15Summer Bishil

From the start, the aptly named Summer shone well. Her family had moved to America just after 9/11 and she had to put up with bad feelings and backlash due to her heritage but it drove her on. She had an early role in the short-lived Nickelodeon show Just For

Kicks and then broke out big in the acclaimed indie Towelhead. She added to it with Crossing Over and playing Azula in The Last Airbender but the movie’s horrible reception meant she never got to return for a sequel. She starred in the short-lived ABC series Lucky 7 but has become majorly successful with the Syfy show The Magicians. Her turn as the wicked Margo shows some very sexy stuff, a bit of singing and fantastic talent. That can all combine for her part as Jasmine and would be striking to see someone who’s struggled to be accepted for her background standing out this princess.

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