10 TLC Shows Cancelled Too Soon (5 That Need To Be Cancelled NOW)

There used to be a time when TLC was called The Learning Channel. These days, TLC stands for nothing, symbolic for exactly what you'll learn while watching their shows. Honest. Most of the shows are reality-based lifestyle shows providing glimpses at people who are considered extraordinary in various ways. It's a strange little channel full of odd people and often features some disturbing content. But people watch. Oh, they watch. This is what people enjoy now. Actual reality isn't enough either, so channels need to script reality shows and infuse them with excitement in various ways. This is the channel that created Honey Boo Boo and Mama June or whatever the hell the big one was called, so you can't expect grade-A quality entertainment, but there have been some good shows. Sure, some of the shows that have been done are sickening. Some are sad. Most are stupid. And pretty much all are overacted. Yet, people still watch.

The TLC network and its shows are like a car crash. We can't look away. Throughout the last several years, however, we have had some of our guilty pleasures taken from us. For various reasons, some of the weirdest and wackiest of the TLC shows have been cancelled. Well, today, we're going to highlight some of the shows that were cancelled too early, the shows we wish we had back, and explain why they should return. We'll also talk about some of the shows that should have been cancelled a long time ago. Here are 10 TLC Shows Cancelled Too Soon (5 That Need To Be Cancelled NOW).

15 My Strange Addiction - Cancelled Too Soon

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My Strange Addiction was maybe one of the grossest shows ever created and it was probably one of the fakest too, but people loved it. Sure, we may have felt sick to our stomachs hearing people talking about eating chalk, toilet paper, cleaners, detergent, hair, couch cushions, glass, ashes, drywall, gasoline, and more, but we enjoyed watching them do it. Basically, anything you can eat was eaten on this show. There's no way that half of these people ate half as much as they say they did, but it was entertaining to watch them lie. Interestingly enough, most of the subjects on the show weren't even true addicts. They were more likely suffering from a mental illness. Most were untreated, and TLC wasn't about to help these people. This is about ratings, people! The crazier the so-called addiction, the more people will watch. If TLC went around trying to provide actual assistance to these desperate and sick people, who would they film in the next season? Sadly, this show was cancelled. But this is 2017. If there was ever a time to watch people eating cigarette ash on television for 30 minutes, this is it.

14 Trauma: Life In The ER - Cancelled Too Soon

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Of all the shows on TLC and certainly on this list, Trauma: Life in the ER is the one that was actually a really quality show. It went on to spawn two spin-offs, Paramedics and Code Blue, and inspired many more. These copycat shows are probably the main reason why Trauma went off the air in the first place. The show ran for five years and was quite popular. It was also one of the first graphic medical shows on the air, something that caused quite a lot of controversy at the time. Trauma would not shy away from showing some really disgusting things, so watching the show during dinner was quite the journey. Now that many of the shows like it have fizzled out, we want Trauma back. Although some of the content was probably spiced up, this was one of the few real reality shows on television.

13 Extreme Cheapskates - Cancelled Too Soon

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Extreme Cheapskates was like the cleaner version of Hoarders. Some of the people still probably suffered from a mental illness as many (if not all) of the hoarders do, but it wasn't as in-your-face or the cases weren't as extreme. It also added in more humor because the people would go to extreme lengths to save like 12 cents. They felt like they were the kings of the world saving that money. Even worse, many of the savings methods were considerably less efficient and effective as the minimally more expensive options. For instance, one woman would wet paper towels and use them as moist towelettes, but they would rip and dissolve before she could use them. That's not practical, but this type of thing is funny. We can laugh at this woman's misfortune because she's just cheap, not sick. Even if they were sick, they say laughter is the best medicine. So, in a way, we're helping out.

