15 Actors Hollywood Refuses To Cast Anymore

We all tend to have this idea that once you make it big in Hollywood, life is easy from there on out. Work will just magically appear and life will be sweet. But the truth is that it doesn't work that way at all.

Sure, some actors enjoy long and fruitful careers, but for most, their time in the spotlight is actually quite limited. They may be popular and in demand for a while, especially if they manage to land an important role or two, but because new talent arrives on the scene all the time, there’s always the chance they will be upstaged. There are so many things that can go wrong in Hollywood that it’s hard to make a long-term career really work. You might end up with a bad reputation like Lindsay Lohan; no one wants to hire an actor or actress who is going to be full of drama, or you might get typecast and only get offered certain types of roles.

It’s hard to predict who is going to make it in a place as fickle and ever-changing as Hollywood. And no one knows that better than these once-popular stars that movie execs just refuse to cast anymore.

15 Katherine Heigl Is Too Difficult To Work With

14 Tobey Maguire Now Works Behind The Scenes

13 Seann William Scott's Party Guy Persona Got Old Real Fast

12 Hugh Grant's Charm Has Worn Thin

11 What Happened To Eva Mendes?

10 Josh Hartnett Turned Down Multiple Superhero Roles

9 Jessica Biel Thinks She Is Too Hot For Leading Roles

8 Freddie Prinze Jr. Couldn't Prove He Had Range

7 Pierce Brosnan Couldn't Top Bond

6 Cameron Diaz Tarnished Herself With Bad Teacher

5 Taylor Lautner's Ego Got In The Way

4 Ryan Phillippe Just Fizzled Out

3 Kristen Steward Failed To Wow Anyone

2 Michael Cera's First Leading Role Was The Beginning Of The End

1 Cuba Gooding Jr. Made One Too Many Bad Choices

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15 Actors Hollywood Refuses To Cast Anymore