15 Actresses People Started Hating For No Reason

Generally, celeb hate makes sense. They're rich, mostly attractive, and everyone fawns over them.

Hating on celebrities is pretty easy. Maybe you've never noticed, but certain celebs get a lot of love online, whereas others get the opposite. Generally, celeb hate makes sense. They're rich, mostly attractive, and everyone fawns over them. Everyone who doesn't get that treatment might resent the rich and famous for their lifestyle. Since film has been around, there's been hate. The strangest part about the crazy hatred flying around is that there seems to be a gender imbalance. While people may not like to admit it, it's quite clearly true. Female actors have always taken far more of their fair share of hate than males. Think about it. Picture the most hated celebs right now. Sure, Adam Sandler and a few other men might make the list, but the clear majority will be female. This trend goes back to the very beginning of cinema. There was outrage when Hedy Lamarr had an onscreen org*sm in Ecstasy. People took personal offense when Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield flaunted their beauty in Hollywood. Whenever a love scandal was reported publicly, it was almost always the woman who took the bulk of the blame.

We, the common folk, usually start out liking all actresses. At the very least, we're open to their attempt at success. From there, it gets more complicated. It seems to us, the more famous a female gets, the more hate the actress receives. Obviously, this happens with males too. Just not to the same extent. It might be caused by the modern phenomenon of the online contrarian. These are the people who try to go against the grain, striving to create their own counterculture. It doesn't take long for the hate to become the hip trend and then the forums are flooded with irrational dislike. This defeats the initial goal. The hate counterculture just evolved into hate culture. Let's explore this further. We're not here to add to the hate, but we will comment on it. We just want to point out 15 Actresses People Started Hating for No Reason.

15 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence started out as Hollywood's darling. In many ways, she still is. But the internet is doing everything in its power to squash those good vibes. As Lawrence's fame grew, she became more and more reviled online. People started criticizing everything she said, remarking about her supposed "quirkiness" and her attempts to be perceived as a "regular" person. There's now even the term "overrated" being tossed around. Critiques about her personality aside, the overrated part is baffling. For the last few years, naysayers have been accusing Hollywood of trying to make Lawrence a new Meryl Streep, as it were. Well, simply because Lawrence doesn't stack up to Streep doesn't take anything away from her. There's not an actress in the industry whose career could measure up.

Still, Lawrence's young career shouldn't be mocked. It took Streep only about one year in film to get her first Oscar nomination. It took Lawrence two. She was almost 10 years younger than Streep. When Lawrence won the Best Actress Oscar at 22 years old, she was the second youngest winner ever and was only four years into her film career. Comparisons in acting are almost silly as comparing artists. Just because Lawrence may not stack up to the incomparable Streep, doesn't mean she's overrated. Lawrence is easily one of the most talented actresses on the planet regardless of how anyone feels about her personality.

14 Megan Fox

Megan Fox and Michael Bay's partnership was one that made them both a lot of money, but it also made them the internet's enemies. Since Fox's performance in those films left much to be desired, people immediately jumped to calling her out on being attractive. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Well, that's how it works. You can be talentless and normal-looking and we'll accept you. But if you're talentless and hot, you’re going to be roasted. That being said, Fox isn't talentless. Jennifer's Body is actually pretty decent. She's also good in New Girl. You know what? If you can keep her away from a Michael Bay film, she's not half bad at all. She's a picture of perfection.

13 Julia Roberts

If Jennifer Lawrence ever wanted to get some advice from a megastar who suddenly became hated for no apparent reason, she should talk to Julia Roberts. Obviously, Roberts' star has faded somewhat in recent years, which might seem like it substantiates the crazy talk of her being overrated. But that's a load of baloney. It's like we can't accept that plenty of people, in every profession, have flurries of activity, moments of brilliance, and sometimes, significant drop-offs. It wasn't that long ago that Roberts was everywhere. She was (and still is) also a very good actress. No, she didn't forget how to act. But she changed and we changed and things changed. It happens. Just because she hasn't outdone herself from Erin Brockovich, doesn't mean it was a mirage.

12 Jennifer Lopez

You may not like her singing and Maid in Manhattan might not be your favorite movie. But why do you hate Jennifer Lopez? Some people will point to the rumors of her diva status as the culprit or the fact that she claims she's "still Jenny from the Block" even though she's filthy rich. Whatever it is, the hate doesn't really make sense. Like many attractive women who make it big, JLo has taken a lot of flack for using her sexiness to get her ahead. But men do this too, you know. There's a reason why Chris Pratt became a megastar after he lost weight and got attractive. She may not be the most talented, but she's talented enough to sell records and make movies.

