11 Tattoos These Pro Wrestlers Likely Regret (And 4 Of The Best)

The wrestling business and tattoos go hand-in-hand. Showcasing one’s body is part of the business, and what better way to showcase who you really are than getting some fantastic body art? Although that sounds great, some art we’ve seen in the past really hasn’t lived up to the hype, and in most cases, we can say pro wrestler tattoos aren’t the greatest - as you’ll see in this article, some Superstars have some weird tastes. A common theme in this article, eleven of them likely regret their decisions. We’ll even feature wrestlers who got their tats removed or covered up for how bad they were. We’ll also take a look at other tats that these wrestlers still have; some you didn’t even realize had the ink to begin with!

On the flip side, we’ll also take an optimistic look, taking a peek at some of best tats in the business. Most of them have a sentimental meaning which only adds to the beauty of the art. Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado, here are eleven tattoos these pro wrestlers likely regret ever getting and four of the best. Let’s get started!

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15 Worst – Perry Saturn’s Face Tattoo

Life hasn’t been the easiest for the former WCW and WWE star in recent years. Due to a traumatic incident of saving the day during a r*pe incident, Saturn went downhill following the event turning to drugs in order to cope with the situation. He actually went missing for years only to resurface later on. Throughout his time away from friends and family, Saturn lived in poverty while fueling his body with drugs on the regular. He’s finally getting his life back on track today, even setting up a Go-Fund-Me page.

As for the tattoo, well, that took place before his downward spiral. We’re not quite sure what he was thinking inking his face. Moppy most certainly must not be too pleased with his decision.... All jokes aside, we wish Perry the best in his on-going recovery.

14 Best – Charlotte Flair’s Tribute Tat

Charlotte’s tattoos are the perfect combination of subtle and sexy. The writing on her top right reads, “Guard your heart above all else, for it will determine the course of your life”. She also has a subtle heart tattoo on her wrist which is barely noticeable.

One of her best tattoos isn’t necessarily the nicest, but the meaning behind it certainly is. Along with her entire family, the Flair’s paid tribute to Reid’s life by getting inked with his name inside of a cross along with his year of birth and year of passing. Charlotte owes a lot to her late brother; if not for Reid pushing Charlotte into the business, her life could have been very different today. Reid was all about the wrestling business and without a doubt, he’s smiling down on his sister watching her live his dream.

13 Worst – Batista’s Belly Ring Tattoo

Even Batista himself showed some regret in the inking of this particular tattoo, poking fun at himself for the odd selection. Years after the fact, he likely has some significant regret about ever getting such a tattoo. Although it is unique, it just doesn’t fit in with his monstrous size. However, years later, the Tribal Sun tattoo still hasn’t been removed, so likely, it doesn’t bother him that much. He has a bunch of other tattoos on his arms which aren’t that bad, however the belly tat takes the cake in terms of absolute worst.

The Animal of the WWE continues to make a living outside of the company nowadays, working his craft on movie sets. A return does not seem to be in the cards. Batista expressed desire to return under his own circumstances feuding with Triple H, though the company didn’t buy into the idea.

12 Worst – KO’s Bull Tattoo

Kevin Owens likely regrets this tattoo due to the fact that everywhere he goes, fans think the tat was meant to pay homage to the Great One, who’s known for that epic Brahma Bull tattoo. Kevin has admitted to being a big fan of The Rock, however the ink has absolutely nothing to do with Dwayne.

The bull is actually a representation of his symbol: a Taurus. His wife also refers to him as his symbol, due to his relentless never-give-up way of life. The odds were stacked against Owens at several points in his career and many said that making the WWE was a pipe dream due to his look, but again, he never gave up and nowadays, he’s a top heel for the company. Outside of the ring, he remains a big-time family man, constantly expressing his gratitude for his wife and children.

