15 Actresses Who Don't Mind Bathing In Movies

Everybody has to bathe, or else we stink, and that’s no good. Bathing is one of life’s essential functions, like eating, or going to the bathroom. So if you’re making a movie, and want it to be realistic, you should probably add one of these routines. Eating is an easy one, maybe too easy, and overdone. How many films feature a restaurant scene? If you want your film to stand out, maybe the character needs to use the restroom. Did you see The Revenant? Tom Hardy pees on screen constantly. But that may be too crass for your film. Why not put a shower scene in there instead? Or maybe a bathtub would work better. It depends on the character, right? And if they’re not bathing alone, now you’ve really got something interesting.

We had fun collecting images for this list, but some great ones didn’t quite fit, like the bath scene from The Shining. Jack Nicholson finds a beautiful nude woman in the tub, and then he kisses her and realizes she’s actually a hideous goblin. Or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, when Matthew Broderick, breaks the fourth wall, spikes his hair into a mohawk, and sings Wayne Newton into the shower-head. How about when Adam Sandler made his shampoo and conditioner battle in Billy Madison, or when Pacino puffed a bathtub cigar in Scarface.

Then there were the bathing images that weren’t involved in film, which had to be cut. Like Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner’s Instagram page, Daenerys Targaryen’s bathing habit, or the hot jailbirds from OITNB. Megan Fox bathed in a Motorola commercial for Super Bowl XLIV, and Heidi Klum's tub video for Love magazine’s advent was so hot. There were also hilarious memes of Chewbacca bathing with a couple hotties, which we had to dismiss, and classic beauties like Brigitte Bardot, or Liz Taylor just aren’t topical.

We finally boiled it down to 15. Here are the finest and most famous actresses who ever let their bathrobe fall to the floor, and tried to get the water temperature just right. Just like we do everyday, but they look way better.

15 Angelina Jolie

Good old Angie Jolie. Talk about a flip flopper. Here she built a career out of getting naked and being very sexual, and then all of the sudden, she’s Sally Homemaker. I’m not buying it. Anybody that used to make out with their brother is a weirdo for life. The stuff you did in your formative years sticks with you, whether you like it or not, and it’s really hard to break out of the mold that you set for yourself. So when she accused Brad Pitt of being the bad parent in their relationship, it’s like, nope, not believing her for a second. She was off carrying Billy Bob’s blood in a vile around her neck, while Brad was marrying Jen Aniston. I’ll side with Brad any day. So the gig is up, why not embrace the sexy again, Ang? We certainly enjoyed her bathing scene in Original Sin, with Antonio Banderas. She also bathed in Wanted and By the Sea.

14 Alyson Hannigan

“One time at band camp…” Enough said. We have heard that line enough times that we can imagine all the wonderfully sexy things that went on at that fantastical band camp of hers. Alyson Hannigan brought her character’s love of the flute to life in the bathtub in American Reunion, the fourth film in a series of most excellent frat boy cinema. Michelle took the old shower head a little too far, while Jim was in the other room working on something for himself. How do movies like these get produced anyway? Didn’t somebody read the script and say, “This is the most blatantly gratuitous embarrassing situation I could ever think of.” And then the other producer says, “Yes, I love it!” Well, we have to agree with the second guy, I guess. The American Pie series has surely been a joy to watch.

13 Gwyneth Paltrow

Here we have Gwyneth Paltrow who is a repeat offender, appearing in a bathtub in at least three films, A Perfect Murder, Hush and The Royal Tenenbaums. She also shed her clothes for Great Expectations. In that modern take on the classic Charles Dickens novel, she has Ethan Hawke, an artist, draw her nude figure, before they hop in the sack. Then she was in bed again in Shakespeare in Love, for which she won an Oscar. Then she wore some hot lingerie and did a lap dance in Thanks for Sharing in 2012. So the point I’m trying to make here is, why does everybody seem to dislike this girl? She’s hot, she plays promiscuous characters, what is there not to like? Sure she fronts some dumb mommy blog, called Goop, which details the $500 designer diaper bag you should buy, but who cares? The good outweighs the bad here, folks.

