10 Times Jessica Day Was Fashion Forward (And 10 Times She Looked Like A Grandma)

Zooey Deschanel has stolen our hearts with her adorable cutesy dresses and colourful cardigans she always wears on New Girl, where she plays the role of Jessica Day, a teacher in her thirties. After a bad breakup, Jessica moves in with three single men in a loft, all equally amusing characters. This sitcom television series premiered on Fox in September 2011 and we have been in love with this cute teacher and her three male roommates ever since. But apparently, we are not the only ones, as New Girl was named one of the best new comedies of the 2011 fall season.

Jessica Day enjoys wearing cardigans that sharply contrast the color of her dresses and big, geeky glasses too. She has become a fashion inspiration to girls worldwide who appreciate her adorable girly style. Her character is just as whimsical and fun as her fashion style, which makes us love Zooey (or Jess) even more. While we do love most of her outfits, we have to say that the cute and bubbly, Jessica Day can make fashion mistakes too. On several occasions, we found that her outfit wasn't exactly flattering, and well, she reminded us of a grandma. But a fun, amusing grandma with a great taste in fashion. Let's take a look at Jessica's best and worst outfits starting from one great and one not so great photo.

20 Fashion Forward - Little Black Dress


May I just say WOW! Jess really looked amazing in this tiny little black dress. She added a pair of blue heels to this sexy dress, paired with a pair of big blue earrings as well.

We almost didn't recognize Jess in this outfit but this touch of blue is totally her style as she loves colors. There is a large reddish necklace to complete the entire outfit and a cute little purse. Her hair looks casual, no curls like we're used to. Our verdict is: Jess looks totally hot in this short dress!

19 Grandma - Khaki Blazer And An Abstract Dress


Well, let's just say she could do better. Much better. Something is just wrong with this outfit despite the fact that the usual elements are present: the cute abstract dress, the stylish khaki blazer...But we are simply not in love with this outfit.

Perhaps it has to do with colors, as we are used to colorful apparel when it comes to this whimsical actress. The shoes are the same color as the dress and her hair is done the usual way too. By the way, her hair looks great and overall. It is not a bad outfit, but let's just say that there are better ones.

18 Fashion Forward - A Cute Dotted Skirt


Where do we begin? This burgundy sweater is so adorable and the color really emphasizes the beauty of her skin tone. Jess paired this cute sweater with a gorgeous white skirt with black dots and she nailed it.

Now the hair is classic Jess, wavy locks and cute bangs, like usual, and the big glasses are fabulous. If this isn't the coolest and cutest teacher you have ever seen then I don't know who is! By the way, this fun coffee mug with a moustache is so Jess! We like it.

17 Grandma - Bed Time Jess

Now, let's neglect the fact that her makeup is all messed up and her hair looks...well as if she could really use a hairbrush. But what's up with the pajamas, Jess? We get it, she is in love with slightly oversized pajamas with dots or penguins or whatnot, but she just looks so much better in the previous photo. Don't you agree?

Then again, maybe the tv show was trying to portray realistic expectations of what women look like when they get out of bed. That would make more sense, because it is true, it's not like Hollywood wants you to believe. No woman wakes up with their foundation and mascara already applied to their face.

16 Fashion Forward - A Burgundy Dress

This is one of my favorite outfits that Zooey Deschanel wore on New Girl. Need I explain why? Just take a look at this lovely burgundy velvet V neck dress. Her hair looks gorgeous with those locks and a braid that makes this hairdo slightly romantic. Zooey sure can pull off this knee-long, elegant, long-sleeved dress and we congratulate her on that. Our verdict: you nailed it once again Jess!

Alternatively, we could have included her Thanksgiving turkey outfit, which was nowhere near as fabulous as this. But, points to creativity Jess!

