15 Actors We Totally Forgot Guest-Starred On Friends

There aren't many sitcoms that can boast the same sort of success as Friends. It ran from 1994 to 2004 and garnered a huge amount of attention from fans all over the world. The main cast of characters became sensations in their own right, and there were a number of A-list celebrities who wanted to become part of the show. Whether it was for a single episode or for a recurring guest spot, there were actually quite a lot of celebrities who wound up appearing on the Friends series. From George Clooney and Noah Wyle appearing as doctors during the very first season to Susan Sarandon playing a soap opera star alongside Joey, it seems like the list is practically endless when it comes to celebrities who've appeared on the show.

Yet, there were some celebrity guest stars that seemed to pop out more than others. From the characters they played to the way they interacted with the main cast, fans of the series all seem to have their own favorites when it comes to the celebrity guest stars that have appeared on Friends episodes. While there are some actors who try to get onto a hit series to try and further their careers, it seems like the Friends series was quite unique in what it did for guest stars. It was like a badge of honor to say that they had been part of this iconic series, and there are some guest spots that will always be remembered. Check out our list of the 15 actors you forgot guest-starred on Friends, and see if your favorite celebrity cameo made the cut.


15 Freddie Prinze Jr.

When Ross and Rachel were in search of a nanny for their new baby, they went through an interview process that proved that it wasn't just women who could take on that role. Freddie Prinze Jr. guest-starred as the character, Sandy, a male nanny. Chandler whimsically dubbed him a "Manny," but Ross didn't find it so funny. Ross felt uncomfortable with his baby daughter having a male nanny, even though he was more than qualified for the job. Prinze was completely convincing as the overly sensitive male nanny who seemed to truly love his job. He was able to bake delicate pastries, he knew tricks on how to get rid of diaper rash, and he even did a great puppet show. While he was ultimately let go, fans of the series loved this small storyline on Friends.

14 Winona Ryder


Winona Ryder played the character Melissa Warburton, who was previously one of the sorority sisters of Rachel. While Rachel was never thought of as a wild one, she shocked all of her friends when she regaled them with a story of the night she made out with Melissa. The guys were always hoping to hear and see some girl-on-girl action amongst their friends, so this story should've come as a happy surprise. Yet, some of Rachel's friends couldn't quite believe that it had actually happened. Rachel seemed quite proud to have that one moment where she had done something a little bit wild and outside of her character, so she set out to prove it by calling up Melissa. While Melissa initially denied it, Rachel planting a kiss on her revealed that she really did have that moment.

13 Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson was part of the new generation of supermodels and had a hugely successful career. When she joined the cast of Friends as Joey's hot new roommate, Janine Lacroix, people couldn't get over how great she looked. She seemed to look exactly how she did during her heyday walking the catwalk, and she definitely played the part of Joey's hot new roommate to a tee. There was a bit of push and pull when it came to whether or not the two of them would wind up forming a romantic relationship, but they wound up getting together in the end. However, it didn't seem like they had a deep and meaningful relationship, and things came to an end when she just couldn't get along with Joey's friends.

12 Aisha Tyler


When Aisha Tyler first appeared on Friends, she played the role of Charlie Wheeler. As a paleontology professor, she didn't exactly seem like the typical woman who would date Joey. Yet, Joey seemed to really have affection for her. It became clear that she didn't have that much in common with Joey and that she had far more in common with Ross. During a small getaway, Ross and Charlie sparked up a romance of their own, which caused some major tension between these two friends. While it wound up working itself out in the end, that wasn't the end to their relationship troubles. Charlie's ex-boyfriend still had feelings for her, and he made a play to try and stifle Ross in his professional career. Charlie wound up leaving Ross to go back to her ex, and that was it for Aisha's time on the show.

11 Sean Penn

During Season 8 of the season, Phoebe ran into her twin sister, Ursula, and she found out that she was getting married. Typically, Phoebe didn't have any sort of relationship with her sister, so getting to hear something about her personal life was a really big deal. Phoebe wound up inviting Ursula and her new fiancé to Monica and Chandler's Halloween party. When Ursula's fiancé showed up to the party, he mistook Phoebe for Ursula and came up behind her and gave her a slap on the butt. Sean Penn played the character, Eric, and had to adopt a mild-mannered personality of a 2nd-grade teacher that had a love for charity work. Penn's character was short-lived on the show, but his cameo appearance was definitely a win for the show.

10 Brad Pitt


When the Season 8 Thanksgiving special rolled around, Monica said that she had invited Will Colbert to come to dinner. He was in high school with Ross and didn't have anywhere else to go since he was in town on business as a commodities broker. He was extremely overweight but had lost an astounding 150 pounds. When he showed up, the audience was amazed to see that the character was portrayed by Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time. He said that he had lost so much weight that he was going to be in a Subway sandwich commercial, but the most interesting part of the episode was the fact that he hated Rachel Green. He claimed that he and Ross had created the "I Hate Rachel Green Club" in high school and even passed around a rumor that she had both male and female reproductive organs.

