15 '90s TV Plotholes That You Totally Overlooked

Growing up in the 1990s was an interesting time for those of us who did so. It was a time in which technology continued to advance beyond all measure, and entertainment began to grow. People also would assume they could get away with things when they couldn't, just ask Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, we were all interested in seeing what would happen by the year 2000....the time the world would end.

Before this, however, we saw amazing television shows. Some of the greatest in history came to us in the 90s. Just think about all that we saw back then. Boy Meets World, Step by Step, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and so many others. The nostalgia is killing you, and we can see it!

What is so interesting is that all of those shows, as well as many others, made mistakes. As kids or young adults, we may have overlooked them. Perhaps we did not overlook them, as we could have just missed them altogether. Does that make us bad television watchers? Of course not. However, the thought of missing something seems kind of different to think about.

What could you possibly have missed from that era of television? A lot, and you might be surprised. Television left a lot of plotholes unspoken and unresolved. Some of them were so crazy that we were surprised that the producers thought we were this stupid. We were kids, not idiots!! Regardless of what they did, we caught them. That led us to create a list of fifteen things you may have overlooked from 90's television shows. Enjoy!

15 The Unmentioned Wife In X-Files

Mulder Ring
[Image by Wedding rings with engraved - blogger]

During the Season 5 episode titled "Travelers," Mulder can be seen wearing a wedding band on his left hand. It was not just one scene either, as you could see it throughout the show. The show never explained this after, and it never was brought up. During a radio interview, however, David Duchovny said it was his idea to give Mulder a wife he never talked about. So we know where it came from, but come on!

14 Is That Really Aunt Viv On Fresh Prince?

Aunt Viv
[Image by NY Daily News]

The original actress who played her the first three seasons, Janet Hubert-Witten would leave the show. She would be replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid. Why did Janet get replaced? She had a problem with the main actor, Will Smith. Her attitude and issues with Will ultimately led her role to be recast. Some wonder why this is a plot hole. This is why though. Fresh Prince never made reference to it. They did not have Aunt Viv die and be replaced or even mentioned how she looked different this year. Nothing. However, we all knew the actress was different. This was at the height of the popularity of the show as well, which made it an even bigger issue.

13 Apparently, Kids Are Allowed To Do Whatever They Want In Pokemon

Pokemon Logic
[Image by The Gamer]

How did he make money originally anyway? It was not from Pokemon catching. He is not much better, both Brock and Misty are relatively kids as well. One thing also an issue is that despite this show running from 1997 to the new ones in 2017, Ash remains 10 years old. He never changes age or looks different. It seems the show is purposely always in the same year, despite it changing all the time.

12 Elaine's Flashback In Seinfeld 

Elaine from Seinfeld
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Elaine is searching for Jean Paul in the streets. We're sent to a verbal flashback of Jean Paul telling Jerry "I trust Elaine, she is my friend." Due to this flashback, we had something to wonder about. Jean Paul said this to Jerry, not Elaine. So we have to think this through. How did Elaine have a flashback to something she was not there to experience? Does she have superpowers?

11 How Did Cory, Shawn, And Topanga Really Meet In Boy Meets World?

Cory Shawn Topanga

When they're about to leave high school, Topanga is trying to get the buddies back together after a spat. So she asks them to reflect back on how they met. In that area, Cory and Topanga are together in that flashback. But neither Cory or Shawn knew Topanga until they started school. On top of that, they're at a zoo where Shawn saves Cory. Both much too old for the babies picking a playpen lock story to be true. So which is it?!?

10 The Nanny's Big Plot Hole That Was So Obvious, We're Shocked

Fran and Liz
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During Season 3 in an episode titled "Where's The Pearls," Fran is waiting to ambush her idol, Elizabeth Taylor. Maxwell Sheffield knows Liz and Fran are about to die from wanting to see her. He then says that the kids left for school an hour ago, as he's coming through. Literally right after this, Gracie comes down the stairs. By this season, she was already in school and should have been with them. There is never a reference to why she is there and not in school.

9 Rachel Is Not Really The Last To Turn 30 In Friends 

Rachel turns 30
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Rachel might be the biggest age issue on the show though. In "The One Where They All Turn 30," the friends celebrate Rachel turning 30 years old. It is claimed she was the last to see the age because as the most popular and hottest female on the show....of course she was the youngest. However, Joey was said to be the youngest before this.