15 Grandma - Umbrella Print Dress

What can we say about this umbrella print dress except that we're not really in love with it? While it does look cute, the fact that it's knee-long, with sleeves, and buttoned all the way up simply makes her look like a grandma. Her geeky glasses and the hairdo only add to this traditional, slightly old-fashioned look instead of the cute retro style we're used to. She can do better but the red belt with a bow is super adorable.

On the other hand, we have to give credit where credit is due. One thing is definitely for sure, although we don't appreciate the older kind of outfits, the only person who could ever pull something like this off would definitely be Jessica Day.

14 Fashion Forward - Hot In Black


A night out for Jess and Cece turns into the walk of shame for these two. But despite the fact that she spent the night in the dress, Jess looks awesome in this fabulous shiny black dress.

We have to give her credit to the whole disheveled look. It kind of works, and definitely plays into the setting of this photos. It gives her a very casual kind of elegance, in a strange way. It's not tight, just like she likes it, but it makes her look sexy as hell. Jessica's hair is slightly more casual than usual and we have to say, she doesn't look geeky at all in this outfit. Well done, Jessica Day!

13 Grandma - Printed Dress And Geeky Glasses


The hair, the dress, the glasses, the cardigan...Everything screams "grandma" in this picture. I am sorry Jess but we are just not that into this outfit. The printed dress says "old teacher" not "cool teacher" and the geeky glasses are not helping at all.

When paired with a V-neck dress of this type and an oversized cardigan, the hair is everything but sexy. Obviously, the outfit made her look significantly older, especially when you compare it with other photos we have seen so far. It's cute but just not that cute. We feel like we should stick her in a library so she could tell the children to quiet down.

12 Fashion Forward - White Wrap Top And Black Skirt


Now, this is more like it. Jess looked really amazing in this simple yet elegant and so classic Jess outfit. We know she likes cute skirts and this black skirt is totally her style. She paired the skirt with a white wrap top and a grey cardigan and the result is great.

We love this Jess and unlike the previous one, this outfit certainly says "cool teacher". She managed to look elegant and be who she is at the same time. Her gorgeous hair only adds up to this simple and effective combination.

11 Grandma - A Turquoise Dress


Okay I think it's fair to say that maybe sleeves like this just should not be allowed on dresses. They make someone look older, instead of showing off their arms and a little more skin. It's okay to let loose sometimes Jess!

Instead of a fun, whimsical teacher with a colorful and amusing fashion style, we see a serious woman employed at a school and we don't like that. The turquoise knee-long dress (that appears to be a wrap dress) is charming but it's just not among the top outfits that Jess has worn. Sorry, Jess, but we are simply not in love with this look.

10 Fashion Forward - Pretty In Beige


This is a great example of Jessica's adorable fashion style that inspired young women everywhere. This cute short beige dress with see-through sleeves and little bows looks great on Jess, and it's these kind of outfits that make us love her.

She knows her style, and knows she can pull this look off, and she is clearly not afraid to show it, judging by how she's standing. Her matching purse is a plus, and her hair looks lovely even though her bangs are not framing her face in the traditional way that they tend to do. Well done on this one Jess.

9 Grandma - Jess Loves Her Pajamas


Yes, she's wearing Victoria Secret pajamas, but we are not very fond of them. Look, if you're going to go all out and spend the money on Victoria Secret (because seriously it's so expensive), then you should at least buy pyjamas that will look good on you. Come on, live a little.

It's disappointing, after we've looked at so many photos where Jess has looked fantastic.  We know geeky pyjamas are her thing, but what we're saying is that she could try a little harder, right? Great glasses though, they are stylish and cute, totally Jessica Day's style. But this time our verdict is: she could look better.

8 Fashion Forward - Blue Polka Dot Skirt


This is what we're talking about. Another one of Jessica's classic cute outfits that makes us love her. She is wearing a white top with a short blue dotted skirt and she looks great!

