15 Actresses Who Are Always The Lead, But Actually Suck

As much as we love these actresses, we're begging producers to stop casting them as the vixen because we're no longer buying what they're selling.

When it comes to Hollywood, there's a lot of talent there. But for as much talent as there is, there are also people who seem to be famous and even cast in roles for no reason other than that they were once in a movie that was big at the time. Don’t get us wrong -- these actresses are talented, and at one point in their careers, they either made us laugh, cry or just be excited to be alive. But time and again, these women are cast in roles that are just too hard to believe.

These are the actresses whose movies, whatever it is they're in, you'll watch. That’s where the problem lies -- they've grown so popular that producers are casting them in everything whether they can truly portray the characters or not.

These are the actresses who are getting cast as the vixen, the woman who’s going to lead you down a road of debauchery. She'll seduce you, control you, and basically have you begging at her feet. Your kind of woman, right? It’s just that these roles are becoming unbelievable when it comes to the people who are cast in them. We want to believe them, but at the end of the day, we just aren’t buying the casting, and we walk away disappointed.

As much as we love these actresses, we're begging producers to stop casting them as the sultry vixen because we're no longer buying what they're selling.

15 Kristen Stewart is Expressionless

Kristen Stewart got her level of fame because of the Twilight movies, and we’re not sure she would've reached it otherwise. She is an insanely awkward person who wears the same expression in every role she plays. When she was cast in Snow White and the Huntsman, people were shocked, as she was to portray a woman so beautiful inside and out that she would change the world. Jeff Snider from Variety magazine said this about the movie: “She is laughably bad, alternating between two facial expressions with her mouth half-open.” It’s true; she does have her mouth hanging open in at least half of the movie. She's regularly cast in roles that don’t suit her. She's often cast in movies where she's the sexually experienced girl, the one always sneaking around with the guy. She played it in Adventureland, and when she wrapped herself around Ryan Reynolds for some nookie, we just weren’t feeling that she was the girl that you'd have a secret tryst with.

14 Kate Hudson Has Big Shoes to Fill

We believe that Kate Hudson got her fame riding the coattails of her mother who wasn't only an exceptional actress but a man killer as well. Ever since Almost Famous, for which Hudson won a Golden Globe, she's been in one terrible movie after another, and yet, she’s mega-famous. She's basically played the same character in almost every rom-com that’s she’s been in: the ultra-bossy, extra confident girl who can’t stop rolling her eyes. Don’t believe me? Just watch Bride Wars, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and the epically awful Fool’s Gold. The movies are great if you don’t mind brain damage, and to say that this is where her fame comes from isn’t saying much. We’re just not sure that we can keep watching her play these roles one right after the other. She's cast in roles where she's the apple of every guy’s eyes. They would just kill to date her. The problem is, we don’t know why.

13 Is Reese Witherspoon Hot?

We personally think that Reese Witherspoon is a pretty great actress, but there are times that she's cast in roles that she shouldn’t be cast in. She’s pretty famous; we get it. But she’s hard to buy in any role that requires her to be sexy or sexually promiscuous because of her type-A personality. Many of her past roles have been built around the fact that she can play an upbeat peppy person, but now that she’s in her 40s, it doesn’t quite fit. Her character as Madeline in Big Little Lies has her overly upbeat and having an affair with a younger man. She’s a great actress, and no one's arguing against that, but she was wrongly cast in this series. The character, someone who's seen in steaming scenes with another man, required more than a Legally Blonde-type character.

12 Julia Roberts, Still the Lead

Again, we aren’t denying that Julia Roberts is a great actress. She's come a long way since her big role in Pretty Woman. But these days, she's being cast in some pretty unbelievable roles. The problem is that it seems like she’s playing herself these days. We see the same acting with her over-the-top laughing that starts to grate on the nerves these days. We can’t, for the life of us, understand why she was cast in Money Monster because she didn’t even seem to realize what she was doing in the movie. The problem is that she’s been such a huge star for so long that she could probably star in any movie that she wanted to, and she does, regardless if it makes sense or not. We’re pretty sure she got the role in the movie because of her BFF George Clooney.

