20 Actresses Who've Let Their Clothes Hit The Floor This Year

Just because you've probably seen them before, doesn't mean they're any less stunning.

There is no shortage of television shows and movies this year that have captured the attention of audiences. And while some, such as Wonder Woman, kept a family-friendly rating, the raunchy nudity and sexuality in the shows we're going to talk about means they are much closer to an X rating!

Although we do talk about when Gal Gadot wears absolutely nothing, so at least we have that in common in Wonder Woman?

And while you may have seen many of these actresses let their clothes hit the floor in the past, such as Emilia Clarke and Reese Witherspoon, that doesn't mean you're going to be any less captivated to find out about their most recent projects.

Then there are also stunners like Alison Brie who you may have fawned over for years now who bared it all for the first time this year with her new Netflix series. There is even a show on our list that has two A-List actresses showing off their assets!

Don't also think we've forgotten about some upcoming movies that are worth keeping on your radar, including seeing Charlize Theron and Sofia Boutella strip it all off and get hot and heavy (yes, together) or the upcoming Emily Ratajkowski-Aaron Paul film.

We may only be roughly halfway through the year, but as you'll quickly learn, that doesn't mean there is any shortage of gorgeous actresses who have let their clothes hit the floor.

20 Reese Witherspoon - Big Little Lies

There are plenty of reasons for the success of Big Little Lies, but perhaps the biggest has to go to the outstanding talents of Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon has dazzled audiences with her acting, such as in the role Walk the Line which won her an Academy Award.

She has also stripped it off for a variety of roles including Twilight (no, not the one you're thinking of), Wild and now she's taken it off on the small screen with Big Little Lies.

Witherspoon humorously mentioned in a past interview that while her mom was a huge fan of her recent series, she wasn't expecting there to be so much nudity!

19 Lucy Hale - Dude

There are plenty of celebrities out there who look incredibly similar. When Lucy Hale was asked who she thinks she looks most like, she couldn't just pick one celebrity and instead said she was a mix of Selena Gomez, Mila Kunis, Sarah Hyland and Maisie Williams.

Sounds like 4 pretty captivating women, but to be fair, there is little denying that Hale is one of the sexiest women out there.

And just in case you want that point re-affirmed, you can make sure you check her out in the upcoming film Dude which will be released on Netflix and features Hale getting into some adult situations if you know what we mean!

18 Rihanna - Bates Motel

Before you start in on me, I'm well aware that Rihanna is definitely not really considered an actress; especially in comparison to some of the powerhouse A-List stars that we include in our list. But if you see her on stage or her music videos, it's clear that Rihanna is plenty comfortable with showing off some skin.

Which is perhaps why the people involved with Bates Motel thought she would be plenty comfortable walking around in some sexy clothing and stepping into a shower when she appeared in a season 5 as the character Marion Crane.

Rihanna will test out her acting chops yet again in the near future including roles in Ocean's Eight and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

17 Sofia Boutella - Atomic Blonde

Sofia Boutella is no stranger to being part of a project that ends up being a huge success at the box office. Just take a look at one of her more recent roles in Kingsman: The Secret Service that earned over $400 million and is gearing up for a sequel (that will not include Boutella).

Sadly, she's also very familiar with the feeling of a major flop considering she was also the leading female in the horrific film The Mummy which critics panned and everyone ignored at the box office.

She may find herself more like the former with her upcoming film Atomic Blonde that also stars Charlize Theron. Need a reason to make sure you check it out on the big screen? How about the fact that she strips it off for what promises to be an incredibly steamy lesbian scene with Theron!

16 Emily Ratajkowski - Welcome Home To Italy

Of all the people on our list, Emily Ratajkowski may be the one who is the most comfortable with stripping off her clothes.

And if you have any doubt of that, it should only take you a few seconds looking at her Instagram page to change your opinion. Granted when you consider she's also stripped it off for a music video, you really can't be that shocked to hear that she's going to be naked in her upcoming film role Welcome Home To Italy.

In fact, photos have already leaked of her walking around the set without her clothes on.

While the idea of Emily Ratajkowski in the leading role of a movie may sound like a terrible idea, you may also be convinced to check it out when you learn that the other lead is Aaron Paul.

I mean sure, Paul has struggled tremendously since Breaking Bad, but he has to turn it around sometime right?

