10 Yet To Be Released Movies To See Before The End Of 2017 (5 You Can Miss)

While there are only a few short months left in 2017, some of the year's best films haven't yet been released.

2017 has been full of some fantastic films. The remake of the horror classic It wowed audiences everywhere and became an immediate smash hit. Spider-Man: Homecoming made all sorts of money as did Wonder WomanGet Out was a surprise box office winner and films like John Wick: Chapter 2, Logan, Dunkirk and War for the Planet of the Apes got a lot of attention.

The good news for movie fans is that while there are only a few short months left in 2017, some of the year's best films haven't yet been released. There are still so many good movies on the docket that we felt the need to help you sort through them and pick the films you're going to make sure you catch before they leave the theatres.

Are you an action/adventure type movie-goer? Do you limit those films to the mega-popular comic book genre? What about thrillers? Maybe a good laugh is the ticket for you. There are plenty in every category to choose from, including a few of the most anticipated movies of the year.

We don't pretend to be movies critics (ok, maybe we do a little), but from the build-up, the marketing campaigns and the trailers, we think we've got a decent handle on what movies look like they are must-sees and ones that you might be able to pass by or wait before you view. Take a look at our 10 Yet To Be Released Movies To See Before The End of 2017 (5 You Can Miss) and let us know what we missed. Share, comment and add your own potential favorites to the list.

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15 Need To See: Kingsman: The Golden Circle


There is some reaction to this film that says it perhaps stuck too close to the first Kingsman film, but really, that movie was awesome so there's not really anything wrong with that. A stylish spy/action adventure that is equal parts funny and fun, Kingsman was a huge hit in 2015 when nobody seemed to give it much of a chance.

The film is set to be released on September 22nd, and it should be another blockbuster hit. The first movie left everyone going "holy cow" and the second film should have a lot of cool scenes that try to outdo the first film. Crazy action, hilarious partnerships, and raunchy comedy will make this film a must-see before the end of the year.

14 Need To See: American Made


The latest Tom Cruise film is unlike any movie he's done in a while. American Made is the story of a TWA pilot turned drug-runner named Barry Seal. After being recruited by the CIA he soon finds himself running one of the biggest covert ops in the history of the United States. The operation gives rise to the Medellin cartel and almost destroys the Reagan run as President.

Set to be released on September 29th, it has earned high reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, and is considered an unconventional Cruise film that showcases some of his best work in a long time. It's said to be a wonderful return for an actor who still has the chops to be considered a true movie star. If you want to see something different by Tom Cruise, this is the film you should see.

13 Can Miss: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

This one is a tough one to add to the list because The Rock is pretty awesome and he and Kevin Hart work well together. But, the idea behind a reimagining of the first Jumanji (not a sequel) feels a little tough to get behind. It's bound to make a gazillion dollars because it stars The Rock, but it can't possibly fill the shoes of Robin Williams, who made the original what it was. Like Baywatch, this is a film that might have been better left untouched.

With all that in mind, if you have seen everything else on our need to see list and are looking for an action flick that might be good for the family, this might not be a bad choice. Remember though, this is not a sequel, it's a reworking of the idea behind the first film.

12 Need To See: Flatliners


For those who love 80's nostalgia films, Flatliners is going to be either a huge hit or a massive miss, but it will bring back memories of a very cool film that showcased Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland at the height of their careers. This film is a sequel to the original and stars Ellen Page, Diego Luna and Nina Dobrev. Obsessed with seeing what lies beyond human life, they take turns stopping their hearts only to see what's awaiting them when they die.

The first film took place at a time when the special effects were a bit more limited. This film has the potential to really create some cool moments. If for no other reason than to see how it compares to the first film, head to the theatre on September 29th and expect something a bit unexpected. It might be a letdown, but it also might be a much cooler and more hip version of an interesting premise.

11 Need To See: Justice League


There is so much hype around this film that even if it sucks (which it probably won't) you have to see it if you're a fan of superhero or comic book films. Wonder Woman was quite good and while Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad left us wanting more, Justice League should be much improved and gives us our first real look at Aquaman (which should be worth seeing the movie alone).

This film is being hailed as the movie that will catapult fans into the DC Extended Universe and perhaps of all the movies still coming in 2017, this one is right near the top of anticipated films, second place only to the new Star Wars film. This film is supposed to be Part I of a two-part series and it might be Ben Affleck's last go-round as Batman.

10 Can Miss: Daddy's Home 2


Don't get me wrong, I like both Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg but Daddy's Home was only mildly funny in parts and the second film is bound to be more of the same, only with two times as many daddies and a whole lot of whiny Ferrell comedy.

When Brad and Dusty have to deal with their own fathers coming to visit for the holidays, the mayhem will likely ensue. Set to be released on November 10th, this is a film you can wait to see on demand or well, never. I'm sure it will have some funny moments, but it won't be worth bypassing some of the other better films out there and worth seeing instead. All this said, I'll probably still see it and laugh a little.

9 Need To See: Pitch Perfect 3


When I saw the first Pitch Perfect film, I never expected to like it as much as I did. My guess is, that was a pretty typical response. The second film wasn't nearly as good as the first (basically a movie about Fat Amy), but it was still edgy and funny enough to warrant a third in the series. Pitch Perfect 3 is either going to finally show fans that two movies was enough or be a fantastic finale to a trio of films that has quite the cult and mainstream following.

