15 A-List Celebs Who Dumped Their Wives For The Side Chick

Not all side chicks get the short end of the stick.

From lavish vacations to expensive gifts, the other woman benefits from a life of total luxury. Even though the United States welcomes A-list actors and musicians with their bevy of beautiful women, other countries encourage cheating too, like China. Powerful men may stay with their wives, but they usually find another woman or two; they're known as concubines.

"With the economic liberalisation of China and the rise of wealthy businessmen, an ancient tradition has resurged: the concubine. Young women, often students from poorer families, seek positions as mistresses at the beck and call of wealthy men," a documentary states. Between a $500,000 penthouse to spending money, the side chicks of China rake in the perks of a successful man.

But a man rarely leaves his wife for his mistress, unless he lives in the U.S.

Actor Brad Pitt shocked fans across continents when he and his wife of five years, Jennifer Aniston, split. After his divorce, he set his sights on actress Angelina Jolie. While their rift happened before he met the By the Sea actress, rumors quieted the truth. People instead thought that he cheated on Aniston, which she debunked herself. The couple drifted apart, like any other lovebird in Hollywood.

Usually, married celebrities split because of a third party, though. Sometimes, they either date or marry the third party, as their exes pick up the pieces of a crumbled union.


15 The Singer's Side Piece?

Courtesy of TNT

After Chris Brown famously hit Rihanna, he set the tone for his own relationships to come.

His love life never recovered. Even when he started dating model Karrueche Tran, she received just as much hate as him. Instead of reveling in the limelight of her famous boo, online trolls talked poorly of her relationship; they even called her the side chick. The web picked up on the circulating rumors by publishing articles to reinforce the gossip. "Breezy had an affair with aspiring model while he was with Rihanna. Then, he and Riri broke up, and he wifed up Karrueche," an article states. Tran became upset with the many rumors, but maybe she just became upset with the truth? Either way, she and Brown broke up. He got his other side chick pregnant.

14 The Rapper's Shotgun Wedding

Courtesy of VH1

Do you live with your children and girlfriend only to visit your wife once every few weeks?

Unlike a married man with several women on the side, rapper Peter Gunz betrayed his family by marrying his fling. He says he regrets his decision, yet he stays married to the side chick. "I jumped out of the window and did something I regret," he recalls. While he wants the best for his wife, he seems like he truly wants to better himself for his girlfriend and their two boys. However, only time will tell. Until he figures out what (and whom) he needs, he will continue hurting two women who love him. Even the other woman deserves better.

13 Host Cooks Up Craziness

Courtesy of TooFab

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott kick-started their relationship on the wrong foot.

McDermott married his first wife in 1993, but he divorced his wife in 2006 when he met Spelling. After only a few weeks of time together, he decided to leave his wife and children for the side chick. They rode off into the sunset together and, now that they share at least a decade of marriage and five children, the pair seem stronger now than ever before. They still suffered lows, though. Like his first wife, Spelling experienced loss and grief when she found out that McDermott cheated on her. His infidelity almost ruined their marriage, but they look happy now. Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.

12 Failed Rapper Meets Pop Princess

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When you think of Kevin Federline's relationship with Britney Spears, you may just wave off their failed romance as another Hollywood tragedy.

Between the booze, drugs, and cheating, their relationship mirrored a mess. Before the tabloids caught wind of their split, their happy union began in a messy way. The rapper separated from his girlfriend (and the mother of his two children) when he met Spears. His decision made the "Womanizer" singer happy, but he destroyed his former woman's heart. After a couple years of married life, Spears eventually admitted to her mistake via documentary. "I think I married for the wrong reasons. Instead of following my heart, I just did it for the idea of everything," she says. Like the woman before her, she also went through heartbreak. Instead of crying and eating ice cream, though, she shaved her head.

11 A-List Actor Marries A-List Amber

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Even though Johnny Depp swore off marriage, he changed his mind when he met Amber Heard.

After several years together, he married her in an intimate locale. They left their wedding as the hottest couple in Hollywood, yet their matrimonial bliss looked doomed from the start. Depp cheated on his long-term girlfriend with Heard. When they became a serious item, their romance went through the wringer. When Heard wanted a divorce from him, he allegedly hit her eye with his cellphone, which made him look like a monster. "Heard filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences," an article states. With an age gap of 22 years and a cheating scandal, their romance never stood a chance. He needs a woman his own age...and a new cellphone.

10 A Family Affair...Literally

Courtesy of Associated Press

Woody Allen and Mia Farrow seemed like the quirky, cute couple of Hollywood. Then, Allen left his wife for her adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn.

Now, Allen is in his eighties and Previn is in her forties, and they parent a couple of adopted children too. Even though their relationship grows stronger by the day, their love affair is creepy at best. Even the way Allen talked about his wife shows the true colors of their fling. "I was paternal. She responded to someone who was paternal," he says. Allen even admits that he only saw a short future with her, but their romance just blossomed unexpectedly. Their age gap of 35 years never made a negative impact. After more than two decades together, a divorce seems highly unlikely. According to Allen, their "dynamic worked."

9 Liar, Liar, 'Girl On Fire'?

Courtesy of BBC

Before Alicia Keys married Swizz Beatz, people badmouthed their relationship because of infidelity.

Apparently, Beatz cheated on his first wife with Keys; he married the mistress anyway. The online community went crazy, and people sent Keys hate for her supposed part in his split. She tried to clear the air of the rumors, though. She says, "We didn't start seeing each other until months after they had separated." She reveals to Essence how upset she felt and how she wanted the rumors to quiet. Even though she cleared her name, people online seemed unconvinced. Since the magazine's issue, the rumors still label her a homewrecker.


