20 Steamiest Photos Of LA Ink's Kat Von D

We’ve all likely noticed that the powers that be in Hollywood and behind the scenes in the television and music worlds are interested in women that meet cookie-cutter expectations. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, and there is more than one mold that they seem comfortable with. But if you look at the vast majority of people that are stars, they are likely to look pretty similar to one another. That is why we find it so remarkable that someone like Kat Von D was able to find a place for herself in the entertainment world. Possessing a body that is highly covered in tattoos, there is no doubt that it is a look that is far from the norm. Hell, when they needed someone to play a heavily-tattooed woman in the show Blindspot, they turned to the tattoo-free actress Jaimie Alexander. Wanting to celebrate that someone like her broke through, we were inspired to put together this list of the twenty steamiest photos of LA Ink’s Kat Von D.

In order for a photo be considered for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that Kat Von D can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than this popular TV star will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

Zipper In The Front

Via 4archive.org

The first image on this list as well as leading the way in pictures of Kat Von D at red carpet events, there are many pictures of her out there walking in front of lineups of photographers. In fact, we never had any idea prior to working on this list that she so regularly attends so many premieres and parties, although we’re not shocked since she seems like someone who likes having a good time. On top of that, we’d now say that it seems like a perfect place for her to show up if she is going to look this good while still having a style all her own. Wearing a top with a zipper in the front, it is undone just enough to see a bit of her bra and cleavage, which is very enticing.


19 Tattoo Shop

Via Pinterest.com

Seen here in the type of location that most of us associate Kat with the most, a tattoo shop, it certainly appears like she seems very much at home spending her time there. Wearing a pair of pants and a leopard-print bikini top, this combo provides a pretty wonderful look at her body which is always something that we greatly appreciate. However, as much as we love having a fine vantage point of her chest and almost all of her torso, that isn’t actually our favorite part of this photo. Instead, we enjoy the intimate nature of this image because it feels like a private moment for her despite being in a public location, and who wouldn’t enjoy being there with her? We’re sure her many fans would totally agree with us.

18 With Nikki Sixx

Via zimbio.com

A member of one of the most successful rock bands of all time, Nikki Sixx and his cohorts in Motley Crue have been in the spotlight for years. Best known for songs like “Dr. Feelgood,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Smokin’ in the Boys Room,” and many more, they’ve provided the soundtrack to many people’s lives over the years. Therefore, someone who is accustomed to being in the spotlight, it may have been a shock for Nikki that people paid more attention to his girlfriend, Kat, while they were together. Photographed from the side here, that is a major part of this photo’s appeal as it has provided us with the opportunity to see a hint of the side of one of Kat’s breasts which is enough to put a smile on our faces.

17 Throne

Via Twitter.com

The dream girl of a lot of gothic men and women that are attracted to ladies, we could easily see this picture of Kat adorning the walls or lockers of people who enjoy seeing her. Sitting in a massive chair that brings to mind a throne for us, it seems like a fitting thing for her as she seems as though many of her fans would be all too willing to bow at her feet. On top of that, we’d submit that shooting a beautiful woman like her from below is something that doesn’t happen nearly enough which is backed up by an image like this one. Providing an eyeful of her gams in pants that seem so tight that they almost could have been painted on aside from a few wrinkles, to say that we love looking at her legs is a huge understatement.

16 With Jesse James

Via huffingtonpost.com

The second and last image on this list that features Kat alongside one of her beaus, this time around, she stands aside Jesse James who was a figure of great controversy by the time they got together. At one time married to Sandra Bullock and appearing to have a heart of gold, that veneer disappeared when it came to light that he’d habitually cheated on her with several women. Forever tarnished by these revelations, it may not have seemed a good career move for Kat to allow herself to become associated with him. Of course, if you haven’t noticed, she doesn’t seem to make her decisions based on popular perception. It seems like it worked out for her, at least for a while, since she looks quite happy here on top of looking great in a tight black dress which we like a great deal.

15 Blonde

via vettri.net

If there is one way in which we never expected this celebrity to alter her look, it was to sport blonde hair and when we first saw this photo as proof that she did that once upon a time, it just seemed wrong. The opposite of the color we’re accustomed to her hair being, it initially also seemed like it clashed to a degree with her many dark tattoos. After thinking about it for a moment, we realized how wrong we were. After all, there are oodles of blondes with tattoos, and thinking that it is a bad combo is just plain silly so we realized it was just the change of pace that put us off. After coming to that conclusion, we saw that this image was proof positive that her looks aren’t dependent on her a gothic color motif which makes her even hotter in our view.

