15 Actresses That Are Perfect For Super Heroine Roles

Hollywood, take notice...

Comic books have become big business for studios today. Marvel and Disney dominate with their various movies that have led to an entire cinematic universe. Also, Marvel is doing a top notch job with their Netflix series that have led to smaller-tier characters like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones getting the limelight. Warner Bros. has been trying their hand at a DC cinematic universe to mixed results. However, the CW is riding high with their shows on Supergirl, Green Arrow, the Flash and more. Naturally, studios are eager to find the right actresses to play super-heroine roles which can be tricky.

It’s true, some casting decisions may seem perfect but not work out. Think Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy, far too campy for the part. On the other hand, Jennifer Lawrence was a great choice to play Mystique to make the role stand out. Marvel have been expert at locking onto the right actors for roles to make their movies great. Brie Larson wasn’t among the choices for Captain Marvel but now fans are excited to see the Oscar winner in the role. Some choices do seem more obvious than others, actresses who seem truly capable of filling out a certain role.

Fans have often had fun with fan art for them and in many cases, the choices make perfect sense. Whether it’s for the big screen or a TV show, the possibilities of these actresses in these roles just make sense to push them up more. Here are 15 comic book heroines and the actresses perfect for the parts and hopefully Hollywood might follow this one day.

15 Katheryn Winnick as Lady Thor

One of the surprise hit characters of recent years has been this unique take on a Marvel icon. In a complex storyline, Thor lost the ability to wield his mystical hammer Mjolnir and no one else was worthy. That was until Jane Foster (saddled with cancer) got it and thus gained the power to become Thor herself. True, Natalie Portman has played the role of Foster in the Marvel movies but it would make sense the magic also transforms her physically so she’s not recognized. In which case, Katheryn Winnick would be a great choice. The actress has been acclaimed by her turn on Vikings as a woman who is believable as a leader as well as a warrior. Fans had pushed her as both Captain Marvel and Valkyrie as the actress is perfect for a super-heroine role. This would be a great twist to the Thor films and give her that opportunity to prove herself a fine goddess on screen.

14 Alexandra Daddario as Witchblade

If there’s a character waiting for a revival, it’s Sara Pezzini. Created in 1995 by the late Michael Turner, she was a New York cop who found herself gaining control of the Witchblade. An ancient artifact passed down through generations of women, it granted Sara amazing powers and thrust into a war between good and evil. The comic became famous for how the Witchblade created “armor” that basically amounted to a metallic bikini around Sara’s body. In later years, the book has deepened to show Sara as a top notch investigator and the armor more covering. There was a TNT series with Yancy Butler without the cheesecake and talk of a movie for years but overdue for a new version. Alexandra Daddario clearly has the body to rock the armor as she’s evidence on True Detective and other shows. She also can do the special effects as shown by the Percy Jackson movies and growing nicely to handle being a cop. The Witchblade is a concept just screaming out for a new film and Daddario can rock that unique look excellently. It would be great for the Witchblade to get her due and Daddario can make it live in so many ways.

13 Kaley Cuocu as Power Girl

Power Girl’s origins are pretty complex. She was the cousin of a Superman from another Earth, then an Atlantean princess and then…well, it gets confusing. What has made her popular is her strength, her fun attitude and how she never gives up. There’s also that costume. Stunning with cape flowing and showing off leg but especially the hole by her very ample chest that makes it notable. But PG is above just flaunting herself, a true heroine in many ways and able to save the day a lot. A screen version of the character is long overdue as this was a costume seen numerous times at fan conventions. Kaley Cuoco would be a fine choice as she has the humor needed (shown by The Big Bang Theory) and naturally the very rocking body to pull that costume off. It’s a toughie in some ways but Power Girl on the screen (big or small) would be a sensational sight and Cuoco can make that outfit work in real life as well as the character behind it.

12 Nina Dobrev as the Huntress

The Huntress’ origins have shifted a lot over the years. Originally, she was from an alternate Earth, the daughter of that world’s Batman and Catwoman who became a crime-fighter mixing their styles. She was later transformed into the sole survivor of a mob family, at first out for revenge, then fighting crime. A later version came from another Earth as that world’s Robin to father Batman. Whatever the case, she stands out with her gorgeous looks, lush black hair and crossbow weapon to be a great fighter. She’s been played on television by Ashley Scott (the short-lived Birds of Prey) and Jessica DeGouw (Arrow) and could be a nice addition to a new Batman movie. Nina Dobrev has shown her ability to mix innocent with wicked vixen with multiple roles on The Vampire Diaries and moving into action with the upcoming XXX sequel. Put that together with that very steamy costume and Dobrev can show off as just the gal a moviegoer will easily hunt to watch.

