10 Times Kristen Stewart Had Amazing Fashion Style (And 10 Times She Had Bad Taste)

When it comes to creating their own red carpet styles, most Hollywood starlets seem to play things pretty safe and follow whatever trends are most popular at industry events, and when it comes to personal style it seems like quite a few celebrities don't even have one. And it's easy to understand why they wouldn't want to rock the boat; if a designer is willing to lend you a pretty dress that nearly guarantees that you won't end up on the worst dressed list then why deviate from what's easy and what works? And sometimes, when a celebrity has their own personal style it's extremely over-the-top and becomes their signature look, so even then they're rarely hit or miss when it comes to their styling at public appearances.

And while Kristen Stewart isn't exactly a fashion icon in the entertainment industry, she undoubtedly, for better or for worse, has her own personal style that she enjoys and likes to experiment with on the red carpet. So she has had some pretty spectacular fashion hits, but has also had some pretty big styling duds. And interestingly enough, she seems to make her own fashion choices fairly often for the events that she attends, but as one of the faces of the high-end fashion design house Chanel she is presumably often styled by stylists who work for the brand, and often it doesn't seem to have the best results. What are Kristen Stewart's biggest fashion hits and misses?

20 Best: Classy Opulent Green Two-Piece Set


Well, if you want to start off this list with a bang, this certainly seems like the perfect look to do that. Kristen Stewart wore this Balmain two-piece set to the premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman in Los Angeles, and it really is a fashion forward and nearly flawless look for her. It still has that hint of a bare midriff that Stewart seems to like so much, but the super ornate and luxurious look of the top and skirt do not allow the outfit to look even slightly informal. The rich forest green is an unusual color for a red carpet look, and the beading and detailing that covers the garments is spectacular. It manages to look very old world and antique while still looking fresh and young enough for someone like Kristen to wear it. Her hairstyle might be a little higher than it needs to be, but other than that she looks pretty much perfect from head to toe.

19 Worst: Awkward Top With Badly Fitting Pants

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When it comes to her personal styling, it's clear that Kristen Stewart likes outfits that involve crop tops and/or a decent pair of nice pants, but in this instance it just falls a bit flat. The pants are a perfectly fine pair of black high waisted trousers, but they're really nothing to write home about. And where this look really misses the mark is with the top. The way it's shaped and molded makes it almost look like a bra with some extra fabric on the bottom, and if you're wearing a top that has such a strongly structured and molded shape then that shape needs to fit your body to a T. Because the shirt is so stiff but isn't fitted to Stewart's shape it looks like it sort of pushes off of her torso in weird places and leaves gaps where there shouldn't be any. It also looks like it's sitting lower on her body than it should be, and if you're going to wear a statement piece of clothing it can't look as sloppy as that.

18 Best: Glamorous Black Gown

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It can be difficult to find a black dress that is a complete showstopper, but for the LA premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Kristen Stewart managed to do exactly that. The shape of this Roberto Cavalli number is a shape and cut that Kristen Stewart doesn't seem to go for very often, which is mystifying because it's incredibly flattering on her. The sequin detailing of the dress is exquisite and gives it just enough pop without going over the top, and the cinched waist and unusually low neckline (for Kristen Stewart, anyway) give her a very elegant hourglass figure. And even though Kristen almost always goes for little to no accessorizing, the belt she's wearing gives it a really nice touch and does some pretty good favors for her body. And while her makeup seems pretty tame it matches the overall look very well. With the wrong makeup look it could have easily deviated from showstopper to showgirl and it's good that Stewart managed to avoid that.

17 Worst: Androgynous But Boring Suit

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Obviously with this look Kristen Stewart was aiming for a bit of a retro chic moment, but unfortunately the overall look falls really flat. The shoes are an interesting and unusual choice, but that's really the only good thing that can be said about this outfit, because the maroon suit is mediocre even if it has been styled fabulously, and clearly it has not been styled fabulously in this instance. Stewart has habitually favored red carpet looks that show a little skin in an unexpected place, but just wearing an open suit jacket with nothing underneath is weird, seems like it would be uncomfortable, and actually makes the jacket look especially unflattering to the wearer. And the hair and makeup in this getup seems to be extra harsh, presumably Stewart was going for something harder and more edgy but honestly it looks like it has aged her quite a bit.

