Amber Rose's affair with Kanye was not successful, Kim K got married to him and had two kids with him so far. The obvious comparison between the two probably comes because both of them have similar kinds of bodies. Both Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose are known for their curves. They are also known for flaunting their bodies–with or without clothes–on social networking sites like Instagram. While Kim K loves to post her images, there are some images by Amber Rose that could put her to shame.

15 Selfie Time

In this casual selfie, Amber Rose looks gorgeous. With her eye makeup matching the top she is wearing, Rose looks ready for the occasion. With the long eyelashes (we don't care if those are fake), the look is stunning. Amber does not really overdo anything here. She just gave her fans a glimpse of her present state of mind by expressing herself in the selfie. In the caption section, she does not write anything. She just used the emoticon of a rose. When it comes to emoticons, we must consider Amber Rose a pro. Rose launched MuvaMoji, an app for emoticons, in March 2016. She went on to earn as much as $4 million from the app. The app has 900 emoticons assembled by the selfie queen herself. As soon as the app was released, it became the number 1 app on App Store. In this image, she looks like she lives in a fairy tale world.

14 The Achiever

The haters will be haters. Let's not forget that Amber Rose has numerous haters, who believe that she does not deserve the media attention that she always manages to get. But, here is a fact about the charmer. During her teenage years, she had to go through a real tough time after her parents got divorced. Her mother, Dorothy Rose, is of Scottish and Cape Verdean African descent. She got separated from Amber's father, Michael Levonchuck, who was of Italian and Irish descent. During the tough days, she had to provide for her family. At the tender age of 15, Amber Rose became Paris and started her career as a stripper. While many might consider it her dark past, Amber believes it was the best time of her life. At the same time, she warned those of her fans who want to become strippers. She said they should not fall for any s*xual favors. There is nothing s*xual about stripping. It's just for making money and paying bills, she said. As she captions this photo, she tells her haters how people thought she was just a stripper who could not achieve anything in life. Well, now she has more fans than her haters' favorite rapper.

13 Promoting Brands

We are talking about some serious curves here. Amber Rose is known for her curvaceous body which she proudly flaunts in public. In this photo, she flaunts the famous booty and draws comparison with the other celebs who have similar assets. There are various celebs who fall in this category. The most prominent name that comes to our mind right now is Jennifer Lopez. Amber Rose shows here that not only Kim K but JLo may also get jealous of the curves she has got here. She is apparently promoting the jeans' brand here. Seems like Amber Rose developed her business skills during her days of being a stripper. She understands the business of showing one's body. As she advises others, there is nothing s*xual about it. It's all business. Her Instagram account is not only for pleasing her fans. She is a highly successful businesswoman who promotes various brands through social media. Here is just another charming example of how to do it the right way.

12 The Pregnancy

After her relationship with Kanye West ended, Amber Rose started dating another rapper, Wiz Khalifa, in 2011. This time, the relationship got serious enough to take it to the next level. The couple got engaged in March 2012 and got married next year in July. However, by that time, their son Sebastian was already born. Amber considers the birth of her son in February 2013 as one of the best moments of her life. Her life changed after that. While the marriage did not last, Amber and Wiz have remained friends. They have joint custody of their son and continue to spend great times with Sebastian, even though they are divorced. During her pregnancy, Wiz was a great support for her. He liked Amber's pregnancy so much that he wanted her to be pregnant forever. Amber says she was "about to pop" at any time when this photo was taken. We must admit Amber looks stunning with her baby bump here.

11 The Hourglass Figure

Amber Rose has the perfect body. We don't care how much she paid the surgeon to achieve the hourglass figure. We just admire it from a distance. In this stunning image, Amber Rose flaunts her curves and does it in style. Her bust and hip are around the same size. With her narrow waist, she gets those killer curves that men could die for and women could kill for. Seems like she has not worn anything inside the dress, but that is nothing new for the busty woman. She knows what her fans love, and she provides it generously. According to her, she was on her way to Starbucks when she decided to strike a pose. If she did visit Starbucks like this, we are sure everyone's eyes must be on her and her alone. She does not miss the chance to promote the brand she is wearing and proves that it is never only about showing her body. Unlike the Kardashian sister, she is not self-obsessed. She just knows how to sell products.