15 Emilia Clarke - Voice From The Stone

If we're being completely honest, there probably isn't someone out there who is a fan of Emilia Clarke that also doesn't know how she looks without her clothes. After all, it's not like there is any shortage of scenes in Game of Thrones where her body is on full display.

And while we don't know if Clarke will be stripping it off for this upcoming season, you can rest assured that she was plenty comfortable letting her clothing hit the floor for one of her most recent films, Voice from the Stone.

While the movie featured a limited release and honestly doesn't star anyone else that you're probably going to recognize, at least you have a new reason to check it out!

14 Charlize Theron - Atomic Blonde

When Charlize Theron took on the role of the murderer Aileen Wuornos, she wasn't exactly banking on her sex appeal to bring people to the theaters. But if you wanted to see outstanding acting, you did yourself a disservice if you passed on the film. Especially considering Theron took home an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Though to be fair, Theron does bare it all in the film. Something she has done on several occasions and looks to do yet again with her upcoming film Atomic Blonde; including getting up close and personal with fellow actress Sofia Boutella.

When talking about the steamy scene, some of which is partially available in a recent red-band trailer, Theron said

"She's a dancer, I'm a dancer. So, we're a little bit like—you know dancers are like, 'What? Being naked is nothing."

13 Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Fargo

The Coen brothers have no shortage of movies in which they have received critical acclaim. One of their best, and perhaps my personal favorite, comes from way back in 1996 and the movie Fargo that stars William H. Macy and Frances McDormand.

The movie was impactful enough that in 2014, it inspired the television series (perhaps aptly also named Fargo).

The series has no shortage of powerhouse actors, including Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton, and Ewan McGregor, but perhaps the most captivating may be the gorgeous Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

And while Winstead has plenty of outstanding clothed roles, such as Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, her role in Fargo is one that is not only phenomenal to watch but also allows audiences to get a look at all of Winstead.

12 Naomi Watts - Gypsy

When it comes to Netflix original series' it almost seems like a requirement for many of them to have some acting in birthday suits.

One of their more recent endeavors is the series Gypsy that stars the talented Naomi Watts. While it is still unclear on if the series will return for a 2nd series, one thing that is clear is the fact that Watts definitely lets gets comfortable letting her clothing hit the floor.

Watts even gets hot and heavy with another beautiful actress, Sophie Cookson.

Just in case seeing Watts acting once isn't enough for you, she also gets incredibly raunchy for several of her other roles including 21 Grams and Mulholland Dr.

11 Gal Gadot - Gucci Bamboo

Before you start thinking about the movie Wonder Woman, we'll save you some time and assure you that Gadot keeps her clothes (and armor) tight to her body throughout the movie, something you'll always be able to expect when she takes on the character.

And while Gadot has shown off some serious skin in the past, her experiences with letting the clothes hit the floor this year comes from a very recent ad for Gucci Bamboo where she comfortably shows off plenty of skin; including her backside.

While we're not too sure what nudity has to do with selling perfume, we're sure you wouldn't be complaining about how Gadot smells if you ever got up close and personal with her.

10 Emily Browning - American Gods

One of the most anticipated new television shows of 2017 was American Gods. Based off of the popular Neil Gaiman, the series brought in several great actors including Crispin Glover, Ian McShane and as you now know, the incredibly sexy Emily Browning.

Perhaps the only thing that is going to detract from the good looks of Browning is the fact that her character in American Gods, who gets into some seriously adult situations, also has scars running all over her body.

True to the character perhaps, it just may not be the sexiest thing in the world. Granted Browning also gets naked with a man 3x her age in the film Sleeping Beauty which we assure you is not based on the Disney classic!

9 Alison Brie - GLOW

If you start thinking about the various Netflix original series', there definitely are no shortage of ones in which there is an abundance of nudity. One of the biggest examples comes from Orange is the New Black and the creative team behind it has recently released their new project (also on Netflix) entitled GLOW.

Set around the world of female wrestling, she is also no stranger to showing off some skin. Perhaps much to your delight when you hear that one of the leads in the series, who does, in fact, let it all hang out, is the gorgeous (and hilarious), Alison Brie.

While she definitely wasn't going to bare it all on Community, we're sure her new project is well worth checking out.

8 Jessica Chastain - The Zookeeper's Wife

Just in case you're confused, The Zookeepers' Wife is not a sequel to The Zookeeper which was the terrible Kevin James film from 2011. What it is, is an incredibly powerful and moving film detailing the attempted rescue of Jews during the Nazi invasion.

