14 Pics Of Celebs Way Too Close With Siblings (And 1 Inappropriate Relationship)

We ranked each off-putting relationship mostly on how disgustingly “steamy” their respective photo of each other was.

It’s pretty much an impossible endeavor to try and imagine what it’s like to live the celebrity high life to experience, even vicariously, the craziness and insanity for just one day, a perpetually active existence that is their everyday normal (and possibly, to them, mundane) lives.

Similarly, the actual relationships celebrities share are also unimaginable, and we’re not just talking about the bonds that exist between celebrities who are not blood-related but those forged within the same family. The latter of which will be the main focus today.

Celebrities are pretty passionate people. But sometimes, they’re a little too passionate even with their own family members, sometimes to the point that seems to be borderline incestuous. This is a list of such instances between siblings (which includes brothers and sisters, especially sister-on-sister and, while rarely, brotherly love) that initiate some sort of “incest warning” in our heads.

We ranked each off-putting relationship mostly on how disgustingly “steamy” their respective photo of each other was. But in many cases, the actual stories played a role on how “well” they ranked, based on eew-inducing factors.

15 Sultry Photoshoot

In a manner that kinda reminds us of how the manager of the highly missed Russian pop duo, t.A.T.u., insisted on photographing and filming the singers in ways that suggested they were lovers (minus the incest), Paris and Nicky Hilton have participated in many photoshoots that were done in a way to suggest that they were lovers when, obviously, they weren’t.

These particular photos show the two sisters dancing on the outskirts of what is obviously taboo-esque behavior, even by the standards of our highly liberal society. While this particular photoshoot garnered quite a bit of attention back in the day and probably generated a great deal of press on the subject, many writers who revisit these images in some sort of retrospective piece all say that the two sisters are probably embarrassed by them now. The two have gone through a lot since then. Nicky got married to a member of the Rothschild family and Paris went through rehab to try and “save” her pretty much inexorably tainted image after she was incarcerated for drugs.

14 #WCW Gone Horribly, Horribly Wrong

No, we don’t care that both Khloe and Rob Kardashian are perpetually provocative on purpose just to get attention. They’re brother and sister, and what they did really crossed the line. No. Not one. Many lines.

As you’ve probably noticed, this photo isn’t really “hot” nor is it evocatively “taboo.” However, the “up-and-in-your-face personal” lifestyle of these siblings and their inappropriate comments about each other are so gross that we just had to write about them.

It all started when Khloe said that Rob seemed to always be on her mind (even though she quickly tried to patch it all up by saying he was only there because they were living together). Sure, Khloe may have also continued by saying that they weren’t involved in that particular way. But she couldn’t seem to keep her freakin' mouth shut because she later implied that she wasn’t involved with her brother in that particular way not because they were related but due to him not being a certain “type” of guy. By that statement, we were led to believe that if Rob became that “type” of guy, then their relationship could change. What Khloe said was, “My brother’s not nearly black enough for me!”

Oh, and Khloe isn’t the only one saying weird things about her sibling. Rob not only Tweeted a picture of Khloe’s behind while wearing super-tight yoga pants but captioned the Tweet with “#WCW @khloekardashian shneeeeee meeeee claaaaaa.” While we can’t decipher what most of the words in his Tweet mean, luckily, we have a translator who tells us that WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday. While that’s definitely (not) fine and (not) dandy, Khloe decided it would be a good idea to respond to this in a questionable manner by posting a screenshot of the Tweet on her Instagram and writing, “Totally a normal brother/sister relationship. Incest is best!!! #HeyBooHey.” Not very subtle, are we?

13 Shopping Daze

If you’re questing for photos of sisters AnnaLynne and Angel McCord, you’ll stumble upon quite a few gems such as these. But the most interesting one is the photo on the left, just because of how many tabloids have captioned them. The wording is so hilarious that we have to allude to them in some way, which we’ll do by saying that either the sales from shopping were so good or Barney’s selection of fantastic shoes were so utterly amazing that AnnaLynne and Angel just had to express their happiness beyond hugs by sharing a passionate kiss.

