14Will Fade: Kaley Cuoco

She's been a huge star since the show The Big Bang Theory became a huge hit, but Kaley's foray into movies has not gone well, and her other shows haven't found success. She's pretty much clinging to a show that sees her as the least productive part and that's only

going to last for so long.

It used to be that while Penny (Kaley's character) was the hottest character on the show, that's not really the case any longer. And now that she and Leonard are married, her character has grown kind of stale. So too has her personal life outside the show been documented and not done her reputation any favors.

She's all over social media and in some cases, the partying and drinking has become something she's known for. She's clearly bothered by what people think of her and that's not always good if you can't have a thick skin as a celebrity. She's also had some documented beefs with other cast members over salaries and her mood swings.

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