10 TV Hotties That'll Fade From The Spotlight (5 Who Will Shine)

Right now, there are so many beautiful women on television perhaps more than ever before. Both talent and beauty are dominating the small screen. But, the TV business is a fickle business. If your show doesn't get ratings or the network decides that it's time to change things up, cancellations are inevitable, and these actresses are left to find other avenues of employment.

For some actresses, though, it's not an issue. If their shows were popular, they may find it possible to successfully transition from television to film. Others will try but the transition won't be easy, having learned what made the show popular wasn't them but the show itself. As such, some of Hollywood's hottest actresses are going to fade away.

It's not always about the show's success either. In some cases, actors are so difficult to work with. They develop a reputation, and the desire by producers and casting directors to hire them fades over time. As shows come and go, these notoriously tricky actresses don't get more opportunities. There is always a new female actress with the looks and the talent just waiting in the wings for their chance at the big time.

Below are 10 actresses we believe will fade from the spotlight and 5 who will shine. Some will have had the last of their many chances and others will have found roles that are sure to lead them to bigger and brighter moments in both television and the movies. What all have in common is that they're gorgeous in their own way.

There are so many beautiful women on television that it was hard to get to them all. Comment and tell us who we missed. Then, share with a friend and ask them who they'd add or remove.

15 Will Fade: Jennifer Morrison

The beautiful star of the ABC's hit show Once Upon a Time has informed producers that she'll not be resigning with the show come the end of her contract. She said when asked why that between the shows House, How I Met Your Mother, and six years on Once Upon a Time, she's grown tired of the 13 years she's been working a network schedule. She added that she wants to direct more and spend time with family.

This means that fans won't see nearly as much of Morrison as they're used to. She'll either be behind the camera or not in Hollywood at all. It's tough to say how it will affect the show but she did say that she negotiated to do one more episode in Season 7, so we'll see what that means for her onscreen character.

14 Will Fade: Kaley Cuoco

She's been a huge star since the show The Big Bang Theory became a huge hit, but Kaley's foray into movies has not gone well, and her other shows haven't found success. She's pretty much clinging to a show that sees her as the least productive part and that's only going to last for so long.

It used to be that while Penny (Kaley's character) was the hottest character on the show, that's not really the case any longer. And now that she and Leonard are married, her character has grown kind of stale. So too has her personal life outside the show been documented and not done her reputation any favors.

She's all over social media and in some cases, the partying and drinking has become something she's known for. She's clearly bothered by what people think of her and that's not always good if you can't have a thick skin as a celebrity. She's also had some documented beefs with other cast members over salaries and her mood swings.

13 Will Shine: Ruby Rose

Her television work is probably long behind her, but in her nine episodes where she played Stella Carlin on Netflix's Orange Is the New Black, Ruby Rose was memorable. The model-turned-actress was working on a handful of movies in late 2016 and in 2017, she is slated to star in a whole lot more.

Her big break in film came in the latest Resident Evil film, and she moved on to xXx: Return of Xander Cage, John Wick: Chapter 2, Pitch Perfect 3, and Meg. The last two of which are in post-production right now. She can play funny, she can play bada*s, and she's incredibly hot. There are a few roles she can't do, and it should make her one of the biggest female breakout stars of 2017 and 2018.  

12 Will Fade: Sofía Vergara

Sofia Vergara is definitely hot. That said, she's the star of one hit television show and a number of commercials. Her accent, while charming, is not necessarily beneficial if it were to come to her looking for hosting or other types of roles, and she's very much a one-dimensional type actress. She's also 44 years old and her movie career hasn't given her the confidence she needed to leave the television arena. Fortunately, she won't have to yet as Modern Family is doing well.

But, Vergara is not stupid and that show will end. When it does, she can be confident she's done quite well for herself as an entrepreneur and if she wants to stay active in Hollywood, she may find work as a voice-over actor (she has a role in the upcoming Emoji movie). But, our guess is that pretty soon, she'll start to fade from the spotlight, at least in terms of major roles in front of the camera. Financially, she shouldn't be too worried. She's got a net worth of somewhere in the $120 million range.

11 Will Fade: Katharine McPhee

The former American Idol star-turned-actress is gorgeous. She lost a great deal of weight from when the public first saw her on the reality television scene and while she's transitioned into acting more than music, she's not got a great track record for television success.

Her longest reigning show is Scorpion, which she currently stars in, but that's been running for three seasons and ratings have been declining. She hasn't had luck with other avenues beyond television movies and while that can make for a profitable acting career, it's not exactly the most noticed role an actor/actress can take. McPhee and her show have been renewed for a fourth season, but she needs to hope for the ratings to bounce back. If her show does get axed, maybe she can always go back to music. She's a pretty good singer.

10 Will Shine: Zendaya

If you have kids of your own somewhere between the ages of 8 and 15, you probably know who Zendaya is. She's the well-known Disney Channel star, having previously starred in the sitcom Shake It Up and currently the super cool star of the channel's K.C. Undercover show. For most, that would be a lot, but like many Disney kids who grew up to become big stars, Zendaya is ready to shine in the spotlight and take on a ton of new projects.

She landed a significant role in Spider-Man: Homecoming where she'll play Michelle/Mary Jane, a love interest to Peter Parker (Tom Holland). She's also going to co-star alongside Hugh Jackman in the upcoming biopic, The Greatest Showman. If that weren't enough, she's also got two other movies in post-production. Both are voice-over work and one of them is alongside Channing Tatum.

9 Will Fade: Alyssa Milano

Anyone who isn't a fan of Alyssa Milano is nuts. She's not only gorgeous, but she also rocks as the designer of Touch which is a female brand of sports clothing. That said, she's probably getting closer to the end of her acting career now that Mistresses was canceled.