10 Her Huge Assets

Amber Rose is huge. Her assets are massive, and we can't stop talking about it. She generously flaunts her 36H boobs on social networking sites. Her fans wait for the mini video clips where Amber shows her incredible cleavage. This image is not only about the skin show. Amber Rose's pose in her new bodysuit shows the kind of confidence she carries, even when she is not wearing much to cover her body. Her Instagram followers got stunned by this bold look for obvious reasons. Even though it is nothing new for Amber Rose to strike a bold pose, she still manages to look beautiful no matter what. In this image, she also shows the rose tattoo on her upper arm. While we already know about her love for roses, not many are aware that this is actually a cover-up tattoo. At 15, she had a tattoo with her ex-boyfriend's name, Ernest. This rose tattoo covers it up. This only proves that Amber knows how to move on, unlike Kim K who may still have a thing for Reggie Bush.

9 What's In Vogue

Make no mistake. When it comes to fashion, Amber Rose decides what's in vogue. It does not matter what people think about. Amber Rose has never been much bothered about what people say anyway. She makes her own rules and lives by them. For many, this dress may look pretty weird. One of Amber's followers on Instagram wondered since when trash bags became the fashion. Don't worry, haters. If Amber Rose wears a trash bag for dinner tomorrow, it will be fashionable. It does not matter what she wears. It does not matter which brand she flaunts. She makes it look fashionable because of the way she carries it. Sounds like every fashion designer's dream, huh? Amber complements the look with retro glasses. Many of her fans love this look. They want a pair of such glasses as well. They think she looks like a bomb in this dress. We have no other option but to agree with them.

8 Don't Give A Damn

Look! Amber Rose does not give a damn to what critics say about her. They believe she is trash. They believe she does not have to exist. They believe there should be no media attention for what she does. Amber Rose has a message for everyone who thinks that way. It's her middle finger that makes the statement. She is a tough woman, and nobody should mess with her. She is somebody who can challenge Instagram on Instagram itself. Not many days ago, she posted a bottomless pic that broke the Internet. Instagram was quick to delete the pic that had Amber's genitals barely covered with her unshaven pubic hair. Soon after the image was deleted, Amber Rose posted a mini video clip to show she did not care that it was deleted, as millions of people had already got a copy of it. In this pic, Amber oozes the same kind of confidence.

7 Amber Rose With Hair

Amber Rose looks completely different with hair. She is nearly unrecognizable when she wears a wig for the occasion. It's been 14 years Amber is having the same blonde buzz cut. However, she is not naturally blonde. She is a natural brunette who bleaches her hair. According to Amber, she is inspired by Sinead O'Connor, the Irish singer who became famous in the late 1980's for "The Lion and the Cobra." She too had a similar hairstyle. Amber admitted that her friends asked her not to have that kind of a haircut, as they thought she would look crazy. But, Amber Rose has always done what she believes in, no matter what people think about it. And, she has maintained the hairstyle for 14 years now. Occasionally, she uses different wigs to remind the world how she would look with hair. We must admit she looks equally stunning, with or without hair.

6 Licking The Lipstick

You have seen Miley Cyrus with her tongue out. Now, you see Amber Rose sticking her tongue out. But, she does that for a reason. She wants to lick the lipstick she is promoting on social media. You don't think the reason is good enough. Check out the image again. Everything Amber Rose does make sense...at least to her fans. In this casual pic that has the 34-year-old in a bathrobe, Rose looks beautiful. She proves that she does not need fancy makeup to look good. She can be herself and still look wonderful. One of her Instagram followers points it out that Wiz was a lucky man to have her as his wife. According to the follower, if Amber married him instead of Wiz, they would still be together. This is another example of how Amber Rose can titillate people's fantasies with just a simple photo of her licking the symbolic lipstick.