12 Amanda Seyfried

Here is a lovely image of Amanda Seyfried in a nice relaxing bathtub in the adult-industry themed film Lovelace. In the movie, Amanda played one of the most prominent pioneers in the making of the adult business, Linda Lovelace, who had some great reality performances on camera, but behind the scenes had a pretty awful life filled with mental abuse and domestic violence. Kind of puts a damper on the whole industry, right? So here’s a tip, if you are interested in watching Amanda’s bare scenes from Lovelace, just hit up YouTube. But that’s what you were planning to do anyway, right? And while you’re there, check out Chloe. That’s the lesbian film Amanda did with Julianne Moore. There is one scene in bed that is very enjoyable to watch for most guys.

11 Keira Knightley

Another repeat offender here. According to our diligent research, miss Keira Knightley has bathed in Edge of Love, The Jacket and Atonement. In the latter, she one-ups the competition by bathing in a public fountain.  We really do like Keira, but most of her stuff lately has been that indie, artsy type of film that nobody ever watches. But Keira is a great actress, so her interests are probably better served in this genre. We did watch her in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, though. I thought she was Natalie Portman when I first saw her on screen in the first film. But then realized this girl was even hotter. She does bare a close resemblance to Portman however, and she even played her body double in The Phantom Menace. On that set, Keira was riding around on a golf cart with Ewan McGregor, until he took a sharp turn and she fell off, revealing that she had no undies on underneath her Amidala robe. True story.

10 Kate Winslet

Here we have the queen of the repeat offenders. It’s almost like there’s a contract that Kate Winslet must appear nude for at least three seconds in every film. She was nude way longer than that in The Reader. This woman spent like the whole damn movie in a bathtub. She must have had the most wrinkled up fingertips you have ever seen. The only water-soaked experience anywhere similar would have to have been the filming of Titanic. She was constantly running around in water for that one, trying to save Leo’s life like a bajillion times before he eventually died in the lamest way ever. Poor Leo. It is obvious that he sleeps around like a tramp in Hollywood only because his one true love, Kate, will not marry him. I’m not sure if they've ever even dated, but they should. You know it, I know it, they know it. It’s destiny folks, don’t fight it.

9 Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts hasn’t been in much lately, but this image proved to be the lift-off point of her career. Julia starred as a prostitute with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman way back in 1990. Her co-star, Richard Gere, took a bath with her in a later scene. Well, if that was her character’s job, I guess it’s good that she’s cleaning up her business, right? Gotta keep it fresh. Her character also had a very firm rule: no kissing. Oh, no, that’s just way too intimate. The basis of the film was very, very dumb, but Julia had so much charisma that it became a hit. You can see why Michelle Pfeiffer passed on the script though. Seriously? A prostitute wins the hearts of the audience, just because she gets dirty looks at high-end boutiques, and doesn’t know how to eat shellfish? Well, yeah, she’s a street worker. The film ignores common sense even more than freaking Star Wars.

8 Natalie Portman

Here is the beautiful Natalie Portman bathing. Have you ever had a beer in the tub? I’ve heard of people having one in the shower too, but it seems like a bad idea. Doesn’t the beer get warm really quickly? Natalie doesn’t seem to mind. She also doesn’t mind sharing bathing space. In Garden State, she took a bath with Zach Braff, although they were clothed at the time. And in No Strings Attached, she took a shower and made-out with Ashton Kutcher. Natalie also takes baths alone. Like that rather disturbing bath she took in Black Swan. That character was very troubled and she had a conflicted time discovering herself in the tub.

7 Sharon Stone

When The Specialist (1994) came out it had everybody talking. Here was Sharon Stone, otherwise known as that crossing-legs girl from Basic Instinct (1992), and she was getting very naked once again. This time, instead of Michael Douglas, she was knocking boots with another member of Hollywood brass, Sylvester Stallone. In this film, the couple participates in one of the longest shower scenes that ever was. Their water bill must have been off the charts after this romp. Not only that, but it is the biggest shower you have ever seen. And it’s not a locker room shower, it’s just a residential shower, with like fifteen shower heads and a bench. Stone also did Sliver (1993) where she was super duper naked again. This film was so raunchy that they had to re-shoot many of the scenes to avoid an NC-17 rating. Instead of the Hollywood brass, Alec Baldwin’s little bro, Billy, played the male lead.

