10 Things We Want To See In The New Batgirl Movie (And 5 We Don't)

Superhero films are all the rage right now, and new movies just keep coming. Recently, rumors of a Batgirl movie coming up excited DC fans all over the world. And now those rumors have finally been confirmed. This is actually happening! And not only is it happening, but it's being directed by the very talented Joss Whedon. For those who don't know, Joss Whedon is no stranger to superhero movies, having directed The Avengers: Age Of Ultron in 2015, but now he's completely severed all ties with Marvel, switching allegiances to DC. It is reported that he became completely disillusioned with Marvel during the filming of Age of Ultron, saying he was "beaten down" by the filming process. Now Whedon is being given complete artistic freedom for his new Batgirl movie, and he's got some very interesting ideas.

He wants to create an origin story for Batgirl, and is very interested to show the audience why Batgirl decided to become a vigilante to begin with. This is a very promising premise, and many other superhero origin movies have been both successful and engrossing in the past. Barbara Gordon, the true identity of Batgirl, is a very interesting character. She's the daughter of Jim Gordon, the police chief of Gotham City. It's going to be very interesting to get a deeper look at Batgirl's humble beginnings.

But aside from that, what are the essential factors that the Batgirl movie needs to be an amazing film? What do we want to see in this very exciting new film? The list could go on forever, but we've narrowed it down to just a few ideas. In addition, there are many things that we really do not want to see in the new Batgirl movie, and these might even be more important. Whatever the case, after reading this you'll find it hard not to get excited about this very promising new film.


15 Staying True To The Comics

For those who don't know, Batgirl has had a long and illustrious run in both DC comics and in movies and film. But it's undoubtedly been her comic book appearances that have been the most compelling. She's gone through a lot of transformations in the comic books, with various different women taking up the "cowl." It's tough to pick out the most interesting incarnation of the Batgirl character through the many pages of DC comics she's appeared in. But Joss Whedon, the director of the upcoming Batgirl movie, has already stated that the movie will be based on one comic book plot line in particular - the "new 52" series. This series was famous for rebooting all of DC's characters in 2011, essentially giving everyone a clean slate, and re-imagining the universe they live their lives in. Although this is an obvious and promising choice, I really hope Whedon sticks to the story line of the "new 52" series, and doesn't stray too far off track, because the comics were truly amazing.

14 An Unknown Actress


Recently, there was tons of speculation of who exactly would play Batgirl. All sorts of names got thrown around, and for a while everyone was convinced that Lindsey Morgan would be the girl to don the Batgirl outfit. But  Joss Whedon has other ideas, and speaking recently he said, "I don’t have my eye on anybody. I feel like I’m creating this character, I’m gonna dialogue with her and then we’ll see who joins that later on… I doubt it will be a name. This is somewhere where you go and find Batgirl and then you cast her."

I personally think this is a great idea, and that Whedon should stick to his guns and not let the execs at the studio pressure him into signing a big name. An unknown, totally new actress would be awesome to see. We know from the new Star Wars movie that a fresh-faced female lead can make all the difference.

13 A Sexy Outfit

Call me a misogynist, call be a bigot, call me sexist - you know it's true when I say that Batgirl needs one of the sexiest outfits ever seen in a superhero movie. And personally, I don't think that needs to be a point of controversy, or something that's demeaning to women. A sexy outfit can actually be very empowering, and even somewhat intimidating. The worst thing would be to have Batgirl wearing something that is way too conservative, because of pressure from feminist groups or out of fear of offending people. It needs to be cool, it needs to be badass, and yes, it needs to be sexy. After all, Batgirl is going to be competing with the likes of Harley Quinn for attention, and since Harley's movie is coming out soon too, Batgirl needs all the help she can get. In all fairness though, Batgirl's outfit is already pretty sexy judging from the comics. It's pretty much just a super skin tight body suit, and if they stick to that time-honored formula, they should be good.

