20 Steamiest Love Scenes Featuring Only Women

There are a lot of things about the movie and television scenes that seem to always remain a mystery to us. You can attempt to extrapolate on the trends we see but there is no doubt that there doesn’t seem to be any hard and fast rules for what TV shows are renewed or canceled for instance. Another great example of the sometimes baffling way that the powers that be operate is that some actors seem to all but disappear after a significant bomb, while others get chance after chance to come back.

There is one thing that all of us can likely see about the entertainment industry for ourselves—actresses that are beautiful are much more likely to receive major roles than those that aren’t. It isn’t fair but nevertheless, it is very self-evident. A side effect of that is that many of us enjoy seeing these stars in lovemaking scenes since hot women in the buff can be a wonderful thing. Like a lot of people who are attracted to women, we think it can be even more attractive in cases where only women are involved in the scene in question too. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty steamiest love scenes featuring only women.

In order for a scene to be considered for inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to only have women involved in the hot and heavy stuff. That said, if there is a man present that isn’t interacting with anyone, it could still find its way here. Aside from that, the only other prerequisite needs to be that at least two of the people in the moment seem to be about to interact with each other physically or are already doing so.

20 Rebecca Romijn & Rie Rasmussen - Femme Fatale

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Let’s be real here. We’ve never heard of Rie Rasmussen before or since this scene, and we doubt many of our readers have either done so too, so we’re guessing the majority of people are more interested in her co-star. One of the most famous models of her generation, Rebecca Romijn appeared in magazines like Elle, GQ, Marie Claire, Glamour, and most importantly, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Able to make the jump to the acting world, she appeared in movies like Rollerball, The Punisher, and most famously, the X-Men film franchise. Taking part in this steamy scene from Femme Fatale, she is joined by Rie, and the pair make out on screen which may sound tame. However, considering that the latter actress is partially exposed and that they are a passionate pair, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

19 Shanola Hampton & Isidora Goreshter - Shameless

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One of the few instances in which a British television show was adapted for American television effectively, Shameless will be starting its eighth season soon and shows no signs of slowing down. Starring William H. Macy and Emmy Rossum, the show is also made possible by an extremely strong supporting cast that has managed to bring many lovable and entertaining characters to life. An example of that fact, this scene features two women that aren’t famous but have given consistent and compelling performances from the moment they debuted on the series. In the case of Shanola Hampton, she has been a part of Shameless since the beginning, and her character’s story is always heavily focused on. Happily married, in later seasons, she and her husband welcomed another woman into their relationship, and the first time we saw these two ladies together was extremely tantalizing.

18 Noomi Rapace & Yasmine Garbi - The Girl Who Played With Fire

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Another case of an actress that the world has come to know with, one that most are unaware of, this time around, we’re focusing on the very highly respected Swedish actress, Noomi Rapace. Initially turned into a star when she starred as Lisbeth Salander in this film and two others, her portrayal of the unflinching protagonist was well-received by virtually everyone. Since seen in other notable films like Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Prometheus, Dead Man Down, and The Drop, she has become a known entity in much of the world. Acting here in a scene where she enters a room where Yasmine Garbi’s character awaits her company, it is only a matter of seconds before they disrobe and things get going.

17 Elena Anaya & Natasha Yarovenko - Room In Rome

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Two actresses whose names we were completely unaware of prior to putting together this list, at least in the case of Elena Anaya, we had seen her on screen before and you might have too. Appearing as Doctor Poison or Isabel Maru in one of 2017’s biggest hit films so far, Wonder Woman, she showed off her acting skills but little of her body and even her face was partially covered. That was far from the case when she took part in an awe-inspiringly hot love scene in Room in Rome, a Spanish film that showcased the relationship between two women one night in a hotel room. Joined by her costar, Natasha Yarovenko, together they brought to life one of the most tender, loving and believable sequences that is included on this list.

16 Chloë Sevigny & Hilary Swank - Boys Don’t Cry

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First off, we want to make it clear that we don’t want to offend anyone by including this scene on this list as one of the characters was a transgender man. We want to make it clear that it made the cut because there were two women playing the roles. First winning an Academy Award for Best Actress due to her work in this movie that was based on a true story, Hilary Swank brought a great deal of humanity to her performance as Brandon Teena.

A character that was born with female body parts that felt like a mistake, he began to live his life as a man in the early stages of this movie and finds a relationship with a young woman. That character who was played by Chloë Sevigny accepts the past of her new love when she becomes aware of it, and it is a joy to see them happy together on screen. Then, there is the moment from the film where they become intimate for the first time. With Hilary’s character scared to reveal her body, all of the attention is lavished on Chloë’s, and that results in a very alluring experience for the audience.