When this photo was taken, the 90210 star and her sister were spotted by paparazzi exciting the “posh” store in Beverly Hills with more than one bag, seeing as they’re both undeniably loaded with cash and therefore can afford to do so.

Besides this picture, these two siblings are known for getting overly affectionate in public, probably because the tabloids love it. Incest aside, one of them is actually known for having an actual preference to women. Not too long before this photo was taken, AnnaLynne was seen smooching with Prison Break star Dominic Purcell in LA.

12 Snapchat Lovin’

Of course, there’s more incestuous gossip pertaining to the reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

Unlike the instance we shared above, this one is much more intense…and not in a good way. All of the “forbidden love” stuff about Kendall and Kylie Jenner started proliferating after the two sisters were engulfed in what has been described as an “explosive argument.” Fun fact: This fight was alluded to in a teaser for a then-upcoming season of the aforementioned reality TV show.

But it soon became clear after the teaser was released that the two sisters were able to move beyond their petty bickering and do overly inappropriate acts probably the most cliché but perfect settings of all time—Snapchat.

It all began innocently enough. Kendall and Kylie were “starring” in their own Snapchat video right before they were set to attend their Forever New clothing launch, wherein the 20-year-old runway star was recording herself having her lip gloss applied. But the situation quickly escalated when “tongue sucking” suddenly became part of the equation.

That might seem shocking on its own, but this wasn’t the only instance wherein both acted inappropriately. In yet another Snapchat, Kylie, in what would later spark controversy among fans, thought it would be a good idea to put her hand down Kendall’s shorts. Fun.

11 “Brother” And Sister Tie The Knot

Before her untimely death, Bobbi Kristina Brown was known not just for being the daughter of Whitney Houston, but for getting engaged to Nick Gordon, a man who was considered by Houston as her son before she died in February 2012. Yes, Houston never officially adopted Nick, but it is important...nay...crucial, to note that both he and Bobbi grew up as siblings and considered themselves as such.

Of course, this caused much discomfort for a great amount of people when they got engaged, but it didn’t stop these two semi-related love birds. Bobbi has referred to Nick as her “gorgeous fiancé” and saying that she was “madly in love with this phenomenal man.” But, as briefly noted above, Bobbi met her untimely demise in January 2015, when she was found unresponsive in a bathtub at her Atlanta home. Nick is now with a new beau who, as it’s reported, goes by the name of Laura. From what we know, the two are not related. Phew!

10 Overly Excited At The Academy Awards

Receiving an Academy Award can be hella exciting. We get that. And excitement normally leads to excessive hugging, especially when someone you really care about is in close proximity, most especially still if that someone is a family member you like. But does it really constitute a hug like the one in the photo above? Heck, one giant smooch was also given to the receiver’s cheek (even though it looks a little more intimate than that).

This particular moment of ecstatic jubilation occurred during the Academy Awards when Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck’s brother, won an award for Best Actor due to his exceptional performance in Manchester By The Sea, beating out a bunch of big names in the process, including Denzel Washington, Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, and Viggo Mortensen.

Again, we get it. That’s awesome. But Ben, seriously? Kissing your brother on the cheek? This writer would never do that. Gross.

9 No Steamy Photo, But Really Disturbing

While there isn’t actually a photo to go with this particularly messed-up entry, the story is actually pretty intense and therefore deserves a spot in this list, as you’ll soon discover.

For some reason, Lena Dunham thought it would be a great idea to publish a collection of personal essays called Not That Kind of Girl, wherein she would talk about certain unquestionable acts that made her look like some sort of sibling predator. Even though we can’t really go into all of the juicy details, we can say, however, that Lena allegedly experimented with her younger sister, Grace, whom, in the least disturbing of accounts, Lena attempted to persuade to kiss using “anything a s*xual predator might do.”

