15 Actresses Who Are Really Hot, But Can't Act

To be a successful actress sort of insinuates something about you.  Which is that you can act. I know, it does not sound complicated. But with that said, this has long been an issue when it comes to t

To be a successful actress sort of insinuates something about you.  Which is that you can act. I know, it does not sound complicated. But with that said, this has long been an issue when it comes to totally hot chicks that are in the business. I know that it sounds sort of confusing, but it really is not. If you are a chick making your way in Hollywood than you might be really good at acting, but not entirely hot, or possibly, you are a total smoke show, but not able to act your way out of a paper bag.

This is the really confusing thing about this after all. Let's just say you are hot, and got a job in a movie. Does that make you an actress, or does that make you a totally hot chick that got a job because you are a totally hot chick? I get it, that sounds silly, but is it really? There are female actresses that are getting paid because they are super hot, and also can read a few lines, and then there are also women that are awful actresses, and keep getting jobs because they are super hot. These chicks are so hot that you totally want to see them in movies, but are also so bad at acting that you never would want to pay money to see them act.

Hey, we get it. Sometimes you could care less about talent, you just want a smoke show. Well if you do not care about talent, but do care about how hot she is, here you go.

Here are 15 Hot Actresses Who Can't Act.

15 Jennifer Lopez

This one is no secret, we all know that Jenny from the block is a terrible actress. The only thing she was even slightly good in was Maid in Manhattan, and even in that movie she was pretty awful. There are certain actresses that being really bad is okay though, and JLo is one of those, or at least she used to be. Don't get me wrong, she still looks totally awesome for someone who is 47 years old, but still she has definitely lost something in the looks department over time. She used to be able to just be on screen and be filmed walking down the street and you would be glad that you bought your movie ticket and your popcorn. Now, not so much. You will end up seeing less and less of her over time, because her butt gets a little older, but her acting talent stays the same.

14 Jennifer Aniston

I can hear some of you yelling and screaming about this already, but hey the truth hurts, don't shoot the messenger, and all of that stuff. I mean seriously, she can't act all. She belongs to that class of actors that play every single role exactly the same way. No difference at all. If she had a role as the Queen of England she would play it pretty much exactly the same way as if she had a role as a homeless chick who was living in Compton. Because the thing is all she ever does is play some version of Jennifer Aniston. Now she is super hot, there is no doubt about that at all. And she also has that kind of hot that is the type you take home to your mother. So I can say pretty much for certain she is not going away anytime soon, even though she can't act at all.

13 Malin Akerman

There is no doubt that Malin Akerman is pretty hot, and by pretty hot I mean really hot. She was the star of 27 Dresses and The Heartbreak Kid as well as Watchmen, Couples Retreat and Wanderlust. If you saw any of these movies, I am not telling you any big secrets here, She can't act, not even a little bit. One could basically have put a mannequin or a robot in her place and no one would have been able to tell the difference. Actually now that I think of it, maybe Malin is a robot? It sure would account for all the blank stares and lack of emotion. No matter how you slice it you won't be seeing her around for too much longer. That is what happens with bad actresses when they get older. They pretty much vanish forever.

12 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is an actress who is well known for the moves Honey,  Sin City  Fantastic Four  and, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. She is also known for being super hot. I know, I get it, some of you are going to say that she is a good actress and she does not belong on this list, but we are not just talking about actresses that are super bad, not all the time anyway, because some of the women on this  are totally awful. What we are talking about are women who only are big stars because they are super hot. Can Jessica Alba act? Maybe a little bit, certainly more than some of the other women on this list, but when it comes right down to it she is not very good at acting. But she is without a doubt good at being a smoke show.

11 Kristen Stewart

Kristen is absolutely gorgeous, of this there is no doubt whatsoever. She has a beautiful face, some of the sexiest lips around, and a nice body to go on top of it. This is all well and good of course, but considering all of her acting moves pretty much consist of her sighing a lot then watching her tends to get a little old. Okay I probably should be a little more clear about that. It is not that actually watching her gets old, I could watch her all day. I could watch her walk around in the grocery store, I could watch her hang out on the beach, I even could watch her sit and stare into space.  What I don't want to watch her do is act. Seeing her on Twilight is bad enough, but seeing her in pretty much anything else is even worse. Kristen is the perfect example of being a hot chick that was in the right place at the right time.

10 Beyonce

Beyonce is a whole new type of hot chick who can't act, for this list anyway. She falls under a special category, she is the hot chick singer who decided to act because you know, why not? She is Beyonce, she can do anything she wants and is good at everything. Don't you get that? What is it with these people that are totally rich and successful, but they never quite get enough? There are all sorts of actors that think they can have a successful singing career as well as all sorts of singers that think they can act. Beyonce, you are totally smoking hot, you sing really well, you can dance, you are totally and ridiculously loaded, in a way that none of us could possibly dream of. Can you do us a favor and just not act anymore? Ever? At all? Because you really are awful at it.