5 In The Pool

There is one major difference between Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian. It's the way they carry themselves. Kim Kardashian looks prepared and, at times, frozen. Amber Rose, on the contrary, looks natural and spontaneous. She looks like she's in the mood to try every new thing that comes in her way. The way she smiles, laughs, and spreads her infectious energy all around is charming. In this image, Amber Rose set the water on fire with her extreme hot avatar. What makes it even hotter is the fact that she is not wearing a swimsuit, which means she got in the water just like that. She was not prepared with a bikini. She was wearing a dress. As she felt tempted, she indulged in the adventure. Her passionate look to the man, who is apparently sharing the same haircut like Rose, is intense. Has she just found her soulmate? We may never know. Unlike Kim K, Amber prefers to keep her relationships private.

4 Sebastian And His Parents

Think hard. When was the last time you saw Kim Kardashian and Kanye West having a great time with their kids? Kanye West does not seem to have smiled since he got married to Kim. The Kardashian sister, on the other hand, looks plastic enough not to smile anyway. Whenever we see the family together, there seems to be uncomfortable silence among them. They look extremely formal and stressed at the same time. Compare those pics with this adorable family pic. Remember, Sebastian's parents are divorced. But they keep their differences aside when it comes to their kid. Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa celebrated Sebastian's birthday, as the adorable kid turned four this February. Just like his parents, he is always smiling as well. While celebrating his birthday, Sebastian danced to Pharrell Williams' "Happy" among other songs. He must be lucky to have a mother like Amber, who apparently knows how to bring up her kid the right way.

3 Holding Her Baby

Here's another adorable picture of Amber Rose with her baby, Sebastian. Rose has been slammed time and time and again for having her bold ways, despite being a mother. She has clearly told her critics that they should not consider her as a role model when it comes to bringing up a child. She does not want any kid to follow her on Instagram. According to her, she would not like it if Sebastian followed a 34-year-old on social media. Maybe Amber was not aware. But, by giving such an advice, she actually proves to be a role model for mothers. Even though she does not want people to get inspired by her ways, the way she is bringing up her son is truly inspiring. She is the example of that kind of woman who can have an independent life on her own and still manage to take care of her children well. Many people claim that Sebastian would be ashamed if he saw his mother's pics on social media. We believe Sebastian would be proud to have a mother who is such a strong individual.

2 Amber Rose Sl*tWalk

Amber Rose's existence on social media and elsewhere is not only about showing skin and endorsing products. She is a rebel with a cause, and she wants the world to know about it. The model is known for organizing the Amber Rose Sl*tWalk, an event that is a demonstration against body shaming, gender inequality, and s*xual abuse. It all started in October 2015, when Amber hosted the event to honor women who are judged for their body types and s*xual behavior. Amber Rose, who is known for being extremely open about the history of abuse in her personal life, said that she was abused and bullied in school when she was a teenager. In this image, Amber Rose promotes the specially made underwear for Sl*tWalk and encourages her fans to buy it. The money goes to the Amber Rose Foundation that works for women and arts empowerment. Even though Kim K officially supports a number of causes, she is no way close to the kind of active involvement Amber Rose has for the causes she believes in.

1 Sense Of Humor

Those who follow Amber Rose regularly on social media are aware of her sense of humor. She regularly posts funny memes to express herself. When was the last time you saw Kim K share a meme? We are not sure if the famous Kardashian actually has a sense of humor, because we have never heard her crack a joke or two. When it comes to Amber Rose, it's totally a different ball game. This Barack Obama meme is just an example of her crazy sense of humor. Unlike Kim, she knows how to twerk as well. She earlier posted a video clip with her shaking the booty for a man who is "over 6'2", has a big D*ck and a lot of money." She even made fun of herself by sharing a meme that trolled her for having an unshaven pubic area. The meme comes to the conclusion where Amber Rose's hair went to.

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