8 A Bad Bean

Courtesy of Parade

Who knew Antonio Banderas played such mind games?

Before he met his last wife, Melanie Griffith, he and actress Ana Leza recited vows in 1987. (They divorced in 1996.) He cheated on Leza with Griffith and to make matters worse, a good man also suffered, Griffith's husband. Both actors cheated on their significant others with one another, so their love story ended in the same way it began. After he and the Dino Time actress tied the knot, rumors of adultery swirled around the happy couple. While she overlooked the hearsay for decades, Banderas' bad behavior took an immense toll on their marriage; they divorced in 2015.

7 A 'Pretty Woman' Off Camera


One of Hollywood's best actresses put more than just airtime on her resume.

Julia Roberts starred in countless romances. Her talent knew no bounds, and her beauty captivated audiences from the get-go. However, her love life portrayed complications her onscreen characters could understand. Even ABC News wrote an article about how awful and messy Roberts conducted herself. Her lovers only followed her lead. According to the publication The Hollywood Gossip, cinematographer Daniel Moder cheated on his ex-wife with the blonde bombshell. "When Julia Roberts married her now-cameraman-husband, she pulled him away from his then-wife to do it," the article confirms. She played dirty, but so did her husband. Fairy tale romances only exist in the movies, like Pretty Woman.

6 Kim Only Humps Kanye

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Kim Kardashian knows what (and whom) she wants—a man with money and power, like Kanye West. Why else do you think she dumped Kris Humphries?

Even though Humphries never cheated on his wife with another woman, Kardashian wore the pants in their 72-day marriage. (Their marriage really lasted a couple years.) Since the basketball player twiddled his thumbs versus signing divorce papers, Kardashian moved in her new beau, West. They became a power couple, and they cemented their love with a new baby. As Kardashian carried their firstborn, she stressed about problems expanding past a doctor's appointment or ultrasound; she feared that she'd give birth while still married to a publicity stunt. At least her drama made for riveting reality TV.

5 An Adult Star Production

After Amber Rose ended her tumultuous relationship with Kanye West, she found the love of her life in Wiz Khalifa, a promising rapper.

They seemed like the perfect match, and they even got married after the birth of their son. Even though Hollywood never expected them to split, they announced their divorce after a few years of marriage. Fans wanted to know why, and they desperately hoped that the two would reconcile. But, when Rose spoke about Khalifa's many mistresses, including an adult star, people understood why she left him. "That's not my husband. People make mistakes," she says. While the news devastated her, she picked up the pieces for both herself and her son. After a few years passed, she seems happier than ever before. Her new man is also an awesome rapper, and he's also her future husband. Don't believe me? Read this article for yourself.

4 Another Kardashian Catastrophe

Courtesy of Conservative Tribune

Instead of a 72-day marriage, Caitlyn and Kris Jenner shared almost 25 years of marital bliss, as well as several children. (They created Kendall and Kylie Jenner together.)

While their union seemed more and more strained with each season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, people assumed that they would work on their differences. Then, a confession changed their lives forever. Caitlyn (formerly known as Bruce) talked to family and friends about her transition, which caught everyone by surprise, especially Kris. She never thought her husband would make such an irreversible change to her identity. The mother-manager felt totally blindsided. Even though Caitlyn never slept with another woman, she betrayed her wife, their children, and herself. Technically, Bruce cheated on Kris with Caitlyn. Now, their relationship will never be the same.

3 A Teen Mom, Bride, And Blindside

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When the show Teen Mom 2 debuted, people wanted to look away, but the train wrecks made the wine pour and popcorn pop all by themselves.

Leah Messer and her ex-husband, Corey Simms, hid nothing about their rocky romance. They both parented twin girls at a very, very young age, so the pressures of parenthood added tension and exhaustion. Messer found comfort in other men, which left Simms in emotional distress. Even though he eventually left his wife for another woman, the pair's affair never ended. While Simms and his second wife enjoyed matrimonial bliss, Messer's beauty enraptured Simms. He cheated on his wife with his ex-wife, which almost tore their marriage apart. And who knows? If the mother of his third child left him, he would still be with Messer (maybe).

2 All Fumble, No Touchdown

Courtesy of New York Daily News

NFL player Tiki Barber cultivated a successful career and marriage, but he threw away his wife and children for the other woman Traci Lynn Johnson.

While their story seems like any other cheating scandal, they made headlines because of Barber's wife. She already birthed their two sons, but she became pregnant with their twin girls during his infidelity. Her world crumbled beneath her feet. Instead of enjoying being pregnant with her husband by her side, she instead faced the harsh reality of raising four children on her own. Barber and Johnson continued their relationship regardless, and the pair even wedded a week after Barber's divorce. Talk about a game changer.

1 A Real Housewife Turned Divorcée

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Forget about the tea; sip on the wine instead.

When the popular show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills began, fans saw the cold relationship between Kelsey and Camille Grammer. With Kelsey frequenting New York constantly, he left little room for his wife. Even though she looked content raising their children in California, she missed her husband deeply. She wanted him by her side, but he made excuses (e.g., his grueling work schedule). As the show progressed, fans soon knew that Kelsey went to the East Coast for more than just red carpets and movie premieres. He was seeing another woman, which led to Kelsey and Camille's divorce. As she mourned the loss of her husband, he married side chick, Kayte Walsh. They just gave birth to their third child last year.


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