15 Amazing Harley Quinn Looks to Choose From This Halloween

Following the recent cinematic release of DC instalment Suicide Squad, an entire fan base has opened their world to the Gotham Siren herself, Harley Quinn. What used to only be referred to as “geek culture” has now transformed itself into a world both you and I have the pleasure of indulging in. With Suicide Squad’s success, you’d have to be an idiot to not know this is going to allow for one of the biggest capitalizations in film history. Already we’ve seen a rush of Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad costume hitting every Halloween store this season, but what about those who want to adorn a more unique Harley look? After all, the character has been a Batman staple since the 1990s.

Harley’s look has changed from comic book to animation to video games, and now the big screen. Many of these looks have been covered by cosplayers and costume companies alike. Some have even taken the time and effort to upload videos which explain step by step how to sew and craft your own Harley Quinn costume. So, to better help you find the perfect Harley Quinn look this Halloween, we’ve complied a list of 15 different iconic looks worn by Harley Quinn since her creation in 1992.

15 New 52 Suicide Squad


14 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Via Arkhamverse

13 Injustice: Gods Among Us

Via AbsoluteGeeks

12 Bomber Harley

Via Pinterest

11 Batman: Arkham City 


10 Original Harley Quinn


9 Harley’s Revenge

Via Wikia

8 Injustice: Gods Among Us 2

Via Screen Rant

7 Dr. Harleen Quinzel

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6 Deviant Art Harley Quinn

Via DeviantArt

Deviant Art is platform for artists to share their work. One such artist, NoFlutter, created a set of cute drawings of the Gotham Sirens. One of which, included Harley Quinn. This version of Harley is strictly from NoFlutter's vision and looks like more of a steampunk rendition. Nonetheless, the drawing gained attention when one such cosplayer, Jessica Nigri, recreated the look. Harley wears a steampunk hat and goggles as well as a red and black corset with matching under garments. This isn’t a look many could recreate but it’s definitely a Harley favourite and a surefire way to stand out this Halloween among a sea of mainstream Harley costumes.

5 Diamond Dress

Via Reddit

4 Batman: Arkham Knight 

Via Dual Shocker

3 Suicide Squad Version (The Movie)

Via ComicBook

2 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Alternative Costume 

Via InjusticeOnline

1 DC's Harley Quinn Collectible


This Harley Quinn figurine released by DC Comics goes online for roughly $250 USD. A large price tag for a such a small piece, but the figure did give an alternative look to Ms. Quinn that fans adored. This version of Harley looks similar to her comic book Suicide Squad 1 rendition - copying the red and black halter top and shorts. However, the patterns on Harley's top and bottoms are different on this figure. Harley's makeup also mimics a mark (much like the one worn my Robin) and features a white painted face. Three knives are also hidden in Harley's top and she wears mismatched red and black socks with white booties.

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15 Amazing Harley Quinn Looks to Choose From This Halloween