12 Best Funeral Ever - Cancelled Too Soon

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The TLC show Best Funeral Ever was never as crazy as you think it would be, but it still was something to behold. The show centered around the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas and the extravagant funerals they would throw for people. These elaborate ceremonies would be over-the-top and ridiculous. The funeral home would even hire professional mourners to display dramatic signs of grieving to make people feel like the beloved deceased were more beloved than they actually were. Really, the show was easy to watch because of how cringey it was. Your face physically contorted when watching people dress up as bacon and eat breakfast during a funeral all because the deceased liked to eat breakfast. If the deceased liked ribs, the funeral would be rib-themed. These funerals are like the extreme examples of people who go overboard on gift themes, like that time you told your mom you thought African art was nice, so now you've been getting African art for every goddamn gift since you were seven. Yes, it was sad, but even though Best Funeral Ever was sad for all the wrong reasons, we miss it.

11 I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant - Cancelled Too Soon

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Compared to every other TLC show, I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant is probably the one that people think is fake most often. For most of us, it's difficult to believe that a woman could be unaware that they are pregnant until they give birth, but it does happen. Some women just don’t notice a human growing inside their bodies. Apparently, it happens more than you'd think as well. Well, this show recorded these stories and reenacted the stories and then recapped the reenactments. It was a lot. Still, it was fun to watch. Seeing a woman go into labor and deliver a baby while still in denial about being pregnant makes you wonder about how long humans are for this earth, but it's captivating television. It's great for betting as well. You throw money down on when and where the mother gets wise. Will she birth that mystery baby in Walmart? Will she try to pass her cramps in the bathroom? You never know with the women on I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant.

10 Brides Of Beverly Hills - Cancelled Too Soon

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We've seen just about everything there is to see in Beverly Hills. We've learned about housewives, teens, rich kids, nannies, homeless, and hillbillies, so it makes perfect sense to also learn about brides. Well, Brides of Beverly Hills wasn't really what we expected. We expected rich and we got rich, but we thought we were looking at current celebrities and the most in-fashion dresses, but we never got that. We got second-rate famous people, like the cousin of the ex-wife of David Hasselhoff. The most interesting part of the show was that both the women and the dresses were from a different period, but they refused to accept it. Each of the women seemed to be grasping on to the last remnants of their youth. The shop owner herself was pumped full of more collagen than Donatella Versace. And the dresses! Sweet lord, they were horrendous. But watching these poor women parade around in these nasty dresses that haven't been in style since the hula hoop was invented and still think they looked great was kind of nice. We enjoyed it.

9 That Show About Buying 'In The Buff' - Cancelled Too Soon

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Who didn't want to watch nudists buying homes in nudist communities? This was a show that really carried important lessons, lessons that we all need in these turbulent times, such as the fact that leather couches don't absorb bodily fluids. Who knew they would be so essential for nudists? But this is just one small example of things you could learn while watching Buying Naked. Truth be told, we don't believe that any of the people in this show weren't actors. The people allegedly buying these houses didn't look like nudists, they looked like adult stars. But the show wasn't about the houses; not really. It is more about the surrounding nudist communities and putting the hosts and agents in awkward nudist situations, like nude yoga, which is just about the most disgusting thing you could participate in.

8 Freaky Eaters - Cancelled Too Soon

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Freaky Eaters was a show about strange and often disgusting food addictions. While some of these addictions were basic and, frankly, expected–such as candy, fast food, and cola–others were more disturbing. One of the episodes, for example, focused on a man who is addicted to eating raw meat. This savage would just cut up raw beef and chicken and munch it. The show would give closeups and slow motion views of this clown stuffing his yap with uncooked beef, which was difficult to watch, but you were just waiting for him to get sick. In the end, each of the subjects would be taken to get tests done to see how much harm their horrifying eating habits were bringing them. TLC would then try to get them help and often did, which is something positive at least. Wow. Just thinking about some of these addictions is enough to set off the gag reflex. If you have time, watch the tartar sauce woman. That one is revolting.