14 Red & Blue

Via fanpop.com

We’re starting to notice that Kat seems to enjoy wearing tops with zippers that she can strategically undo just enough to tantalize the viewer with hints of her bosom, and we’re all for it. The second image on this list where she is doing just that, the reason why we gave this image the edge over the last one is that we love the angle from which we’re looking at her. Seen from the side, that fact gives us the perfect perspective with which to appreciate many of her most attractive attributes. For instance, her cleavage here is greater because a bit more of it is exposed from where this shot was taken, and we can truly appreciate how impressive her midriff was at this time.

13 Side View

Via starpulse.com

We just touched on an image of Kat from the side where her top is zipped down enough to give the camera a gander at the cleavage, and this image is further proof of why that is a wonderful thing. Just barely able to beat out the previous entry on this list because that zipper is obviously lowered a lot more than it was in the previous shot, that is enough to put it over the edge for us. That is because there is little that we like more than getting a look at a woman’s bra, especially when it feels like it is a little bit of work to see but the person is encouraging us to keep peering at her. If you extrapolate on this picture a little bit, it is easy to imagine her continuing on and removing more of her clothes one at a time which is a thing of beauty.


12 Red Pose

Via scoopwhoop.com

We’ve already written about the fact that Kat is most associated with having black hair. But while looking at her with the color she is sporting here, it is hard to argue that shouldn’t change that going forward. Sporting hair that is something similar to red in color, we have to say that it absolutely suits her in our opinion even though we weren’t certain it would. That said, all of the attention we paid her long locks at first meant that it took us a while to notice that part of the dress she has on here isn’t what it seems at first glance. See-through from her legs down, there is little in this world that we like more than clothes that are transparent on an appealing woman.

11 Sunglasses

Via kokoko.ru

Someone who is well-known for her distinctive style, Kat Von D is one of the most unique entities in the entertainment world. Pictured here in a photo that seems very posed, if it was another person instead of her, it would have felt extremely contrived. Fortunately, that isn’t a word that comes up in our minds when thinking about Kat, and we don’t think that is what is going on here. Instead, this feels like this tattoo artist was having fun dressed down with a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses on, and someone just happened to take a photo of it. We realize that isn’t the case but it is hot that she seems so at home in her own skin. Sporting a blue bikini top as her only covering from the waist up definitely aides this image a great deal in this ranking as well, for obvious reasons.

10 Early Photo

Via fansshare.com

A picture of her where she seems to be a lot younger than the woman we know and love today, we’re not sure when this picture was taken but there is one thing that is clear. Kat Von D has had it going on for many years and didn’t require the same amount of time that many of us do in order to figure out who we really are. Standing with her arms covering up her chest, we can see that she had a bra or bikini top on, but the positioning of her arms begs a few scandalous and delightful questions. First and foremost is whether or not her garment was completely covering her chest, which is a fantastic thing to consider even if it is just for a moment.

9 Open Jacket

Via Pinterest.com

Yet another shot of Kat wearing a top she is in the midst of unzipping, don’t worry, this is the last photo of that ilk that we’ve included on this list. Containing many of the things we enjoyed so much about the other two, including the hint of her chest and the mental picture of her undressing, this picture is the best of them in our opinion for one reason. Staring directly into the camera’s lens, it could have been a little bit uncomfortable as most of us don’t enjoy someone doing that to us in real life. However, here, it makes it seem like she is in the midst of taking off her clothes just for the enjoyment of the viewer, and we believe most of those looking at this photo will think that is as great as we do.

8 Tattoo Free Makeup

Via listal.com

There are a couple of things that should be completely clear this far into this list. First is that Kat is a woman who almost always appears to be very bewitching. Secondly, the thing that she is best known for is the many tattoos she has on her, as few celebrities have such a different look. That latter fact may make it seem like including this picture of her with them missing is a betrayal of the core concept of this list but we think the opposite is true. Wearing makeup designed to obscure tattoos that she is the face of, there is no doubt that this photo is a departure for her. But for us, it shows that with or without her art, she is an enchanting woman.