9 Paula Patton

All right so if I were to tell you that Paula Patton can't act you probably would not be very surprised. If you have seen her in  Hitch,  Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol or in Baggage Claim, you already know that. Sure I imagine that it is possible that you were blinded by her beauty and that you think she is a pretty decent actress, it certainly is not likely, but I guess that it is possible. If this is the case I suggest you go see the movie Warcraft, which is of course based on the massive role playing game World of Warcraft. Both this movie and Patton's performance are so unbearably awful that there really is no other decision to make other than she is just super bad as an actress, even if you do have a level 100 Assassination rogue.

8 Megan Fox

Megan Fox was the star (and I use that term loosely) of the movie Jennifer’s Body,  Whore, Passion Play, Friends With Kids and This Is 40.  Guess what?  She was totally awful in all of them. Guess what else? She looked amazing in all of them, too. This kind of thing is really our fault when you think of it.  Why do directors and producers constantly pick these super hot chicks to star in movies even when they can't act? Because we keep buying tickets to their movies because they are so hot. Women are even to blame too; sometimes they overlook how bad someone is at acting, just because they want to look like them. So let's not blame Megan for being so absolutely awful at acting, lets blame ourselves for paying to see her act.

7 Keira Knightley

Keira is absolutely gorgeous, and also totally classy. She has been the star of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit The Duchess and Anna Karenina. Now the whole class thing can be a little confusing when it comes to acting. She is so beautiful and just looks so good in all of her roles that it is hard to imagine that she is as bad as she actually is. I mean, if you were to dress up Jessica Simpson in a period costume from 17th century England, she would still look like a total dub. Not so with Keira; you will actually feel bad seeing her in a movie and saying that she was awful out loud. But the thing is - she is bad. Like really bad. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy looking at her, but there is no substance at all beneath all the glamour and beauty.

6 Katherine Heigl

You probably remember Katherine from the movies Knocked Up and One For the Money. And when I say you probably remember her from those movies, I mean that for two reasons: one because she so is darn good looking; and two because she is so unbearably awful. This is sometimes what happens when you have a TV actress that tries to step up her game. She was just fine when she was on Grey's Anatomy, which we all know was a very popular show for many years. But when she tried to become a big movie star things did not work out nearly as well for her. She should go back to the small screen, where there is not nearly as much pressure to succeed.

5 Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union was smoking hot in the cheerleader movie Bring It On and she also looked really good as the star of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You.  She even is totally comfortable in front of the camera, and has a certain charm on top of all of that. So what is the problem? Everything is good right? No, she is missing one little thing to really have the complete package, and that is that she can't act. We all want to like Gabrielle, how could we not, but the thing is we have to admit to ourselves, and also to Gabrielle that she totally stinks. There are not many other jobs in the world that you could be so bad at and still make millions of dollars as an actress, but lucky for Gabrielle, she appears to have found one.

4 Ariel Winter

I know, I know, I can hear all of you crying about this already "But hey writer guy, I love Ariel Winter, why are you always picking on her? I love her so much, it makes me do the sad face emoji when you make fun of her." Listen, first of all the only reason I would even think of not putting her in this article is because she isn't very hot, not because she can act. Ariel is actually the only one on this list that not only is not very good looking, but she is also not a very good actress as well.  The only thing I can actually think of as to how she has become such a big stat is that she sold her soul down by the railroad tracks at midnight.  You can heap as many insults on me as you want, I know the truth, and someday you will too. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. She is a superbad actress.

3 Sienna Miller

Sienna burst on the scene by having smoking hot roles in  Factory Girl, Alfie, and Layer Cake. And when I say that she had smoking hot roles, what I mean by that is that she in fact is actually smoking hot. She decided to take it a bit farther though, and try to get different sorts of roles. This did not work out for her all too well, as she totally stunk in American Sniper. This is an age old story in the movie business. A hot chick gets a role as a hot chick. She is pretty good in it, because basically she is just playing someone who is sexy, and does not have a whole lot of other aspects to her character.  Then she tries to take it a little farther by getting better roles in bigger movies, where she is exposed as being totally awful.

2 Emily Ratajkowski

Emily is a totally hot actress, who once again, is really bad at what she does. What makes her funny is that she actually complains about it. She says “If you’re a sexy actress it’s hard to get serious roles. You get offered the same thing that they’ve seen you in. People are like sheep and they’re like ‘Oh, that’s what she does well.'”

Okay Emily I am going to have to break something to you, make sure you are sitting down, because this might be hard to take. If you were not a "sexy actress" you would probably be working at an insurance company. There is no way that you would have any starring roles if you did not look like you do. So stop complaining maybe? Thanks. Oh hey though, you look great, and don't let anyone tell you different.

1 Selena Gomez

Okay so maybe it is not totally fair to put someone on this list who got her start on Barney and Friends but I am going to put Selena on it anyway. This former child star is also a famous pop star, as I am sure that you all know. She also is darn good looking, and I am sure that you are all aware of that as well. But listen, come on, please don't tell me that you think she is a good actress. She is cute, sure she is, but so is a yellow lab, and I sure would not be saying that he is a good actor. Selena has been trying to be taken more seriously as an actress these days. The jury is still out on this one.

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