11 Tatiana Maslany as Spider-Woman

Jessica Drew has worn a lot of hats in her lifetime. She’s been a secret agent, a private eye, a bounty hunter, an Avenger and a mom. She’s shifted from British raised in Hong Kong to a California girl and does a lot of undercover work in her job. In other words, she’s a woman of many personas, making her right up Tatiana Maslany’s alley. The Canadian actress has won massive acclaim (and a richly deserved Emmy) for playing multiple clones on the series Orphan Black. She’s expert in making each role so separate that you can forget they’re all the same actress. That lends easily to playing Jessica, balancing the super-heroics with a “normal” life and can pull off the stunts pretty well. That costume (whether classic or the new version) can look great on Maslany and with Orphan ending next year, she might well be open to only playing one role for a change. Maslany has proven herself a marvel of acting and thus a good choice for this unique role.

10 Olivia Wilde as Zatanna

The character of Zatanna has shifted a bit for comics. For a while, DC had her as a serious magician, complete with a costume and more a super-heroine. However, most writers prefer her being a stage magician who just happens to be a real wizard who can do most anything by speaking backwards. She also has won attention for her great costume of a tuxedo top, top hat, gloves and shorts with fishnet stockings. She loves what she does, a great talent and quite the hot looker. The character did show up on Smallville, played by Serinda Swan but a big-screen outing would be better. Olivia Wilde would be terrific for the role, possessing the deep eyes, good humor and attention that makes the character winning. It helps that Wilde played a magician in the comedy The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, thus proving that she can do the magic act well. Zatanna is a character fans would love to have on screen and Wilde can make the role truly magical in its sexiness.

9 Yvonne Strahvoski as Black Canary

A long-standing heroine, Canary has been part of the DCU since the 1940s, the mantle passed from mother to daughter Dinah Lance. Moving from just a crimefighter, she’s been a secret agent and more and boosting herself up as a top agent and leader of the Justice League. She has made it to the screen with first Caity Lotz and then Katie Cassidy taking on the role on Arrow. Still, a big screen adventure seems likely with the Justice League and Strahvoski looks great for the party. The Australian actress broke out as super-spy Sarah on Chuck and later 24 and thus proves she has the skills to play the expert martial artist. She can also handle the humor and tough choices Dinah has to make, not to mention look wonderful in that costume and stockings. It’s hard to look tough in this outfit and look gorgeous but Strahvoski can do both to make this Canary fly high.

8 Bella Thorne as Batgirl

There are complaints over the “darkness” of the DC Cinematic Universe, as shown by Batman v Superman. Supposedly, the producers are working on lightening it up, even with the planned new Batman movie. If they want to do that, bringing in Batgirl would be a great move. The daughter of Commissioner Gordon, Barbara has balanced her crime-fighting as more of an adventure, loving the thrill of it and a spunky attitude. That’s balanced by first-rate computer hacking that had her as supreme hacker Oracle for a while but still fighting crime with a streetwise approach. Rising up as one of Hollywood’s newest “It girls,” Bella Thorne would be great for the part. She has the sass and humor, the lush red hair, her dance training will help with the action scenes and look great in the tight outfit. Adding Batgirl would go a long way to making this DCCU more likeable and Thorne in the part would make it hotter.

7 Yara Shahidi as Ms. Marvel

One of the single best original characters Marvel has created in years, Kamala Khan made a huge splash when her book debuted in 2013. A Muslim teenager who worshipped super-heroes, Kamala was affected by “Terrigen Mists” that caused her to gain super-powers of shape-changing. She can get as small as a bug, grow taller than a building and make her fists the size of trucks. The book has been acclaimed for how Kamala balances her life as a heroine of New Jersey with being a modern Muslim youth in America. With her idol Carol Danvers hitting the big screen soon, Kamala would be good as well. There are some choices but Shahidi seems the best pick. Born to an Iranian father, she has the ethnic looks and a good humor, as proven by her role on the hit sitcom Black-ish. She would perfectly capture Kamala’s looks, her strength and more and it would be great for Marvel to give a character like this a real shot. A heroine not just for her faith but to any lover of comic books, Kamala on screen would be a true marvel.

6 Aubrey Plaza as Kate Bishop

While he hasn’t gotten as much screen time as hoped, fans do love Jeremy Renner’s take on Hawkeye in The Avengers. Sardonic and dry-witted, his Clint Barton is great as an expert archer and being a family man helps ground him. During a period when he was believed dead in the comics, Hawkeye’s mantle was claimed by Kate Bishop, an heiress with a dark past who became an archer as a member of the Young Avengers. Clint eventually came back but let Kate keep the gear and in an acclaimed comic, they worked together as an offbeat team. Ever since that book started, fans have pushed the idea of Clint getting his own movie or even a Netflix show. And many have stated that the only actress for Kate is Aubrey Plaza. The comedian took off as the sardonic April on Parks and Recreation, proving her deadpan reactions and looking great. Fans have already done mock posters for such a series and it’s astounding how Plaza looks right for the role. It may be a long shot but those are the ones Hawkeye makes best and having Plaza as his partner would make this spin-off a bulls-eye.

