15 Actresses Who Are Way Hotter Than You Think

It’s a truth that people don’t like facing: most actors and actresses are good looking people, at least the visible ones are. Sure, some might not have the model-like figures or the flawless faces that we've become used to seeing, but they are almost always attractive. Now with A-List celebrities, we see them in so many different situations, in so many different roles and in real life, that we know exactly how good looking they are. Nothing can surprise us. But what about those actresses who we only know from one or very few roles? Maybe we've never seen them at an awards show, or dressed up like a normal human. Maybe their role(s) on TV or film have them dressed down, covered up or looking worse than the major stars so they don't overshadow them. Seeing these actresses as they normally look, or at least in the real world, sometimes gives us a pleasant surprise.

Well, that's what this list brings us. Here, we've compiled a list of actresses who we've become used to seeing in a certain light, usually an unflattering one. Most of the time, we can see that they're pretty, but they're actually much better looking than their characters would suggest.

Now, before you get all defensive and start talking about how beauty on the inside is the only beauty that matters, just hold on. Hold your damn horses. We're sure that each of the actresses on this list is beautiful inside and out, but until we find a way to photograph feelings and inner beauty, we're going to stick to showing pictures of the outside beauty. While there are several actresses on here who are known as sex symbols, there are also some who never get that opportunity to shine, so instead of getting defensive for them, why not celebrate their beauty? We want to make room to compliment these women who probably don't get as much as they deserve. Here's our way of showing them that we enjoy the way they look. Here are 15 actresses who are way hotter than you think.

15 Emily Bett Rickards

14 Gwendoline Christie

13 Lea Michele

12 Judy Greer

11 Dascha Polanco

10 America Ferrera

This one's been beaten to death, but we felt it was necessary to include Ugly Betty herself in this list. By now, we probably all know that America Ferrera, the actress who stars in Ugly Betty, is not actually ugly. If nothing else, that show illustrates what braces, ugly glasses, a bad fashion sense, unkempt eyebrows and sickening bangs can do to a woman's looks. The point of the show was to dull Ferrera's natural beauty and they did so with flying colors. Now, if you've watched any of Superstore, Ferrara's new show, you would see a character who is much closer in looks to what she is in real life, still not as attractive, but closer. Again, by now everyone knows this one, but this is just a reminder of how this stuff works.

9 Danai Gurira

8 Kate McKinnon

7 Ellie Kemper

6 Jane Levy

5 Nathalie Emmanuel

4 Tatiana Maslany

3 Evan Rachel Wood

2 Rose McIver

1 Sonequa Martin-Green

Another actress from The Walking Dead makes the list, but you shouldn't look so surprised. As we mentioned before, this show makes all of its characters look pretty nasty. Half of the time, they have gobs of dirt on their faces and the other half, they're making the ugliest of faces while ripping a walker's face off. It's never flattering. Having said that, nothing can really mask how hot Sonequa Martin-Green is, the actress who plays Sasha Williams. We're in the middle of Martin-Green's breakout, so expect to see and hear a lot more from her, which is a great thing because we can all agree that this woman is super hot.

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15 Actresses Who Are Way Hotter Than You Think