15 Natalie Portman & Mila Kunis - Black Swan

A couple of women that are famous around the world and regularly appear on lists of the most beautiful women alive, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman appeared in an eyeopening scene together. The two are the stars of Black Swan where they play ballerinas. Now this may seem to make them competitors but they still spend a night out together. Ultimately ending up back at the home of Natalie’s character after both of them have taken drugs, they barricade themselves in her room and quickly begin to have their way with one another. Seemingly jumping into the scene with both feet, the moment is raw, racy, and real, and if we saw any of their naughty bits, it could have taken the top spot on this list.

14 Laura Prepon & Taylor Schilling – Orange Is The New Black

An actress that very few were aware of only a few short years ago, Taylor Schilling’s starring role in Orange is the New Black has made her recognizable to many TV fans today. Joined in this scene by Laura Prepon, she was previously best known for her longstanding role as Donna Pinciotti on That ‘70s Show which was a huge hit at one time. Cast as two women that were lovers and find themselves in prison together after one of them betrays the other sealing her fate in the process, to say that they have a complicated relationship is an understatement. On the other end of things, there is no doubt that our enjoyment of seeing them kiss while sharing a shower together is far less difficult to comprehend.

13 Angelina Jolie & Elizabeth Mitchell - Gia

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A highly successful actress in her own right, Elizabeth Mitchell was one of the stars of shows like Lost and V, as well as appearing in movies like The Santa Clause 2 and The Purge: Election Year. Still, it is extremely obvious that her star quotient pales in comparison to that of Angelina Jolie, who is a big enough deal that she has demanded millions of dollars to appear in some films. A film that came out before either of them had broken free, however, Gia told the story of a model’s real life and features amazing performances from both women. Playing characters that become lovers soon after meeting one another in the film, it cuts to them going at it, and seeing these two bewitching beauties together is a feast for the eyes.

12 Cate Blanchett & Rooney Mara - Carol

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Without a doubt, a film that seemed to receive a huge amount of accolades, Carol was nominated for six Oscars as well as Golden Globes, Independent Spirits Awards, and too many more to list here. Starring two women that have proven time and time again that they’re at the very top of the game, Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara were both marvelous in their roles. Most importantly, however, is the fact that they were fantastic together which allowed the audience to really buy into the love they shared on screen as it grew. Living in a world where they weren’t free to be together publicly, their connection was still always palpable. As a result of that, when they hit the road together and they are finally able to give into their desires, it was an electric moment.

11 Ally Sheedy & Radha Mitchell - High Art

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A little seen 1998 independent film that was expertly made, High Art deserves a great deal of credit for telling an honest, compelling, and touching love story with an even hand. Starring a former Brat Packer and a highly esteemed character actress on the rise, Ally Sheedy and Radha Mitchell were both able to give fully fleshed-out performances that allow viewers to buy their relationship. In fact, Ally was so good in the movie that she won an Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead which we feel she totally deserved for playing the dominant one of the two characters. In the scene from the movie that makes it to this list, she brings the younger woman into her bedroom, and the two of them lay together before talking, kissing, and getting to second base.

10 Sara Malakul Lane & Erin O'Brien - Jailbait

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From one of the highest quality movies on this list to by far the worst, Jailbait is a pretty poorly made film if you are watching it looking for a well-told story with well-defined characters and story arcs. That said, this list doesn’t take that into consideration in the slightest as it is about specific scenes and how steamy they are. About a young woman that is sent to prison, played by Sara Malakul Lane, the events of her life are clearly informed by a desire to put her in as many revealing and sensual scenes as possible. For us, the moment that takes the cake is when she and her cellmate have their way with one another in the middle of the day since Sara has an incredible body and the possibility of them being caught is hot.

9 Samira Wiley & Nina Rausch – Orange Is The New Black

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Most famous to date for her part on this popular Netflix series, Samira Wiley was also cast in a notable role for the show The Handmaid’s Tale, and she was fantastic in both series. Someone we’d love to see more of in the future, she is a beautiful person who is great at embodying a character that audiences grow to care about. Cast as Poussey Washington in Orange is the New Black, she is one of the highlights of the show due in no small part to her relationship with Nina Rausch’s character. Taking part in our favorite love scene this show has aired to date, it is funny as they attempt something together in the bedroom that doesn’t work for them at all. But seeing it really does for us.