You can tell they are running out of ideas though. The Bellas are now reuniting to take on a squad that not only uses their voices but instruments too. Isn't that kind of against the point of the films? Still, the movies are too good not to go see this final installment and it's bound to leave people happy.

8 Need To See: Ferdinand

When a fighting bull who doesn't like bullfighting accidentally finds himself in a fighting stadium in Spain, he has to decide who he is. Will he continue to smell the flowers or will he end up giving in to his more primitive side and take on the Matadors in the arena?

The film is set for a December 15th release date and stars John Cena and Kate McKinnon as the voices of the main characters. There aren't a lot of really good animated movies left on the slate and while this isn't a Dreamworks or Disney film, it could be a good surprise and a nice film to take the family to around the holiday season. It's a good film to go see if you try to get into Star Wars: The Last Jedi and it is sold out.

7 Can Miss: Jigsaw


Unless you're really keen on seeing a Halloween thriller around Halloween, there isn't much of a reason to go see Jigsaw which is the latest of the many Saw films to be released. The only real difference is the name which makes you think the film will be somewhat unique. It won't be.

When bodies start showing up and each thanks to a gruesome death that was clearly orchestrated by a madman, all signs point to John Kramer (aka Jigsaw). Only Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade so there's no possible way, right? The beauty of films like this is that they don't need to make sense, they just need to be gory.

Horror film junkies should go for it. Everyone else can probably pass.

6 Need To See: Killing Gunther


Arnold has made quite the comeback, but to date, most of his movies haven't been unique. Killing Gunther is about as different a Schwarzenegger film as he's going to make and it's the directorial debut of Teran Killam (Saturday Night Live Fame).

It's an action comedy about a bunch of assassins who think Schwarzenegger's character is too good an assassin and he's ruining their business. They all team up to take him out and the film is shot as a mock biopic. What will make this film so funny is that the entire attempt to take him out is being filmed by a camera crew and no one seems to have a clue what's going on. A bunch of nitwits and a crazy Arnold should make this a surprise hit. It is set for release on October 6th.

5 Need To See: Thor: Ragnarok

Okay, the other Thor movies weren't great. In fact, by most accounts, they've been the weakest of the Marvel Universe. But, if you want to keep up on all things Marvel, you sort of need to see this film and it's a safe bet that those who realized the last Thor film was a disaster will have gotten their act together on this film.

If nothing else, it might be worth seeing the film for the epic battle that will happen between Thor and The Hulk. Not to mention, much of the movie takes place in a world that is completely new to the Thor and Marvel stories to date and the special effects are bound to be amazing. This film is supposed to be a much funnier and different take on the Thor movies than what we've seen to date.

4 Can Miss: Goodbye Christopher Robin

Goodbye Christopher Robin is a retelling and story of the life of author A.A. Milne and how the character of Winnie the Pooh came to be. Like many author biopics that came before, this film might get some rave reviews but in the end, it's still a biopic and for the most part, these films tend to be a bit boring and not worth seeing in a theatre.

Winnie the Pooh is an interesting choice for a film of this nature. There were all sorts of battles between Disney and the Milne family and if the movie touches on that, it could actually get interesting. If it doesn't, it's mainly about an author who wrote children's stories but was rumored not to have liked children very much. You should be able to skip this one and go back to it if it gets some award-show buzz.

3 Need To See: Blade Runner 2049


If you had asked someone 30 years ago if they ever thought there would be a sequel to Blade Runner, they'd have thought you were crazy. But the original earned such a cult classic following that of course, the idea survived three decades and on October 6th, we'll get to see Ryan Gosling team up with Harrison Ford and revisit a world that made us think 2019 was going to be a freakishly weird time in our lives.

Even though 2019 is close and nothing like what we saw in the original film, followers of the first film can't wait to see what director Denis Villeneuve has in mind. If it's a huge success, it sounds like the next major project Villeneuve wants to take on is a version of the hit film Dune. 

2 Need To See: Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Is there anything more that needs to be said than, "hey, it's another Star Wars film, which you have to see." That's pretty much the deal with Star Wars films in that you can't miss them, because, well, they are Star Wars films. Even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens felt like a reboot of the original Star Wars: A New Hope, it still totally rocks as will every other Star Wars film that gets released between now and when I die.

The film is set for release on December 15th and it is bound to shatter every major film record imaginable. It will be the last film appearance by Carrie Fisher and it might give us more detail into the Rey character and her connection to Luke Skywalker (whom everyone wants to see again).

1 Can Miss: Bastards


Set for release on December 22nd, this could be one of those movies you go see if you're on holiday break and aren't sure what else to do with your time, or if you're a huge fan of the Hangover films. That's mostly due to the fact that the film Bastards sort of looks like a sequel to those movies without half the cast and an inserted Owen Wilson.

Two brothers who learn that the story told by their mother regarding a father they'd never met isn't true, set out to find their pops and insanity ensues. It does have a pretty good cast and I'm sure there are bound to be some magical one-liners, but it should be cheap humor that perhaps doesn't need the theatres or a line-up to enjoy it.

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10 Yet To Be Released Movies To See Before The End Of 2017 (5 You Can Miss)