12 An Appearance By Harley Quinn


Speaking of Harley Quinn, this movie would really benefit from an appearance from this sexy clown lady. I'm not saying she should be a central character or steal the show, I just think it would be cool to see this character make a cameo or have one or two scenes. We already know that DC fans love Harley Quinn, and her addition would probably help sell notably more tickets at the box office. As previously mentioned, Harley Quinn is getting her own movie too, so they'll probably be filming at the same time. It wouldn't be hard for the actresses to appear in each other's films. But this raises and interesting question. Is Harley Quinn's movie and the Batgirl movie the same movie? It would actually make a lot of sense, seeing as both characters appear in each other's comic books all the time, most notably the "Birds Of Prey" series. Is this movie just a "Birds Of Prey" movie? For the sake of this article, I really hope Batgirl gets her very own movie, and doesn't have to share. But if she does get her own movie, then Harley Quinn should make a short but sweet appearance.

11 More Light Shone On Batgirl's Origin

Not much is actually known about Batgirl, other than the fact that she's Barbara Gordon, daughter of Gotham police chief Jim Gordon. Sure a lot of her backstory has been explored in the comics, but the average person probably isn't too familiar with her roots. This is something that should really be explored in the movies, and luckily for us, Joss Whedon agrees: “She came up, and I started getting obsessed with how a young woman could get hardcore enough to need to put on the cowl. Like, what’s her damage?  She didn’t have her parents killed in an alley. Who is this person, who decides — rather than being forced to by their childhood trauma — decides to pick up this life? How intense and driven that person is … I just couldn’t stop thinking about it.”

So judging by that statement from the Batgirl director, we can expect to see what is essentially a Batgirl origins story, similar to Batman Begins, which was awesome. I don't know about you guys, but in my opinion superhero origin stories never get old.

10 An Appearance By Nightwing


Another character that often appears in the Batgirl comics is Nightwing. In my opinion, he's probably one of the coolest characters in the DC universe, especially after his reboot and modernization in recent years. Nightwing is Dick Grayson, and he was the original Robin back in the day. Since growing up, he's departed from Batman, becoming his own superhero and leaving Gotham for a city called Bludhaven, where he fought crime by himself. Like Batman, he has no superpowers of his own, instead relying on his agility and ferocious hand to hand combat skills.  Batgirl and him team up on more than one occasion, and share a mutual understanding because of their past together working with Batman. My hope is that he will make an appearance in the Batgirl movie, fans will love him, and then DC will get pressured into making a movie just for Nightwing. One can hope...

9 Dark Undertones

From the success of Marvel's Logan, we've all seen how having a darker take on superhero movies can really pay off. Wolverine's final movie was one of the select few superhero movies that was rated R, and in truth it made the movie so much better. It felt more real, and the dark gritty feel of the world was much more engrossing. I would love for this to happen again in Whedon's Batgirl movie, and he would do well to learn from Logan's success in this regard. I want to see a Batgirl movie with blood, guts, swearing, sex, and nudity. DC has always felt darker than Marvel to me, and it's time DC showed Marvel that they are the kings of creating dark, grim superheroes. It would mean that the Batgirl movie would miss out on a lot of younger audience members, but I think this is a sacrifice they need to make if they're going to create a truly awesome movie.


8 A Vehicle For Batgirl Which Is Actually Cool


Batgirl constantly gets saddled with the lamest vehicles. It's just a fact. Batman has his super awesome Batmobile, and she gets... Some kind of crappy scooter thing that looks like a child's toy. Not to mention it was bright purple for a while... Definitely not the type of thing villains would run away from, and it wasn't intimidating in the slightest. Although this "Bat-scooter" has gone through some new designs in the recent comics, it still looks pretty lame, even with the updated art style we see these days. In the latest Batman movies, we saw a completely redesigned Batmobile. It looked like a cross between a Hummer, a tank, and a motorbike, and it was seriously awesome. I would love to see Batgirl get an equally awesome vehicle in the new movies. It doesn't even have to look too advanced. Just a little less like something you see your grandma's garage...

7 Stick To The Basics

Now I know I've previously said that the new Batgirl movie needs some new additions, like darker than normal overtones and a cool new vehicle, but the movie should also be wary of trying to do too much. Let's not over complicate things here. I think it would be really cool to see Batgirl tackle a very normal criminal, the type we would see today on the streets. This would add to the realism of the movie, a vital factor in most superhero movies. Too many superhero movies have plot lines that border on the ridiculous. From aliens to time travel, these movies have been getting really hard to connect to. Marvel is especially to blame here. This is DC's chance to really get back to the roots of the Batman universe - A normal human who uses their detective skills to solve real crimes committed by real people.

