15Communal Consummation

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Amongst the Northern African Berber people, who are indigenous to the area, there is quite the communal consummation of marriage. By this I mean that a couple will consummate their marriage either alone, or possibly with other newly-married couples in a shared wedding chamber. They use the community experience to

learn the art of love-making and get accustomed to one another, since many of the newlyweds have not been acquainted for long. The new husband and wife will stay together with all the couples for five days, and it is on the last day that the newlyweds are shown off to the village. Having worn a veil at the ceremony, the bride's veil is lifted by her new husband for all to see. The bedsheets from their first night as a married couple is also presented to the village to prove that the bride was a virgin before the wedding.

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