15 90s Sitcom Characters Who Were Way Hotter Than You Remember

When you think back to 90s sitcom TV, it's normal for your mind to wander to all the beautiful women that graced your TV screens in those days.

When you think back to 90s sitcom television, it's normal for your mind to wander to all the beautiful women that graced your television screens in those days. Who could ever forget Topanga, Rachel Green, Kelly Bundy, or the one and only, Kelly Kapowski. These were the women of our dreams and they will live there for eternity. But what about the women we forgot about? What about the other women in 90s sitcoms, the ones who were overshadowed by the generational beauties that defied all reason and nature? These other women were still gorgeous in their own right. It seems we may have undervalued these women because we had an embarrassment of riches at the time. Well, let's take a look back. We want to remind you of just how good you used to have it.

Things change as you get older. Sure, we all change physically, and rarely for the better, but we also change mentally. The standards of beauty change, usually decreasing significantly. It may have to do with our own personal standards. Maybe as we age, certain things become more attractive to us, things that we didn't go crazy about as younger people. Or maybe the things that we found unattractive when we were young just aren't so bad anymore. In terms of television and why we neglected the women on this list, it might be due to the opposite of the "Ugly Friend Effect," simply by being in the vicinity of a more attractive women on TV, the beautiful women on this list seemed less attractive. If that's the case, Kelly Kapowski single-handedly ruined the appeal for countless actresses and characters in the 90s. Whatever the real reason is, we ignored hotness that was right under our nose. Now don't get us wrong. Many, if not all, of the women on this list were still loved by some viewers. We knew they were hot for the most part; we just didn’t know how hot.

15 Dharma – Dharma & Greg

Whatever happened to Jenna Elfman, the blonde beauty who played Dharma on Dharma & Greg? Well, she was gorgeous, that's why we're wondering. Unlike most of the characters on this list, Dharma wasn't hidden by an obnoxious personality or silliness. OK, never mind, she was a pretty ridiculous person, but Dharma was also a really sweet. She was a hippie-like character, who, at the time, seemed like one of the best wives a person could ask for. Truth be told, the only reason Dharma is on this list is because the show, Dharma & Greg wasn't as popular or as long-lasting as most. For that reason, people tend to forget it even existed. Those that do remember it will never forget the tall, leggy blonde that made it into a hit.

14 Carol Willick-Bunch – Friends

You will remember Carol as Ross' ex-wife in Friends. Well, one of Ross' ex-wives in Friends, the one who became a lesbian. Carol was a recurring character on the show, if only because she was Ben's mothers. In the later seasons, Carol became less of a mainstay, but early on she had a fairly substantial part. Once again, maybe it was because of the Rachel Green effect, but Carol was never considered a hottie. We ask that you look again though. Now, knowledgeable fans will ask, which Carol? They will ask, are you talking about the original one, Anita Barone, the one who showed up in only one episode, or the long-term one, Jane Sibbett? To that we say, yes! or both! depending on which question you think we're answering. Both of these women were wildly attractive and both were apparently forgettable.

13 Elaine Benes – Seinfeld

This one might be questionable for some readers because Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was a sex symbol to many Seinfeld fans, but we still argue that her looks were underappreciated in the grand scheme of sexy sitcom characters in the 90s. Maybe it was because she was a goofball and was hilarious. Even though we often cite "a good sense of humor" as one of our must-haves in a relationship, funny women aren't considered attractive in most television shows. Seriously, think about it. Almost all women who are considered hot in TV sitcoms are the unfunny ones. The other reason that Elaine might not have been thought of as a mega-hottie could be because the show often had her pitted against sexier women. Jerry often had insanely attractive girlfriends, and Elaine's storyline rarely had her positioned as the sexy one. This allowed her to connect with the average female viewer, but it also told us a lie. Elaine was a smoke show.