11 Anna Gunn

Once upon a time, Anna Gunn played a character so well that the actress became inseparable from what we saw onscreen. The character, Skylar White, in Breaking Bad, was difficult. Alright, even though we get why the character should be viewed as strong and not bitchy, we hated her too. We loathed her. That doesn’t explain why the hate stuck with her. It may be unexplainable, but it's there. Not long ago, we were watching Sully and some deep-seated animosity bubbled up when we first caught a glimpse of Gunn. Right away, we just knew she would be the antagonist. She had to be. It doesn't make sense. We get that. We should, as a collective, be able to separate the character from the actor, but it's tough. We're going to need more time.

10 Angelina Jolie

Over the years, Angelina Jolie has been in some pretty massive films. It's not her acting that gets all the hate, though some people do take issues with her delivery and pouty lips. The big problem seems to stem from her personality. She is a bit of an oddball. There was the press of blood that she and Billy Bob Thornton used to wear around their necks. That escalated. Nowadays, people remember it like they were wearing full vials and were caught making love under a full moon performing satanic rituals. There was also the kiss with her bother. Okay, that was weird. There's no explaining that one away Angie. Outside of the messy divorce with Hollywood's king, Brad Pitt, Jolie also raised some eyebrows with her adoptions several years back. It's not that people don't think kindly of adopting from other nations, it's that people accused Jolie of doing it for publicity. Yeah, it's a weird accusation. That's a trade-off of a lifetime for a few minutes of publicity. She does seem intent on starting her own soccer team with all those kids, though. There's also the nontraditional names she gave them, which rubbed people the wrong way as well. Knox, Pax, Saxophone. People don't like it when you try to blaze new trails. Still, all celebrities give their kids ridiculous names, don't they?

9 Mariah Carey

There was a time when Mariah Carey was considered the biggest star of all. That's now changed in a big way. Calling her an actress might be far-fetched, but she has acted and people hate her, so we'll include her. Carey's long been known as a diva, but plenty of other stars are divas and they don't get the same level of hate. Leading up to the new year, the Carey hate was approaching a boil. On New Year's Eve, when Carey's performance at Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve show failed miserably, people were ready with pitchforks in hand, waiting to pounce. The performance was ugly, yes. Carey has been a bit dismissive of others stars in the industry, yes. But does she deserve all the criticism she received afterward? Probably not.

8 Anne Hathaway

Humans, we're an unhappy group. That's probably the only reason why Anne Hathaway gets the hate she gets. She's bubbly, seems fake, and she's like a show business robot created for one purpose—to charm the world and make it big. OK. Two purposes. If one thing can be learned from the public's reception of Hathaway, it's that you should never be too happy. The people are already resentful of the rich, so don't rub their noses in it. Now, we're not saying that Hathaway is throwing dollar bills in the air and rubbing people's noses in her happiness, but it's being perceived that way. There's no doubt that Hathaway's lackluster hosting performance at the Academy Awards hurt her status in the public eye a bit, but there were ill feelings long before that. Maybe the hate started because of the type of films that made her famous, those childish Disney-like roles. But we've loved other Disney stars before.

7 Kim Kardashian

We're torn on this one. Honestly, we're big critics of Kim Kardashian. At least, we're critical of why she continues to be a thing that appears on TV. She's always playing this character, the air-headed bimbo version of herself. It's possible we don't like her because we don't understand her. Hell, maybe that's where a lot of the hate comes from. There's a large portion of the hater population that hates Kim because of how she became famous. She was already rich before her fame. Then, as a direct result of a "leaked" s*x tape, she was made even more rich. Now, she's a massive celebrity and companies are throwing more money at her to put her name and her body next to their logo. Who are we to judge her, though?

