15 Actors Who Couldn't Pull It Together For A Movie

Take a look at the surprising reasons these actors couldn't suck it up for these roles.

Choices. Life is full of them and it’s up to us to decide which opportunities to go for and which to pass up. The rub is that we can never know what the ripple effect of our decisions is going to be.

Sometimes deciding to take a chance turns out for the best, while other times, well, we’re left with nothing but regret. Should we move to a new city or even a different country? Should we get married and have children or focus our efforts on building a career? Should we take a chance with a start-up company or just stick with the safe options? Life is packed full of different paths and we need to choose which ones to pursue.

When it comes to acting, a decision about whether or not to take a role is not to be taken lightly because as we all know the choices an actor makes can send their career into the stratosphere or destroy any future prospects they might have had. No one can foresee the future so it’s always a little difficult to judge what the ripple effect of a decision will be. Sometimes you just need to stick it out, especially if you want the long-term rewards – something these 15 celebs had to learn the hard way…

15 John Travolta Couldn’t Wrap His Mind Around Forrest Gump

14 James Purefoy Could Have Starred In V For Vendetta

13 Christian Bale Couldn’t See Himself As Steve Jobs

12 Jean-Claude Van Damme Walked Away From Predator After Only Two Days Of Filming

11 Molly Ringwald Did Not Like The Idea Of Playing A Call Girl

10 Mark Wahlberg Couldn’t Do The Love Scenes That Brokeback Mountain Required

9 Winona Ryder Was Too Exhausted To Appear In The Godfather Part III

During the mid to late 1980s Winona Ryder was one of Hollywood’s up and coming starlets thanks to brilliant performances in films like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Heathers. Coppola believed that Winona would be perfect for the role of Al Pacino’s daughter in his highly-anticipated sequel The Godfather Part III and although she initially accepted she dropped out shortly before filming began. Her official explanation was that she was exhausted having just shot three other movies back to back. Coppola ended up giving the role to his inexperienced daughter Sofia, whose performance left a lot to be desired.

8 Leonardo DiCaprio Thought Playing A Serial Killer Would Alienate His Fans

7 Will Smith Didn’t 'Get' The Matrix

6 John Travolta Couldn’t Work With Roman Polanski

5 Harvey Keitel Couldn’t Handle Stanley Kubrick’s Filmmaking Style

4 Bill Murray Did Not Get Along With His Charlie’s Angels Co-Stars

3 Emily Browning Was Too Tired To Star In Twilight

Series author Stephanie Meyer was very keen to have Emily Browning play the role of Bella but the young actress, who is known for her roles in films like Ghost Ship, and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, refused to even audition for the part claiming that she was too tired. She had just finished filming the horror flick The Uninvited and claimed that she didn’t want to get involved with a role that could turn into a series. We think she would have done a much better job than sulky face Kristen Stewart and it could have been a turning point in her career. Oh well, we live and learn, right?

2 Sacha Baron Cohen Missed Out On A Chance To Play Freddie Mercury

1 Kel O’Neill Landed A Role In 'There Will Be Blood' But Was Fired Two Weeks Later

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15 Actors Who Couldn't Pull It Together For A Movie