16 Best: Cute And Funky Dress

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Cobalt blue and neon orange is definitely a really bold color scheme to be working with, but in this particular case it really works well for Kristen. You wouldn't typically assume that those colors would blend well together, but the proportion of orange to blue on this dress actually flows together really nicely. It's just the right balance between dressed up and casual, and given Kristen's preference for generally casual styling it's a look that actually pairs very well with her natural mussed hair and toned down makeup look. The bright cobalt satin pumps are a great addendum to the dress. They're a really stunning pair of shoes on their own but paired with this dress it really looks like the perfect match. And of course, it doesn't hurt that Stewart is showing off her ridiculously long and slender legs, which always seems to be a great look for her.

15 Worst: Dressed Way Too Casually For A Red Carpet

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Okay, so clearly the Sundance Film Festival has a more casual vibe than most entertainment industry events, and it takes place in a really cold environment. However, that doesn't mean that its attendees can't still wear some stylish and somewhat dressed-up winter wear. Kristen certainly looks like a local who is prepared for a day of dealing with snow, but is that really what you want to aim for when you're going to a film premiere? There are plenty of casual and cozy clothes that have a little more impact, and covering herself nearly head to toe in black and grey clothes is just a super snooze. The puffy dad jacket looks dated and isn't particularly flattering, and it would have been interesting to see Stewart in a more tailored and colorful wool coat or something. And if you're going to go for boots, why not choose some that have a little more impact?

14 Best: High Fashion Pulled Off Brilliantly

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If you're going to go for a more conceptual high fashion look then you definitely need to commit to it, and Kristen has certainly gone whole hog for this sort of futuristic lady sword fighter outfit. It's definitely a unique look but it's super cool, and it seems to perfectly suit Kristen Stewart's typical off-the-wall androgynous style while still taking things up a few notches from her typical red carpet looks. It can be difficult to pull off an all-white look, and it's even more difficult to make a white outfit look as super edgy as this does. Her bleach blonde pixie cut and blended eye and cheek makeup really brings the entire look together, and makes a somewhat frilly look give off more of an edgy vibe. There might be a few more safety pins in the trousers than are necessary, but other than that this is a pretty flawless look.

13 Worst: Grandma's Chanel Suit

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Obviously suits for women are an iconic element of Chanel's style and overall fashion concept, so it's a surprise that they'd be designing suits like this in 2018. Or rather, it's a surprise that they would design suits like these and put them on someone who is under 60 years of age. A black suit on a petite young woman is a difficult look to screw up, but instead of going for something tailored and modern they put Kristen in a suit that quite literally looks like something your grandmother would be wearing at a funeral. Stewart also has a habit of going for more androgynous looks and styling, so it should be even easier to put her into a suit that she can pull off. The rest of her style seems to be pretty standard Kristen Stewart, but unfortunately no look could really recover from a loose, ancient looking suit.

12 Best: A Simple But Impactful Belted Dress

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What is interesting about this look that Kristen wore for an event in Madrid for her film Snow White and the Huntsman is that it seems to match the overall themes of the movie she's promoting without being costume-like or super on the nose. The dress is a pretty simple and feminine frock, the black and blue color scheme is a palette that works well on Stewart, and the lacy side panels add a nice surprise of extra girlishness, which seems pretty on point for Snow White. The weird leather belt and suspenders combo takes the look to another level though, it's an interesting and unusual detail that gives off the vibe of hunting gear. The fresh faced makeup and loose braid only add to the kind of ethereal huntress vibe of the entire outfit, and once again Kristen's minimal use of accessories only serves to make the overall look have a stronger impact.

