14 Breathtaking Photos Of Rural Women In America

When we think of beautiful women and America at the same time, our thoughts are probably more focused on finding these women concentrated in the cities. Because believe it or not, the city women are very glamorous, and they also tend to be really flashy, so their adornments may hide their true beauty or cover their flaws. However, let’s venture out of the city when defining beautiful women and let us think about small towns. These small towns may have women who are even more beautiful than the women in the city.

Women living in rural America have televisions, but they are probably not going to get as glammed up as a woman who lives in the city. A woman who lives in the city may not own a vehicle, so she may get glammed up whenever she leaves her house. The woman in rural areas and small towns are concerned about their appearance but makeup and glamour may not be seen as a big deal in their towns. In fact, it may come across as an abomination to the residents of the towns that they live in. So, the question is, are rural women more beautiful than city women? Some pictures below may help you decide.

14 Rural Comfort And Style

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This woman pictured here is very comfortable in her own skin. She stands on a bridge, leans on the rails and decides she is posing for a picture in her short sweater dress and low-heeled buckled boots. It is a look that we admire because it is so simple, yet she pulled it off like a professional being paid to pose by looking directly at the camera and smiling. She is a brunette with long wavy hair and bangs. She has a lovely smile and her confidence is a bit contagious. She represents rural women well in the rural women versus city women competition. And well, she can basically wear anything short and look good in it because her leg muscles are well defined and toned. She doesn’t seem like the type to skip a leg workout.

13 Shorts Are The Way To Go

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Rural women may tend to dress in shorter clothing than city women, especially in summer and warm temperatures. Their shorts can be really short as pictured in this photo. The brunette woman is wearing short shorts and an off the shoulder polka dotted top that shows her stomach. She too is very toned. It seems to be a trend amongst rural women to work out and keep their bodies in shape. We see her side profile and it is amazing, so imagine what she looks like in portrait. Her features are delicate and very subtle on her pretty face. She also has a thick and healthy head of brunette hair, which most woman would be jealous over. Another point is earned by a rural woman.

12 She Can Protect Herself

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This woman seems to be able to protect herself. So, if you have any intentions of messing with her, then you ought to think twice before doing so. It seems as though she knows how to use a gun and she is not just posing with it as an accessory. Gun aside, it doesn’t take away from the main feature of the photograph, the holder of the gun. She is simply dressed, and it is amazing when a woman can dress as simply as she does and yet still look beautiful. She is dressed in jeans and a flattering grey T-shirt. Despite the T-shirt’s plain features, it still flatters her figure. She wears a cap, but it does not hide her beautiful face. She looks like she can just hang with the boys and hold her own, which is really attractive.

11 Some Mechanical Repairs

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The blonde in this photograph is definitely just posing for a photo. Maybe she is really a mechanic and going to fix the tractor, or she is probably going to ride it. We don’t know the facts, so we can’t judge as women in rural areas, like women anywhere really, can do the same things as any man can. Again, short shorts are trending in such areas, so they are probably most likely in Texas. She wears a sleeveless shirt with her shorts and tall, flowery boots. There is no denying that the blonde is gorgeous. You’d have to be blind not to see it. Also, we are only a tad bit jealous of her because she is able to pull off the simple look like a high fashion model. Who knows, maybe she is really an actual model.

10 Rodeo Madness Or Practice

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This rural girl looks ready to compete in the rodeo. She is equipped with a rope and what appears to be a saddle bag. Additionally, she is dressed in a striped shirt, jeans and has a cowboy hat on her head. She is definitely rodeo ready for all intents and purposes. Whatever her upbringing was, it seemed to have definitely prepared her for whatever she intends to do as the rope is knotted well. The hat hides her face just a bit, but the blonde’s beauty is unmistakable. Her jaw is a bit square and her eyes seem to be filled with a lot of determination. She is also a bit tanned, so we can tell that she has been practicing in the sun. It is probably unlikely that a city girl can do what this small-town girl can.

9 Cowgirls Can Live Too

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It seems as though the rural areas are filled with cowgirls or girls who just know what to do at a rodeo. This woman is dressed in cowgirl or cowboy gear from hat to boots. Well, we can’t see the boots on her feet, but it is unlikely that she will wear such an outfit and have flip-flops on her feet. She has on a hat, that is tied underneath her chin, a nifty scarf, and jeans, a jacket and what appears to be leather fringes. The hat hides most of her face, but it does not hide the smile that lights up her beautiful face. She seems happy to be where she is and to be doing what she is doing (whatever that is). She makes a lovely cowgirl and her horse is pictured in the background. It is probably just as beautiful as she is.

