15 Actors Who Refuse To Work Together

Whether you work in an office or on the set of a film, it is safe to say that you aren't always going to get along with your entire staff. Working with somebody you do not like can make your job seem all the more demanding, while thickening your work-environment with tension.

While replacing a cameraman with a bad attitude, or a secretary with poor people skills can be done, kicking an A-list actor off the set of your film can be ill-received by the public. Which is why many directors and actors will remain civil during the entirety of a movie shoot despite tensions. Hollywood is a place where dreams come true, but it can also be a place where harsh realities are met. Like having to act alongside your nemesis for up to a year's time.

Some actors may look sweet and innocent on the screen, but we have no way of knowing who they actually are. The same goes for other celebrities. A big-time actor may feel excited to act alongside someone new, just to find out that they are an absolute nightmare to work with. Once the filming is done, however, they can always throw in their towel and vow to never work with that person again. The following is a list of actors who bumped heads on set. So much so, that they've sworn to never act together again.

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15 Tina Fey & Paris Hilton

Tina Fey is one of the brightest gems in Hollywood. Not only is she highly successful and talented, but she's a nice person too, which is why so many actors love working with her. Now, there are very few people who can grind Fey's gears, but Paris Hilton is one of them. Fey and Hilton had the pleasure of working together when Hilton hosted a Saturday Night Live episode back in 2005. Later on, Fey appeared on an episode of The Howard Stern Show and was asked about her experience working with the socialite. Fey replied, "She's a piece of sh*t."

According to Fey, Hilton was rude to the entire staff and too full of herself — but that's not all. Hilton also refused to act out scenes, made fun of actresses for their weight, and completely sucked at hosting SNL. Fey had such a bad experience working with Hilton that she would never do it again. The actress went as far as saying that Hilton was comparable to a "fart in a mitten."

14 James Franco & Tyrese Gibson

James Franco and Tyrese Gibson co-starred together back in 2006 when filming the moving Annapolis. While these two seemed to be the perfect match on screen, they actually had some issues together while on set. In fact, after filming the movie, Gibson made it clear that he had no interest in ever working with Franco again. According to Gibson, Franco seemed to have a bone to pick with him, and his aggression became too vicious whenever the actors filmed fight scenes together.

"Whenever we'd have to get in the ring for boxing scenes, and even during practice, the dude was full-on hitting me. It felt very personal. It was f*cked up." Says Gibson. When this was brought to Franco's attention, he willingly accepted all of the blame, stating that he was a method actor and got too involved with his role.

13 Lindsay Lohan & America Ferrera

It is no secret that Lindsay Lohan is hard to work with, but that didn't stop Ugly Betty's producers from wanting her on the show. A contract was drawn stating that Lohan would appear in the series for a total of 6 episodes. However, the actress was only allowed to complete 4 episodes due to her bad behavior. America Ferrera, who is the star of the show, was immediately turned-off by the actress. So much so, that she requested that Lohan be kicked off the show.

According to the production crew, Lohan brought on more problems than she could solve. She would show up to set with an entourage, smoked 24/7, and messed up her dressing room to the point that it had to be repainted. All in all, it's safe to say that these two actresses won't be acting together again.

12 Shannen Doherty & Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty had one of the longest feuds in Hollywood, but have recently put the past behind them. The feud lost its heat when Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and Milano expressed genuine concern for her well-being. The actresses were once sisters on the set of the 90's TV show Charmed, but their dislike for one another quickly caused Doherty to leave the show after the third season. In the end, the actresses simply didn't connect on set.

There was talk recently that a Charmed Reboot is on the horizon, but this has proven to be nothing but a silly rumor. Despite the actresses newfound love for one another, they aren't interested in digging up old dirt on the set of Charmed.

11 Jennifer Lopez & Sean Combs

Jennifer Lopez and Sean Combs were once upon a time romantic, but their relationship ended abruptly and left both parties feeling somewhat bitter. Lopez and Combs were an item for a total of 3 years, but broke off their relationship in 2001. While a considerable amount of time has passed since their breakup, it appears that time does not heal all wounds.

When Combs was given the opportunity to be a judge in the 13th season of American Idol, he declined due to not wanting to work with Lopez. It was said that Combs had mixed feelings about sharing the judging panel with his ex, and even referred to it as awkward. In the end, the ordeal was referred to as a "me or her" situation. This resulted in Combs politely declining the offer.

10 Charlie Sheen & Selma Blair

It isn't news that actor Charlie Sheen isn't easy to work with. Regardless, his charm, confidence, and ratings can get any actor interested in joining his hit TV sitcoms. This was the case for Selma Blair, who was cast as one of Sheen's co-stars on the TV show Anger Management. At first, Sheen and Blair's chemistry was undeniable, but what was once seen as lust quickly turned to hatred. The actors quarreled so often that the set became a waking nightmare. After two seasons on the show, Blair was suddenly kicked off due to creative differences, but this was news to her.

The actress reportedly filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against the show Anger Management, under the premise of lost wages. Blair stated that she was unrightfully forced off the show, which was illegal. If there's one thing for sure, it's that you'll never see these two actors sharing the screen again.

9 Kate Beckinsale & Luke Wilson

Do you remember the movie Vacancy that came out in 2007? Well if you don't, Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson might just be happy to hear it. While their on-screen chemistry was rattling, the two actors actually hated working with each other in real life. So much so, that they have little interest in ever working together again.

So where did things go wrong? According to Beckinsale, the feud began when Wilson's "diva behavior" got out of hand. Set was a nightmare, one where Wilson allegedly showed up late and hungover on the regular. To make matters worse, the actor would continuously brag about "all the girls he hooked up with over the weekend." All in all, Beckinsale was not impressed with her co-star.