11 Worst: Towel Skirt And Bad Shoes

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When it comes to walking the red carpet or attending entertainment industry events, Kristen certainly likes to have a bit of a casual edge to whatever look she's rocking at the time. However, sometimes going casual is just too casual, as is the case with this look that she sported at the Cannes Film Festival. Honestly it just looks like a slightly punk tennis outfit or something, or maybe like she used a towel for a skirt and just popped on a white tee shirt in an emergency. It's a perfectly fine outfit if you're just doing day-to- day activities, but it probably wouldn't even be appropriate for most workplaces, let alone for a red carpet event. The white crop top tee is an especially baffling choice; it honestly looks like she's wearing an undershirt as a shirt, and even if she wanted to keep it casual she had to have had a slightly better looking tee.

10 Best: Comfy But Glam

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This super ethereal looking top and trousers is an unusual look for Kristen Stewart's normal clothing choices, and the departure from her usual style was definitely an excellent choice. The shimmery blush-toned nude bounces off of Kristen's skin tone really well, and the outfit looks fashion forward, super comfortable, and appropriate for a red carpet in France. And while head-to-toe sparkles can be a lot to take on, the detailing and placement of the shimmer actually tones down the overall look. The outfit itself is a fab one, but honestly, the head-to-toe styling of this entire look is fantastic. The Veronica Lake waves are an extra elegant departure for Kristen, and even the unusual coppery hair shade seems to blend well with everything else. Clearly an outfit with this much pow doesn't need much extra pizzazz, so the nude heels and bracelet make for some low key accessorizing that actually lets Stewart and her fabulous look shine.

9 Worst: Awkwardly Mismatched Outfit

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When it comes to Kristen Stewart's red carpet looks, this one might honestly be her worst. As one of the faces of the Chanel brand it's mystifying that they give her so many pieces that look strange or unflattering on her, but looking at this outfit makes it hard to believe that it's actually high fashion designer clothes at all. The print of the skirt is bland, and the tulle overlay doesn't help things one bit, but the real crash and burn element of this look is clearly the top. Kristen has rocked some really nice partially sheer looks in her time, but this sheer collared shirt just looks like... well, like a sheer collared shirt. Button-ups aren't that flattering on women in general, and adding the translucency element only exacerbates that. And using the pockets to actually cover her chest looks super strange and super uncomfortable to actually wear.

8 Best: Co-Ords With Strong Shoulders

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Kristen Stewart's style seems to fall into the category of the simpler the better, and this shorts and shirt set is a prime example of that. Honestly if there's anything negative to say about this Osman look, it's that it is probably too adult and elegant for an event like the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards. But this cool toned indigo shade is a lovely color on Kristen, and the stiff structure it has gives it the edge it needs to still be youthful and fun. If you've got legs like that then you should certainly flaunt them, and the addition of the black pumps is some simple accessorizing that highlights Stewart's best physical attributes. Even the hair and makeup is totally on point, the intense eye look on an overall natural makeup style makes her eyes really pop, and the tousled fishtail braid is just the right balance of effort and effortlessness.

7 Worst: 90s Grunge Gone Wrong

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Talk about a whole lot of look. Considering the fact that on its face this outfit is just a black suit it's kind of amazing that every part of it seems to be overwrought and overdone. It's how you'd think Johnny Depp might dress if he were a woman. It is taking the 90s grunge look too far. Even though the suit is black and she's in the dark you can see that the fit of the suit is poor, and the lacy, possibly sheer shirt she's wearing under it makes for an exceptionally stark look. And the makeup is probably a great example of why Kristen seems to stick to more understated makeup looks most of the time. The intense vampiness of her lips and eyes does literally make her look like a vampire, and somehow the whole look together makes her look like a vampire schoolmarm. Petite girls really shouldn't wear outfits that make them look like they're drowning in fabric, and unfortunately that's exactly how this one looks.

6 Best: Tomboy Glam Rock With Sequins

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Jumpsuits have certainly seen a fashion resurgence in the past few years, but in terms of actual execution it seems like there are some that are great and some that look like they're straight off the set of Charlie's Angels. But luckily this Chanel jumpsuit that Kristen was rocking for a Chanel runway show looks super modern and chic. The fit of the jumpsuit is fabulous on her, which is key for pulling off something as intense as a sequined strapless jumpsuit, and the lack of accessories actually seems to add to the look. Chanel's designs have always been hugely grounded in the concept of blending feminine and masculine ideas about style, and this look seems to embody that idea for a contemporary audience. The half bleached hair could use some improvements, but other than that it seems like this whole look is so great that Kristen could rival the models she's watching.

