15 Amazing Harley Quinn Looks to Choose From This Halloween

Following the recent cinematic release of DC instalment Suicide Squad, an entire fan base has opened their world to the Gotham Siren herself, Harley Quinn. What used to only be referred to as “geek culture” has now transformed itself into a world both you and I have the pleasure of indulging in. With Suicide Squad’s success, you’d have to be an idiot to not know this is going to allow for one of the biggest capitalizations in film history. Already we’ve seen a rush of Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad costume hitting every Halloween store this season, but what about those who want to adorn a more unique Harley look? After all, the character has been a Batman staple since the 1990s.

Harley’s look has changed from comic book to animation to video games, and now the big screen. Many of these looks have been covered by cosplayers and costume companies alike. Some have even taken the time and effort to upload videos which explain step by step how to sew and craft your own Harley Quinn costume. So, to better help you find the perfect Harley Quinn look this Halloween, we’ve complied a list of 15 different iconic looks worn by Harley Quinn since her creation in 1992.

15 New 52 Suicide Squad

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Other than the two-toned hair, the big screen version of Harley Quinn kept little of the same look she first wore in the 2011 instalment of Suicide Squad 1. Harley’s original get up in the New 52 version included an all red and black ensemble with a giant hammer to accompany her. Ms. Quinn wears high ponytails that resembles an older jester style, which Harley was first conceived in. Harley’s hair matches her red and black outfit which consists of a mismatched shorts and tube top duo, with her famous diamonds sewn on. Harley’s body is still bleached; following the story line of the Joker pushing her into a vat of acid, to finish her transformation into the Joker’s girlfriend. Harley’s still in what looks to be uncomfortable footwear that includes knee guards, but what, Harley isn’t crazy enough to fight crime in heals?

14 Batman: Arkham Asylum

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The video game Batman: Arkham Asylum was released in 2009 and included many iconic Gotham villains and heroes. The storyline follows the Joker’s domination of Arkham, which holds many of Gotham’s most notorious criminals including The Riddler, Scarecrow and Deadshot. Harley Quinn, being a former psychiatrist of Arkham, adorns a creepy nurse get-up the entire game. Snippets of Ms. Quinn are seen throughout the game and give the audience a rather creepy yet sexy feel. Harley’s nurse outfit includes a white skirt and shirt with a red harness over top. The outfit is then paired with red and purple thigh-high boots. The two-toned hair Harley casually reps isn’t seen throughout this series but she does keep the white face and mask which is usually associated with the original Harley Quinn. This outfit became a very popular Halloween costume and replicas can still be bought online.

13 Injustice: Gods Among Us

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This version of Harley is debatably the most abstract. For the first time, we see Harley in a dressy outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Kind of odd when you think about it, because Injustice is a fighting game along the lines of Mortal Kombat. You'd think that she's be wearing something a little more rugged as opposed to this almost medieval looking outfit. Harley’s two-toned hair stayed but the pink and blue was replaced by red and green. The character’s face keeps her Harley impression with white face makeup and a black mask. Oh and of course Harley’s iconic ponytails are here to stay! This rendition of Harley Quinn strayed far from the character’s childlike mannerisms and gave her a sexy psycho feel (if that’s even possible). This costume isn’t available online but many cosplayers have tackled the look perfectly!

12 Bomber Harley

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This version of Harley Quinn comes from a figurine released at San Diego Comic Con in 2014. The look is super cute and named “bomber Harley” by nature. The outfit includes Harley’s two-toned hair as well as a black and red bra, green shorts, and a bomber jacket. The jacket has "Joker's-Wild" written on the back, which is possibly where costume designers for the movie Suicide Squad grabbed their idea for “property of the Joker” label that's found on the Suicide Squad version of Harley's jacket. Other than cosplayers, no one provides a version of this look. BUT, considering how little Harley is wearing, this could be an easy closet costume with a little imagination! If you want to go off the beaten path with your version of Harley, perhaps consider tackling this version for Halloween!

11 Batman: Arkham City 

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Before Suicide Squad Harley, one of the most popular Harley Quinn costumes to hit shelves was the Batman: Arkham City version. This Harley wears a red and black leather pant and shirt get up that’s mismatched - just like Harley herself! Harley is a frequent chaos starter in the game, so naturally she carries two machine guns side by side most of the time - an essential accessory to have for your costume. No mask is worn by this character but her pale skin and a white face are predominant, making her look more clown-like than in previous versions. Diamonds are also sewn throughout the costume and a choker is placed across Harley's neck. This version is available for sale online and even includes the boots!

10 Original Harley Quinn

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Since Harley’s first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in the episode called "Joker's Favor," her costume has been the first thing to change about her. However, that doesn’t mean the original Harley Quinn is one to be messed with. In fact, many hardcore fans agree the red and black jester outfit was the perfect look for Ms. Quinn. The outfit is more on the modest side compared to other Harley Quinn outfits available today. Many tutorials online will show you how to make your own Harley catsuit along with gloves, hat, collar, mask and shoes! This version may take a little more effort but the final product is sure to make you proud! Plus, you can always boast of being the original Harley.