This combination is what we're used to when seeing Zooey Deschanel on New Girl. Casual hair, and an adorable short skirt, that is classic Jessica. Don't you agree? We hope to see more outfits like this one in the future. It gives her an edge, showing off some leg, her bouncy hair adding to the idea that this outfit is fun, hip, and chic.

7 Grandma - Checked Dress With White Trim

This V-neck checked dress with white trim would never look good, no matter the circumstance. It definitely didn't bring out the best of Jessica Day, which is what we expect considering the fact she amazes us with every outfit.

It is definitely not as cute as we are used to, since she tends to pull off patterns like this more often than not. But this...it just seems bulky. Not well put together, unflattering, makes her look older, the list goes on and on. Even her hair is barely done, she looks like she just went hiking and got hit by a tree. Oh well, good try Jess.

6 Fashion Forward - A Cute Black Sweater


It's not often that we see Jess with her hair tied up and we were pleasantly surprised at how cute she looked. She is wearing a cute black sweater with a pink bow and a purple skirt. This is much more Jessica's style than the previous outfit, we must admit.

See outfits like this, where she's all covered up can still work when she decides to pair everything together in a sensible and adorable way. She's seriously so cute, it's a preppy look that not a lot of girls could ever pull off, but Jess has no problem with it, so it seems. And she looked like a lovely teenage girl, not like a grandma. We can only hope that she will stick to this fashion style.

5 Grandma - Black And Blue


This black and blue combo just doesn't bring out the best of Jess, and we hate to say it but we don't like it.

Why are we so put down by this one? Well, she's completely covered up, and the dress doesn't hug her in any loving way. It's just...there. The print on the dress is also not very admirable, the colors are dark and add no fun to her entire outfit. The cardigan that she decided to add definitely doesn't help this fashion no-no, but at least the effort was there. Not even her hair was as bouncy as usual in this outfit. Oh well, can't win them all.

4 Fashion Forward - Cutesy Blue Dress


This is the Jess we like. This light blue dress looks great on Jess and she cleverly chose a small red purse to give the outfit some color. It's casual yet adorable, the classic Jess. This is one of the outfits we liked most on New Girl and let's just say that she doesn't look like a grandma here at all. No bangs here though but her hair is wavy as usual.

The dress is sliming even though it flows out after her torso, but it still highlights her body nicely. Not many people can pull off a wardrobe entirely based on dresses, but Jess does not seem to have a problem making them work for her.

3 Grandma - Jury Duty


By now, it was very clear that Zooey Deschanel was pregnant, so she disappeared from the show completely for a month on the show. As a reason for this sudden change, Jessica Day was sent away on jury duty as the case was very delicate.

Megan Fox took the stage for the show until she returned, so it made for a very interesting dynamic among the roommates. We did miss our adorable Jess though. In this photo, however, she may not be as adorable as usual. Again, the sleeves of this dress with little white dots are not particularly flattering. Besides, you can tell that her belly is huge so the entire body posture says "grandma".

2 Fashion Forward - Yellow Dress


Zooey looked totally chic in this gorgeous yellow dress with a black bow around her waist. The colors, the design...it all screams Jessica, and she really nailed it in this one. Her cute bangs are back and overall, her hair is impeccable. Trendy yet casual featuring wavy locks that we like so much. We must confess, this is one of our favorite editions of Jessica Day.

She looks like a little ray of sunshine, even though the photo clearly shows her giving attitude. Then again, that's why we love her. She demands respect, while she goes around town dressed in fluffy dresses, saving birds, and with her big doe eyes. We love it.

1 Grandma - Funny Dress


This is another of the least favorite combination Zooey wore on New Girl. This blue and white "babushka" dress is just not what we would expect from  Jessica, who has become a fashion guru for girls everywhere who share her love for the retro style.

The black cardigan and black pantyhose are not helping at all. Perhaps the dress would look cute if worn without these two items, but then again, that wouldn't be Jess. She just loves her cardigans. But seriously, she looks like she should be living on a farm and baking pies in this outfit. Maybe next time Jess.

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