9 Trudie Styler

When Phoebe found out that Sting had a son who went to the same school as Ben, the son of Ross, she begged him to get her tickets to his upcoming concert. Ross said that it would be difficult since Ben and Sting's son, Jack, didn't get along. Phoebe took things into her own hands by showing up at the school and pretended to be Susan, one of Ben's moms. She got Sting's contact information from one of the school administrators and then showed up at Sting's house to talk about how they could mend Ben and Jack's relationship. Trudie Styler, playing herself, made an appearance in the episode. She quickly worked out that Phoebe was only there for concert tickets and ultimately triggered a silent alarm and filed a restraining order on Phoebe.


8 Alec Baldwin


After 15 years apart, Lisa Kudrow and Alec Baldwin reunited when they both appeared in the animated film, The Boss Baby. The two had formerly worked together on Friends when Baldwin played the role of Parker, one of Phoebe's love interests. The two seemed like they were meant to be, but then, Parker's little personality quirks started to become a red flag that they wouldn't make the best couple. Phoebe had always found it difficult to really find true love because there seemed to always be something that would get in the way of her relationships. From David having to be in Russia as a scientist to Gary shooting a bird while in bed with Phoebe, fans began to wonder whether or not Phoebe would ever find love.

7 Paul Rudd

There came a time on Friends when it seemed like all of the characters had finally settled down except for Joey and Phoebe. In an effort to rectify this, Phoebe had the idea that they should set each other up with a friend. Joey actually forgot once the day came around, and he wound up approaching a stranger and asking him to come along on the date. Paul Rudd played the role of Mike Hannigan, and he actually became a steady member of the group. They started having quite a serious relationship, even though they both came from completely different backgrounds. The two wound up getting married, and fans of the series were overjoyed to see that Phoebe was going to get her wedding day.

6 Gabrielle Union


When Chandler and Ross saw that there was a beautiful young woman moving into the neighborhood, Ross went over and struck up a conversation with her. He offered to help her move in some of her boxes and then asked her out on a date. Gabrielle Union played the role of Kristen Leigh, and she was obviously more than just Ross's type. After Ross had to leave (because he hurt his back from moving the boxes), Joey wound up noticing her and asked her out on a date as well. Once Ross and Joey discovered that they were dating the same girl, a competition ensued on who would be the one to win over her heart. Yet, they took their competition a bit too far, and it scared her off.

5 Kathleen Turner

Throughout the Friends series, there was always a lot of talk about Chandler's father. He was scarred for life regarding Thanksgiving because of the way he had found out that his father was leaving the family due to homosexual feelings. His father later starred in a burlesque show, and eventually, he was shown in the series. Charles Bing was actually portrayed by Kathleen Turner, even though it had to be a bit of a letdown for her to have to play a man dressing as a woman. Turner was once thought of as a great beauty on the big screen and had starred in a series of hugely successful films like Romancing the Stone and War of the Roses. The most infamous portrayal of Chandler's father was during his wedding special where Chandler was walked down the aisle by both his mother and father.

4 Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon starred as Rachel's little sister, Jill, and appeared on the series as a version of a younger Rachel. When Rachel first appeared on Friends, she was completely dependent on her father's money, and she didn't know the first thing about working for a living. When Jill appeared on the series, she had been cut off by her father and was told to get advice from Rachel because she had been able to make a living for herself. Yet, she didn't exactly come into her own like Rachel did, and instead, she chose to get revenge on Rachel by making a move on Ross. The two wound up sharing a passionate kiss, but Ross ultimately told her that he couldn't date her because of how it would affect his relationship with Rachel.

3 Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate appeared on Friends as Rachel's other sister, Amy Green. She was on the show twice but didn't exactly have the most likable persona. She didn't seem very bright, and she didn't have social skills when it came to other people's feelings. On one of her appearances, she couldn't seem to remember the name of Rachel's baby and made a number of insults toward Monica and Ross. During one occasion, the two sisters wound up squaring off with one another, and it was questionable to see who would win in a physical fight between them. While neither one of them were actually considered athletic, the fact that one did yoga and the other did Pilates was the only real deciding factor on who would actually win the fight.

2 Bruce Willis


When Ross started to date one of his students, he didn't think that it was something that was profusely against the rules. He thought that it was just something that was frowned upon, but he later learned that he would be fired if it were discovered that he was having a relationship with a student. He had to keep the relationship a secret, which became difficult once he met her father. Elizabeth's father was played by Bruce Willis, and he didn't approve of her relationship with Ross. Yet, the real storyline came when he started to date Rachel. His character started off as the strong (and handsome) and quiet type, but he wound up becoming quite emotional once Rachel got him to come out of his shell.

1 Danny DeVito

During Season 10, Phoebe was starting to count down to the time until she would recite her vows to her fiancé, Mike Hannigan. The girls decided to throw her a bachelorette party, but there was some confusion over how the party should go. Monica felt that it should be a more dignified get-together, but Phoebe became extremely disappointed that there wasn't going to be a stripper. When the girls ordered a last-minute stripper, they didn't exactly know what they would get. Danny DeVito starred as the male stripper who was dressed like a police officer. Not only did he not fit the bill for what they were looking for, but he became depressed over the fact that he could no longer turn on the ladies. Phoebe wound up having a good time in the end, but the memory of Danny DeVito putting on a strip show will be forever burned into the minds of Friends fans.

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