11 Best – Roman Reigns Sleeve Tattoo

We can hear the boos now, however we must give credit where credit is due; Roman does have some pretty sweet tattoos. The symbol of the ink on his arm was meant to showcase his strength, not only as a human being, but as a father as well. The tattoo signifies that he’s a protector to his family. Most haven’t noticed, but he also has a turtle ink drawn up in the sleeve, this symbol personifies family, longevity, peace and wellness. Yup, it’s a pretty deep turtle, folks.

Roman (like Kevin) is a big family man as he states that the birth of his daughter helped add to his life and give him life in general. As Roman stated himself, “giving life created my life.” Following the birth of his beautiful daughter, Roman completed the rest of his epic tattoo.

10 Worst – Bray Wyatt’s Back Tattoo

So you must be thinking, “Bray has a back tattoo?” Yup, he does, and it’s pretty bad. Thankfully his attire covers it up. During his NXT days however, the ink was not covered up. The wings are quite noticeable and some of you are likely scratching your heads in disbelief that Bray has such a tattoo. He’s also got other tats on his arms, which aren’t as bad as the art on his back. We have reason to believe he might regret the ink in his later days. But then again, he is pretty wacky so who knows really.

For those of you wondering, no, Wyatt hasn’t been on the sidelines due to a tattoo removal, instead he was one of the Superstars diagnosed with the mumps. There still is no timeline for a return at this point.

9 Worst – Kurt Angle’s Mascot Tattoo

Wait, what? Kurt Angle has a tattoo? It can’t be! Oh, it's true, it's damn true! Yes, Kurt does in fact have a minor tattoo located on his upper right back near his shoulder area. The tattoo is barely noticeable due to the small size, however back in the Attitude Era, many fans caught a glimpse of his tattoo during a backstage skit with Stephanie (as his attire was fully down, not blocking the art from being exposed).

Many question exactly what the design is. The tat pays homage to a college mascot, Clarion Golden Eagle wrestler. Angle got the tattoo a very long time ago during his high school days at Clarion. Of course, amateur wrestling was a huge deal for Kurt, winning an Olympic medal. He’d later transfer those skills over to the WWE becoming a natural sports entertainer.

8 Worst – Brock’s Sword

We’ll be honest, we were afraid to put Lesnar in this article because well, we don’t want to get F-5ed through a table, however we’d settle for a shooting star press... Okay cheap shot, but seriously, his sword tattoo isn’t the nicest, but it does have meaning behind it.

In his tell-all autobiography issued back in 2011, Lesnar discussed the fact that the tattoo actually has a really deep meaning. The tattoo is meant to remind him of his troubling past where things got quite dark for Lesnar. The sword is a symbol against his throat that is meant to remind him of the darkest of days. We appreciate the sentiment of such a tattoo, however the inking comes off as a little too much and over the top. But again, its Brock, so he can do whatever he wants...

7 Worst – Brie Bella’s Booty Fairy

Oh, when we were young... As teens, it was common for us to make reckless mistakes that we would one day regret. That was the case for Brie, however the mistake came in the form of a tattoo, which isn’t the greatest dilemma to face. When the Bellas were 15, both Brie and Nikki decided to get booty tattoos with Brie, opting for a fairy on her booty. Expecting a child, Brie got rid of the tattoo during an episode of Total Divas.

She also has a pair of bear claws on her lower-lower abdominal section. That tattoo however, is not something she regrets as it pays homage to a late boyfriend, who had made her a bear sculpture while together. Due to the location of the tattoo, it’s hardly visible when she’s in the ring and many tend to forget she even has the claws to begin with.

6 Best – Corey Graves 

Before the WWE, Graves worked at a tattoo and piercing shop, so yeah, the WWE commentator making this list makes a lot of sense. He got his first tattoo at the age of 16 without his parents' consent. He isn’t the first nor will he be the last teen to do so. By the age of 18, Graves had already two sleeve-type tattoos running down both arms. He would then add to the pieces, getting inked on his neck, and writing the words “stay down” on his knuckles (out of all places), which is actually really cool.