11 Amy Adams in Superhero Movies

For one thing, Lois Lane is supposed to be a looker, someone that Superman falls in love with. Amy Adams is just an average-looking girl who got lucky in Hollywood. She’s not a great actress, and sometimes, it’s painful to watch her onscreen. In Superman Returns, she could've portrayed Lois Lane as a strong independent woman that we've seen her as in other movies. Instead, she made her character seem silly and sometimes stupid, a weak little mouse that had a hard time standing up to anyone. That’s who caught the eye of Superman? Really?! Casting Amy Adams in any superhero movie is a mistake, and she proved in this movie that she’s a little overrated in Hollywood right now. She looks blank in every role she plays, and she admits it herself. “I have no features without makeup. I am pale. I have blonde lashes. You could just paint my face – it’s like a blank canvas.”

10 Cameron Diaz as the Vixen

Cameron Diaz often plays the cool girl. She’s just one of the guys, yet they're dying to be with her. She used to play vixen parts, like her roles in Charlie’s Angels, The Mask, and even Something About Mary, just because she was the girl whom literally every guy wanted. She's still cast today in roles where she steals the guy from another woman, and it’s just not believable any longer. In Sex Tape, she tried to recreate her cool-girl persona and be “one of the guys,” only to have us watch her as a middle-aged mum who's forced to make a sex tape to add some spice to her marriage. Diaz isn’t the actress that she used to be, and Sex Tape is a great example of that. It’s almost as if she’s decided that she's made it and now no longer has to work for it.

9 Nicole Kidman as the Seductress

There was a time when Nicole Kidman could pull off the sexpot role like she was born to fill it. In Practical Magic, she walked back into town with her fiery red hair and her body made for sin and exclaimed to the women in town, “Hold on to your husbands!” and we totally believed it. She reprised similar roles in Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rouge, and Days of Thunder. The shocking part, however, is that at the age of 50, she's still being cast in roles where she’s a naughty girl, and it’s becoming a hard pill to swallow. We love Nicole Kidman. She’s a great actress, but when she appeared on the TV show Big Little Lies as a woman who not only had a young and viral husband but who also had insane and often rough sex on every surface in her home, we were just a little shocked. She looks amazing for her age and can obviously pull off a role in which she's dating a younger man, but seeing a scene in which she pleasures herself for her husband was borderline laughable.

8 Maggie Gyllenhaal Can’t Play Hot

She played a sex kitten in Mona Lisa Smile, a girl in the '50s who was very promiscuous. And you know what? She killed that role. But Gyllenhaal isn't considered to be a hot woman. Yes, she’s attractive, but she’s not going to make the guys pant as she walks by. Despite that, though, she's regularly cast in roles that make you shake your head. She played the role of Rachel Dawes in the Batman film after Katie Holmes did a poor job in Batman Begins. Rachel Dawes is supposed to be mega hot. Despite the change in character, Gyllenhaal had us rolling our eyes because we just didn’t believe that handsome Bruce Wayne with all his billions would fall in love with her. It’s just another case of actresses getting roles because of who they are instead of whether or not they suit the character in any sense of the word.

7 Katie Holmes Is Not a Badass

Katie Holmes became well known in the industry because of her role as the good girl Joey Potter in Dawson’s Creek. Then, of course, there was her media-insane marriage to Tom Cruise that also put her on another level. Holmes has that good-girl typecast about her, where you can’t see her as anything but a morally bound girl who really needs to stay in and study. It’s really hard to think of her as any kind of a badass, which is why it blew our minds to see her in Miss Meadows, a very bizarre indie film that has her playing a quirky character who dresses in 1950s dresses and shoots people in the face. It’s just so unbelievable, it's laughable. We even had a hard time buying her in Abandon, where she played a student who snapped then killed her boyfriend.

