10 Times Kaley Cuoco's Fashion Choices Were Stunning (And 10 Times She Wish She Had A Stylist)

In the 90s and early 2000s, Friends was making its mark in television history as one of the most successful sitcoms of all-time. The success of the show was helped in part by the beautiful Jennifer Aniston who people could not seem to get enough of.

Back in 2007, The Big Bang Theory premiered. The show took a while to find it's footing, but it was recently announced that they'll be running through at least 12 seasons. While there are many elements to fall in love with, like with Friends, the aspect that may have brought the most attention to the show is Kaley Cuoco.

Cuoco is no stranger to television, previously starring on 8 Simple Rules. And while that may have been advantageous in some areas, Cuoco once stated:

"I've grown up on TV, and there were some phases that weren't pretty."

And you better believe 10 of those phases that Cuoco regrets are going to be featured on our list below. You'll be stunned at the fashion choices Cuoco has made over her career, but when you've been famous for over a decade, can you really blame her?

Don't think we're being too mean to Cuoco though, as we've also scoured over hundreds of photos to come away with the 10 times that her fashion choices left you stunned with just how beautiful she is!

20 Stunning - This Yoga Outfit

There are many different reasons that people use for motivation in the gym. And while being under public scrutiny may make Cuoco want to work out all the more, she admitted to Self magazine that her true motivation comes from a love of a certain food.

"I try so hard to do the right thing, and eat the right thing, but it's a joke with me and my girlfriends that we only work out so we can eat... I could eat a whole, large pizza to myself."

Considering how much attention Cuoco gets when she leaves the house, it'd probably be smarter to make sure the food gets ordered in!

19 Not - Her Flower Crown For Yoga

Kaley Cuoco is no stranger to hanging out in a yoga studio. So perhaps it's not too shocking to see her heading towards a class with a yoga mat in hand, as was the case back on August 8th, 2014. But Cuoco's fun lion shirt is perhaps tainted by her bizarre decision to add a floral crown to her head.

Which you'd have to admit, would be seriously inconvenient to have on if you were engaging in a sweaty workout. Let's hope she put it off to the side before things started to get too heated! If not, that may be an outfit accessory that only lasts as long as the session does before taking a trip to the garbage.

18 Stunning - As Penny

There were many people who became aware of Kaley Cuoco's career long before she ever entered The Big Bang Theory universe as Penny. But as amazing as she was on 8 Simple Rules For Dating my Teenage Daughter, she is even more impressive in her role of Penny.

Now having portrayed the character for over 200 episodes, Cuoco will be raking in paydays from the residuals long after the show stops being made.

And while there are many moments in the series while she is sure to leave your jaw on the floor, we don't know if any moment showed off her stunning sense of style more than this one particular episode.

17 Not - Broadcasting Mary As Her Homegirl

Kaley Cuoco has never been overtly outspoken about her own religious beliefs. Though if you look at the house that she grew up in, you'd see that she grew up learning about the Christian faith.

She was more than happy to step out on the red carpet with a shirt that proudly states "Mary is my homegirl."

And while there is nothing wrong with broadcasting your faith in whatever way you feel appropriate, the decision to have a shirt with a religious meaning also double as a sexy crop top was one that left many people baffled. We're also not too sure what the function of her waist scarf was, but hey, at least it's shiny?

16 Stunning - Revealing Her Nerdy Nature For Esquire Magazine

Kaley Cuoco has been able to form a successful career as an actress throughout her entire life. Which while you do need to be smart for, isn't the most mentally taxing job in the entire world. But Cuoco did get the chance to embrace her nerdier side when she appeared in an issue of Esquire magazine. When discussing her own intelligence and preference in guys, Cuoco revealed,

"Obviously I don't have a high IQ but I've always liked nerds and quirky guys."

Something tells us that if Cuoco was your study buddy and she was looking like that, that you may not end up getting much studying done!

15 Not - Sticking Her Tongue Out For The Rolling Stones

It is evident from the look on her face, that Kaley Cuoco was definitely in the mood to party it up! But somebody may have wanted to tell her that just because you're wearing a t-shirt with the Rolling Stones logo on it, doesn't mean you should try and recreate that logo.

