15 Actresses You Didn't Know Did "Revealing" Photoshoots

Let’s face it, there are a lot of beautiful actresses in Hollywood. As such, there are a lot of people we have to admit that we’d love to see wearing a lot less clothes. Fortunately, for those of you

Let’s face it, there are a lot of beautiful actresses in Hollywood. As such, there are a lot of people we have to admit that we’d love to see wearing a lot less clothes. Fortunately, for those of you who feel the same way we do, there are actually a surprising amount of opportunities to do just that when it comes to modern actresses. After all, the industry realizes that there are legions of people out there who’d love them without their gear on so they offer them up the opportunity to appear in major productions if they are willing to reveal their body. Additionally, today’s television scene has become much more mature than ever before which has resulted in an all-time high in nude scenes filmed for that medium too.

While there are websites out there that catalogue all of the nude scenes on television and in movies, there hasn’t been a similar site that has gained similar notoriety for photoshoots. There is a long history of celebrities regularly taking part in photo sessions wearing little to no clothes for any number of reasons. Their career could still be on the rise or on the descent and they are looking for a paycheque. They could be promoting an upcoming project and realize that nothing quite gets the same amount of attention as appearing in the buff. Hell, they could see themselves as artists and their decision to have their nude body photographed as an expression of their work. The point is that some of the famous actresses we most lust after have already had nude photographs of them taken and many of us have no idea. Realizing that is the case, we were inspired to put together this list of the fifteen actresses you didn’t know did revealing photoshoots.

In order for us to profile a specific photoshoot, it first off needed to feature a famous actress in some form of undress. For our purposes, at least one image from it needs to have been released to the public in some form and in it the actress needs to be at least partially nude, meaning their butt, boobs, or nether regions can be seen. Once those criteria were met by a photoshoot it was in contention for this list and we’re guessing you can’t wait to see the results so without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Teri Polo

You may not recognize her name but there is no doubt that you recognize Teri Polo’s face and body. A veteran of shows like Northern Exposure, Sports Night, I'm with Her and The West Wing, she can currently be seen as one of the leads in a show called The Fosters which airs on ABC Family. Of course, it is her film work that is the main source of her notoriety though due to roles in movies like Mystery Date, Domestic Disturbance and above all else the Meet The Parents movies. Posing naked as the day she was born in Playboy’s February 2005 issue, she seems to have had a marvelous experience based on a statement she made about the experience. After all, Teri told Hollywood Life, “It was one of the best experiences of my life. I’m very proud. We shouldn’t be ashamed of the human body. The human body is beautiful, and it’s a shame we put such a taboo on certain things. Why be ashamed? It’s such a beautiful thing”.

14 Taraji P. Henson

One of the biggest television stars alive today, Taraji P. Henson is a key factor in the success of the show Empire, which is a juggernaut. She is also very well known for her awesome film performances in movies like Baby Boy, Hustle & Flow, Smokin' Aces, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and most recently Hidden Figures. One of the most acclaimed actors of her generation, she has already been nominated for an Oscar, two SAG Awards, three Emmy Awards, a Gold Globe, and a Critic’s Choice Award. That is to say nothing about the bevy of nominations and awards wins that she is bound to receive during the remaining years of her career. Posing completely nude for Allure magazine in 2012, her buttocks could thankfully be seen in all of their glory due to a reflection.

13 Lindsay Lohan

At one time Lindsay Lohan seemed poised to be one of the biggest stars of her generation based on her success as an actress but also as someone who released several hit songs in the early 2000s. Of course, her greatest claims to fame at the time came from her work in movies like The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Unfortunately as time progressed she became more known for her controversies and her once promising acting career saw all momentum come to a halt. Perhaps that is why she chose to pose topless for Playboy in 2011, which gave a generation of people who grew up with crushes on her the opportunity to see what she was working with.

12 Christa Miller

A mainstay of sitcoms for a very long time now, Christa Miller’s face has changed pretty dramatically over the years but her body looks as amazing as ever. First making a name for herself as one of the lead characters of The Drew Carey Show, Kate O'Brien, we were right there with Drew’s character when he revealed he had fallen for her as she was the epitome of the fun friend next door you want to be with. Next making her way to Scrubs, one of our all-time favorite comedic shows, Christa pulled a one-eighty and became Jordan Sullivan, one of the most feared figures in the hospital. Finally, at this time, she went on to star in Cougar Town as one of the best friends and next-door neighbor of the show’s main character. Allure has featured famous women in the buff but partially covered once a year in its magazine for the last several years and in 2013 Christa took part and revealed her rear end.

11 Kristy Swanson

A beautiful blonde, Kristy Swanson is best known for originating a beloved role that would later be played by another woman on television, Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Far from her only notable role, she previously played parts in many movies dating back to 1986. In fact, she was in the following films: Flowers in the Attic, Hot Shots!, The Program, The Chase, Higher Learning, The Phantom, Dude, Where's My Car? and Big Daddy. Another woman that made many youngsters develop crushes on her only to pose nude in Playboy a few years later, Kristy’s fans rejoiced when the February 2002 issue of the magazine was released.

10 Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale may not be as big of a star today as she once was but there was a time not too long ago that she was constantly at work on projects that would be seen by millions of people. An actress who the world first became aware as one of the stars of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, it was the start of her relationship with Disney. Going on to further those bonds, she played a key part of the immensely popular High School Musical franchise which required her to sing, dance and act. Ashley continues to act to this day and has at least one film set to come out in 2017. Also, someone who released records over the years, Headstrong, her 2007 album was certified gold. Posing in the nude for Allure magazine in 2011, the image they released left nothing to the imagination when it came to her derriere.