In the first season, in "The One With The Birth," he claimed to be 25. Meanwhile, Rachel and Monica admit to both being 26 in that episode, a year older than Joey. So wouldn't Joey be the last to reach 30, not Rachel? Come on producers!

8 Family Matters Killed Off A Child With No Explanation

Family Matters
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Once Steve began to rise in popularity, Judy's role reduced massively on the show. This ultimately led to budget cuts that resulted in Judy not appearing on the show at all. Eventually, it was referenced that Carl Winslow only had two children and Judy never existed. This led to the character basically being wiped from existence in Family Maters. Never is there a word on what happened to Judy, or if even a joke on the subject. It might be one of the biggest plot holes in the history of 90s television.

7 Harry's Squint In 3rd Rock From The Sun

Harry squint
[Image by The Hunt]

Some thought it was actually how French looked. However, in other movies and television shows, French does not have this. With neither being true, what caused it? There is actually no cause. 3rd Rock never truly referenced how it came to be. French would later say he was the one who came up with the infamous squint, but he too never told anyone about how this happened. It remains a pet peeve plot hole for fans.

6 Teenage Mighty Morphin Power Rangers?

Power Rangers
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Zordon needs teenagers– those under the age of 18– to help in his fight against the forces of the Earth? While some like Jason and Tommy were amazing martial artists, people like Kimberly and Billy were not. Zordon could have recruited college-aged people, but felt he needed to go after teenagers first? Teenagers? Today, that could be seen as kinda creepy!

The show never once explains why teenagers needed to be recruited. They have kept this same formula alive in other versions, but in many of the Rangers shows that followed, we can see adults in the uniform instead.

5 Concert Cancelled For Just Two People In Beverly Hills 90210

Noah and Gina
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In this show, Noah cancels a Monica concert at the club because Dylan pays him to have Monica give a private performance to him and Gina instead. Here's the issue, not only is Noah excited about this but he apparently forgets the business behind this. Dylan would need to have given Noah at least something near what he would have gotten at the gate. Otherwise, how is this good business? Plus, what if people got pissed over Noah doing this and refused to come back to the club? It seems like a bad move all around. So why do it?

4 The Numerous Family Changes In Boy Meets World

Nebula Lawrence
[Image by Buzzfeed]

Shawn happens to have a sister in the early seasons, as well as a brother. Both in just one real episode. From there, his sister and brother no longer exist and he's an only child. Well, until Jack comes along in the last few seasons as his half-brother. Topanga also has a sister, Nebula, who we see for one show. It is later revealed she is an only child. Perhaps the biggest issue comes with her parents, which are played by numerous people for both the father and mother. Rarely do they stay the same when we see them show up in the show.

3 The Drooling Song On Home Improvement

Home improvement
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Jill would randomly see the show as she and the kids began watching it. After Tim begins his talk on Jill drooling, she would immediately go to turn the TV off and tell the kids to go do something else. She would later get onto Tim for the ordeal and sing the song to him. Yet she turned the TV off before the song came on, and since this is before DVR, she would not have seen the whole segment later. So how would she have known the song if she never actually heard it?

2 Whatever Happened To Most Of The Earlier Boy Meets World Characters?

Jonathan Turner car accident
[Image by Diply]

Turner was a major figure on the show, but he was only added due to Boy Meets World producers trying to compete with Friends. He made no sense to have such a large role and they realized that, so he was taken off with a motorcycle accident. He did not die, but he never returned to the show. While Minkus would reference Turner on the "other side" with him, Turner did not appear on camera. It was also notable that Turner got a job on a soap opera at the same time as his removal. Cory and Shawn also have a few extra friends who were big in the first season, but never show up in the seasons that followed.

1 Mark's Video Game Misnomer In Step By Step

Mark Foster
[Image by Getty Images]

Christopher Castle played Mark Foster in the series. In Season 1, he can be seen playing video games and be an avid gamer. Meanwhile, fast-forwarding to Season 3's "Video Mania" show, an issue occurred. They had the entire episode center around Mark trying video games for "the first time" and having an addiction to them. As previously mentioned, the show already showed Mark as a big gamer in Season 1. So, the idea of this show made no sense whatsoever. Considering he played them previously and liked them.

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