6 Great Fight Scenes


I want to see some seriously brutal fight scenes in this movie. The fact that Batgirl is a woman shouldn't make her any less vicious in close combat. This ties in with my previous point that the Batgirl movie should be given much darker overtones, and an R rating would be ideal. But what I specifically want to see with this R rating is much more bloody and shocking violence. There's also the fact that Batgirl is an incredibly well-trained martial artist, so she should really show off those skills to their fullest. Trained by Kung Fu master Richard Dragon, Batgirl is proficient in a wide range of fighting styles, such as boxing, dragon style Kung Fu, Judo, and traditional stick fighting. In my opinion, when looking for an actress to play Batgirl, production should really make sure that she has a strong background in martial arts.

5 No Joker

I personally do not want to see the Joker in this film. He's been such a repetitive villain in so many DC movies as of late, and I would much rather see someone else for a change. Although he does play a major role in Batgirl's storylines in the comics, this is one area which I think it's acceptable to deviate from the comic book canon. The Joker is not only getting boring, there's also not really any actors that can pull off the character. Sorry Jared Leto, you tried your best but it wasn't enough to nail Joker's personality. It's almost too much to ask actors to try and get to the same level as Heath Ledger's iconic portrayal of the character. There are a few other villains that would be just as good as the Joker, or alternatively they could just create a new one. Again, this would be an acceptable deviation from the comics in my opinion.

4 No Political Commentary


Many people say that art is completely entwined with politics, and this is probably true. It's somewhat unreasonable to ask artists to completely remove their political views from their artwork, and some degree of political commentary will inevitably seep into all forms of art, especially movies. But I would really appreciate it if the new Batgirl movie kept this political commentary at a minimum. America is already at a very unstable condition politically, and the last thing we need is more fuel to the fire. People should always express their views, but is a superhero movie really the place to do it? I don't think so. Also one must be very careful when adding in political commentary, as they run the risk of alienating a huge portion of the population who might not share their views.

3 We Don't Want It To Feel Like A Sequel

We live in a world of constant sequels and reboots, and it's getting a little old. So the fact that this is a standalone, totally new Batgirl movie is a great sign. But although it's a new movie with a new hero, it does run the risk of feeling like a Batman spinoff or sequel. In fact, it might actually be one - we still don't know what the movie will actually be like. As previously mentioned, it might be a "Birds of Prey" movie, meaning she would share the spotlight with characters like Harley Quinn. While it's okay to include a few friendly faces, I think the addition of Batman for longer than a brief cameo would take the attention away from Batgirl, and make the movie seem like another Batman sequel. The easy way to avoid this is to make the storyline as new and as fresh as possible - introducing completely new elements and not recycling past events or plot elements.

2 Don't Make Batgirl "Invincible"


While I do want Batgirl to be portrayed as a strong, able fighter, I don't want her to seem invincible. Her general physical profile should ensure this is the case. After all, she's not Superman and has no actual superpowers. She's just a human being. Not only that, but she's a woman. And before you accuse me of being sexist, let's all just remember that women are typically less strong than men. It's just a hard scientific fact. Because of this, I don't want to sit and watch Batgirl shrug off numerous punches to the face, or somehow being able to throw guys twice her weight through walls. The audience does willingly suspend their disbelief - but only to a certain degree. Once you destroy the logical reality of what Batgirl is physically capable of, the audience disconnects from the film, and the movie itself suffers. I really hope they don't make this mistake with the new Batgirl movie.

1 Maybe Stay Away From Her Paralysis Side Plot

Batgirl fans will probably be aware that during Barbara Gordon's appearance in the Batman comic books, Batgirl was once paralyzed, leaving her in a wheelchair. The cause of her paralysis was a brutal gunshot wound supplied by the Joker, who shot her straight through the spine. Barbara Gordon remained in a wheelchair for a long period of time, and she completely ceased to be Batgirl. Instead, she was known as "Oracle," and she spent her time assisting Batman and other heroes with her amazing computer hacking skills. When the "new 52" comics were announced, Barbara Gordon is conveniently cured from her paralysis by a special surgery. But do we really have time to go through all that in the confines of a 2-hour movie? Probably not. I personally think they should just stay away from this footnote in Batgirl's storyline.

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