11 Things Every Guy Wishes His Girl Did More Of Behind Closed Doors

Some men consider themselves lucky if they can get a woman to join them in the bedroom at all, but for those men who have the charisma and the charm to woo a woman into the boudoir, the wish list may be more than nailing a partner with a beating heart. There are plenty of things guys wish their ladies would do in the bedroom, and we don’t mean making the bed in the morning -- although, that wouldn’t be anything to frown upon. And fluff the pillows while you’re at it.

With all men see on TV, be it a made-for-TV movie, a music video, reality television, or something racier, when they get home and it’s the same old grind (pun intended), they'll inevitably long for something more exciting, similar to what they view while vegged out on the couch. Sexy women are on nearly every channel 24/7, and even when it comes to commercials, sex sells. Guys are flooded with images of females who are willing to go the extra mile for their men, particularly when it comes to fun in the bedroom.

Here are 11 things men wished women did more of in the bedroom. And even if their gal is already running through this checklist, the men still crave more. Most of their desires are sexual in nature… shocker… but others are just as important to them in order to feel like they're getting the most satisfaction possible from the relationship. Now, if they only knew what the women were hoping for.

11 Invite a Friend to Join

An oldie but goodie, the tried and true threesome is always a common male fantasy and something lots of men wish their gal would be more open to trying. If one woman in bed is good, wouldn’t two be double the pleasure? Perhaps she has a willing friend you've had your eye on, or maybe the two of you can find a sensual stranger for a night of three-way action? What’s the harm if everyone is safe and interested in trying something out of the box? Guys usually love having a lot of the attention placed on them, but in this case, lots of fellas would be willing to sit to the side and watch his two beautiful bedmates explore. They say that three’s a crowd, but not if the bed is big enough!

10 Do It with the Lights On

While lots of lovemaking takes place in the dark, sometimes, guys want to see everything as clear as day. But plenty of ladies aren't too keen on doing it with the lights on. Perhaps they're insecure about their bodies, or they just feel awkward getting it on while the lights are on. Guys love to see it all (and we mean all), though, and they're not at all worried about how they look and aren’t even picky about how their woman looks either. While the lights don’t have to be shining like the sun every time lovemaking occurs, every now and then, the room doesn’t have to be pitch black. Let the light shine in, and get sexy in the spotlight. Lights, camera (if that’s your thing, too), action!

9 Watch P--n

Plenty of men watch tons of p*rn, and the ladies do, too, but some men want their woman’s p*rn habit to be as frequent as theirs is. More p*rn all around would make a lot of men a good deal happier. Why watch porn alone in the “man cave” or at the computer desk when a guy can bring the on-screen action onto the TV set in the bedroom and take in a film or two with his own sexy co-star. Even one night per week would be better than nothing, and all the sneaking around to catch an adult film would finally come to an end. Heck, the gal may even start to get into it and suggest a film or two to get them in the mood on the regular.

8 Come to Bed Tipsy

Why does everything have to be so gosh darn prim and proper all the time? What ever happened to some good old-fashioned fun in the form of alcohol? A couple of glasses of red wine with dinner followed by a smooth nightcap is a sure way to loosen up. And the looser the couple is, the more experimental they'll be in bed. Men wouldn't mind it one bit if their partner would come to bed a little tipsy, so long as she knows what's going on and is fully capable of making coherent decisions. But a little whiskey or scotch pre-bedtime will make everyone warmed up, chilled out, and ready to explore. We’re not talking about sloppy, word-slurring drunkenness, just a cocktail or two to unwind and undress!

7 Talk Dirty

Pillow talk is romantic, but dirty talk really gets a guy excited and ready for some bedroom fun. Unfortunately, not too many women are willing to let their hair down and let those nasty and sexy words and phrases slip through their demure lips. Perhaps they're embarrassed, too shy, or feel silly talking dirty, but their adventurous men wish they would just give a bit of dirty talk the old college try. Start off slow, and build things up to some real adult bedroom conversation. Once the training wheels come off, the woman will be a pro at seducing her man with raunchy talk in bed. She may even get too dirty at times. So long as both parties are into the convo, dirty talk can be a wonderful way to communicate.

