10 WWE Stars You Never Knew Have A Child (5 You Had No Idea Are Married)

Keeping kayfabe alive, sometimes Superstars choose to hide their real-life identities. For that reason, some current stars are married and have children, but those are lesser known facts. In today’s climate dominated by social media use, keeping such a secret is nearly impossible. Today, most WWE stars let us into their personal lives via various social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Yes, it’s a different era for sports and entertainment nowadays. Just try to imagine Austin filling us in on his hobbies during the Attitude Era... No. Just no.

In this article, we go behind the curtain and unveil some wrestler parents you may not have known about. Some are long-time parents that flew under the radar while others, recently became new dads or moms. We’ll also take a look at current WWE roster members that are married – these are five lesser known wrestling marriages that might shock you.

From Jason Jordan to Goldust, we’ve got it all in this article featuring both the old and newer guard of married Superstars and those that are enjoying fatherhood or motherhood outside of the ring. Here are ten WWE stars you never knew have a child and five you had no idea are married. We begin with a long-time WWE veteran that has a lesser known child from a previous relationship to a past 90s Diva. Enjoy!

15 Child – Goldust

In terms of marriages, most fans know that Runnels has had his fair share of divorces. Among others, Dustin and his former manager Terri Runnels, were actually really married from 1993 till their divorce in the late 90s. He would remarry again in 2002 only to divorce a year later.

A little known fact about the veteran is that he did in fact have a child while married to Terri. The couple had a daughter way back in 1994, Dakota Avery. The photo above is a rare shot of Runnels alongside his daughter. On the bright side, Terri and Dustin have remained amicable since the divorce which without a doubt, helps the situation. Goldust has remarried for a third time since, tying the knot back in 2012 to his current wife, Ta-rel Marie Roche.

14 Child – Apollo Crews

For those that followed Crews during his indie days as Uhaa Nation, you can’t help but to watch his talent (in disbelief) simply go to waste with the WWE. Crews was rushed during his NXT stint given his prowess in the ring, though despite the early promotion, he’s become nothing but a lower tier act for the company. His skills are still there, though his lack of charisma has hurt his standing with the company. But in truth, isn’t that what managers are for?

Nonetheless, Crews likely appreciates the steady pay he’s getting from the company especially given the fact that he’s one of the newest fathers on the WWE’s main roster. The 30 year old recently had a child with his partner in June of 2017, welcoming in Sade Sofiya. At the very least, his life outside of the ring seems to be going well.

13 Married – Neville

It’s a shame that fans are slowly starting to forget about Neville, who was hands down the best Superstar in the Cruiserweight division carrying the 205 Live brand on his back. Due to unhappiness, Neville walked out of the company and he hasn’t been seen or heard of since. Rumors indicated at one point that he had a strong conversation with Vince, though ultimately, he didn’t return following the rumored convo and remains on the shelf at this point. Fans are hoping to see the Superstar back in 2018.

For now, he’ll continue to lay low but at the very least, he isn’t doing so alone. A little known fact about Neville is that he’s been happily married since 2015, tying the knot with Natalie Satterley - judging by the photos available online, Neville is one lucky man.

12 Child – Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson is the perfect example of why you should never give up on your dreams. A long time wrestler on the indie scene, Scott was about to call it quits following a tour in Japan. Getting married and with the objective of starting a family, Dawson was willing to put his dreams on the backburner in order to provide for his family with something a little more stable. Then out of nowhere, the WWE came calling with interest in signing the wrestler.

He was about to leave the business but that all changed quickly. He was signed to the WWE in 2012 and with the stability of working out of Orlando and an actual contract, Dawson and his wife gave birth to their first child in 2014, Kayci. We hope to see the tag wrestler back in action very soon after sustaining a right bicep injury.

11 Child – Luke Harper

No offense to Luke Harper, but it’s hard to imagine him having kids given his persona inside of the squared circle. If anything, that’s a compliment given how great he plays up his character. For those of you that have heard Harper speak out of the ring, you’d be shocked to find out that he’s quite the public speaker, sounding rather educated. Yes, he’s fooled most of us, that’s for darn sure – shocking that he’s not really sleeping in the basement of the Wyatt family compound.

Along with being married since 2008, Luke is also the proud father of two children. The 38 year old has two sons, one born in 2012 while the other was most recently born just a couple of days ago - all the best to Harper for both his career in the ring, and outside of the WWE as a proud family man.

10 Married – Ember Moon

A little known fact about the current NXT Women’s Champion is that she’s been off the block in her personal life for the last eight years. Yes, Ember met her current love out on the indie scene. Matthew Palmer is the lucky dude and his proposal went viral as he asked the question in the middle of the ring. Shortly after the engagement, Moon joined the main roster and has been a top prospect in the division ever since.

The wedding might have to wait a little longer as Moon is now responsible for pushing the division ahead. With all of the recent call-ups, the division is a different place and it’s up to Moon to continue to carry the title with the prestige it requires. Given her skills and draw value with the NXT crowds, we have no doubt that she’ll thrive as the champion.

9 Child – Mickie James

We have to say it before saying anything else, Mickie James is a smoking MILF! Okay, now that we got it out of the way, let’s take a second to appreciate the fact that James is both a mother and a WWE Superstar working a full-time schedule. Though in truth, James would admit herself that it came very close to working out differently. With a child, music career and other projects, James contemplated leaving the business for good when she was on the indie scene. Timing is everything (as we saw with Scott Dawson earlier), and she would get an unexpected call by the WWE just as she was about to end her career. After her NXT return, the WWE would offer the veteran a contract and she’s still going strong.

Outside of the ring, she’s also happily married to Impact and indie star Magnus. The couple got married in late December of 2015.