8 Piper Perabo & Jessica Paré - Lost And Delirious

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A movie that tells the story of young women at an all-girl boarding school, at first blush, Lost and Delirious may seem like it could be a run-of-the-mill teen movie but that is selling it short. Starring Piper Perabo and Jessica Paré as two young women that share a room together and fall for one another, their relationship isn’t played for fantasy fodder. Instead, they are shown to care profoundly for one another, and the tenderness between them is clear when they share the screen in private. In fact, the lovemaking scene the pair share together is impressive because of how ravishing they look together but also since it gives its viewers a vital look at the dynamic that the two characters share.

7 Denise Richards & Neve Campbell - Wild Things

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A movie that has been seared into the minds of millions of people that were in their youth when it came out, Wild Things is unique on this list as we are including it for a scene that was deleted from the film. Included on DVD and Blu Ray releases, there was a moment that the characters played by Denise Richards and Neve Campbell have in a pool that we’re still shocked was taken out of the final cut. Starting out as a violent sequence where they seem intent on hurting one another, suddenly, that comes to an end and after a telling look between them, things turn to love. An extremely sensual scene for sure, it feels hot and sweaty despite the water they are in and that could be due to the effect it has on us.

6 Katherine Moennig & Sarah Shahi – The L Word

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A show that broke ground in the television world, The L Word was the first notable series that focused on the daily lives of a social group that is mostly comprised of lesbian women. Telling their stories in a mature fashion that also tackles universally relatable relationship issues and more specialized ones, this series seems to have something for everyone who has an open mind. One of the things that also makes it stand out is the fact that it includes scenes that show these ladies in the throes of lovemaking regularly and with great taste. Likely to be enjoyed by someone who would read this list, the sequence we are including here features Katherine Moennig and Sarah Shahi spending intimate time together in a sound studio.

5 Emilia Clarke & Roxanne McKee - Game Of Thrones

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An entry that we almost didn’t include on this list as the characters in question are only simulating lovemaking, after watching it a few more times, strictly for research obviously, we changed our minds. A scene from the first season of Game of Thrones, in it, Roxanne McKee’s character, Doreah, teaches Emilia Clarke’s Daenerys Targaryen how to exert her will in lovemaking with a powerful man. Keeping their clothes on the entire time and refraining from any intimate contact beyond a hand on a hip, they aren’t in love or making love. Still, they certainly seem to be getting something aside from knowledge out of the moment, and we know there is no question that we are, so we’ve decided to include this sequence nevertheless.

4 Léa Seydoux & Adèle Exarchopoulos - Blue Is The Warmest Color

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A movie that became a sensation online when it came out, Blue is the Warmest Color is principally known in some corners of the internet strictly due to its extensive love scene. That said, if you enjoy well-told love stories and are open to foreign films, then we suggest you watch the film as a whole since it has marvelous writing, acting, directing, and storytelling. Focused on a young woman who is taking part in her first relationship with a woman, they create a dynamic between the two that feels very real and loving on top of lighting up the screen. Of course, the nearly ten-minute-long scene of them in the bedroom is also a major reason to check it out if this list caught your fancy as it feels guttural and lengthy.

3 Julianne Moore & Amanda Seyfried - Chloe

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A movie that continued the long history of films focused on an older woman involved with people many years their junior, this time around, a few things were different which is a great thing. First off, it should be clear, since these two are appearing on this list, that it involves two women instead of an opposite s*x pair which is typically the case. Another thing that sets it apart is that it is the younger of the two lovers that is the aggressor of the two with Julianne Moore’s character being quite reluctant at first. Finally, it features one of the most arousing love scenes we’ve ever seen on screen especially due to how smitten Amanda Seyfried’s character seems to be and how into it her partner soon becomes.

2 Laura Harring & Naomi Watts - Mulholland Drive

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A movie that is well-known for its perplexing ending, when you watch Mulholland Drive for the first time, there is a very good chance that you’ll be completely at a loss for words. Actually, we believe that there are loads of people out there who’d still be in that boat no matter how many times they watch this neo-noir David Lynch film. Still, that doesn’t mean that there will be confusion about all of the elements of the film as there is one thing that is completely clear from the second you see it. When the characters played by Laura Harring and Naomi Watts share a bed together and things start to get physical, it is a moment that is unforgettable for the best reasons possible.

1 Gina Gershon & Jennifer Tilly - Bound

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A film that flew far too low under the radar, Bound was the movie that The Wachowskis made before they put together The Matrix, the film that remains their calling card to this day. Made for only six million dollars, it wasn’t even able to exceed that figure at the box office despite being an expertly made film that was filled to the brim with style. Starring Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly, two women that have a very provocative energy to them when they want to, the idea alone of seeing them in an intimate scene on screen together is fantasy fodder for us. When you then factor in the reality of the visual which feels very passionate and real, it becomes the steamiest love scene that only features women in our opinion.

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