5 Worst: Pants That Just Don't Make Sense

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It's always so hard to pull off an all-white fashion look. Something about the subtleties of the shades and tones makes it seem like a lot of white fabric can wind up looking incredibly cheap, even if it's really expensive. Once again we have Kristen wearing Chanel to a Chanel runway show, but the kind of institutional white of this outfit makes it kind of look like she put some translucent puffy pants over some Hanes undergarments (which is another problem with white clothing, as it can so easily look like underwear when a simple color change would change that). The shoes are actually super cool, but they're really the only redeeming quality of this overall look. The outfit itself is unappealing, and the oversized silver jewelry seems to make it worse. All together it reads more like an old-school hip hop look than a resort wear piece off of a Paris runway.

4 Best: Classy Leather And Lace

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With this super stylish two-piece look that Kristen wore to the New York Film Critics Circle Awards she somehow manages to look cool, sultry, but still a little bit modest at the same time. This Chanel look is one of those outfits that manages to go straight from the runway to the red carpet but still look great, and seems to incorporate some kind of signature Kristen Stewart style details like the sheer paneling and the mini skirt while still being elegant and looking super high-end. Leather and lace is a combination that can go awry really fast, but in this instance the lace brings just the amount of femininity that the look needs and the leather brings just the right amount of edge. Paired with just a bracelet and some black heels, it's an exceptionally easy but high-class look that seems to suit Stewart's personality perfectly.

3 Worst: Ill-Fitting Dress With A Bad Shag Haircut

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At this event for her Joan Jett biopic The Runaways, it's obvious that Kristen was trying to go for a bit of a retro look to match the retro film, but the overall result is really not her best look. The super high and partially slicked back hairstyle is certainly reminiscent of the 80s, but is probably a part of that fashion era that should be forgotten, and Kristen's normal habit of just wearing her normal everyday hair on the red carpet would have been easier and looked better. But the design and proportions of her dress are really just so odd. The fabric looks cheap, especially the mesh inset, and the actual cut of the cloth plays with Stewart's proportion in a really strange and unflattering way. The skirt of the dress is a high waisted mini skirt, but it just makes her torso look bizarrely short and her legs insanely long. And in addition to the shortening on top, the bodice somehow makes the very slim Kristen even wider on top.

2 Best: Making A Statement In Blue

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Kristen has never really had the reputation of being a red carpet glamour girl, but even back in her Twilight days she was rocking elegant, super sparkly looks like this J Mendel dress that she wore to the LA premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. And what's really impressive about this look is its relative simplicity. Her hairstyle is a super easy one, aside from a ring or two she doesn't even seem to have any accessories on, and the black peep-toe platforms round things out (the matching dark pedicure is a nice touch though). The dress is a showstopper and Stewart lets it be, and wearing an incredible dress with minimal accessorizing, hair styling, and makeup is an incredibly easy way to make a super memorable impact without having to put in a ton of time into it. And it's kind of cool that aside from the super expensive dress, this is a general look that a lot of regular girls could replicate pretty easily.

1 Worst: The World's Most Unflattering Pants

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This is a really interesting combo of a lot of baffling recurrences in fashion. These are clothes that are crazy expensive but look really cheap, and they're clothes that an actual representative for the brand (meaning that the brand most likely chose this outfit for her to wear at the event) is wearing at an event for the brand. Chanel's choices for Kristen's clothes really do seem to be hit or miss, but putting her in this outfit for a Chanel fashion show seems like an extra miss. Sure, the 90s are having a bit of a comeback, but honestly this outfit kinda looks like what an average 90s girl would have pulled out of her closet to go to a rave or something. If an outfit makes you think of what a teenage girl might wear two decades ago, would you really be willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get that look?

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