8 Child – Erick Rowan

36 year old Erick Rowan falls under the same category as Luke Harper - given his persona inside of the ring, you wouldn’t expect him to be a proud father outside of his character but he is. Rowan’s been happily married since 2010, a year before signing his first WWE deal after a lengthy run on the indies. He would have two children while with the WWE and he’s posted some pictures with his family via social media.

The forgotten member of the Wyatt Family has gone through some struggles in finding an identity away from the Wyatt gimmick. However, things look like they’re finally starting to turn as he recently repackaged his gimmick as a member of the Bludgeon Brothers alongside the other proud papa mentioned earlier in the article, Luke Harper. Given the fact that both are in their late 30s and raising families, you can’t help but to cheer them on nowadays and hope for the best.

7 Married – Tyler Breeze

Many wrestling fans would be surprised to find out that Tyler is married (let alone being hitched to someone that’s also in the wrestling business). Breeze and his current wife Audrey Marie, met during their time together in FCW and later NXT. Like Breeze, Audrey was labelled as a big potential star while in FCW as a former Champion, though she would get released surprisingly when the company changed to NXT. She’s been on the indie scene ever since.

Despite the release, the two managed to stay together and on September of 2016, they quietly got married. Photos of the wedding surfaced online with a couple of WWE Superstars making the trip. Although his current WWE role is in the lower tier, Breeze has admitted to being more than content with the pay he’s receiving, being able to provide for both himself and his wife outside of the ring.

6 Child – Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson has kept things on the down low pertaining to his personal life - which is why the fact that he has three kids might be pretty shocking. Fans complain about his booking alongside partner Luke Gallows, but at the end of the day, it must feel good for the duo to get a steady pay week in and week out providing for their families. That works double for Anderson who’s got a wife and three children to feed back at home away from the ring.

Married to a pretty smoking Asian wife and with three beautiful boys, the 37 year old has been wrestling since 2000. He’s been all around the world till finally ending up in the WWE last year. Although his character is in need of a boost, he’ll be happy with his stable deal at this stage of his career.

5 Child – Konnor

Another Tag Team wrestler struggling to find his way, Konnor has floundered as one half of The Ascension since making his main roster debut. Down in NXT, the Tag Team was simply dominating, becoming the longest reigning Tag Champs down in development. Squandering that momentum seemed impossible, though as we’ve witnessed time and time again, developmental success doesn’t always translate positively. This team was an example of that.

Like Anderson in the previous entry, Konnor likely isn’t complaining all that much due to the steady pay he’s been receiving in the last couple of years. He’s a father and happily married to Krissy Vaine, a former indie wrestler – so yeah, bringing home the bacon means a lot for the former NXT Tag Champion. Their boy Elijah, was recently born in September of 2017.

4 Married – Jason Jordan

2017 wasn’t too shabby for Jason Jordan. Not only was he promoted to Raw as a major single’s star, being deemed as the “son” of Kurt Angle, but away from the ring, he was also enjoying the ultimate high from getting hitched to his now wife, April Elizabeth. Unlike other WWE Superstar weddings, this one was made public with various photos of the two being released online. They were also photographed together at the WWE Hall Of Fame ceremony.

Whether you buy into his gimmick or not, there simply is no denying his merit in being in such a spot. A little known fact that tends to get overlooked is that Jordan’s been with the WWE’s developmental system since 2011. He’s finally getting pushed as a major future star and given his recent in-ring performances, the 29 year old is going to be a mainstay for quite some time.

3 Child – Jeff Hardy

Unlike brother Matt who’s an open book when it comes to his personal life, Jeff Hardy instead chooses to live a private life. In fact, many would be surprised to find out that not only does he have two kids, but he’s been married to the same woman, Beth Britt, since 2011.

Jeff actually met his girlfriend way back in 1999, believe it or not. She’s been with Jeff through thick and thin, even when the couple’s house burned down back in March of 2008. After building a new home, the couple welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ruby Claire Hardy. Shortly after in 2015, the couple had another daughter, Nera Quinn Hardy, born in late December.

The 40 year old is currently on the shelf with the WWE rehabbing an injury. Judging by his recent work despite his age, he’s still got it and will continue to deliver for a couple more years at the very least.

2 Married – Shinsuke Nakamura

The most shocking name to be married is without a doubt Shinsuke Nakamura. The former NXT Champion has been married since 2007 to his wife Harumi Maekawa. Despite the decade-long marriage, we’ve heard or hardly seen anything pertaining to his wife. It’s even unknown whether or not she’s living with him in the Orlando area.

Coming from the Japanese culture that takes wrestling very seriously, especially when it comes to protecting the integrity of the entertainment form, Shinsuke has elected to keep this part of his life private. On his down time, we’ve seen numerous surfing pics and videos of the WWE Superstar, while the identity of his wife remains a mystery and something we’ve yet to see despite fake pics online linking the identity of his wife. It remains to be seen if we’ll ever see the 37 year old’s wife while he’s actively performing for the company.

1 Child – Brock Lesnar

We end off the article with a rare photo pertaining to Lesnar’s past. It’s common knowledge that Brock has two children with Sable, both boys, Turk and Duke. However, what tends to fall under the radar is the fact that he also had twins with his former fiancée, a boy Luke and girl Myaa Lynn.

The photo above is a rare photo of Myaa Lynn Lesnar all grown up. Not only does she resemble Brock visually, but she’s also a hell of an athlete just like her father. Photos are available online showing Myaa’s prowess in various sports. Heck, who knows? Maybe one day she’ll translate those skills into a WWE ring walking in similar footsteps like her father. Seriously speaking, wouldn’t that be something? Still in her teens however, she’s got some time to go before making such a decision.

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