15Gabrielle Union – Bring It On


Thank goodness for great skin, maybe it's Maybelline…perhaps its Younique? Or Gabrielle Union is just so beautiful that she’s seemingly ageless – look at her today, does she look anywhere near 44 years old? Do you even believe that she’s 44 years old? It’s phenomenal for

an actress in Hollywood, she still can be cast as the love interest and not the hamstrung, henpecking wife on a sitcom, which you could cast her as that either.

So in 2000 when she was 28 and part of the cast of Bring It On, she did not look terribly out of place shaking her money maker for the Clovers as Isis. Perhaps that’s just because she really was a cheerleader in High School.

But despite her “advanced” age, Union’s portrayal of the head Clover helped turn a silly little film about cheerleaders into the “Citizen Kane of cheerleading movies,” according to Roger Ebert, and helped launch a franchise.

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