6 Britt Robertson

Here is a lesser known actress, but an onscreen bathing lover for sure. Britt has bathed in The Longest Ride, and Ask Me Anything. After this article, I may have to try the tub party too. Looks like fun. Britt also bathed in The Longest Ride, but those pics were way too scandalous to show you. In that flick, she and Clint Eastwood’s son Scott, go at it in the shower. This scene was very steamy, in more ways than one. Scott Eastwood was carrying on a family tradition of bathing on film. His dad, Clint, bathed in the western classic High Plains Drifter, which was directed by Clint. In the film he is assisted by a dwarf, Billy Curtis. Most guys would agree that Scott definitely had a better bathing partner with Britt.

5 Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst is another repeat offender, bathing in such movies as Elizabethtown, Marie Antoinette, and Melancholia. In the latter, Dunst appears very nude, all the time, and looks great, but just check out the screenshots, because the film itself is quite depressing. She is much happier bathing in Elizabethtown, the rom-com she did with Orlando Bloom. And in Marie Antoinette, above, she delivers the queen’s infamous line, “Let them eat cake,” from the comfort of her bathtub. As an honorable mention, we should also bring up the upside down kiss from the first Spider Man movie. The buxom actress is so soaking wet that it looks like she just stepped out of the shower, and her wet pink t-shirt left little to the imagination.

4 Amber Heard

Amber Heard broke the golden rule when she was in a horror movie. Bathing is fine and dandy, in any genre except horror. If you shower in horror movie you get killed, assaulted, dismembered or something terrible, and Heard’s character in The Ward, by John Carpenter, was no exception. However, if you want to check out Amber in a little less horrific light, then The Informers is the movie you have to see. It is absolutely a terrible film, with one star and a 13 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but Amber has never looked better, and she participates in about every intimate situation possible. I’m sure on her and Johnny Depp’s first date they watched The Informers together, and Johnny was like, “Will you Marry Me?”

3 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is definitely our best Friend. She has been in a ton of movies since the sitcom went off the air in 2004, after its ten-year run. Most of her films have not been blockbusters though, and it's still hard to consider her a film star. She’s a sitcom star in movies, and that shadow has followed her on every project. One of her most recent successful films were the Horrible Boss movies. Her character was such a domineering, aggressive type that we would have pegged her as a shower person for sure. But low and behold, she’s a bath gal. Maybe she needed to wind down in the tub after a long day of harassing her employees.

2 Anne Heche

Here is a throwback to one of the most famous, if not the most famous bathing scenes ever. In Alfred Hitchcock’s original masterpiece, Psycho, way back in 1960, Janet Leigh (left) gets stabbed to death in the shower. This film changed how movies were made and can take much credit for inventing the horror genre itself. The film wasn’t all Hitchcock’s idea however, he based the film off a Robert Bloch’s nonfiction book, Psycho, which was based on the real killings of Ed Gein. Then, in 1998, Gus Van Zant remade the influential film and pretty much copied Hitchcock's cinematography shot-for-shot. Replacing Leigh in the legendary shower scene was Anne Heche (right). Also in 1998, Heche starred in Six Days, Seven Nights, with Harrison Ford. Both films received pretty poor reviews, but Anne looked fantastic, in the peak of her career.

1 Margot Robbie

Margot appeared in a bubbly tub during The Big Short, and comically explained finance jargon. Afterwards she recreated the scene to raise money for the charity, Red Nose Day. What a gal, right? She has to be the hottest actress in Hollywood right now. In her next flick, she’s pulling one of those not-so-pretty roles in, I, Tonya, where she stars as the rogue figure-skater and saboteur, Tonya Harding. Now, I personally have a problem with this film, about a trashy, awful chick who gets her ex to crack her competition, Nancy Kerrigan, in the leg. Poor Nancy, does she make money off this film too? I hope so. Like it’s not enough that she got injured, nearly ruined her career, and now they even title the film after Tonya. I’m sure Nancy is wishing the whole story would just disappear. Hollywood's exploiting another 1994 tragedy, the same year as the OJ Simpson murders.

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