6 Role-Playing

A guy may be totally hot for his woman, but every now and again, he may want to spice things up in the sack by playing a game of adult make-believe. Some exciting role-playing is just the answer when a man is looking for a little variety in bed. He doesn’t want his gal to be someone she’s not, but tapping into different areas of her personality will add some much-desired intrigue to the bedroom situation. Perhaps she can be a French maid or a naughty school teacher. The role-playing can even include costumes and props to add even further fun. One night, a guy can be sleeping with a flight attendant and the next with a showgirl. And the best part is that she's the very same woman!

5 Keep Their Stilettos On

Some folks have been taught from a young age to never wear shoes in bed, but as an adult, you get to make the rules of the household. That includes what you can wear in bed… even a pair of shoes! Lots of men love seeing their woman all dolled up in pretty high-heeled pumps while they're out on the town, but why should the sexiness end once it’s time to hit the sheets? Men want their gorgeous gals to leave those sexy stilettos on while they're getting it on. No need for the rest of the ensemble -- just the shoes will do. Long and lean legs with 5-inch heels turn many men on. She can take them off once it’s time to go to sleep. That would just be plain uncomfortable.

4 Use Toys

Boys love their toys, and the appeal doesn't have to end when they reach adulthood. Lots of fellas would love to bring a little more excitement into their lovemaking routine, and sex toys are just what they're looking for. From the basic to the kinky, and at any price point, any toy is more fun than nothing at all. He and his babe can shop online for something exciting or even head to an adult store so they can peruse the aisles of pleasure. Some people may be a little shy to try these tempting toys out at first, but once they realize how much they add to the bedroom time, they're hooked. We know what you're asking Santa to leave under the tree this Christmas!

3 Make the First Move

Lots of men are getting sick and tired of doing the hunting. Whatever happened to the premise of gender equality? Men want to feel desired, too, which means they long for a go-getter lady who'll be assertive and make the first move in bed. She knows what she wants, and it's the man beside her. Maybe these guys have been rejected by a lover one too many times and want to be certain their bedmate is all in and interested to get frisky. A little kiss or a knowing nudge is all a man needs to feel wanted, and you better believe he won’t dismiss a willing woman’s advances. Ladies, show your man that you still find him desirable, and confidently pounce when he's least expecting it.

2 Wear S--y Undergarments

A ratty old T-shirt and “granny panties” are a fine bedtime outfit when a woman is home alone, but no guy wants to hop in the sack with a woman who looks like she’s wearing a potato sack. He wants his babe to look like a Victoria’s Secret catalogue model all done up with a lacy bra, skimpy thong panties, a garter belt, and the whole nine yards. Men need a visual, and one of a woman in an old college sweatshirt is not what they're hoping to see -- not in bed anyway. Whether the look is “Old Hollywood” or “Playboy,” all that matters is that the undergarments are alluring, not boring. Heck, a man would be willing to shell out a wad of cash to buy the right gal something from the lingerie shop if what she normally comes to bed in is a pair of stretched-out underwear with the wrong day of the week sewn into the waistband.

1 Stop Texting and Scrolling Through Social Media

It's finally nighttime, and a man has had a long day at the office. He's tired, but he still has enough stamina to get it on with his lady. So, he has a quick bite to eat, washes up, and expects his woman to be eagerly waiting in bed ready for a little one-on-one action. But what does he find instead? His babe is snug under the covers, smartphone in hand, and zoned-in on her Facebook feed and Instagram account. Texts are going off between her and her sister or her best friend like wildfire, and she doesn’t even bother to look away to give you even a smidge of attention. Texting and social media scrolling are fine… after the nooky. Most guys don’t really feel like spooning anyhow.

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