Especially in front of tons of members of the paparazzi who were surely more than happy to capture this seemingly awkward moment. And once it's photographed, there's no removing that image from the internet. While Cuoco may love the Stones, with a tongue like that, perhaps the band that she should have been representing on her chest was Kiss!

14 Stunning - Opening Up To Cosmopolitan

When you look at the above photo, you may agree that it may not be the most revealing thing she has worn for a professional photo shoot. But when discussing her body with Cosmopolitan, Cuoco did have a very revealing moment when she admitted her chest was artificially enhanced.

Not shying away from talking about it, Cuoco even described the procedure as "The best decision I ever made."

While there are some women out there who regret the decision to be altered, Cuoco clearly did her research to make sure she was happy with the process. With such a positive reaction to her first alteration, perhaps Cuoco also won't hesitate to go under the knife again in the future.

13 Not - Blue Eyeshadow For Teen People Party

Teen People wanted to celebrate the best young talent in Hollywood. In order to do this, they hosted what was at the time their 1st "Young Hollywood" party back in 2004. With her history on the show, 8 Simple Rules For Dating for Dating my Teenage Daughter Cuoco was a natural selection to attend the event.

And while she may have been honored to go, if she could do it all again, she may elect to have left the blue eyeshadow back at home. Positive points may be gained for the fact that it matches her dress, but that's unfortunately not enough to save this "bold" fashion choice.

12 Stunning - This Is How She Looks In a Corset!

For some celebrities in Hollywood, sometimes fashion isn't your cup of tea, but you'll have to showcase the trending outfits anyhow. Because even if you say you don't care as a celebrity, if you constantly have fashion failures, you're going to learn to start paying attention really quickly.

Some celebrities, however, are more than happy to embrace that element of their job, including Kaley Cuoco who revealed

"I love the fashion world. I love clothes. I love style."

We're sure it may also help that whenever she attends a red carpet event or professional photo shoot that she has a potential team of stylists to help make sure she is looking her best!

11 Not - Showing Too Much Of Her Downstairs At SAG Awards

If you were looking at Kaley Cuoco's outfit just at face value, you may be shocked to see her white dress from the SAG awards make an appearance on the negative side of this list. But when Kaley Cuoco got home that night and saw the tabloid reports, we're sure that dress made a quick trip to the trash.

That's because when Cuoco elected to get out of a car during the event, the short nature of the dress rode up and gave the paparazzi an eyeful of her downstairs. Thankfully, she was wearing underwear, but that's still far more than she was hoping to put on display for her fans that night!

10 Stunning - Looking Gorgeous In Gold Dress

When Kaley Cuoco was once asked to describe her personality, she stated,

"I can be a guy's guy and go to a game. But at the end of the night, I can still get dressed up for a date. There are a million different personalities that are part of me."

While we don't know what one of Cuoco's "personalities" you love seeing the most, she definitely wasn't speaking falsely when she said she can still get dressed up for a date. Especially because being a celebrity has lent her plenty of opportunities to put on a dress and in the process, probably leave your jaw on the floor!

9 Not - Embracing A Weird Headband

Mean magazine focuses on covering a wide variety of pop culture areas. They were originally founded in 1997 but ended up being shut down in 2001. When they elected to re-open their doors in 2004, they did so while also hosting a party to help celebrate the occasion.

And one of the best ways to raise awareness is to invite some awesome celebrities to your party. But while Cuoco may be a popular name, the outfit she chose to wear to the event may not be one of her most popular. There's nothing wrong with casual jeans and a black t-shirt, but what is going on with the headband?! Perhaps she had a '70s themed party to attend following this event!

8 Stunning - Showing Her Love Of Horses

There is no denying that Kaley Cuoco clearly has a large passion towards acting that has kept it an active part of her entire life. But something she may love even more than acting is horses! When talking about it in an interview, Cuoco stated,

"Horseback riding is my passion. Other than work. People can't imagine me getting dirty, but that's what I love about it."

Cuoco owns many pets including her horse, Thor, who she appeared with for a photo shoot for People magazine. When you consider her current partner, Karl Cook, is a professional Equestrian, you can imagine she was the one who was smitten on their first date.