Other passages detail Lena performing certain acts that are normally done solo, but which were initiated while in the same bed. Another account details something that occurred when Lena was seven and her sister was one. All we can say is something because it’s that bad.

8 Obsessed Illustrated

We had two choices when approaching this segment. One, we could’ve chosen a photo Sailor Brinkley Cook posted to her Instagram showing Sailor with her sister, Alexa Ray Joel, lounging topless on chairs. Our second choice was a photo from an issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. We chose the latter. But it’s interesting to note that it seems as though both photos were taken in the same place.

While Sailor and Alexa were supposedly topless in the Instagram photo, they were pretty much sitting in different chairs. In other words, they weren’t very steamy. In the one printed in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, both sisters are (as you can see) lying down right next to each other, so we thought it would work better.

As you can imagine, the photos in Sports Illustrated really made quite a “splash,” which is undoubtedly why we think Sailor took it upon herself to get back on the waves they made by capturing photos of themselves in a similar position. To add to this risqué scene, both sisters have said they’re “obsessed” with each other. We’re now beginning to wonder what “obsessed” actually signifies.

7 This Is Wishful Thinking…

Okay, okay! We know that the story surrounding Penelope Cruz ostensibly making out with her sister, Monica, in a music video...for their brother, Eduardo, no less...might not be true. But due to what transpired in the video, it’s understandable why people believed it did happen.

See, while the sisters might not have locked lips, it should be noted that the people Monica and Penelope portrayed in the video were two women whose role was to dub a lesbian p*rn flick into Spanish (and one can easily see that specific plot point potentially leading somewhere).

It doesn’t help that right before the controversial kissing scene, Penelope and Monica were filmed in a highly suggestive pose. Turns out, at least according to Penelope and her siblings, the person Penelope was smooching was actress Mia Maestro and not Monica. The second picture shows just how similar Penelope and Mia look, which was what proved that Penelope kissed Mia, not Monica. Suuuuure!

6 But This Is Exactly What You’re Thinking

While the sisterly kiss probably didn’t happen, what we can say with assurance is that this did occur: Penelope, Monica and their brother, Eduardo, were filmed doing rather sensual acts together in that same video.

As you can see by the photo above, this scene is quite intense...and squirm-inducing when you realize that all three of the people in the image are siblings. Sure, Eduardo might not be looking at his sisters, but he is singing towards the screen in a s*xual manner. Meanwhile, both of his sisters are looking at him while…uh…doing some rather overly sensual movements with their mouths.

Apart from that, this shot wasn’t just a fleeting moment during the music video. In addition to being part of an elongated scene that lasted for a couple of seconds, similar footage of all three siblings doing the very same controversially incestuous thing happens at many points throughout. It’s just creepy.

You can’t really blame us for thinking that both Penelope and Monica actually started making out. It’s not too far-fetched now, is it?

5 “Gyllencest”

If you’re unfamiliar with the people above, then we’ll take the time now to “introduce” them to you. In the left picture are brother Jake and sister Maggie Gyllenhaal. And in the right, we have Jake with Anne Hathaway posing for a photo to promote their film, Love and Other Drugs, a movie they were filmed doing very s*xual things. Without going into too much detail (because they’re not brother and sister), Anne said to the Daily Mirror that when preparing for the film, Jake called it “a kind of intellectual o*gy,” which Anne believed sums it up best.

Now on to the actual siblings. The reason why we mentioned the Jake and Anne intimacy stuff is because their pose is very similar to Jake’s and his sister Maggie’s (the main, and very important difference being, however, that, in the latter, they’re actually wearing clothes). However, the Jake and Maggie photo is still really creepy and overly affectionate, especially when you make this photo comparison.

Since you probably think our juxtaposition is a bit of a stretch, we’ll add this little number. As reported by Bustle, many people have been creating what’s being called “Gyllencest,” a form of fan-fiction wherein brother Jake and sister Maggie participate in romantic endeavors. Now, why would they do that?