7 America's Worst Tattoos - Cancelled Too Soon

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We all love a good bad tattoo. Tattoo haters get to say, I told ya so, and tattoo enthusiasts get to laugh at lesser beings getting lesser work done. America's Worst Tattoos was a show built on bad tattoos and the artists covering them up. Honestly, this show could still be a major hit. The only thing missing was interviews with the people who originally gave the bad tattoos. Give us a peek into the minds and souls of the people who permanently scarred another person. Let's learn about their regrets, what they're doing now, if they still tattoo. Maybe some of these terrible artists turned their lives around and became something of note. Although we liked the show, the one thing we had an issue with is that many of the new pieces were terrible. TLC should bring this show back but feature better tattoo shops and ensure that the cover-up work was topnotch.

6 America's Outrageous 911 - Cancelled Too Soon

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What a concept. America's Outrageous 911, a show that replayed and reenacted some of the strangest 911 calls throughout the country. Although the acting was so bad it was offensive and many of the stories seemed far-fetched, it was a brilliant show. Who doesn't want to listen to a four-year-old child call 911 on their nana because she wanted the child to put pants on before eating ice cream? That's must-watch television. The more far-fetched the story, the more the show helped illuminate just how stupid people are. Some of the best moments were found in watching and listening to the professionals and how they went about their jobs. It helped give a new appreciation for the dispatchers and first responders.

5 CANCEL NOW: Long Island Medium

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Admittedly, it's hard watching a show when you know that everything in it is fraudulent. This Long Island Medium show, starring Theresa Caputo, is just baloney; everything about it. Caputo travels around and cons grieving, desperate, and lonely people into paying her to lie to them. Now, we admit that there is an artform to mediums. They are skilled at what they do, but they are charlatans. Caputo's staff interviews the guests beforehand and passes that information on to the host, which she then presents as some paranormal gift. Meanwhile, those who have seen live performances of this woman have claimed that for every correct guess, she strikes out many, many more times.

4 CANCEL NOW: Breaking Amish

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Breaking Amish and each of the various versions of this show tell the story of members of Amish communities who have left to do other things. This show, while entertaining in spots, is just too made-up to take seriously. It's been revealed that much of what we see on the show happened long before the airing and that these Amish people had left their communities and way of life long before taping. Still, the show dresses it up and pretends that it's all happening for the first time while they were filming. The episodes show these people going against their way of life in "extreme" ways, but really, these things were nothing new for them. They had transgressed plenty of times before. Not every Amish person is fully committed, but the show tries to convince us that we're seeing something extraordinary.

3 CANCEL NOW: Counting On

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That terrible show, 19 Kids and Counting, ran for seven years. That's long enough. Did we really need a spin-off? Now we have Counting On. We're long past the shock of how many kids are in the family. Yeah, there's a lot. Now, we're simply watching a show that follows these people around, filming them live their boring lives. They're celebrities because they have lots of kids and siblings. What in the world is so exciting about these people that they are still on the air? We could be watching Freaky Eaters, but instead, we're watching a bunch of overly religious folk give birth every couple of months.

2 CANCEL NOW: Little People Big World

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In 2006, we knew nothing about dwarfism. Little People Big World educated us on that world. It was interesting. Now, 11 years later, we know everything there is to know about dwarfism. How is this show still on the air? Here's the moral. They live life just like everyone else. Let's move on. Sweet Jesus. One episode was spent watching this family do taxes. Oh, look how much smaller they are than us normies. Wow! They're shorter than us and they still file taxes the same. Get this drivel off the air. Show us some terrible tattoos or people addicted to eating pocket lint. Now that's television!

1 CANCEL NOW: My 600-lb Life

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My 600-lb Life has been running for 5 seasons. Some of the subjects go through incredible heartwarming transformations. Those are the good stories that we have enjoyed seeing. But TLC isn't about to show all happy endings. What kind of drama would that be? They also show the bad. They show the defiant. They show the more than 600-lb people who refuse to follow doctor's instructions, refuse to try to follow dietary orders, and fight back against any and all suggestions. This creates a bad image for the obese in America, and it only helps create ammo for those who mock and criticize people struggling with weight problems. It's run its course.

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