6 Julianne Moore Isn't A-List Anymore

Julianne Moore is most known for her roles as an overly emotional person. We loved her in About Alice as the emotional train wreck that she played. She's also been able to pull off a sexpot role here and there because of her slim physique and her fiery red hair. But her role as the ice queen in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay wasn't a good casting choice on the producer’s part. She's a great actress when emotions are involved, but not when she's assigned to play an emotionless person. It was just really hard to buy. The role required her to have icy beauty for a cold-hearted woman, but she’s not someone who can pull off urethral beauty at this stage. She’s way too pale, and her body structure looks hollow. We just couldn’t buy her as someone who could lead a rebellion.

5 Tyra Banks Probably Shouldn’t Be an Actress

Tyra Banks has never done really well in the acting industry. She tried things out, getting bit parts every now and then, like on the TV show Fresh Prince of Belair. She stopped acting for a bit and then made a silly announcement that she was going to give acting another chance. What she really meant was that she was going to be Zoe in Coyote Ugly, a bartender/dancer who hoses customers down with water -- not exactly an epic role, and she wasn’t even that great. Don’t get us wrong -- she was a gorgeous model, and she’s done quite well as the creator of America’s Next Top Model, but acting just isn’t meant to be for this girl. Between acting and her trying to follow in the footsteps of Oprah, we think she’s better off staying in the modeling world.

4 Keira Knightley Should Walk the Plank

Ever since she starred in her breakout role in Pirates of the Caribbean, it seems like Keira Knightley has been in one period piece after another. If you've seen a period piece in recent years, chances are, Kiera Knightley was in it. You would think that at this point, the allure that surrounds Keira Knightley would've faded by now, especially since, at times, she's looked emaciated and can only hold only one expression, but she's still kicking strong. We’re not sure what all the fuss is about this actress. Sure, she’s pretty, but she’s not one of the best actresses out there. Maybe, she's mostly cast in period pieces because the characters are all essentially the same. Despite that, we wouldn’t mind seeing someone else in these roles, as we're starting to feel like we’re experiencing déjà vu.

3 Kate Upton, Bad-Actress Material?

We’re embarrassed to admit that for a while, we weren’t even sure who Kate Upton was, so when it came to deeming whether she was famous for virtually nothing, we had to agree. She's not great actress material, and the roles that she's played so far have her usually playing dumb blonde roles that show off her figure. There’s no doubt about it -- she’s got a great body, but so do a lot of actresses in the industry. If she didn’t have the great body that she has, would she still be in the same position? She gained popularity because of a Sports Illustrated cover and a viral YouTube video. She played the eye candy in The Other Woman, and other than the fact that she ran down a beach, there wasn’t much else interesting about her role. Being a babe shouldn’t be reason enough to get a role, and it’s happened more often than we’d like to admit.

2 It’s Hard to Swoon Over Gwyneth Paltrow

Shakespeare in Love won Gwyneth Paltrow her first Oscar, and we have to admit she was good in the role, but these days, we can barely stand any movie that she stars in. We definitely couldn’t understand what Iron Man saw in her, to the point where he was infatuated with her. Given the comments that come out of his mouth, we would think his perfect lady would be a carbon copy of Black Widow, but instead, he’s in love with a very thin and often boring girl named "Pepper Potts." We don’t know why she’s even a top actress anymore. She’s very weird in real life, and again, she can no longer play the sexy girl we once saw in the movie Seven. It even seems like her character just got worse as the Iron Man franchise continued. To think that she saved Stark’s life in the third installment made us roll our eyes big time.

1 Sarah Jessica Parker Used to Be a Babe

Sarah Jessica Parker was a babe when she played Carrie in Sex and the City and was even a nerdy version of one in Footloose. We loved her style and her sense of flair. Now, we see her in All Roads Lead to Rome as a divorced woman who returns to find a handsome man in Tuscany. They couldn’t have picked a more unsuitable actress to play Magpie than Sarah Jessica Parker. We're really surprised that Parker is even cast anymore. We don’t see the appeal, and she hasn’t been in anything good in a really long time. She always plays melodramatic characters that come off as pathetic and underwhelming, to say the least. We need a break from Parker, and we certainly don’t think she should be playing the lead in any more movies. Give us a break already!


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