8 Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn are two very likable actors, but when it comes to working together on a project things can a little messy. It is not so much that the actors hate each other, but more so that their personalities clash when put aboard the same project. Vaughn and Witherspoon co-starred in the movie Four Christmases back in 2008, and have since had little desire to ever work together again.

While Vaughn is a standup guy, it was his work ethic that seemed to repulse Witherspoon. It was said that the co-stars often hashed it out over rehearsal schedules, acting methods, and pre-planning. Witherspoon, who likes to be over-prepared and up-to-date with which scenes she'll be acting in was turned off by Vaughn's "go with the flow" attitude. While Vaughn and Witherspoon make a fantastic pair, it was just a one-time thing.

7 Alec Baldwin & Shia LaBeouf

While Shia LaBeouf might have started out as a Family Chanel sweetheart, he quickly became a Hollywood bad boy as he aged. His sporadic attitude and acting methods have often proven to be hard to deal with, which made co-starring with Alec Baldwin a challenge during the filming of Broadway's Orphans. However, LaBeouf wasn't the only one to blame for the actor's quarrel, as it was Baldwin's unprofessionalism that caused them to butt heads. LaBeouf reportedly became enraged when, time and time again, Baldwin failed to rehearse his lines prior to a scene.

During a meeting with the production's company, LaBeouf ridiculed Baldwin's acting methods, saying that the older actor was "slowing him down". Baldwin and LaBeouf were so incompatible on stage that Baldwin offered to quit the production. However, the Orphans director Dan Sullivan chose to fire LaBeouf instead.

6 Martin Lawrence & Tisha Campbell

Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell have made it quite clear that they have no interest in ever working together again. Lawrence and Campbell might have seemed to get along while filming their 90's sitcom Martin, but this was all a facade. Before their feud began, there was actually some romance between the two actors, however, it quickly turned to jealousy.

It is said that Lawrence and Campbell had an affair together, but that Campbell chose to return to her boyfriend. This caused complications to arise due to the fact that Lawrence was head over heels for Campbell. The co-stars' relationship got even more intense when Campbell got engaged to her boyfriend. This caused Lawrence and Campbell to engage in a feud, one where sexual harassment charges were filed and relationships were forever broken.

5 Jennifer Aniston & Leslie Mann

Jennifer Aniston and Leslie Mann are two celebs you'll rarely ever see together. This is because the actresses aren't too fond of another. In fact, Aniston has little interest in ever working with Mann again. The two hilarious actresses have only ever shared the stage once, but that was more than enough for Aniston. In 1996, Aniston and Mann shared the set for the movie She's the One, and their collaborations stop there.

Aniston has often shown interest in starring in one of Judd Apatow's movies. However, she's never accepted a role out of fear of being cast alongside Mann. Apatow regularly casts his wife in his movies, which is too much of a risk for Aniston, who allegedly refers to Mann as the "wife from hell."

4 Freddie Prinze Jr. & Kiefer Sutherland

Freddie Prinze Jr. might enjoy staying out of the spotlight, but when it comes to bashing his former co-star Kiefer Sutherland, he doesn't hold back. Prinze was a part of the 24 cast in 2010, a popular series on FOX. During his time on the show, he had the opportunity to work with Sutherland and absolutely hated it. Until today, Prinze refers to Sutherland as "the most unprofessional dude in the world."

In fact, Prinze's disdain for the melodramatic actor was so intense, that he contemplated quitting the acting scene altogether. Years passed and soon Prinze returned to the spotlight, however, he made one thing clear; he is never working with Sutherland again. Funny enough, Sutherland says that he, "enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best."

3 Lucy Liu & Bill Murray

Have you ever wondered why actor Bill Murray was replaced by the late Bernie Mac for the second Charlie's Angels movie? While there were many speculations about why the actor was replaced, there is strong inclination to believe Lucy Liu was behind character Bosley's recasting. Sources say that Murray and Liu's relationship was sour from the get-go. So much so that the actors had a huge fight while on set for the movie.

Murray, who wasn't fond of the script to begin with, was quick to criticise Liu's acting. In fact, he once stopped her mid-scene to say, "I get why you're here, and you've got talent... but what in the hell are you doing here? You can't act!" At this point, Liu became violent towards Murray. Resulting in the actors never wanting to collaborate on a film ever again.

2 Jamie Foxx & LL Cool J

While there are many disagreements between Hollywood actors, there are few that actually become violent. In truth, a director can never really know how one of their actors will start behaving after being cast, but it's a risk worth taking. In 1999, LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx were cast in the movie Any Given Sunday, which was the last movie they ever starred in together.

So why did these two actors get violent on set? Well, it's complicated. Since the movie was based on football, there were many fight scenes that needed to be filmed. Problem is, LL Cool J and Foxx got a little too personal during these fights. LL Cool Jay was reportedly too rough during filming, resulting in Foxx wanting a warning before getting smacked around. Despite agreeing to this, LL Cool Jay punched Foxx in the face with all his might (Foxx was wearing a helmet). This infuriated Foxx, who proceeded by getting physical himself.

1 William Shatner & George Takei

The feud between William Shatner and George Takei has lasted for over 4 decades, and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon. At first glance, neither of these actors seem the type to quarrel with their costars — especially not when on the set of Star Trek. When asked about his feud with Shatner, Takei replied, "Canadians have a certain image of being even-tempered and friendly and all that. Well, he is a person who is that way with himself. He is very self-centered."

When asked about Takei and their feud, Shatner replied, "There's such a sickness there, it's painfully obvious that there's a psychosis there." All in all, it's pretty clear that these two actors do not enjoy each other's company. As a result, they have both made it clear that they have no intentions of ever working together again.

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