15 Actors With The Most Whacko Beliefs

If we don't put much thought into it, it's easy to walk around believing that actors are all incredibly normal people. That just can't be true though. The law of averages tells us that at least some of them have to be weirdos. Hell, it might even be true that most of them are strange. But what classifies as strange can be tough to nail down precisely. Yet, when an actor speaks publicly about their whacko beliefs, it's like holding up a giant sign that says, "Yep, I'm an oddball." That's what this list is about. The stars who have come out and spoken about their quirky little beliefs. Truthfully, it takes a lot of courage to speak boldly about something that makes you look nutty. But sometimes where there's courage there may not be much intelligence. Those two things are often at odds in a person. It might be seen as courageous to fight a grizzly bear with your fists, but the intelligent thing to do would be to slowly back away from the damn thing before it rips your face off.

On this list we have plenty of courage, stars who aren't afraid to voice their beliefs, no matter how silly, or disproven they may be. Some actors have used their fame as a platform to shout out or even sell these feelings, while others just refuse to listen to reason. Oh well, what can you do? These people are actors, not scientists. If the general public wants to take medical advice from the bagger at the grocery store or learn about the cosmos from someone who went to school for drama, who are we to tell them different? All we can do is react in a way that will help them come to the realization that their belief system is hysterically flawed, by shaking our heads furiously and laughing at them, shaming them into changing their ways. Here are 15 actors who believe in some really weird things.

15 Russell Crowe – UFOs


14 James McAvoy – Superstitions

13 Mark Ruffalo & Charlie Sheen – 9/11 Truthers

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12 Randy Quaid & Wife – Hollywood Star Whackers


11 Mayim Bialik – Attachment Parenting


10 Fran Drescher – Alien Abductions


9 Jim Carrey – Anti-Vaxxer


Jenny McCarthy, Rob Schneider, Alicia Silverstone, there are plenty of anti-vaxxers out there, but Jim Carrey often positions himself as the loudest voice, perhaps because he's also the most famous. Well, over the last several years, Carrey has rallied against vaccines, often under the guise of being "pro-vaccine but anti-toxins," which is another way of saying he's a misinformed anti-vaxxer.

8 Emma Stone – Ghosts

7 Megan Fox – Leprechauns


6 Lady Gaga – Creative Sexual Organs

5 Marion Cotillard – Faked Moon Landing & 9/11

4 Steven Seagal – Manufactured Gun Violence


3 Richard Belzer – Everything


2 Dan Aykroyd – Aliens


1 Terrence Howard – Terryology

Terrence Howard is a talented actor, but the star revealed to Rolling Stone that he's also an amateur mathematician. At home, in his spare time, Howard has created a mathematic system of symbols called Terryology. While there are many strange claims made by Howard, he claims that, "If Pythagoras was here to see it, he would lose his mind. Einstein, too! Tesla!" The weirdest of all has to be his suggestion that 1 X 1 = 2. You're thinking, there's no way he believes that, this is children's math. It's true though. Here's what this grown man had to say, "How can it equal one? If one times one equals one that means that two is of no value because one times itself has no effect. One times one equals two because the square root of four is two, so what's the square root of two? Should be one, but we're told its two, and that cannot be." Um, Terrence? Where in the world did you hear that the square root of two is two? The square root of two is 1.41421356237. Is that where all of this stemmed from? Poor guy.

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15 Actors With The Most Whacko Beliefs