12 Tisha Campbell-Martin - Martin

The 90s sitcom Martin seems to be one of the most forgotten of the era, overshadowed by other, more popular shows, or just hidden by the numbers, but this was a good show. More importantly, Gina (Tisha Campbell-Martin) was really hot in the show. There was some crazy stuff that went down behind-the-scenes on Martin too. Sexual assault lawsuits, backstage fights, it was a crazy show to be on apparently. Gina's outfits in the early seasons were a big part of both her sex appeal and the reason why people have forgotten about how good looking she was. Her clothes were 90s through and through, but she was incredibly fit in the early 90s and was not afraid to show that off. As the show wore on, Gina became a little too pant-suitish for our tastes, but, in the beginning, there was light and she was tight.

11 Vicki Costa – Just Shoot Me!

Even though Vicki Costa (Rena Sofer) was only a cast member of Just Shoot Me! in the show's final season, we're bending the rules for her because she was a 90s-sitcom veteran, appearing on other shows like Friends, Seinfeld and Spin City. We're also bending the rules for her because she's incredibly hot and this list deserves someone her. Costa's laser blue eyes and dark hair make her look almost inhuman, especially back in those days. Whenever she was on screen, it was impossible not to be completely captivated by her. Largely due to the fact that she was never a main cast member, Costa's hotness has been undervalued by many.

10 Fran Fine - The Nanny

Fran's (Fran Drescher) nasally voice and soul-penetrating laugh did wonders to camouflage her looks. For the most part, people laughed at her jokes and enjoyed her presence, but when she spoke or laughed it would make her into something she wasn't. If you closed your eyes and listened to her without seeing her, you would envision a monster. This goes the other way too. Just look back at her pictures now and try your hardest to forget what The Nanny character sounded like. Try attaching someone else's voice to her. Even this is enough to prove how attractive Fran was. Even her fashion sense was working against her, but, in spite of all this, Fran was still quite the nice package. For the early part of the show, Maxwell (Charles Shaughnessy) and Fran had a sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Eventually, as you probably know, they do get together and every one is happy. With all the celebrities sleeping with their nannies in Hollywood over the past few years, you have to wonder if Fran started some kind of fetish amongst the male viewers.

9 Lisa Miller – NewsRadio

In the mid to late 90s, NewsRadio was one of the more popular sitcoms on the air and Lisa Miller (Laura Tierney) had a lot to do with that. On the show, Lisa dates several of the station members, but, outside of that, it seems like the show made a conscious effort to nullify her looks by giving her an annoying personality—think Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero) in Brooklyn Nine-Nine if you need a contemporary comparison. It doesn't matter how annoying her personality was though, Lisa was the hottie at the NewsRadio station and we loved her. Just to show you how attractive the actress Laura Tierney was, she even had a role on ER for a time and only the most attractive people on the earth were hired in that magical hospital.

8 Roz Doyle – Frasier

Who knows why, but Roz (Peri Gilpin) was never a major sex symbol on Frasier, at least she wasn't treated as one. Maybe it's because the show had a more high-brow humor or maybe the showrunners didn't think she was appealing enough, but she was. Roz was easily the second prettiest on the show, even though there were really only two women on the show. While Roz's active sex life was a running joke, she and Frasier never got together. The romantics in us kind of always expected that they would. Sure, they had a very brief fling, but they mutually decided not to pursue it any further. Really the only character on the show who showed any interest in Roz was Martin (John Mahoney). But, even though he joked about her being his "girlfriend," Roz was treated more like one of the guys

7 Phoebe - Friends

Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) had it rough. She had to share the screen with Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), one of the sexiest characters to ever be on television. There was also Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) who wasn't half bad herself. By default, Phoebe was third best. But, looking back, Phoebe is really hot. There are times when her borderline psychosis hid how gorgeous she really was, but even madness and a crippling learning disability could never fully hide Phoebe's hotness. Now, if you were a huge Friends fan, like most of us were, you probably had your moments of lusting after Phoebe. Like that time when she tried to seduce Chandler to get him to admit he was in a secret relationship with Monica. Sweet lord that was a good episode. Now let's all remember her beauty with fondness.