7 Not - Getting Goo'd At The Kids Choice Awards

Critics were quick to voice their disapproval of Kaley Cuoco's outfit to Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards back in 2014. But perhaps the most important aspect of the outfit wasn't how it looked as far as Cuoco was concerned, but if it was able to be washed easily enough!

As is the tradition with the Awards show, Cuoco didn't end the night without being sprayed by green "goo"! The moment came as she stood on stage and presented an award alongside Pharrell Williams, who at least looked more prepared for the splash. If critics weren't a fan of her look before the presentation, we're sure they didn't think it looked much better with that tinge of green on the bottom.

6 Stunning - Cuoco In A Swimsuit

Kaley Cuoco is considered by many people to have one of the best bodies in Hollywood. And perhaps her body is never put on display any more prominently than when she hits up the beach. Whether it's a professional photo shoot or a candid snap by the paparazzi, Cuoco in a swimsuit is sure to attract attention from anyone who is aware of it.

While in the past she was taking sunny vacations with her now ex-husband, Ryan Sweeting, we're sure she'd love to re-visit some of those locations with her new lover Karl Cook. Especially because she has the money to buy more swimsuits! And while dealing with the paparazzi when you're trying to relax may be a hindrance, she also has the money to make sure she can fund a trip to a private island.

5 Not - This Pink Ensemble

There are a lot of things going on with this photo that we're sure Kaley Cuoco would probably not be the happiest about. The biggest may be the man holding her hand, as it is her former husband, Ryan Sweeting. She may also not be thrilled with the over-eager fan who was trying hard to get a photo with her; though to be fair Ryan looks more annoyed than Kaley. Maybe he thought the fan was trying to make a move?

But perhaps the biggest miss of the whole day was the pink dress that was lauded by some critics as being one of her bigger fashion fails. It may have been warm as it goes almost all the way to her feet, but the lack of any discernable pattern or style to it left many people out in the cold.

4 Stunning - Showing Off That Yoga Body

Kaley Cuoco may be comfortable with her body and how she embraces her fitness now, but that hasn't always been the case. In a past interview, Cuoco admitted,

"It took years for me to figure out what my body needs and that what works for my friends doesn't necessarily work for me. Doing yoga five times a week has transformed my body."

Judging from the results, she definitely looks like she has figured it out. And when you consider Cuoco has perhaps never been more popular than she is right now in her career, we're sure she's ecstatic with how her body is looking and her overall attitude towards fitness.

3 Not - Embracing A Different Side At Rock N' Roll Fashion Show

Kaley Cuoco got her chance to embrace the rock and roll side of her personality when she attended The Virgin Megastore Rock N' Roll Fashion Show back in 2006.

This would have been right in between her time ending on 8 Simple Rules For Dating my Teenage Daughter and before The Big Bang Theory got picked up, so perhaps you'll forgive her for embracing her more rebellious side!

Though when discussing her favorite musical artists in the past, Cuoco has listed artists such as Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Josh Groban; all of whom while talented, aren't exactly the epitome of "Rock n' Roll", and may decrease your level of attraction to this particular style of hers.

2 Stunning - Revealing Her Abs For Women's Health Magazine

Kaley Cuoco has appeared in several magazines throughout her career, but her most pressure-filled shoot may have been with Women's Health Magazine. The magazine may be incredibly body positive, but it does have the word health baked right into the title! When discussing her favorite workouts with WomensHealthMag.com, Cuoco admitted,

"I realized I don’t like running…I refuse to do it. I like spinning, so I try to mix that in. When I found hot yoga, I fell in love with it and was like, this is my thing."

Thankfully for Cuoco and her fans, she came away with perhaps the best photo shoot of her professional career. Yoga seems to be working for her as well as any other athletic activity could, so it seems.

1 Not - Her Hair Choice For The 2016 SAGs

Every year Kaley Cuoco gets invited to attend the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Some years, the event ends up being a fantastic opportunity for her to show off just how stylish she is. But according to some critics, including USA Today, her ensemble for the 2016 show was not one that was well-received.

People pointed to her decision to tie her hair back in a tight bun as being one of the deterrents. Some also called the makeup overdone, but c'mon now, it's an award show! Plus, just imagine how good that must have felt to let her hair out after a long night on the red carpet? Sorry Cuoco, you may have loved the look, but you may be in the minority.

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