Jessica Chastain is tremendous in the leading role who at one point is required to act in her birthday suit while laying in bed. Christian has previously bared it all, including for the film Jolene which required her to take to the stage as a "professional dancer."

You can imagine the tone on set would have been much different for that film in comparison to The Zookeeper's Wife!

7 Christina Ricci - Z The Beginning Of Everything

Christina Ricci is no stranger to appearing in projects as she made a name for herself way back in 1991 when she appeared as the character Wednesday Adams in The Addams Family (and the subsequent sequel).

But while she may have just been a young girl then, once Ricci started getting older, she clearly started to embrace her sexuality appearing nude in several films, including getting intimate with Ruby Rose for the 2013 film Around The Block.

One of Ricci's most recent projects, Z The Beginning of Everything, includes a moment where she confidently stands in her birthday suit in a doorway prior to logically getting into some adult activities!

6 Kate Bosworth - SS-GB

Anyone who is a history buff may be at the very least intrigued by the 2017 British drama SS-GB. Set in 1941, the show plays out a universe in which Nazi Germany has successfully captured the United Kingdom.

While that may sound terrifying to you, one thing that may be a lot less scary is the thought of Kate Bosworth getting herself into some seriously adult situations; as she does in the series.

No stranger to nudity, Bosworth has also bared it all for the film Big Sur and gets into some booty bumping in Straw Dogs.

Perhaps understandably, her biggest role as Lois Lane in Superman Returns featured no nudity!

5 Nicole Kidman - Big Little Lies

Nicole Kidman is no stranger to showing off some skin. You can go back decades to examples of Eyes Wide Shut where Kidman engaged in various adult situations. But as successful as Kidman has been on the big-screen, a huge part of her 2017 came with the television series Big Little Lies

Not only was the show incredibly successful with fans and critics, but there is an abundance of nudity in the series including from Kidman and Reese Witherspoon.

While Kidman's most anticipated upcoming project may be Aquaman, in which nudity certainly won't be required, perhaps you have a new television series to get you excited to see her on the big screen.

4 Lauren Lapkus - Crashing

Lauren Lapkus must have been over the moon when she got asked to appear in the film Jurassic World. We're sure we aren't alone in feeling that her performance was one of the best parts of the film.

Lapkus is definitely a busy actress and is currently starring in the television series Crashing. The series ran for 8 episodes in season 1 and earned enough critical acclaim to be brought back for a 2nd season.

And while there are plenty of reasons as to why the series will leave you entertained, one of the more appealing factors may be that you get to see Lapkus strip down in bed to her birthday suit.

3 Keri Russell - The Americans

Keri Russell has no shortage of outstanding projects to boast on her resume. She was able to be the lead of a television series, Felicity, for several years. As well as having several huge hits on the big screen including being involved in Planet of the Apes and Mission: Impossible 3.

Russell's most recent claim to fame is the television series The Americans. The role requires Russell to portray several intense emotions, including having to act out several scenes in her birthday suit.

Russell bared it all in seasons 2, 3 and 4 and continued the tradition this year when the 5th season started airing. It should hopefully be clear by this point that Russell feels plenty comfortable letting the world check her out.

2 Kate Nash - GLOW

Kate Nash is fantastic with her portrayal of the character Britannica in the television series GLOW. But you can imagine Nash would have felt intimidated on the film set when you learn that her real talent is in the musical world. Especially because Nash bares it all for the camera!

Nash has released several albums, including formerly winning Best British Female Artist back in 2008.

While it's not clear if GLOW is going to lead to a bigger acting career for Nash, we're sure anyone who sees her performance isn't going to be left wanting to see less of her. With a score of 97% on RottenTomatoes, we're sure at the very least that GLOW is going to be a series that lasts several seasons.

1 Yvonne Strahovski - The Handmaiden's Tale

We aren't going to blame you if you aren't able to pronounce Yvonne Strahovski's name, but we would judge you at least a little bit if you've never seen anything that she has been in.

Including appearing in the television series Dexter, Strahovski landed a role in the recent series The Handmaiden's Tale that features her getting herself into some adult situations with little to no clothing.

As seductive Strahovski may be with her body, she is also well aware of the talents her voice offers including voicing Catwoman in a recent animated film as well as voicing the character of Miranda Lawson in the Mass Effect video game franchise.

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20 Actresses Who've Let Their Clothes Hit The Floor This Year