She still has lots of stuff on the go, including a pilot for a show called Insatiable, which is about a dissatisfied civil lawyer-turned-beauty-pageant-coach who takes on a vengeful bullied teenager as his client and has no idea what he's about to unleash upon the world. Yeah, I'm not really sure what that means either.

Expect that Milano will still be busy, but not so much in the acting spotlight as much as she might be in the business world.

8 Will Fade: Kylie Bunbury

When Fox's TV series Pitch got canceled, it was somewhat of a surprise. The drama about the first female player in Major League Baseball could have been a home run (pun intended) but for some reason, the show wasn't renewed and that's probably going to spell trouble for star Kylie Bunbury. Perhaps her past TV work on Under the Dome and Twisted will be enough to land her another show, but there's nothing in the bullpen right now (yes, another pun).

Bunbury is extremely attractive, and the show proved she had some talent as an actress but she has little going on when it comes to future work. The closest thing to it is a film she's currently shooting called Game Night. It's about a group of friends who meet regularly for game nights but all of sudden finds themselves trying to solve a murder mystery. That premise doesn't exactly scream award winner on it.

7 Will Shine: Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is already a huge star. She got her big break on the television show Veronica Mars and went on to become a respected TV and film actress starring in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, House of Lies, Frozen, Bad Moms, and a host of other projects. Her resume is so full, she could quit trying to find work now and will have it made until the end of 2019.

But, she's extremely attractive and has one of the cutest relationships in Hollywood with her husband, Dax Shepard. You simply can't get enough of watching these two, and it looks like they're both going to be around for a while. Bell has Frozen II on her list of upcoming items, and she's actively showing up in cameos all over the place, even guest hosting for TV personalities like Jimmy Kimmel.

6 Will Fade: Sarah Greene

Hopefully, Sarah Greene's television career isn't over before it really had a chance to get going. It looked like Greene's big break was going to be the show Ransom but it wasn't renewed after its only season, and the single piece of work she appears to have on her professional resume right now is a film called Black 47 that stars Hugo Weaving (Matrix).

This beautiful lady is originally from Cork, Ireland and got her acting training in Dublin. She's done a ton of theater acting and might go back to that. If she does, she'll stay busy, but traditional television fans won't see or hear much from her. Maybe she gets another chance at a different series. She was one of the better actors in a show that wasn't always very well-written.

5 Will Fade: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has seen her share of ups and downs. But over the last few years, she has seen more downs than ups. The former star of Grey's Anatomy is notoriously hard to work with. Like a cat, she seems to have nine lives when it comes to getting new work, but with the recent cancellation of the show Doubt and based on how badly it bombed, this may be it for the diva.

Doubt was a legal drama that lasted all of two episodes before they canceled it. Her next project is the sequel to the animated film Nut Job where she voices the character of Andie. But looking at her bio, there's not a single thing coming out or that we've heard she's slated to be a part of. It could finally be that producers have wised up and realized that Heigl is not going to make your show a hit. She'll probably just bring negative press to it.

4 Will Shine: Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is stunning. She was also a major character on a hit television show, The Vampire Diaries, which has lasted over 134 episodes. Even though the show is canceled, she has all sorts of work lined up for herself, and her fans won't have to wait long to see her on something else.

She just completed work on Crash Pad alongside Christina Applegate, and she's set to star in the reboot of Flatliners with Ellen Page and a film called Departures is in post-production. For most of her time during the Vampire Diaries, she was also working on movies. She doesn't look like she will be slowing down anytime soon. Expect big things from her now that she has some spare time on her hands.

3 Will Fade: Beth Behrs

2 Broke Girls was not renewed for the upcoming season and that doesn't bode well for Beth Behrs or Kat Dennings. Fortunately for Kat Dennings, she's got a movie career and other jobs she did quite well with before her TV show took off and ran for six seasons, but Behrs is not so lucky.

She's really only had four other projects between now and 2014, and none of them were roles you might write home about. She has nothing on the current horizon and her one-dimensional character on the show may hurt her chances of getting future work in different types of areas. Some people were actually surprised that the show lasted as long as it did. It would have to be assumed that if Behrs doesn't appear much in the spotlight from here on out, she may have been one of the reasons why.

2 Will Fade: Stana Katic

While Stana Katic has a new show called Absentia in post-production, her show Castle was canceled because her and co-star Nathan Fillion simply couldn't get along. In fact, they despised each other with a passion and didn't talk to one another unless it was required as part of the script. That's not such a great quality to be known for.

Her film career exists, but most haven't probably heard of her movies and if her new show doesn't do well, she may not get many other opportunities. She did establish her own production company and perhaps she plans to get more involved in behind-the-scenes type of work to stay active in Hollywood. She wouldn't be in the spotlight as much, but she'd still be working. I guess a lot of this depends on the success or failure of her new show.

1 Will Shine: Annabelle Wallis

She got her big break starring on the TV series The Tudors in 2009 and worked on the show on and off again for a year. From there, she went on to the show Pan Am about pilots and flight attendants who once made Pan Am the most glamorous way to fly. From there, she moved to the show Peaky Blinders, but her best work is still to come.

She found roles in films such as Come and Find MeKing Arthur: Legend of the Sword, and most recently, she appeared in The Mummy alongside Tom Cruise. She's got a film in pre-production called Tag, and it's about a small group of former classmates organize an elaborate annual game of tag that requires some to travel all over the country.

Clearly, Annabelle Wallis is one to watch. Her television days seem far behind her, and she'll be a staple in feature films moving forward.

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