5 Emily Blunt as Medusa


When they announced their “Phase 3,” Marvel had said that the Inhumans would be getting their own spin-off movie. Indeed, much of Agents of SHIELD was dedicated to the idea of “Terrigen Mists” that gave people super powers. That movie has been put off in favor of a new Spider-Man one but still in the works as fans are eager to see the long-popular cult characters on screen. If it gets there, Emily Blunt would be a great choice for the role of Medusa. The Queen of the Inhumans, her power is her long red hair while can be controlled into a weapon capable of grabbing opponents and smashing objects apart. Incredibly dedicated, she is willing to do whatever it takes to safeguard her people, no matter the cost. Blunt can easily pull that off with her gorgeous beauty, near regal bearing and has proven her chops in both drama (Girl on the Train) and action (Edge of Tomorrow). Let CGI handle her mane and Blunt can do the rest to make this one Medusa fans will love to watch.

4 Jessica Chastain as Batwoman

In 2006, DC Comics launched 52, an epic weekly comic taking place over a year where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were gone for various reasons. A major character pushed was Batwoman, a female crimefighter with a great look and lush red hair. She was revealed as Kathy Kane, an heiress turned expert soldier but kicked out for being a lesbian. Inspired by Batman, Kathy used her fortune and skills to become a crimefighter on her own. The character was a hit as she engaged in a romance with Renee Montoya and later cop Maggie Sawyer and starring in an acclaimed comic. A movie version would be great and Jessica Chastain would be an inspired choice. It’s not just that she’s a gorgeous redhead, Chastain brings the needed acting chops of humor and a steely dedication to make Kathy a loveable character. Chastain has showed her amazing talent in various areas and can easily do some training to be believable for the action scenes. Keep to Kathy’s sexuality and her nice humor and this is one member of the Bat-Clan fans would love to see on screen more than the brooding Dark Knight.

3 Chloe Grace Moertz as Spider-Gwen

In 2015, the Spider-Man books embarked on a huge crossover called “Spider-Verse.” In it, a group of evil hunters began to go after Spider-Man; not just Peter Parker but also the Spider-champions of various alternate realities. One of these (Earth-65 according to Marvel) is a world where Gwen Stacy was bitten by the radioactive spider, becoming Spider-Woman after this world’s Peter met a harsh end. From the moment her fantastic costume hit the internet, fans went nuts for her and the push was so big that Marvel decided to give her a book of her own. It’s been a hit as fans love seeing Gwen balancing her super-hero life with a rock band and this take on the Marvel Universe (Captain America is a black woman, Matt Murdock works for the Kingpin, etc) with Gwen making trips to the regular Marvel Universe as well. It may be a bit much to see her on screen but one can imagine a future Spider-Man movie having fun with such a concept. If they do, Moertz is a great pick for the role. She proved herself as Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass as a pint-size dynamo and has grown into a sharp and talented funny actress who can get the one-liners easily. It may be an unlikely sight but Spider-Gwen would be as big a hit on screen as on the comic page, especially with Moertz in that outfit.

2 Paula Patton as She-Hulk

She-Hulk is a tough character to get on screen. The cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters was badly injured by mobsters and Bruce saved her with a blood transfusion. It gave her the ability to turn into a green powerhouse but more in control. What’s notable is that Jennifer loves being this green knockout far more than her “human” self. Also, while she saves the world with the Avengers, she’s a top-notch lawyer and her books focus on that side of her life more. Obviously, there’s challenges in making a seven foot tall green skinned lady work on screen but CGI can do some wonders. All you need is an actress believable in the part, who can mix the strength with the humor and sass She-Hulk is known for. In that regard Paula Patton counts. The star of Mission Impossible and other movies can easily handle the action while her work on movies like About Last Night show she has the humor, too. Also, she has experience playing green with her role in Warcraft and Patton has been lobbying for the part. If the Hulk ever gets another spin-off movies, Patton as She-Hulk can make it even better.

1 Anna Kendrick as Squirrel Girl

Created by Steve Dikto for a story back in 1991, this whacky character dropped in to help Iron Man and (no joke), defeated Dr. Doom with a pack of squirrels. For years, she was a joke among writers as a loser character but in the early 2010s, she began making more appearances and winning folks over as someone who was bright, cheerful and a total bad-ass able to defeat Thanos and Galactus with ease. It soon won her a title of her own and has been hailed for its wonderful humor and skewering comic book conventions. Fans have lobbied for some time for her to pop up in the MCU in some way and one actress has come ahead of all others: Anna Kendrick. The star of Pitch Perfect has the looks for the role as well as the quirky humor needed to bring it to life. Fans are pushing hard and Kendrick herself has said she’s open to it. Whether a cameo in a movie or even her own Netflix series, this can be a great send-up of the MCU and Kendrick making this nutty role totally her own.

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15 Actresses That Are Perfect For Super Heroine Roles