4 Bunnies 4eva

For girls who once lived in the Playboy Mansion (who were even featured as centerfolds in the summer 2009 issue of Playboy), you might expect such adolescent and shameful behavior (as pictured above) from celebrities such as these. But when you take into consideration that these bunnies are also sisters, it kinda takes their shenanigans to a whole 'nother level…an almost incestuous one.

However, none of this is really news. The “careers” of sisters Kristina and Karissa Shannon were pretty much jumpstarted by their “forbidden love” gimmick, to which they continue embellishing by refusing to stop doing so.

Going back to Playboy (because who doesn’t like Playboy?), you have to take into consideration that playing the role of a Playboy Mansion bunny means that you must be one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. And if they’re both girlfriends of the same guy, then that technically means they are also each other’s girlfriends, right? As others have noted, both Kristina and Karissa Shannon have quite an affinity for partying, and the photos we’re sharing now are really not that intense, even for them. It’s nothing but just a typical Monday night.

3 One Hell Of A Photoshop

One of these photos of Mary Kate and Ashley is undeniably fake and the other is not. Unfortunately, the image that guys around the globe want to be true is, sadly, the one that probably didn’t happen. At least our younger selves (for those of us who grew up watching Full House) are undeniably happy that the fake photo is actually fake. They get to keep their innocence for just a little bit longer. A little bit.

If you didn’t get which picture we were talking about, it’s the kissing one. One reason why we know it’s fake is because no tabloid has bothered writing about it. And seeing that tabloids rarely care about facts and didn’t bother jumping on this bombshell of a story means that this rather intense make-out session never happened.

Even though they’re sisters, what guy hasn’t had a fantasy about getting it on with twins? It’s the dream...partly because it involves yet another common fantasy including not one, but two girls. The fact that these two potential girls could be twins would be a huge, huge bonus.

All that aside, it’s really not that far-fetched to think that Mary Kate and Ashley did make out at one time. Both twins have participated in less-than-okay pastimes, such as dating men who are twice their age, succumbing to various eating disorders, and being allegedly connected to Heath Ledger’s untimely demise.

2 Angelina’s Brad Before Brad

Everyone watching the Oscars in 2000 remembers, with intense vividness, the time when Angelina Jolie kissed her brother, James Haven, on the red carpet. And those who were lucky enough to not see it happen in real-time haven’t been able to escape the repercussions of their action since because the internet will forever be saturated with stories about that particular incident.

It didn’t help matters that on the same night after the controversial kiss, Angelina said when she later won best supporting actress for Girl, Interrupted that she doesn’t just love her brother but that she was “so in love with [her] brother right now.”

But 14 freakin’ years afterwards, in September 2014, rumors circulating the web (and rightfully so) were ostensibly put to rest when Jolie’s former childminder, Cis Rundle, explained that the kiss happened on the first day that their mother, Marcheline, was being treated for cancer. It was also rumored in an April 5 post on OKMagazine that James was a major cause of Angelina’s split with Brad Pitt in September 2016. We hope that’s not the case.

1 “Wild Man” And Wife

Yes, we know that the entire theme of this post completely revolves around brothers and sisters doing unspeakable things together in photos. But the relationship we’re about to share with you is just, if not more so, messed up than anything else we’ve written about in here.

The two people in the photos above are singer, songwriter, and pianist Jerry Lee Lewis and his third wife, Myra. You might not think that this is a bad thing, but it actually is. To find out why, you must first take into account what Jerry was known for—rock and roll’s first great “wild man.”

Next, you have to find out why he was known as that. Here’s why.

Jerry was a “wild man” because the woman in that photo, and therefore, the woman he ended up marrying, was his first cousin once removed. Gross!

But that’s not all. In 1958, the year after the two cousins were married, a British journalist found out that at that time, Lewis was 23 and his wife-cousin was 14. That’s right. When they were married, Lewis was 22 and his wife was 13. In the U.S., Lewis was understandably blacklisted from radio. But that didn’t stop them from staying least for awhile. Their marriage lasted 20 years and they had two children together within that time frame. Gross!

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