9 Robin Givens

A woman that is largely known as the ex-wife of Mike Tyson, Robin should owe her notoriety to her long tenure as a successful actress. First working as an extra in the movie The Wiz all the way back in 1978, she continued to perform her craft by playing three notable roles as recently as 2016. As a result of her long filmography, you could know her for her work in movies like Boomerang or Blankman or shows like Head of the Class, Sparks, One on One and Twisted. However, one thing that seems pretty certain is that anyone who is aware of Robin will know that she is an extremely attractive woman. Posing for Playboy in their September 1994 issue, she proved that she wasn’t afraid to show her body off to the world.

8 Drew Barrymore

A former child star, Drew Barrymore captured the hearts of millions, if not billions, of movie goers due to her work in E.T. Going on to play parts in horror movies like Firestarter and Cat's Eye as a child, she then graduated to movies like The Amy Fisher Story and Poison Ivy, which made the world realize she was a woman now. As an adult Drew found even greatest success due to movies like Scream, The Wedding Singer, Never Been Kissed, the Charlie's Angels movies, Donnie Darko, 50 First Dates and Fever Pitch. Also as an adult, Drew posed for a series of nude photos that were published in Playboy’s January 1995 issue and the despite her immense popularity that fact has mostly been forgotten.

7 Stacey Dash

A highly controversial figure these days, this former Fox News Channel co-host, who worked on the show Outnumbered, Stacey Dash was once seen as nothing more than an actress. Best known due to playing a part in the film Clueless as well as the show that was spun-off from it, her character may have been outrageous but it was still her looks that were most remarkable to us. Also seen in several other shows like The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Strip, The Game and The Exes, over the years, she definitely made her mark on pop culture. A woman that was once included on a People list of woman that looked half their age, she posed for Playboy in 2006 and the resulting photos of her were nothing short of awe-inspiring.

6 Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning is another actress whose work almost everyone has seen but whose name very few people know. A musician, she is one-half of the electronic duo Boomkat and she is part owner of a clothing brand called Born Uniqorn. Of course, it is her acting skills that have kept her most active as she has been seen in movies like Crazy/Beautiful, Crossroads, 8 Mile, Cold Mountain, Hustle & Flow and Experimenter. These days the role that she is most associated with, however, is as Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett, the gnarly toothed inmate seen on Orange is the New Black. Posing for topless photos that Playboy published in their April 2013 issue, the images were more colorful than their typical shoots but the results were as sexy as ever.

5 Daryl Hannah

From the moment Daryl Hannah came to the world’s attention many of us were captivated by her looks. Cast to play a mermaid in Splash, she was perfect to play a member of a mythological species that is known for their transcendental beauty. She is also known for movies like Blade Runner, Wall Street, Steel Magnolias, Crazy People, Memoirs of an Invisible Man, and the Grumpy Old Men and Kill Bill franchises. No longer nearly as big of a star as she once was by the time she had nude photos published by Playboy in November of 2003, people still remembered her fondly and had they realized it would have loved to see the photos.

4 Demi Moore

One of the biggest female stars in the history of Hollywood, there was a time in which no woman in the history of the business had ever received a larger paycheque than Demi did for Striptease. That movie may be remembered as one of the worst ever but she has her fair share of amazing movies under her belt. Anyone who questions that at all need look no further than movies like Ghost, A Few Good Men, Indecent Proposal, Disclosure and G.I. Jane. A star of her stature, you could be forgiven for assuming that she posed for Playboy but that is not the case. Instead, prior to reaching the heights of fame, she would come to know all the way back in 1981 she posed for an adult magazine we’d never heard of before this called Oui, completely in the buff.

3 Elizabeth Taylor

By the time Elizabeth Taylor passed away in 2011 she was seventy-nine and her figure was nowhere close to the world class body it had once been. That is why some people may have forgotten that in her prime it would have been hard to argue against her being the most lusted after actress in the world. First acting in 1942 and having her final performance released in 2001, in all of those years she never revealed any of her privates on film but the same did not hold true in her personal life. Turns out she posed naked for a picture that was taken for fellow actor and friend of hers Roddy McDowell when she was twenty-two and the owner of the image let the world see it after she died.

2 Charlize Theron

We are not making an outlandish statement in any way to say that Charlize Theron has to be one of the most sought-after actors in the world. The type of beauty that people have written ballads to throughout the history of men, she started out as a character actress but before too long it became impossible to ignore her. That is what led to her giving lead performances in movies like The Italian Job, Monster, Hancock, Prometheus and Mad Max: Fury Road. No stranger to nudity on the big screen, the same holds true for her life outside the movies as she posed for nude photos that Playboy published in their May 1999 issue.

1 Jessica Biel

Another instance of an actress that posed partially nude in a magazine we know next to nothing about, Jessica Biel’s spread in the March of 2000 issue of Gear Magazine is breathtaking. Still starring on the sticky sweet show 7th Heaven at the time, it certainly changed the way the world saw her and may have led to her breaking free of the series and becoming a movie star. Otherwise, we may not have seen her in movies like Summer Catch, The Rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, Stealth and remakes of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Total Recall. Still, she revealed that she regretted her decision to pose for the photos while talking to Entertainment Weekly. In fact, she was quoted as saying: "That photoshoot was just a really bad decision on my part and I got myself involved with people who weren't thinking about me and were instead thinking about what kind of a story they could get out of it".

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