9 Harley’s Revenge

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With the death of Joker after Batman: Arkham City, Harley Quinn becomes distraught in grievance. This makes the intro for the Batman franchise spin off, Harley’s Revenge, which still incorporated many beloved Gotham characters such as commissioner Gordon, Batman (obviously), Robin and many others. In this version, Harley Quinn ditches her famous Blonde locks for a head of hair that’s as dark as night (and probably her soul). Much like Harley’s get up in Batman: Arkham City, this version wears the same pant, shirt, and holster ensemble - with a little twist. Instead of having more colour on the costume, this version is very dark. Harley also carries an iron hammer and a modified flare gun. Harley Quinn’s face is painted to make her look like a demonic clown and the character wears a black veil throughout the game to show she’s in mourning. This version of Harley isn't available online but its brighter counterpart seen in Batman: Arkham City is!

8 Injustice: Gods Among Us 2

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The newest instalment of Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 brings a Harley Quinn that somewhat resembles her big-screen counterpart. Harley’s bright blue and pink hair was kept along with a ripped baseball tee, much like the one actress Margot Robbie wears in the Suicide Squad film. Harley’s face is also painted much like the movie version with blue and pink eyeshadow streaming down her face. Along with this, Harley wears a red and black leather jacket that looks to have elbow pads incorporated at the joints and matching leather pants. This version of Harley isn’t available to buy online but could easily be replicated with a little time and sewing. With so many people inevitably dressing up as the Margot Robbie version this year, why not put a little twist on the look by springing for GAU2's take on Harley?

7 Dr. Harleen Quinzel

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Many are used to seeing Harley in battle gear but most will recognize Doctor Harley with no trouble. Before Harley Quinn was Harley Quinn, she worked as a psychiatrist to the Joker in Arkham Asylum. This means a version of “Dr. Harley” is available and very easy to recreate! Dr. Harley wears glasses, a red shirt, and a white lab coat. Oh, and don't forget the blonde locks tied back into a bun and Arkham ID card. It’s a very easy costume to put together if you’re looking for anything last minute and will probably cost you under $10.

6 Deviant Art Harley Quinn

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Deviant Art is platform for artists to share their work. One such artist, NoFlutter, created a set of cute drawings of the Gotham Sirens. One of which, included Harley Quinn. This version of Harley is strictly from NoFlutter's vision and looks like more of a steampunk rendition. Nonetheless, the drawing gained attention when one such cosplayer, Jessica Nigri, recreated the look. Harley wears a steampunk hat and goggles as well as a red and black corset with matching under garments. This isn’t a look many could recreate but it’s definitely a Harley favourite and a surefire way to stand out this Halloween among a sea of mainstream Harley costumes.

5 Diamond Dress

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The Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn is without a doubt the most popular. But for those wishing to represent a more unique version of Harley, this might be the perfect look for you! The stripclub scene from Suicide Squad included a dancing Harley in a very short and risqué, gold and black diamond dress. The look is completed by adding various gold and silver watches up one’s arm as seen in the film, Suicide Squad (we presume these watches were lifted from Harley's unsuspecting victims, and you could try your luck doing the same at your Halloween party this year). The look is completed with the addition of Harley’s tattoos which you can add to your own body with the help from this video!

4 Batman: Arkham Knight 

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This version of Harley comes from the game, Batman: Arkham Knight. Much like Harley’s Arkham Asylum nurse outfit, this version of Harley appears to be similar with a white blouse and skirt combo, although it has less of a traditional nurse look in favor of going a bit more old fashioned. The blouse is covered by a red and black top and a holster is worn by the character along with red and black tights and a black ruffled skirt. This version of Harley is accompanied by a baseball bat which was introduced as one of Harley’s main weapons in 2014. This version of Harley can be found online and is arguably the best constructed costume to buy via internet (out of the whole lot of them). Video game fans can feel comfortable emulating this version for Harley as she was arguable one of the best characters in Arkham Knight.

3 Suicide Squad Version (The Movie)

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How could we possibly leave this one out? As previously stated, the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn, at this point, is probably the most recognizable to the masses. Which is why it’s rated the most popular costume choice of 2016. This style of Harley is sexy and tough, including a ripped baseball tee reading “Daddy’s Little Monster,” red and blue booty shorts, a red and blue bomber jacket with the words “Property of the Joker” written on top, and of course a gun holster. To complete the look, Harley adorns the two-toned blue and pink hair as well as a baseball bat and studded revolver. This version of Harley Quinn can be found in nearly any Halloween store this season, but you'll definitely want to add your own personal touch.

2 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Alternative Costume 

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This Harley look comes when enacting the alternate version of the Injustice: Gods Among Us Harley Quinn. Wearing the same purple and red pants with a matching as seen in Batman: Arkham City, this look is a drastic change from the main costume played throughout the game. This version of Harley ditches the skin-baring dress and swaps it for pants and matching jacket along with a ripped T-shirt adoring a creepy "Joker-esque" smile painted on. In this version, Harley carries two knives on her left hip and her two pony tails are wrapped in red and purple cloth mimicking the jester hood she originally wore in the 1992 version. Harley looks ready to go to war in this outfit and if you can manage to track down everything you need for the costume this would make you the most badass Harley at your party this year.

1 DC's Harley Quinn Collectible

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This Harley Quinn figurine released by DC Comics goes online for roughly $250 USD. A large price tag for a such a small piece, but the figure did give an alternative look to Ms. Quinn that fans adored. This version of Harley looks similar to her comic book Suicide Squad 1 rendition - copying the red and black halter top and shorts. However, the patterns on Harley's top and bottoms are different on this figure. Harley's makeup also mimics a mark (much like the one worn my Robin) and features a white painted face. Three knives are also hidden in Harley's top and she wears mismatched red and black socks with white booties.

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