6 Grace - Will and Grace

Grace (Debra Messing) from Will and Grace was no secret to lovers of beautiful women, but she was underrated for her looks. She had awesome hair, laughed a lot and the show played with her sexiness quite a bit, so what was it that made her beauty so undervalued? Perhaps it was the target audience of the show. While the show was hilarious and loved by people of all shapes and sizes, its main audience was women (maybe also gay men as it was one of the few shows to speak to and for them at the time). For this reason, people weren't beating down the door to see more from Grace. Still, let it be known that we believe that she was one of the most gorgeous women on TV in the 90s.

5 Corky – Murphy Brown

Corky Sherwood (Faith Ford) fit into one of the most common boxes in the 90s sitcom: the ditzy blonde bombshell. Because of her naivety and her overly perky personality, Corky's attractiveness was often overlooked on Murphy Brown. Although Candace Bergen's Murphy Brown wasn't so bad herself, Corky was the show's true eye-candy and they used that as often as they could. Hell, the show's reasoning for why Corky was on the show in the first place was because the fictional audience of the news magazine loved her, probably for her sexiness. After Murphy Brown, Ford went on to star in Hope & Faith in the 2000s, so sitcom fans will know her well. But, back in the 90s, Ford was breaking hearts every week in spite of her character's off-putting quirks. Maybe you just forgot about her.

4 Daphne – Frasier

It might seem crazy to call a sitcom's "sexy" character "hotter than you remember," but Frasier was never the place to look if you wanted a good-looking woman to long for. The cast was largely made up of elderly men, so you can't blame us for wanting to point out that the beautiful women on the show were just that. Daphne Moon (Jane Leeves) was the British live-in housekeeper and physical therapist for Martin Crane (John Mahoney), Frasier's father. Daphne's looks were often a focal point as Niles (David Hyde Pierce) had a very disturbing obsession with her as well. Eventually, Niles wore down Daphne enough that she married him, a man well below her physical station. Their relationship seemed to resemble a form of Stockholm Syndrome, but we're not doctors. One thing is for sure, Daphne made getting old and taken care of seem like the single greatest thing that could happen to a man.

3 Casey – Wings


Played by the stunning Amy Yaseck, Casey Chappel-Davenport was the older sister to Helen (Crystal Bernard) and the on-again off-again partner of Brian Hackett (Steven Weber) on Wings. It would be a lie to pretend like Casey's sexiness was a secret on the show, especially since she was the main draw in terms of eye candy. But as a whole, we feel like Wings is one of the forgotten gems of 90s sitcom era, and Casey along with it. The fiery red-head thing worked wonders for Casey and she stole everyone's heart on the show pretty much, especially Antonio (Tony Shalhoub) who basically stalked her. Casey didn’t appear on the show until the 6th season, so you might think she didn't play a big part, but she was the main reason many people tuned in to watch the show each week. She certainly was that for us.

2 Becky – Roseanne

The original Becky on Roseanne was played by Lecy Goranson, but later in the show's run seasons 6-9, Sarah Chalke came on board to replace Goranson. In the later seasons, when Becky becomes a young adult, she really blossomed into a looker. It might have been the trailer they lived in or the family they came from, but it's easy to remember Roseanne's family as a bunch of grubby little weirdos, but not Becky. Nope. Becky was hot. Chalke would go on to blow people's minds with her hotness in Scrubs, so many have looked back at her younger years since then, but we want to make sure everyone remembers just how hot Becky was.

1 Al – Step by Step

Since Al (Christine Lakin) was so young when Step by Step premiered in 1991, many viewers forgot that she eventually became a woman on the show later on. By the time the show was cancelled, Christine was a gorgeous 18- and 19-year-old. Alicia was the family's resident tomboy as a young girl and teenager, but as she got older, the showrunners realized that she was really becoming gorgeous, so they played with that a lot more. In her late teens, Al wanted to become an actress, which made sense given her good looks. If you're wondering what Lakin looks like today in her late-30s, you should do some more research. Without exaggeration, she's like the hottest person in the world. In a way, Lakin's good looks make it ever sadder that Step by Step was cancelled when it was.

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