15 Actors Who Begged For Their Characters To Die

Not every actor working in the industry is a method actor. Even if you believe all the exaggerated reports about those who are method, there is still a significant majority who clock out at the end of the day and leave their character behind them on the set. Still, acting is a very difficult profession. It often requires long hours and a massive commitment from the cast and crew. Some shoots are worse than others and some characters require much more preparation and intensity. When actors are first cast in a role, it's probably all rainbows and kittens. Life is good. You've got a guaranteed job for the foreseeable future. Everything is coming up Millhouse. Over time, however, rainbows turn into rainclouds and kittens turn into annoying co-stars and a shoot that just won't end.

It happens on TV and in the movies. Actors just grow tired of their characters as the years go on. In some situations, the character or the time allotted to that character restricts an actor from taking on other parts. In other situations, the actor comes in knowing that their character will eventually come to an end and they look forward to it. The common bond between all the actors on this list is that they all want or wanted their character to die. They are eager to act out their deaths and watch it unfold on screen. It's a bit sadistic or masochistic or both. Whatever it is, it's also pretty common in the industry. FYI, there are some spoilers below. Here are 15 actors who were desperate to have their characters killed off.

15 Bill Murray – Zombieland


14 Dominic Monaghan – Lost

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13 Nina Dobrev – The Vampire Diaries


12 Sean Bean – The Lord of the Rings

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11 Harry Lloyd – Game of Thrones

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10 Sophie Turner – Game of Thrones

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9 Kit Harington – Game of Thrones


8 Sigourney Weaver – Alien 3


7 Raymond Cruz – Breaking Bad

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6 Dean Norris – Breaking Bad

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5 Samuel L. Jackson – Deep Blue Sea


4 Patrick Dempsey – Grey's Anatomy

3 Steven Yeun – The Walking Dead


2 Harrison Ford – Star Wars

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1 Leonard Nimoy – Star Trek II

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There's an old legend about Leonard Nimoy and his most famous character, Spock. The legend says that Nimoy was sick of Spock and always being associated with the character, so, after the first film had finished, Nimoy said that was that. He was done with Spock. Amazingly, that part's pretty much true. But there's more to it. When it came time to write Star Trek II, Spock wasn't going to be included. A draft was written; there was no Spock, but the script was no good. Screenwriter Jack Sowards was brought in to write a new draft, but he wanted to use Spock. They didn't think Nimoy would go for it, but Sowards had a plan. He wrote a script that had Spock die early on. This would satisfy fans and Nimoy. Sowards put something together and everyone like it, including Nimoy who agreed to be part of it. Then, Sowards wrote another draft, this time Spock died later in the film. Still acceptable. Then, Sowards wrote another with Spock dying even later in the film. By the end of this little ploy, Sowards had Spock's death pushed right to the end of the film and Nimoy was committed. Everyone wins.

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15 Actors Who Begged For Their Characters To Die