6 Rachael Ray

She has an annoying voice and she's everywhere. These are two reasons why we may not like Rachael Ray, but should we hate her? No. She's criticized by other chefs for her cooking style, but she's not a chef and she doesn't pretend to be. She cooks simple food for simple people. Maybe you're like us who watch elite cooking shows and fantasize about being able to do what you see onscreen one day. But know deep down that, you don't actually want to try it. There's a reason why Ray's quick and simple recipes are so popular. The harder way is hard and most people don't have time for hard. Hell, we don't even know where to buy Star Anise, so why the hell would we want to pretend we'll ever cook with it? We shouldn't hate Ray because she's not Julia Childs. To be honest, even if we could afford to eat fancy French cuisine every week, we'd probably rather put a package of Uncle Ben's Rice and binge watch the latest season of Top Chef instead.

5 Melissa McCarthy

The Melissa McCarthy hate is not as prevalent as most of the actresses on this list, but it's out there. Look at Ghostbusters. Sure, that wasn't all on McCarthy, but the crying and sobbing that came out long before the film was even released was ridiculous. "You're ruining my childhood!" they screamed through lips wet with slobber, snot, and tears. This is always the most asinine complaint. The original Ghostbusters is an annual tradition for many people and families. You know what the reboot did to change that? Nothing. Not one thing. You just don't watch it if you hate it. Trust us, you'll forget it. When it comes to McCarthy, the big complaint is that she has a routine that she follows in most of her films. Well, that describes just about every comedian in Hollywood. Yeah, she has plenty of fat jokes in her bit, but so did legend Chris Farley. Let's get some perspective.

4 Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham has made some questionable comments in her time. There's no doubt. Like some of the others on this list, she's open about her s*x life which is jarring for people. In truth, we haven't been as openly exposed to female s*x and s*xuality, so it does sometimes grate the ears, but so did profanity when it first became prevalent onscreen. It's not wrong. We're just not used to it. Dunham gets a lot of bad press because her humor is sometimes taken as distasteful. But while Bob Saget is making jokes about incest, racism, and pedophilia, we're all watching re-runs of Full House and saying things like, "that's so Danny Tanner." Granted, Dunham can be pretentious at times, but at least she's working hard. She could be worse. She could be speaking in poetic stanzas about flowering zucchinis like Gwyneth Paltrow.

3 Kristen Stewart

God forbid, an actress ever gets popular from a bad film franchise and questionable talent. We'll admit that we too have been critical of Kristen Stewart's acting chops. She isn't incredibly versatile and she became insanely rich from a franchise of films that are pretty terrible. But is that hate-worthy? Hell, outside of Twilight, you could even make the argument that she's chosen some pretty good roles; roles that suit her style of acting well. People just have a hard time letting go of Twilight. It's as though, by some strange twist, if we admit to liking Stewart, we're admitting that we don't know anything about acting or, even worse, we're admitting to liking Twilight. Neither is true, of course. You can hate Twilight and like Stewart. We're not big fans, but we're at least open to being converted.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker

It's the whole horse face thing, isn't it? Honestly, we're not sure. There's also a healthy amount of hate for Sex and the City which probably adds to the irrational Sarah Jessica Parker hate, but the route of this one is hard to place. Sex and the City was a show which celebrated and even kind of flaunted femininity and female s*xuality. While shows like Girls have followed the path set before it, Sex and the City pretty much set the bar for showcasing female s*xuality onscreen. Obviously, the majority of men aren't going to be able to relate to this show. But we shouldn't hate Parker because she was the centerpiece of it. In fact, we bet that if you've ever spent some time and listened to Parker speak, you might be convinced that she's not the devil. She's actually a very down-to-earth person; one who doesn’t pretend she's something she isn't.

1 Amy Schumer

We know that there was the whole viral joke-stealing bit, the Ryan Dunn joke, the joke about r*pe, and some other stuff. These are all technically "reasons" to hate Amy Schumer, but the vast majority of negativity surrounding Schumer came just as she was blowing up in popularity. People enjoyed Trainwreck, but that was enough. Everything has since been lambasted with hate. Her s*x-laden comedy routine may not be for everyone, but plenty of comedians are terrible onstage and loved on television and film. In short, it's clear that Schumer's whole shtick was bearable and even enjoyable when she wasn't front-and-center. As soon as that changed and people started seeing more of her, the overly harsh criticism and nit-picking began. Female comedians have always had an uphill climb into the public's heart, so we shouldn't be so butt hurt when the odd one breaks through and makes it. Her humor might not be everyone's cup of tea, but is her new stand-up special worthy of the worst Netflix rating in history? No, that's contrarian hate spiraled out of control.

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15 Actresses People Started Hating For No Reason