7 Accessories Galore

Via weheartit.com

A mainstay of the fashion world for centuries at this point, accessories are meant to serve the overall look of someone instead of distracting the eye of the beholder. Wearing several bracelets and necklaces, a glove, and some kind of chain coming off of her top, this image of Kat Von D seems like it may have gone too far and ruined the core idea of these things. Fortunately, we find her body to be so comely and fascinating that things aren’t that way at all, if you ask us. Instead, we enjoy that she has so many interesting items on as they allow us to search them out and in doing so, visually pour over the figure of a woman that we find fantastic to look at.

6 Laying

Via taringa.net

Laying on her side on some kind of old-school style couch, from what we can tell, this picture of Kat is one where she is doing something she’d regularly only do around those she is intimately involved with. Seemingly bereft of all pretenses and locked into a moment of self-reflection here, it feels like we’ve been given the opportunity to get a look at who she is to the core, and she is beautiful in that regard. Furthermore, the loose-fitting outfit that she has on and the way she is laying reveals her cleavage to a great deal. Combining seeing a sweet side of her with a view that makes us think of sinful things, this picture is the best of both worlds.

5 Sheet And Pillow

We’re just going to be real here. Oftentimes, when looking at a photo of someone that we are physically attracted to, thoughts of how they’d look in the buff can come to mind. Of course, in other cases, they are covered up to such a degree that it takes such a leap for us to picture it that we just sit back and enjoy how they looked in that moment. That is why an image like this of someone like Kat is worth our weight in gold. Seemingly wearing nothing at all when a photographer snapped her image, there are only two things keeping her covered—a sheet and pillow. Allowing us to imagine pulling aside those two things, this picture is very thought-provoking in some of the best ways possible.

4 Bikini Top

Via taringa.net

A woman who is renowned for her body art, the fact that she is standing in front of several women captured in a moment of perfection in this picture seems like it is exactly where she should be. That said, we’d be very surprised if many of our readers noticed them behind her prior to reading this blurb since the person in the foreground is so hard to look away from. Wearing only a bikini top, arm band, and necklace from the waist up, that means that much of her flesh is visible which could have inspired us to include this image on this list alone. However, when you then factor in the expert way in which someone lit her body to make it seem shiny, sleek, and inviting, it ensured it ended up near the top.

3 Red Hair Red Carpet

Via perezhilton.com

Earlier in this list, we promised that there would be a second photo of Kat on this list sporting reddish hair, and we meant it. Seen here at a red carpet event, it may seem extremely glamorous that she found her way there and was the center of attention at least for a while. However, for a celebrity like Kat, attention is the lifeblood of her career so it is an opportunity she needs to take advantage of, which means that the pressure is on. If she felt worried about that in this moment, she didn’t need to at all since she looks amazing here. Showing off her midriff and wearing pants that are so tight they are most likely difficult to get on, even without the distinctive hair color, she looks incredible enough that the world took notice.

2 LA Ink

Via Imgur.com

Introduced to much of the world as the star of a “reality” show called Miami Ink which follows tattoo artists through their life, when Kat joined the cast, she quickly became its standout star. Opting to depart and do it alone, she received a spin-off called LA Ink and while people knew her and the franchise, the word still needed to get out there. Taking advantage of one of the series’ most obvious advantages, this picture of her was a masterstroke of advertising for the show and the woman at its center. Wearing a dress that reminds us of the type that pin-ups used to wear, it shows off her curves in just the way we always wanted her to and that is to say nothing about her exposed legs.


Via dvdbash.com

The top entry on this list that had pretty fierce competition for that position, despite that fact, it was clear early on that this image would reign supreme. One of many female celebrities that have taken part in a photo shoot for PETA in an attempt to persuade people not to wear fur, one thing is certain, this photo that resulted grabbed our attention. A struggle that it seems like the anti-fur people have pretty much already won, the pockets of people that still wear fur are very unlikely to be persuaded by a picture like this. As such, there probably isn’t much point in this longstanding campaign continuing from the company’s perspective, but we’re overjoyed they haven’t figured that out yet. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have this image of Kat without clothes on and while her naughty bits are covered, it still leaves little to the imagination.


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