Along with serving a role as a color commentator on both brands, Graves is also the host of the WWE Network series Superstar Ink, in which he discusses the ink and meaning of the tattoos rocked by WWE Superstars. More times than not, the tats don’t compare to his body art. This next one of his fellow commentator won’t make the show anytime soon either!

5 Worst – Michael Cole’s Bizarre Ink

As a commentator for the WWE, it was almost impossible for the WWE Universe to even know Cole had any tats (unless he stepped foot inside the squared circle). Well, when he did just that at WrestleMania, out of all places, against Jerry Lawler, we got to see some of his bizarre ink choices. It was hard to really distinguish what it was; all we can really see are some bizarre faces along with a heart located on his shoulder and top portion of his back. He hasn’t spoken about the ink, and that’s really not too shocking... No offense, Cole.

Thankfully, his in-ring days appear to be over with as he remains the voice of Monday Night Raw. To his credit, he’s been a part of the WWE family since 1997. At the age of 48, he’s still going strong.

4 Worst – Nikki Bella’s Booty Tattoo

We mentioned Brie earlier in the article getting her tattoo removed on an episode of Total Divas. Nikki instead, decided against the tattoo removal and opted to keep the ink that she got as a 15 year old. According to Nikki, John loves the tattoo, so she wasn’t interested in getting it removed. The picture above is a screenshot from Total Divas as Nicole showcased the fiery heart tattoo. Now it isn’t too noticeable, however it isn’t the best piece of ink either. Since she’s so darn beautiful, we’ll give her the pass nonetheless.

Nikki continues to work hard outside of the WWE nowadays as a cast member on the Dancing with the Stars program. Once her time is up with the show, you can expect a WWE return at some point. Sister Brie, is also planning to return as both Bellas will be back with the company sooner rather than later.

3 Worst – Hulk’s Immortal Tattoo

This one was so bad that many fans actually thought it was fake. Many skeptics of the Hulkster refer to his tattoo as one of the dumbest in the industry. Hulk inked the phrase “Immortal”, one that has often been associated to his wrestling gimmick. Tattooing it in bold letters on his top back was a little much according to many. Sorry Hulk, but we’re going to agree with the masses on this one... He also has some written ink on his forearm, however he gets a pass for that. The back tat however, not so much.

The Immortal one remains outside of the WWE continuing to lay low since the racial slur scandal. He’ll return to the WWE at some point as the company is slowly beginning to acknowledge his presence again, however it remains to be seen when he’ll actually return to programming.

2 Best - The Rock’s Tribal Sleeve

When you think of pro wrestling tattoos, The Rock’s ink instantly comes to mind. The tat is simply on another level as the sleeve covers his entire arm along with his chest. A number of fans have replicated the art and we don’t blame them. As if his ink wasn’t cool enough, he recently modified his bull tattoo, turning into an art piece that’s even more epic.

The Rock calls the new tattoo, the “Evolution of the Bull”. The tattoo cover0-up took Rock almost an entire day, totaling 22 hours. The most significant part of the new ink is the eye, which as you would assume, has deep meaning. The eye, according to Dwayne, “is a disruptive positive energy always ready to dent the universe” We praise Dwayne for his new ink and most importantly, we praise Rock for the person he is, touching numerous lives on a daily basis.

1 Worst – The Undertaker’s “Sara” Tattoo

The Undertaker rarely has any regrets, especially pertaining to his WWE career which is arguably the greatest of all-time (if you solely assess his WWE run compared to others). However, he does have some personal life regrets and one of them pertains to a previous relationship. Back in July of 2000, Taker got hitched for a second time marrying his ex-wife Sara. The couple had two daughters together, however the two would end up getting divorced in 2007 and shortly after, Undertaker was linked to WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

While in his marriage to Sara, Taker inked her name on his neck, out of all places, which was extremely visible. Following the divorce, Taker didn’t remove that tattoo due to the location but instead, got it patched with a type of tribal design. Without a doubt, he regrets ever getting such a tattoo to being with.

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