8 Girls Like Horses Too

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So, this girl looks like she loves her horse as if it's a member of her family. She is not just posing to look pretty with her horse, but she will be devastated if anything happens to her horse. In true cowgirl fashion, she is wearing the hat (with the buckle), plaid shirt, a belt that probably has a really large buckle and we can only assume boots are covering her feet. She also has her hair held in a single plait and draped over her shoulder. The hat covers her lovely face, but we can see under it. She has pretty eyes and even looks a bit like Pitch Perfect star, Anna Camp. We want to hate this girl because she seems so perfect in her ensemble, but it is so hard to, especially since she is cuddled next to her horse.

7 A Baleful Day

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This beauty chose to have herself photographed on a bale of hay or a haystack. However, in a rural community, she may be a rare find and truly a needle in a haystack, if you can find her of course. She is wearing a romper and she is showing bare feet. It is amazing that she was actually able to make it up there safely because it seems to be a high jump to get to where she is seated. She is wearing a short floral romper and it is cute and works with the hay background. She is also one of those toned rural women that we have come to be a bit jealous of. The blonde woman has a simple pose and is she is also bare-faced, in other words, she is a natural beauty. We also get the impression that she is a hard worker.

6 Boots In The Field

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When you are in the fields, the only appropriate footwear for you to wear is boots. However, there is no rule that says you should not be cute when out in the fields and that is what this rural woman is doing. She is taking cute to the fields with her almost knee-high cut out boots and her short little cute and belted dress. We love the look and we also love the background. At least the boots serve the purpose of preventing her from having her skin bruised and scratched by the shrubs in the field. Also, they are probably very comfortable to walk in. Nonetheless, the look is a good one and her hair contrasts well with the oatmeal color of her dress. Only a hat would help to complete this look.

5 Cycling Through The Grains

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This girl is really cute and what makes her cute is the fact that she has this bike that she rides through the fields. The bicycle comes equipped with a basket, so she can transport whatever she picks up in the fields and take them home with her. The highlight of the picture may be the bicycle, but we can still see the young woman in her blue and white dress in the photo. If she is not a model, then she definitely needs to be one. She has some really strong and distinctive features that the fashion industry will love. She has a strong jaw and prominent cheekbones. She is slender and dark haired. She has a familiar look, but from a side profile, it is hard to make a comparison.

4 Beautiful Locks, Beautiful Girl

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This rural woman proves one thing, that rural women have style. It seems though, that she has it in abundance and enough to share with most of us. She is wearing a nude colored, off the shoulder crop top that has ruffle details. It is a top that you probably never see so it is a lovely change from what we are used to seeing. It is a pity that we are unable to see the bottom half of the photo because she is probably wearing something equally amazing down below. She is wearing one of those choker necklaces too, and having her hair draped over her shoulder was an excellent choice. She is not smiling and it only makes us curious to see what she will look like if she did.

3 Well Hello There

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This country girl photographs really well and whoever her photographer is makes good use of the lighting in the background. It seems as though the picture was taken close to sunset, so it is possible that the atmospheric lighting changes were responsible for the light we see around the woman. She has a very soft look, and one of innocence. The look of innocence has nothing to do with the fact that she is wearing white. It seems as though she is playing peek-a-boo with her photographer and her photographer may be someone she is very familiar with. She is makeup free and it is a look that we appreciate from her. There is no need for her to wear makeup and this picture just shows that she is perfect just the way she is.

2 Feeding The Birds

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This rural woman seems to be having a very good time with what appears to be feeding the birds. It seems as though she is placing cherries in a make-shift birdhouse for them. She is very happy to do the task, so it is unlikely that she will consider it to be a chore as she seems to be having fun with it. Maybe the image is just for the camera’s sake as she seems to have too many cherries. Nonetheless, it is refreshing to watch the beauty who is make up free and bare faced. It is rare that you will see a woman pictured without makeup. The picture is very simple, and she is wearing a nude color top. She too is in a side profile and her hair hides a bit of her beautiful face.

1 What A Bubbly Time

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This rural woman seems to be having a really bubbly time and it has nothing to do with the fact that she is blowing bubbles into the camera. Maybe she is blowing it for a kid, but the kid is just not in the photo. It seems as if blowing the bubbles is not something she minds doing and she is actually smiling through blowing the bubbles. Her hair is curly and she has the type of hair that women try to buy as wigs. Even with her lips extended and puckered, we can still see her beauty and we have come to appreciate it. She is also well dressed, and it seems as if she is in a park having a good time. Who says that country women can’t have a bubbly time.

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